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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 5

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ok so I have decided to award the win to themaster

We fought already and he won but said we could do it over/bo3 since I was haxed to high heaven in the match. Despite this, he still won and i cbf scheduling another match plus **** RU

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u r a fatty
sorry for my recent inactivity, but i'm back and stronger than everrrrrrr!!!

beat sucka punch 2-0. gg gg.


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BW OU 2: Lunar. vs. zerofield
BW OU 3: TrainerChris vs. WindieStyles
BW Ubers: MooseSmuggler vs. DragonMaster123
BW UU: Pokemazter3001 vs. Blaaz
BW RU: magikarprules vs. Shnen
DPP OU: Cloud Strife. vs. epic_eevee

Chop chop.

Remember, line-ups by Sunday.


Activity post. Blaaz hasn't been around as I had anticipated. Either that or our timezones have messed things up. Hopefully we'll run into each other soon.
Haven't seen Reagan so far this week, hopefully I can catch him over the weekend.

Activity post, happy now Kotsy......!

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Activity, Me and ab2 have made a time to battle tomorrow.


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Activity Post, I don't think I'll need it, I'm hoping Echo will be on sometime today :p


Pit is Awesome :P
Beat Moose 2 games to none in a b03, gg!

So, anyone remember that 0-2 start :p


Confirmed. I did HORRIBLY the first match, but did pretty well the second time, even though I lost. GG's, DM.


Might as well sub Blaaz out. He's made no efforts to contact me, and I'd rather actually fight this week.


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Barely lost to jets, if he hadn't critted one of my things, I probably guarantee that I would have been able to win at the end.
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One truth prevails!
Won against Echo in a GG. CLOVERHOTTIES WOO.
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