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Serebii's Guardian Cup #3 (Round One)

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Beat kuja 1-2
Funny story:
First game PO reset all my abilities which most likely costed me the battle.
Second game he missed a Stone Edge that I think would kill my pokemon.
Third game well...its freaking Pokemon.
Contacted Jets and we'll probably get this done soon.
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Gonna contact rockstar...

Edit: contacted
Edit2: won 2-1 ggs except last game hax.
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Beat Usurping Bark in a best of three! I won both battles we did. Fun games, and good luck at getting better at pokemon!

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Beat justinpg for my first battle four Round #1. We'll be battling ASAP for Battle #2.

EDIT: Score was 2-0 in my favor for battle #1. Would have been better if I had used my Deoxys as something more than cannon fodder. LOL

EDIT: He has forfeited the second match, so I win the round by default, 2-0
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Anyone else that wants to drop out should say so now so others that still want to can participate.
Posting to say that while I've been busy these bast two days, I will be free from tomorrow and I'll get my battle done before the deadline.
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