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Serebii's Guardian War #1

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Confirmed. Got too ambitious on my entry hazards the first game and got wrecked the second. Gotta brush up on my more "obscure" sets lol


It's a mystery.
Opponents Username: Zold
Game 1: L; 0-6
Game 2: L; 0-3
Notes: I got so thrown off first game by a certain mon. I would've brought it back in the 2nd game, had I not got freezehaxed. ;w; But nonetheless, ggs.


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Hey dudes, I created 2 channels in the competitive discord just for the mercenary teams to discuss with each other. Also in the event that a team has a 2-0 lead where the 3rd match wouldn't matter, please do the 3rd battle anyways as it will be used for tiebreakers and determining the points you get at the end of the tour. I'm working on the points now that I have a count of how many people joined :)


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Due to Aquablast not sending in his PS information he will be replaced by BigKCBK
Sorry, I did not respond. I was busy with a lot of real life things recently. I was at camp last week, and did not know this was going on until today. I can be a sub if you need me to, if it is not too late.

Mercenary Sign Up:
Username: Aquablast
PS Username: aquablast064


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The round 1 deadline is being extended til 10 PM pacific time tomorrow (~27 hours from this post), try to get that last match done
Round 2
The Mercenaries Vs Veneno Oscuridad
Ptz V Metalsonic
Zold V Conquer Pheonix
DjSummers V Lugia Sama

The Battle Corporation Vs The Eternian Forces Guild
725Roy Vs M.Oreo
MMS Vs Saph~
Twinyoshi45 Vs SilverLanayru

Deadline: Sunday August 6th @10pm pacific

Please note that from now on match ups will go up saturday night but the deadline will be sunday nights
Round 1 has officially ended.

Due to the match between 55Afrothunder and Golem12 not being score will be 2-0 in favour of Veneno Oscuridad


Opponents Username: M.Oreo
Game 1: L 0-4
Game 2: L 0-1

Notes: Rolls killed me. Ggs


Opponents Username: DjSummers
Game 1: W; 2-0
Game 2: L; 0-2
Game 3: W; 3-0

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