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Serebii's Pokémon Masterclass #7

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by BGP_, Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. Nikkun

    Nikkun Member

    nikkun | better butters
  2. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    Still have 16 spots open. If I don't get enough relatively soon I'm going to go back to old rules and try to get a bye in the semi-finals, that or I'll cutoff at 16 like we have now.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2015
  3. Usatoday

    Usatoday Eternal God

    Usatoday | usatoday
  4. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    Going to close sign ups at 16 and keep everyone else as subs. I'll be sending out matches to betters tonight.

    14. Cryssy | CrystalNinetales VS 9. EZ Target? | ez target

    15. Burnerv2 | Burnerv2 VS 5. Clone | C1one

    3. xDIRCIOx | xDIRCIOx VS 4. Eliteknight l Guardian of Auir

    12. Psilo | Psilo VS 7. Ger9119 | 2LTD

    10. Conquer Phoenix | Conquer Phoenix VS 11. Moonclawz | Moonclawz

    6. Mr.Y | Gevvaldro VS 2. phantomclaw | phantomclaw 8888

    1. MMS | MeanMrSnorlax VS 8. Saph~ | Saph

    13. Sparkbeat | Sparklebeat VS 16. nikkun | better butters
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2015
  5. EZ Target?

    EZ Target? You Lack Da Moxie

    can we play now or do we have to wait till bets are placed in the other tour?
    contacted crys btw
  6. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    You can start once I post matches on thread each week, so yes.
  7. Clone™

    Clone™ Ded

    contact ed
  8. Kitt Geekazaru

    Kitt Geekazaru Infernape Trainer

    Just to double check...
    PM'ing you the bets are fine, right?
  9. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    Yes, that was the intention :p
  10. Mr.Y

    Mr.Y O)_(O

    Beat Phantomclaw 2-0

    GG mate.
  11. phantomclaw

    phantomclaw Well-Known Member

    confirming never had a chance
  12. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Beat Psilo 2-1, ggs
  13. Saph~

    Saph~ Serebii Champion x.x

    won 2-1 vs mms im too tirefd rn
  14. Snorby

    Snorby Snorby

    confirming. ya boi Saph gettin hella lucky G3 x[
  15. Burnerv2

    Burnerv2 Believe in Yourself!

    Clone and I are trying to find a time that works for us to battle. We'll figure out asap
  16. Moonclawz

    Moonclawz Aura Trainer

    Contacted Conquer Phoenix some time ago. Should be playing today but opponent hasn't replied to my VMs recently. The deadline is tonight right?
  17. Nikkun

    Nikkun Member

    been trying to contact my opponent for a while. cant seem to find the right time
  18. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    Yeah we've been consistently missing each other or just haven't been on/available at the same time.
  19. Moonclawz

    Moonclawz Aura Trainer

    Won 2-0 with some hax. GGs though!
  20. Conquer Phoenix

    Conquer Phoenix Falling Light

    lost to moon 2-0
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