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Serebii Yuletide: Fan Fics Hub (Info and Discussion)

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Psychic, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly


    "O Caterpie, O Caterpie,
    Will yous become my Butterfree"
    —Meowth, in the Pokémon Christmas medley (a thing that actually happened)

    What is Yuletide?
    Yuletide is a fanfic exchange event that started on LiveJournal in 2003. The original Yuletide was for obscure fandoms, but its popularity eventually led to people creating fandom-specific events, regardless of whether or not they're obscure.

    And here we are! Welcome to the Serebii Yuletide, a cross-forum fanfiction exchange event between Shipping Fics and Fan Fiction. The concept of a Yuletide is pretty simple: sign up, write a story of at least 1000 words for someone else, and get a story in return. Who you'll get to write for is a complete mystery. Will you be writing a shipping fic? Will you be writing gen (non-shipping fic)? What characters will you be writing about? Who knows, and that's half the fun! The other half, of course, is the receiving!

    How does it work?
    During the sign-up phase (now to October 1), participants will submit forms (see below) via email (serebiiyuletide@gmail.com) to mods. Mods will collect these until sign-ups close, at which point all the profiles will be mixed up and matched (based on the Recipient part of each profile) in order to create author-recipient pairs. Assignments (the second half of the profile) will be sent out to participants via PM, and from that point onward, the event's in your hands, writers.

    During the writing phase (November 1 to December 15), writers will be expected to hammer out at least 1000 words for their assignment. (See rules for further details.) Every two weeks, there will also be check-in posts to ensure that everyone's still on task, and yes, you should respond to them. Writers who complete their assignments, meanwhile, will send us their stories via email (serebiiyuletide@gmail.com), just like in contests.

    On December 16, we enter what's known as Yuletide Madness, a week-long event wherein we take a look at which requests have yet to be filled. Then, we post all of the unfilled prompts publicly at once to ensure that everyone gets a fanfic on Christmas morning. If you're a writer whose prompt is posted, you'll want to contact a mod immediately to let them know your status so your prompt can be taken down. If you see a prompt you'd like to fill, however, contact a mod to claim it.

    On December 23, the writing phase closes, and all fics are due.

    That leaves us with the reveal phase. The reveal phase comes in two parts:

    Story reveals happen on December 25. Throughout the course of the event, all stories we receive will be uploaded to a folder on Google Drive and renamed after the recipient. On Christmas morning, this folder will be made public, and recipients will be able to access and comment on their stories via Google Drive's commenting system. You’re also free to guess who wrote for you during this time (hence why you have that weird period wherein you don’t know who wrote what).

    Author reveals happen on December 26, Boxing Day. During this phase, a full list of stories and their authors will go up at the end of both stickies. Authors are then allowed (and encouraged!) to post their work in the appropriate forum—shipping fics to Shipping Fics, and non-shipping to Fan Fiction.

    How do we sign up?
    As mentioned earlier, if you'd like to participate, you need to fill out this form in its entirety. Email the filled-out form to the mods (to serebiiyuletide@gmail.com). DO NOT POST YOUR SIGN-UP FORM IN THIS THREAD.

    Final note! While ideally, we’d like for you to fill out the complete form, it actually is possible to only partially fill this out. However, be warned that the first part of the You, the Writer part (the one for your contact info) is not optional, and any blank field after that will be considered a wild card. As in, if you don’t fill out the rest of the writer’s portion, you’ll still get a prompt, but it will be a randomly selected one. If you don’t fill out the recipient’s part, then your writer will be instructed to go wild. Please note we are not liable for any chaos that ensues.

