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Serebii's 7th Annual Pokemon Exam Announcement Thread!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Black Marauder, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. BattleFanatic14

    BattleFanatic14 Well-Known Member

    There goes my chances...
  2. @64 users now and sign-ups are closed!

    I can't wait to see who moves onto to Round 1. Only 30 candidates will be able to do so...
  3. PerseusRad

    PerseusRad I see you. And you.

    I think I did really well.
  4. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    I really hope I make it through, it's my first time entering so I didn't really know what to expect so obviously tried my best.
  5. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    ah i missed the sign ups. totally forgot this was coming up. good luck to everyone taking part, i wish you all the best
  6. Dawn and Piplup

    Dawn and Piplup Piplup+Pikachu Fan

    Thank you very much, I'm sorry to hear that.

    As for the exam, I'm not going to Jynx it and say it was easy but the first page gave me no difficulties! The second page was alright although I found one a bit confusing. I was just writing down the answer for the last question and the exam finished. It was so annoying! I hope I make it through!
  7. Just waiting on nine more users! Everyone who has submitted already has a grade.
  8. Azyvli

    Azyvli Legendary Assassin

    Aww... Missed the sign up... I'd thought It'd be something fun I could do! Good luck with the exam guys!
  9. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    I feel I did well, I hope I move on!
  10. The Joker.

    The Joker. Gone.

    Does the amount of time we took answering the exam count towards our final grade?

    Also are we close to finding out our results?
  11. Yep! As stated before, the time you take to complete the test will be taken into account. For now I won't say by how much.

    And results will be released on Saturday 16th 2012- the latest. If the remaining 6 users submit their tests before that then the release date will be Friday 15th most likely.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2012
  12. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, I also find that time just doesn't want to follow my rules. ;)
  13. Haha. Oops! :p Corrected. Friday 15th.
  14. Nyter

    Nyter Island Challenger

    who are the last 6 members so we can harass em into getting it done quicker?
    Just kidding!
  15. Aww man, I missed it... :( does anyone know when the next one will be?
  16. Prince Amrod

    Prince Amrod Dragon Tamer

    around this time next year most likely. they all seem to have been done around summertime
  17. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    I didn't make it. Whatever. It was fun while it lasted. Good Luck to others participants!
  18. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

    "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome Well-Known Member

    Ah, oh well. Didn't make it. As Cooloolool said, good luck to those who passed!
  19. craigprime

    craigprime X&Y Supporter

    Heck yea! It's like my childhood dream of a Pokemon Trivia Game Show!
    Where is the Sign-up?

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