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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 5

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Scyther Slashers (0) vs. Agnostic Aggrons (0)

BW Ou 1: pimm94 vs. Aenea
BW OU 2: D.Gray Man vs. Sweet Dreams
BW OU 3: Rockstar19958 vs. 123fakestreet
BW Ubers: jirachiuser1 vs. SvN
BW UU: Sucka_Punch vs. Big Beluga
BW RU: TheMaster vs. Arab Money
DPP OU: Reagan vs. OMN’s_SkyNet18​

lol we're screwed​


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Finally managed to get one of these done, Beat Rockstar



cake cake cake cake
I got in contact with ninja dog, but he's 15 hours ahead of me so we might have a bit of trouble battling.


Pit is Awesome :P
Team Cloverpod (6) vs Classiest Cleffa (1)


anyways, getting in contact w/ moose, VM coming in a sec


ill make sure i hax lucs soon :)


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Got crushed, not like I wasn't expecting it (and everyone else lol)


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Late, but w/e.

Scyther Slashers (3) vs. Agnostic Aggrons (4)
Slashers come in at 4th place after taking a loss to the terrakions last week, looking to keep their playoff hopes alive. The aggrons, bumped to 2nd place after last week's win and the cleffas' loss, have all but sealed a coveted playoff spot.
BW Ou 1: pimm94 vs. Aenea (toss up here...but I feel pimm has what it takes to pull in a win for the slashers.)
BW OU 2: D.Gray Man vs. Sweet Dreams (the smack has been talked, but the battle has yet to happen. Either way, I feel gray has this.)
BW OU 3: Rockstar19958 vs. 123fakestreet
BW Ubers: jirachiuser1 vs. SvN (No, it's not fiction that fiction will win. Rachi had a hard loss last week...only to come back this week and fight one of the finest uber players in SP2.)
BW UU: Sucka_Punch vs. Big Beluga (should be another interesting match.)
BW RU: TheMaster vs. Arab Money (someone save this log as this shall be a really interesting match to see. This one was honestly a toss up, but I had to give themexican the edge due to experience in the tier over krapman's brief knowledge of it. Out of all the predictions i'm making, for this one to be wrong would surprise me the least.)
DPP OU: Reagan vs. OMN’s_SkyNet18

Tin Tower Terrakions (2) vs. Team Cloverpod (5)
The Terraks come in fresh of their first win at 3rd place...only to have Cloverpod as their opponent this week.
BW OU 1: Rairyan vs. Cometk
BW OU 2: Makaveli vs. Theebay707
BW OU 3: Nilla vs. Jets (Jets has improved...and how much could be seen in his match vs Nilla this week. Calling this one a tossup, although I feel Nilla has a better chance to pull the victory off than Jets, to whom I do apologize before I get :( 'd on xat.)
BW Ubers: Ninja Dog vs. AppleButter2 (Fresh off of his win over Jirachiuser last week, Ninjadog comes in the same boat as his previous opponent...against one of SP2's finest uber players.)
BW UU: EchoIsWin vs. kuja20 (Kuja enters this match aiming to keep the Cloverpods' UU record perfect...something I believe he will do.)
BW RU: Admin Miror B vs. complete legitimacy [Way to go on the win there legit, nice try amb!]
DPP OU: Bestgamepearl vs. assassinsceptile (Ily bgp...but you've got doc this week...who will show up.)

The Spear Pillar All-Stars (2) vs. Classiest Cleffa (5)

BW OU 1: lucs99 vs. Chuck$$$ (Don't be surprised if chuck pulls off an upset if this battle happens.)
BW OU 2: Lunar. vs. zerofield (another toss up, leaning in the favor of zero here though.)
BW OU 3: TrainerChris vs. WindieStyles
BW Ubers: MooseSmuggler vs. DragonMaster123
BW UU: Pokemazter3001 vs. Blaaz
BW RU: magikarprules vs. Shnen (Haven't seen karp play RU...but still, I feel shnen will win this battle out.)
DPP OU: Cloud Strife. vs. epic_eevee

too lazy to finish my explanations, may finish later, idk.
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