    [u][b]You, the Writer[/b][/u]
    [b]Username:[/b] (actual Serebii username, not a nickname, please)
    [b]Email:[/b] (to make things easier for email submissions)
    [b]If push comes to shove, can you pinch-hit?:[/b] (yes or no—see below for an explanation for pinch-hitters)
    [b]I WILL Write:[/b]
    [i]Rating:[/i] (Use this space to specify the range of ratings you're comfortable with. Please use movie ratings—G, PG, PG13, or R—to fill out this field.)
    [i]Characters/Pairings:[/i] (What pairings and/or canon characters do you prefer writing? Please note that you only need to mention canon characters by name here. You may also specify that you're comfortable with writing OCs. No response to this field and the next one will count as a no preference note.)
    [i]Canon:[/i] (Would you be willing to write a fic set in the anime? In the games? In the manga? Let us know here! Please also specify if necessary. For example, if you prefer writing PMD fics, that counts as a gameverse fic and should be noted. Likewise, if you prefer Special to ReBURST, that should also be noted.)
    [b]I WON'T Write:[/b]
    (Use this freeform space to list any gens, universes, characters, or pairings you do NOT want to write here. Also list anything that would make you uncomfortable to write, such as angst, war fic, or anything that may require a trigger warning. You may also use this space to specify genres you'd prefer not to write. Also, an important note: Please note that while you are absolutely free to specify that you're not comfortable with shipping fics or fics about canon characters, this may restrict you from a lot of the fun. Same goes with specifying that you're not interested in writing gen fic.)
    [u][b]You, the Recipient[/b][/u]
    [b]Acceptable Rating:[/b] (The all-important rating. Please specify the range of ratings you'd be willing to read. If you don't like R fic, for example, you'll want to note that here.)
    [b]Pairings/Characters:[/b] (Who would you like to receive a fic about? Please specify if necessary, such as clarifying which character you may mean if characters share the same names. If you'd prefer a fic that's about a member of a Pokémon species, you may specify the species here as if it was a character. If you want your writer to create an OC of a certain occupation, such as breeder or trainer, you may specify that here as well. Please limit yourself to ten pairings/characters at the very most.)
    [b]Shipping or Gen?:[/b] (Shipping = canon characters in relationships; gen = everything else. Which do you prefer?)
    [b]Prompt:[/b] (List as many prompts as you'd like. Anything can be a prompt, including pictures or songs. If offering a one-word prompt, please also offer an alternative prompt that isn't just a word. Please limit yourself to ten prompts at the very most.)
    [b]Do Not Want:[/b] (Whatever you absolutely do not want to receive. PLEASE LIST YOUR TRIGGERS IF THEY'RE COMMON. Also note things that would generally make you a sad panda on Christmas, including downer/sad endings, violence, angst, certain characters, etc.)

    How are assignments generated specifically?
    As mentioned above, mods will take all of the forms you send and compile them in a list. Then, to the best of our abilities, we'll match you with a recipient, based on what you've mentioned in the writers' field and what everyone else has mentioned in the recipients'. In order to make things interesting (i.e., in order to prevent people from gaming the system by tailoring their forms to their friends' preferences so that they can get a fic from their friends), there will also be randomization involved, especially if we have multiple assignments that can't be matched with any specific author.

    In other words, for the most part, we'll pair your writing preferences off with (what we feel to be the best matching) readers' preferences. If, however, we can't decide in some cases, we'll be flipping coins and pairing you off.

    What happens when people can't finish? (ALSO: What's a pinch-hitter?)
    Like in the original Yuletide, there are deadlines here.

    If an author realizes they can't finish a fic (because, y'know, holiday season and all), they'd have until December 15 to drop out consequence-free by sending the mods an email saying they can't make it. Their assignment will be sent off to all people who specified that they'd be up for pinch-hitting.* Someone will hopefully come forward to pinch-hit, and the Yuletide progresses as if nothing happened.

    If the author drops out between December 16 to December 22, their assignment will be sent off to pinch-hitters, but they'll also be banned from the next Yuletide (if it happens). Repeat offenders will be banned from all Yuletides.

    If the author just straight-up never shows up and never says anything, the orphaned prompts will be collected and offered up to participants as part of a belated Yuletide drive. These fics won't make the story reveal phase for obvious time-constraint-related reasons, but we hope to get you a fic by January 1.

    The AWOL participant, meanwhile, will be banned from all future Yuletides, and an army of Bidoof will be sent after them.

    * Pinch-hitter: If not already evident, a pinch-hitter is an author who agrees to take on orphaned assignments. The process of assigning a pinch-hitter is a bit looser than the actual sign-up phase. Whereas the normal assignment phase involves the mods pairing off writers with the best-fitting assignment according to their preferences, pinch-hit assignments are sent out to everyone who specifies that they'd be interested in pinch-hitting. Anyone interested in taking up the orphaned assignment should respond via email to claim it and pull it out of rotation.

    We've gone this far without discussing rules. So what are they?

