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serebiiforums live chatroom suggestion

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Hey all i wanted to give a quick tip if you are looking to create your own free custom chat room, the tool is Chatwing.

Chatwing has many customization and design options for every aspect of the chat. You can upload your own image as the chat background or select from 100's of design. You also have the ability to choose which social login opions you would like to allow including Facebook, google, Instagram and more.

You are able to create unlimited chat rooms and have unlimited amounts of users, including assigning moderators and ban users and delete messages live.

Chatwing is used by many websites including MTV so it has the capacity and features to satisfy most. You can access each room from a direct link, embed chat on any web page or the Chatwing Android app available in the Google Play Store

You can check chatwing out at Chatwing.com or visit the chatwing blog for more info and to demo blog.chatwing.com

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