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Serebii's Guardian Circuit

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Serebii's Guardian Circuit
Tournament Series hosted by BGP_ and Eliteknight.


5/25/2017 - Masterclass has finished, and points have been updated.
4/14/2017 - The points awarded for singles brackets (ie Masterclass) has been updated to make point calculations for the summer tournament easier. It *shouldn't* make much of a difference.
4/10/2017 - Discord Server created for official tournaments! Use this to give feedback, schedule matches, talk, or idk whatever we figure out to do with it, mainly for this though! You will need a role assigned to post.
4/7/2017 - Circuit has been approved!
4/9/2017 - Masterclass sign-ups will begin next Sunday! Keep an eye out for the thread!


Welcome to a new tournament series here on Serebii! This is a new idea in hope of sparking a little life into the competitive section. This is a new idea, so we're going to give this a smaller scale test run this year, and as long as it's received well enough we'll bring it back again next year with support in each season!

How it works:

The series this year will be made up of 4 official tournaments. These tournaments include...

  • Serebii's Pokémon Masterclass #8 (Spring this year)
  • Serebii's (An in-the-works Tournament, with the early design leaning towards a guild based tour) (Summer)
  • Serebii's Guardian Cup #6 (Fall)
  • Serebii's Guardian Showdown (Late Fall-Early Winter)

The first 3 tournaments will be available for anyone to join. However, the 2nd tournament may be team/guild based, so you will likely have to be selected in some way. Be active and try to show your value for a better chance to get into this tournament! What about the Guardian Showdown?

The Guardian Showdown:

The Guardian Showdown will be an 8 man tournament of invited players. These invitations will be sent out to the top 8 players of the points standings at the end of the first 3 tournaments. Points will be awarded based on the performance of each player in each tournament. For Masterclass and Guardian Cup, points will be awarded as follows.


*So long as you are not found to be inactive
Naturally, a 32 man tournament will provide an extra round of points over a 16 man tournament. Depending on what the summer tournament is decided to be, the points will be decided for it at a later time.
In the case of a tie, the following tiebreakers will be used.
1. Whoever had the best placement in any of the 3 tournaments.
2. Whoever leads the head-to-head matchup over the course of the 3 tournaments.
3. If still tied, a Bo3 battle will be done immediately prior to the Guardian Showdown.​


What, you want a medal? You do know tournament prizes have died down since the WiFi era of gen 4 right? Well, we did have something in mind to give people something to play for. How does this work?
Is a newly made badge fine? Yes, a special new badge has been made for the winner of the Guardian Showdown to show off! Only the winner will receive this, so you will have to take it all to win this exclusive badge! This is a very big part of why we want to continue to do this, so we can make badges fun and enticing for the competitive section! Both the Pokémon Masterclass and Guardian Cup will have badges similar to normal ones for their winners as well, though we are not sure on the 2nd tournament yet since it will be a first time thing.


Given the state of the competitive section and some of the tournaments in the past few months, I figured this was worth mentioning and attempting to nip in the bud. If you win/lose by a coin flip because of scheduling conflicts, it's all cool, it happens. However, if I have to blatantly give activity wins because someone signed up to just get a point, or they sign up and disappear, we're going to have problems. So here's how it's going to work, and you should expect few, if any, exceptions to be made.

- If you win/lose a coin flip because of scheduling problems, you're fine.
- If you lose at any point in the tournament due to inactivity, you will lose 15 points from your standing.
- If you lose in the FIRST ROUND due to inactivity, you will lose your 15 points and be striked in the standings. For the rest of the circuit, you will be given lower priority when signing up. First to sign up for a 16 man tour with 17 sign ups? Yeah, you're a sub. Better luck next time, friend.
- If we have multiple incomplete first round matches, actions will be taken as necessary. This could range from the winner of the coin flip losing the 15 points, all the way to disqualifying people, striking them, voiding their points, and running with what's left. Naturally, this will vary on a case by case basis, but hopefully it won't be necessary.

The first round punishments are especially hard because it's the most predictable round to follow schedule and the one to put the rest of the tournament ahead/behind schedule. It's also to prevent someone from signing up just to try and get free points. If you can't make round 1, don't sign up. You will make an effort to battle, or you will not get your points and be punished for it. Simple as that. And naturally, if activity on your end proves to be a problem throughout the whole circuit, you will be watched upon much closer.

