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Serebii's Next Top Magical Guardian

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Thank you my prince!
“Welcome, my dear Magical children!” The massive doors of the Magical Guardian Garden swung open revealing SnowBelle, Magical Guardian of Winter. He steps forward, looking down at some of the best Witches, Magical Boys, and Magical Girls from around the world. Today they will start competing for a role in the Magical Guardian Society. With this title comes fame, power, and the thrill of fighting some of the highest level witches and demons. “Each of you have been selected for our training program. I won’t lie-most of you will die here, but the best will rise as Magical Guardians, or Coven Leaders. As a Guardian, your magical capabilities will reach their potential, as well as a new title. Perhaps you’ll be the Magical Guardian of The Sun, or of Secrets, but we’ll decide that once you reach the top of your team. That’s right. Starting today all of you will be forming a new Magical Squad. Please become accompanied with one another while I prepare you for this new opportunity!” Snowbelle turned and walked away, slowly disappearing.

You’ve finally made it this far. The opportunity to be the best Witch, Magical Boy or Girl in all the land of Serebii! Forming bonds and rivalries are some of the few things you can do. Advance your powers, hone your skills, and test fate in order to become one of the prestigious members of the Magical Guardian Society. Be warned, those who enter may die, or even become either a witch or demon.

  1. Please be familiar with the Serebii Rules.
  2. You may have only one character.
  3. Don’t you dare insult another member.
  4. Do not pester me or anyone else in charge of this game. If I do something that bothers you, please leave and spare everyone a dramatic scene. (Unless if you want to make fun of my grammar, which I think is very bad and I will allow it.)

Magical Boys and Girls:
Peons of the Magical Queen, everyone playing in this game will be a Magical Girl or Magical Boy. You have magical skills that relate to a certain element, or force. Each will also have a weapon, unique to the owner.

Magical Guardian Society:
An organization of Magical Boys and Magical Girls who no longer serve as peons, but knights, or Magical Guardians. The Magical Guardian Society is run by SnowBelle: Guardian of Winter, Emmsy: Guardian of Summer, Axel: Guardian of Autumn, and Lily and Justin: Guardians of Spring. Each of them will act as the leaders of the Magical Squad. Their weapons are: Belle’s Mirror of Heart, Emmsy’s Solar Flare (Hammer), Axel’s Thorn Whip, Lily’s Wave Breaker (Bow) and Justin’s Rapier of Life.

Witches and Demons:
When a Magical Boy or Magical Girl loses his way, he or she will lose their soul, becoming a Witch or Demon. Witches are capable of regaining their soul, but will be deemed unable to return to being a Magical Girl. Demons will be trapped in the underworld, forever losing their souls. Only the Grand Witch or Archangel may return the soul of a demon.

Good Witches:
You also have the opportunity to join as a Good Witch, who is working to become a Grand Witch. They differ from magical girls, fighting only with magic spells. There are two types of witches: Black and White. Black witches have strong curses and jinxes, while white witches deal with charms and restoration magic. If a witch wins, he or she will become a Coven Leader, having the right to start their own group of witches.

Trials will usually involve killing monsters, demons, and witches. Some will have you protecting an innocent. There will also be occasional scavenger missions. Trials work like this: Using a Dice System, I shall determine who dies or who becomes a witch/demon.

Sign Up Form:
Gender: (Only need this if you’re a witch)
Class: (Witch or Magical Boy/Girl)
Age: (I will allow baby witches, but Magical Boys/Girls must be 16+)
Element: (Fire, Sound, whatever it may be.)
Weapon: (This usually ties into your powers. Magical Boys and Girls only.)
Title: (Name+Magical Boy/Girl of Element)
Witch’s Title: (White/Black witch of Element.)
Personality: (Please provide their interests, quirks, and fears. Anything that will give me more depth on your character will make it easier for me to write as that character will make things a lot easier.)

:Current Squad Members:
Kilz Cole: Magical Boy of the North
Pucker: The White Witch of the Sky

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I'm willing to try something new.

Name: Kliz Cole
Class: Magical Boy
Age: 18
Element: Ice
Weapon: Icicle Spear (spear made of ice)
Title: Kliz Cole of the North (little iffy on this)
Personality: Having come from the isolated and backwards fishing villages in the north, Kliz feels that he has much to prove. However, this sometimes leads to Kliz acting recklessly. Kliz's confidence may lead to problems, and he also has a bit of a hot head and a sharp tongue. But Kliz also has a soft spot for helping others, although this may sometimes be overdubbed by his bravado.


La Melancolie Noir
Wow. How did I not notice this before? Probably because A) I don't check the Game forum often, and B) that link in your signature is so small that it took me until today to notice it. But this could be fun, especially seeing as how I love witches and magical girls alike. Now to pick a character... I got it!

Name: Emi "Pucker" McCloud
Gender: Female
Class: Witch
Age: 10
Element: Sky
Title: Pucker, White Witch of Sky
Personality: She picked the name Pucker because she absolutely loves lemon drops, and any other type of sour candy as well. She's allergic to chocolate though. Besides that, Pucker is one of the most energetic, quirky, and optimistic people you will ever meet. She does like to talk to herself, though, especially while preparing spells. And it's not just to herself--she doesn't have any qualms about saying anything to anyone, especially weird and cheerful little remarks. She certainly does try to make people happy, in her own weird little way. Yet at the same time, she's also remarkably naive with respect to how society works. She can come up with a theory for just about anything, but it will almost certainly be wrong. And finally, although it's not always necessary for witches to do this, she absolutely loves flying around on a broomstick.

(Is the flying part okay? If not, I guess it's not entirely necessary.)


Thank you my prince!
Kiruria! I didn't expect someone who I know to actually join my game, since I decided not to bother my friends into joining. Everyone tells me that my link is too small, so I should take a hint. The broomstick is absolutely fine by me. As a White Witch, you'll have a support role so I hope you're okay with that.


La Melancolie Noir
That's fine by me. Pucker is not a fighter (especially given her age and her size), more of a fixer-upper and user of little charms. I don't think she'd be happy with fighting demons or competing with other guardians-to-be anyway.

Well gee, I hope more people will join so that we can start things off!
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