    1. You must write a fic to receive a fic. Do not sign up for the event just to receive.

    2. Again, to sign up, to submit your work, to claim pinch-hit prompts, anything like that must be done via email. Basically, if it would reveal yourself as an author of a particular story, contact us privately, not publicly.

    3. All entries must be at least 1000 words in length.

    4. While you can be as creative as you'd like with your prompts, please keep in mind that the following are not acceptable:
    -- NSFW (Not Safe For Work—i.e., porn) prompts/prompts that specifically request NSFW fic or can only result in NSFW fic. This includes image prompts that link to porn.
    -- Prompts requesting non-Pokémon fic. Sorry, but for the sake of the other writers (who might not know your fandoms), this is a Pokémon-only Yuletide.
    -- Prompts requesting fics about your fics, your fan-created settings, or your OCs. If your prompt requires someone to read your fanfic/general body of work in order to write, that would be unfair and is therefore off-limits. (As a note, it’s perfectly okay to request a fic that uses OCs, but in this case, the writer would create the characters themselves.)
    -- Any other prompt that would be a violation to forum or board-wide rules.

    5. You're free to interpret prompts as you wish, but your story absolutely needs to match the prompt you've received in some way. If, for example, someone asks for an Ash/Misty fic in which Ash learns the true meaning of Boxing Day while Misty attempts to write her own Christmas carol about the Patrick Swayze classic Roadhouse, your story must have elements of all of that. Looser prompts, of course, will probably be a little more merciful.

    6. Do not write something to deliberately piss off your recipient. This will be considered trolling, and you will be banned from future Yuletides.
    -- …Unless your recipient specifies that they want to be pissed off. Then … you do you, guys.

    7. You can fill as many prompts as you'd like, so yes, you can write multiple stories for one recipient. As long as the total number of words your recipient gets equals at least 1000, you're good.

    8. No, you cannot collaborate with another author in order to finish your assignment. You can, however, get a beta reader, and in fact, you're heavily encouraged to do so.

    9. You are free to submit your work early if you get it done early. Remember, all entries should go to serebiiyuletide@gmail.com so we can keep track of them. However, your deadline to get your work in is December 22. On that date, you will be considered an AWOL author, and even if you get your work in, you will be banned from future Yuletides.

    10. Mods are completely free to participate! Those who receive mods as recipients will also receive special instructions on how to submit their fic. Please take note of them!

    Who's running the event?/Who do I talk to if I have issues with the event?/Who do I submit my work to?
    Serebii Yuletide is a collaborative event between the Shipping Fic and Fan Fic authors. But! For the fastest responses, if you have any questions or concerns about the event that you would like to ask privately or if you'd like to submit your work via PM, please contact the mod who sent you your assignment. Questions can also be sent to the Yuletide email address, serebiiyuletide@gmail.com.

    Please note! We’d prefer it if work is submitted to the email address as an attachment (DOC, DOCX, or ODT) because it’s easier to upload your stuff to the Yuletide folder that way.

    Can I swap my prompt?/I really don’t feel comfortable with my prompt. Can I exchange it for something else?
    People did this a lot in Year One, and it caused a pretty massive amount of confusion and mess. So no.

    Good luck and happy holidays!
  2. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    A big thank-you to JX Valentine for writing up the above post and for doing the majority of the hosting and planning for this event!

    Last year was my first time participating in any kind of Yuletide event, and I had an absolutely blast! It got me off my lazy butt to actually write something, and encouraged me to write characters I wouldn't have touched otherwise. I also got a really fun fic in return that had me smiling for a week! It was a really great experience overall, and I'm really excited about doing it again! I look forward to seeing what comes of this year. :>

  3. Glad to see this back up! Failed to participate in the first one due to busy-ness+laziness, but I'll definitely try it out this year! Should be fun getting a prompt I'm not used to / I'm very used to but don't know how to pull off / whatever. :)
  4. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    This is kind of confusing but it looks fun. Unfortunately this means that I'll probably have to put off the next chapter of Shifting Game until next year (thanks to this, NaNoWriMo, Fan Fiction Quarterly prompts, and the Criminal Intent contest) but I'm definitely in. Initially I was pretty disappointed when I read that it had to be a Pokemon fic (IDK, I'm just having a lot of Neymessi and Fedal feels right now) but I already have an idea of what I'm going to request so it's totally cool. I'm so in! It's pretty darn likely that I'll end up doing something wrong, but if I do, feel free to notify me. :)
  5. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Ha ha, I was happy to see this up, so I sent my form in just now. I was going to copy-paste parts of the form from last year to save time, but I couldn't find it anywhere LOL. I'm hyped for this year, I can hardly wait to get my assignment. Hopefully I'll be able to do it all the way this year, things have been rather unpredictable as of late. I'll also hopefully plan ahead better so it doesn't clash with the Shipping Secret Santa again like it did last year, lol.

