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Serebii Premier League 4

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by Ragnarok, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. shnen

    shnen Fight the Good Fight

    I know that xat is the serebii standard, but I much prefer IRC and peachy agreed that we should have a chan, so come to #classycleffa on synirc if you are a member of the classiest cleffas or just want to hang out and support us! If you are lost to what irc is, see here. mibbit is by far the easiest client to set up due to being in browser, and a direct link to the channel can be found here. Hopefully we can get this active, and have fun chatting people!
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2012
  2. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

  3. shnen

    shnen Fight the Good Fight

    ok, lucs and theebay have asked me to post a walkthrough for managers of how to create an irc channel so here we go:

    1: Decide what you want the channel to be called. The channel name will be referred to as (chan) from now on.

    2. Type /join (chan). You should now join the channel, and be granted operator status as the channel will be unregistered. If anyone else is in the channel, you will not get operators, so make sure to ask people to leave if anyone is in there.

    3. Type /cs register (chan) (password) (description). The password and description are of your choosing, although neither really mean much tbh. Note that you type it without the brackets, I'm just using them to distinguish. If /cs doesn't work, try /msg Chanserv (chan) (password) (description) instead.

    4. The channel should now be registered and you will be granted owners of the channel. There are 6 different levels of status on IRC, each of which allow you to do different things: Owners rule the channel and can give out and remove all statuses as well as setting many different modes; they also possess the ability to kick or ban ANYONE in the channel regardless of their status, Sops or Administrators are able to give out and remove the operator status, halfops and voice as well as kick or ban everyone except the Owner(s), Operators are able to give out and remove Halfops and Voice and are able to kick or ban other ops, Halfops, Voiced users and normal users; they are also able to set a much smaller number of modes such as +m, which mutes the channel meaning that only users with status (including voice) are able to talk. Halfops are able to give out and remove Voice as well as kick or ban Voiced users and normal users. Lastly, Voiced users are able to talk when +m is set as mentioned (+m is set by the command /mode #channel +m, with #channel obviously being replaced by the channel name), and can use the !seen command which allows them to find out how long ago a user was in the channel, if the channel has a bot (acquired by an owner typing /bs assign (chan) porygon2), as well as giving them a feeling of superiority over normal users! The commands to give out statuses are as follows:

    to give me temporary* ops, type /op shnen
    to give me permanent** ops, type /cs aop #channel add shnen
    to give me permanent**admins/sops, type /cs sop #channel add shnen
    temporary admins cannot be given out to my knowledge >_>
    to give me temporary* half-ops, type /halfop shnen
    to give me permanent** half-ops, type /cs hop #channel add shnen
    to give me temporary* voice, type /voice shnen
    to give me permanent** voice, type /cs vop #channel add shnen

    note: a user must be registered to gain permanent status. To register, type /ns register (password) (email). A confimation code will then be sent to the email address you provide them with, and instructions on how to confirm will also be inside the email. This is all they will use your email for. To gain status that has been given to you permanently, you must 'identify'. This is done by typing /ns identify (password you registered with) As before, you don't need the brackets.
    Finally, to get those handy direct links, you do http://cbe003.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.synirc.net&channel=#insertchannelnamehere
    note that there is no hash tag in the url.
    have fun and hope this was useful!
    *temporary means that once the user leaves the channel, the status will be lost.
    **permanent means that everytime the user enters the channel, they will gain that status.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2012
  4. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Silly bobbeh, I can be an arch-nemesis to anyone, I'm just cool like that. Plus you have PO and wifi, so even if wifi isn't your main medium, I can still battle you none-the-less.
  5. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    IRC is dumb. Keep it to xat
  6. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    TCP too HARD to beat.
  7. Ðew™

    Ðew™ Definition of insanity

    You're milking it...so old...

    No pun intended.

    #TWERKTEAM Banned

    Jets shut up.
  9. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    Lmao, okay! I joke I jokeee
  10. Gray™

    Gray™ Well-Known Member

    you guys are being a little too hard on him
  11. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    LOLOLOLOl. I see what you do there ;D
  12. Blaaz

    Blaaz Banned

    gray im not afraid to stick a foot up your shitter too
  13. Gray™

    Gray™ Well-Known Member

    says the noob
  14. Blaaz

    Blaaz Banned

    ouch that hurt O:

    cept not really cuz its just pokemon
  15. Ísjaki

    Ísjaki Flood Of Red

    an IRC has been made for this Premiership along with 5/6 IRC channels listed in the Main Chat (#SerebiiPremiership2)
  16. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    Where are the matchups like seriously my team is hungry for BLOOD
  17. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    I think du is taking this tourney to far lol
  18. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Damn. I'm teamless
  19. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    no need to state the obvious bro :)

    edit: i lost 5 posts from my post count (rage)
  20. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    If that happened to me i would rage quit the forums (Chew)
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