Looking Forward:

As we solidify more details, such as tournament start dates, announcements, points standings, etc., we will post on and update this thread. As previously mentioned, this tournament is being run on a smaller scale this year. Ideally, we would like to have 1 official tournament in each season, not including the Guardians Showdown. For the 4th tournament, we are opening up ideas to everyone! Feel free to suggest your ideas for a 4th official tournament. It should ideally focus mostly on OU, but we would like to welcome any interesting/creative ways to spice up such an OU tour! Of course, this will have to be run by and approved by the competitive mods first as it would have to be approved as an official tournament, but you could run it in the tournament section as a proof of concept, or send us an idea based on a tournament you've already run! There are no guarantees we can take something, however. Again, this will largely be based on how this year goes, and if we have enough activity and interest.

We will also take suggestions on the current tournaments and format of this series so we can hopefully make something that everyone here will enjoy participating in! Feel free to ask questions/post suggestions in this thread as needed.

2017 Tournaments:

Serebii's Pokémon Masterclass #8
One of Serebii's oldest annual tournaments returns.
Sign-Ups Posted: 4/16/2017 at ~12 PM EST
Start Date: 4/23/2017
End Date: 5/21/2017
Results: Bracket
1st MetalSonic

2nd McDanger
3rd Zold

Serebii's Guardian War
A new official tournament as part of the Guardian Circuit.
Sign-Ups Posted: 7/1/2017 for guilds
Start Date: N/A
End Date: N/A
Results: N/A

Serebii's Guardian Cup #6
Serebii's first and biggest official tournament returns.
Sign-Ups Posted: TBA
Start Date: N/A
End Date: N/A
Results: N/A

Serebii's Guardian Showdown
The finale of the Guardian Circuit.
Start Date: N/A
End Date: N/A
Results: N/A

Important Links

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Points Standings:

1. MetalSonic 300
2. McDanger 250
3. Zold 200
4. Conquer Pheonix 150
5. Saph~ 75
5. MMS 75
5. Cryssy 75
5. Archangel 75

9. FairyWitch 15
9. Naoto Shirogane 15
9. Connor 15
9. 00swms 15
9. NeohopeSTF 15
9. rotomotorz 15
9. Ger9119 15
9. TikTok13 15

Archangel for approving new badges.
Ragnarok for approving it all.
FairyWitch for main banner and new Masterclass banner.
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This might be an incredibly stupid question, but how de we sign up o_O?

This is more a thread to cover all discussion/updates/info for the tournaments and circuit. The first tournament should be up in roughly a week or two. We'll post when sign ups will go up :)
So long as you participate in any of the 3 tournaments, you will automatically get points for this
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*Credits to Fairywitch*

Serebii's Pokemon Masterclass #8 Announcement!

Sign ups shall begins next Sunday April 16th at Noon EST and will stay open for two weeks or until we have 16 Participants whichever happens first!
Although if you sign up late we will be keeping track for Substitutions!​
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Just in time for Masterclass, we finished setting up a Discord server for official tournaments! Give us feedback on the circuit or tournaments there, or talk, or schedule your matches there. Idk, this will be another thing we take feedback on :).

Some quick things to point out. When a tournament begins, we will restrict posting to special channels for said tournament to participants only so they can schedule matches. Also, you will need to be assigned the members role to be able to post. Please bear with us if we don't notice you immediately! Shoot us a DM and we'll try to get to you as soon as possible. Keep it clean, be respectful, and we'll be all good as far as this goes :p . Please don't make us have to be mean, none of us like using the ban hammer :( . Naturally you are not required to be a part of this, but some people may find this useful in scheduling/staying in the loop.

I'm setting up some bot stuff for the server too, so if there are problems with it I apologize in advance, just let me know!
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Due to the summer tournament requiring a different points system than the rest of the tournaments we have updated the points system

Here is the old system for reference:

Also remember that Serebii's Masterclass #8 sign ups begin this Sunday!


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Masterclass is now complete, so we'll start to work towards the next tournament! It's going to hopefully be a guild tournament, so guilds that want to join...prepare a war-like team...preferably with at least 5 people!

The points have been updated, and we'll give updates for the new tour as it comes together. Feel free to give feedback to both of us on here or in the discord, or pitch us some ideas :)


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Welp, wish I would've made a better effort in Masterclass lmfao. Excited for the next leg of the circuit

*Credits to Fairywitch*

The next portion of the guardians curcuit shall begin next weekend! Please note this is a guild based tournament, however there will be an option for those not in guilds or those who are in a guild and arent picked to play for their guild will be able to sign up under the same option!

Guild leaders expect a pm from me!
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