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Serebii's Pokémon Masterclass #7

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Still have 16 spots open. If I don't get enough relatively soon I'm going to go back to old rules and try to get a bye in the semi-finals, that or I'll cutoff at 16 like we have now.
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Going to close sign ups at 16 and keep everyone else as subs. I'll be sending out matches to betters tonight.

14. Cryssy | CrystalNinetales VS 9. EZ Target? | ez target

15. Burnerv2 | Burnerv2 VS 5. Clone | C1one

3. xDIRCIOx | xDIRCIOx VS 4. Eliteknight l Guardian of Auir

12. Psilo | Psilo VS 7. Ger9119 | 2LTD

10. Conquer Phoenix | Conquer Phoenix VS 11. Moonclawz | Moonclawz

6. Mr.Y | Gevvaldro VS 2. phantomclaw | phantomclaw 8888

1. MMS | MeanMrSnorlax VS 8. Saph~ | Saph

13. Sparkbeat | Sparklebeat VS 16. nikkun | better butters
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EZ Target?

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can we play now or do we have to wait till bets are placed in the other tour?
contacted crys btw


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won 2-1 vs mms im too tirefd rn


confirming. ya boi Saph gettin hella lucky G3 x[


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Clone and I are trying to find a time that works for us to battle. We'll figure out asap


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Contacted Conquer Phoenix some time ago. Should be playing today but opponent hasn't replied to my VMs recently. The deadline is tonight right?
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