    *sneaks away to peek in last's year thread just because*
  6. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Pretty sure I was the author to your present last year, Kutie Pie (in case you want to reread it for a smile)!

    Speaking of...do you guys happen to have the form I sent last year on hand, by any chance? I'll rewrite the form if necessary, but I'd like to know what mood I was in this time last year.
  7. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    We hope it'll be a little less confusing in practice/as you get into it, but if you've got any questions, by all means, feel free to ask. :D

    Just got it! ;D Thanks, KP!

    We do indeed! (And same thing goes for anyone else who would like theirs back from last year! We've saved everything!) We emailed it back to you via the address you gave us last year. Feel free to let us know if it didn't go through, and we'll get it out to you via PM instead.

    By the by! There will be a Shipping Fics hub shortly. Sorry for the wait!
  8. xEryChan

    xEryChan #ScorbunnySquad Staff Member Moderator

    It's up not in the Shipping Fic sub-section now. Sorry for the delay.

    I wasn't in the best place last year but I definitely have more time on my hands so I should be able to fully participate. But I am definitely looking forward to participating this year. I haven't written anything in so long.
  9. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    I got the email, thanks! I'll edit some things and send it back soon!
  10. ASCIInerd73

    ASCIInerd73 User of the Internet

    I would like to join in this year, but I'm not sure if I would be able to finish on time, and I wouldn't expect to finish until December 21 at the earliest (and, even then, it would most likely look rushed). Can I still sign up, or should I work on my writing speed and wait until next year?
  11. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Kickass. :D We'll keep an eye out for it!

    Haha, now that you mention it, we're secretly kinda lenient about the whole banning thing mentioned as a possible consequence for dropping out at the last minute. (Lots of people did that last year, so I totally gave up. If the same thing happens, then I'll still be lenient. The wording's really there to encourage people to not drop out at the literal last minute. Cheap tactic, but hey!)

    That said, if you think you can make the December 21 deadline and are comfortable with working under a deadline like that, totally give it a shot. :D It's really all about pacing yourself and writing a little bit a day. That and you can totally still drop out consequence-free on December 15 if you're reading over your work and realizing that it's going to be incredibly difficult to make it.

    But! If you feel like you'd work better if you gave yourself time to practice when it comes to your writing speed or if the deadline sounds like it'd be too stressful, then it'd totally be a good idea to sign up for the third annual event.

    Tl;dr, it depends on how comfortable you'd be with making that deadline. But I'd personally say give it a shot if you think you have a chance at making it, and if you find that the deadline's making you really nervous anyway, don't be afraid to drop out. We've absolutely got your back either way. b)'')b
  12. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Sent mine in earlier today, I had so much fun with this last year so I'm really glad we brought it back!
  13. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Operations Director

    I sent mine in the other day. I definitely am looking forward to participating this year. I wasn't able to last year, sadly enough, so I'm excited about being able to this year.
  14. PhalanxSigil

    PhalanxSigil BONK!

    Just submitted the thing! Looking forward to the thing.
  15. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Thanks, guys! We've received all three. :D Awesome to see y'all back in the event again! Here's hoping it's going to be as awesome as last year's~!
  16. SilentMemento

    SilentMemento Lone Wolf

    Just sent in mine! I just hope that I did it right...
  17. xEryChan

    xEryChan #ScorbunnySquad Staff Member Moderator

    Gonna send my email in shortly, gotta finish filling it out first though.

    Edit: Completed my sign up form and sent it in a little while ago.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2015
  18. Cutlerine

    Cutlerine Gone. Not coming back.

    You know what, I'll make the effort and enter this year. I've just sent my form in. Hope I got it right.
  19. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    I sent my form in a while ago, but I'm posting here because everyone who turned in the form seems to be posting here. :p
  20. Bay


    Will also mentioned here I went ahead and sent in my form for this year's Yuletide! Looking forward to this one!

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