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Serebii's Guardian Cup #5 (Round One)

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The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
lost 0 - 2 to silent reaper ggs


Eternal God
Battling Sunday


Because I'm Happy.
We seem to keep on logging on when the other is off. I'll be on most of the day in hopes of getting it done, but idk.
The imposter claimed to be able to play Tuesday wed and Friday from 5-10 eastern however I was unable to play wed and Friday because of work. When I came online from 5-10 eastern the imposter didn't respond to a vm I sent at approx. 4 eastern. He stated he could play all day Saturday and sunday when sent a vm on Saturday afternoon once I got off work I have failed to receive a return vm about when he could possibly play
Not open for further replies.