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Serebii's Battle Frontier Introduction Thread

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Welcome challenger, to the brand new Battle Frontier, made to replace the Official Serebii League. This Battle Frontier will be run just like in Pokémon Emerald & Pokémon Platinum / HeartGold & SoulSilver, where each facility will have special rules which you must obey. These facilities can range from VGC, to Rental and even Weatherless.

Before I continue, I will explain why there has been a sudden change from the old structure we had before. In 4th Gen, as there wasn't as many threats to deal with, a mono type Pokémon League worked as you could pretty much build a 3:3 mono team which could do well in a normal battle setting. This all changed with the arrival of Pokémon Black & Pokémon White, which not only added more than a 150 new threats, but it also added a new aspect, Weather. With all new things added to the game, coupled with older broken Pokémon being dropped down to OU, a mono type league will be considerably easier to challenge and beat. Potential candidates would refuse to join our ranks because of this metagame, and old leaders would leave because of the unreasonable restrictions this new metagame. With all this going on, the league was bound to die so I decided to go ahead with my initial Battle Frontier, and refine it the help of my friends.

The Battle Frontier, rather than mainly focusing on standard battles with restrictions on the frontier brains, will operate like how it is in the video games, with set rules that must be obeyed. These rules can range from certain facilities going back to the days of the DPPt metagame, a facility that focuses on UU battles, or a facility that has banned all weather. Of course, if you aren't familiar with some metagames that are supported in this league, there is always help that can be provided for those metagames (just send me a PM). Also remember that facility concepts that in the end don't work are subject to change, but these won't impact on any victory you got with that facility.

In this frontier, the maximum amount of frontier brains will be 12. At any point, this number can fluctuate, so the required amount of brains you can beat will be 10 in order to enter the Hall of Fame.

First, you must understand that this frontier challenge will be hard. Should you find that some of the facilities are simply too difficult to complete, you should not get disheartened. The best way to improve at Pokémon is to practice, so make sure that you make full use of the Battling section to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to mount a decent challenge for a Hall of Fame spot. As I said before, there are many experienced members who may be able to help you with your battling skills, and better still it is perfectly easy to teach yourself, the internet is a fantastic resource, even for those trying to become top competitive battlers!

Once you have climbed this huge mountain and complete the frontier, you will be awarded with a special symbol, a custom made banner with a Pokémon of your choice, of course entry into the Hall of Fame and a special invitation to a tournament held only for frontier winners. This tournament will decide which of the first 8 to complete the frontier are the best. The winner of this tournament will of course, will receive another special symbol to place in their signature. This tournament is completely optional, and choosing not to participate will not have any impact on your Hall of Fame spot, nor will losing have any impact on your spot. More to come!

Also one thing I would like to mention that in the end, this is frontier is ultimately a community of people that share interests in competitive battling or Pokémon. I have tried to tailor this new frontier to be more community based / involved compared to the OSL. So if you're going to troll, act cocky, or in general be an irritable person for the sake of it, it'd be best if you kept away from the frontier / chat room, cause I saw more than I wanted to of that when the OSL was still around, and I don't want to have that repeated with this frontier.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the Introduction or the FAQ, feel free to PM to any member of the Battle Frontier owner (Ragnarok or Archangel).


Q. What rules apply when battling in this Battle Frontier?
A. Each facility will have rules you must follow. Read them before challenging.

Q. How can I arrange a Frontier Battle?
A. You should Private message the Brain you wish to battle, and try to arrange a battle time with him or her. You can also catch the leaders in the official Battle Frontier Chat room, which can be found here.

Q. What should I do if the Brain is on a different time zone to me?
A. The challenger is expected to arrange the battle to the leaders time zone. This should not be too much of an issue, as given any two time zones, there should be at least an hours worth of free time overlap in a week!

Q. What do I do with my Frontier Symbols?
A. Most people will put their badges in their signatures. This can be done by right-clicking the image and selecting properties. Copy and paste the image's web address in your signature settings, using the following vB code.
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