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Serebii's Ultimate Game Master


DestinyTrainer 10yrs
Serebii's Ultimate Game Master

In this game, 16 Serebii users who frequent the Games section will go head to head in a competition that will decide which of them is the Ultimate Game Master. Each round, the contestants will be put through contests that are based on different Serebii games from the past and present. The winners of these will get power and this will eventually lead up to an elimination. The goal is to make alliances, win competitions, use your forum popularity to your advantage, and ultimately be the last one standing. Once we get to the Final 2, the previous nine eliminated contestants will vote for the Winner.

Owner: MarshtompMan

*Credit to Bugwarrior and Dittoman97 for the original idea

Every round will contain a three step process:

~ Game Master Competition (If they win this they will be safe for that elimination and will be able to nominate the 2 elimination choices)

~ Immunity competition (The two people that are nominated, the Game Master, and three other randomly chosen contestants will compete for the power of Immunity. This power can be used to save one of the Game Master's nomination choice or can be used to keep the choices the same. The person with the immunity will be safe and the the Game Master will then nominate someone else in their place.)

~ The Voting (Everyone but the nominations and the Game Master will vote someone out (Through PM), thus eliminating them from the game. If there is a tie then the Game Master will have the final decision)

- Follow all Serebii Rules.
- Feel free to talk strategy and align yourself with other players to keep yourself in the game.
- Please be active if you join this game. If you go inactive you will be given a warning, failure to become active after receiving your warning will result in a modkill or a replacement.
- Once you are eliminated you are not able to post in this thread until the end of the game, or unless told you can do so.

Suggesting Contests:
If you want to suggest a Serebii game to be used as a contest, or you would like your game to be used as a contest feel free to VM me or PM me. All games used will be used with credit to the Owner for their game.

Sign-Up Form:
Serebii Games that you have Participated in:

1. Infernobat.
2. Fango Pango
3. Shaymin_girl
4. Max1996 - Eliminated in Round 1
5. Pokemon Special
6. Dragalge- Eliminated in Round 5
7. Monster Guy
8. Nothingjustgo. - Eliminated in Round 2, Returned in Round 6
9. Chihaya01
10. Grey Walrus - Eliminated in Round 3
11. Fongerman
12. Mawile412
13. John Trainer - Eliminated in Round 4
14. Sigh! - Eliminated in Round 6
15. Gryoine​
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Username: Infernobat.
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: Pokeplace, Pokecity, Pokemon Hospital, Pokemon Aiptaka, Pokemon Big Brother, The Pokemon Contest Chronicles, Pokémon Survivor, The 12 Song Album Game, The You're Banned thread and a lot more that I've forgotten about.

fango pango

You're My Man Of War
Username: Fango Pango
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: Pokecity, Pokeplace Town, Pokemon Degrassi Gender Race, Count to 60 before someone with under 20 posts posts, You're Banned, Pokemon Big Brother, Pokemon Aiptaka, Pokemon Hospital, Pokemon Contest Chronicles, and a heck of a lot more I can't be bothered to remember.


I'm baby?
Staff member
Username: shaymin_girl
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: Gender race, Pokecity, Pokeplace, Pokemon Big Brother, Pokemon Conquest Chronicles, Pokemon Hospital, Pokemon College, 12 Song Album Game, Pokemon Survior, Pokemon Horror Island, You're Banned, Various Rate the user above you threads, Mafia, and many more


Active Member
Username: Max1996
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: Pokemon Hangman, True or False game, Pokemon 20 Questions, Pokemon Chain Game, Pokelikes, It's Super Effective!, Predict the next poster and Do you have this game?


Custom title: If specified, this will replace the
*Crashes to the ground*

Ah dang that hurts...what's this? Ultimate Game Master? Well I have been here for five years and I stink at solitaire so why not? I'm just going to need a bit more clarification. That's what VMs are for!

Username: Dragalge
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: All three bedrock games, You're Banned Version 5.0/6.0, Pokemon 20 Questions, Hangman, the counting games, The Avatar/Signature/Profile Picture Rating game, The Avatar/Signature Caption games, the Avatar/Signature/Profile Picture Marrying games, Big Red Button, Pokelikes, Predict the next poster, RHWYKTAU, ^ > V, Pokemon Survivor, and some more I can't name at the moment.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Username: Monster Guy
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: Destroy The Block of Bedrock, You're Banned, Caption the Above Picture, Pokemon Royal Rumble, Big Red Button, 12 Song Album Game, Pokemon Contest Chronicles, Pokemon Big Brother, Various arranged marriage games, Pokemon 20 Questions, Predict the next poster, King of the Hill, Pokelikes, and some others I can't remember/don't feel like listing...


Thank you my prince!
Username: Chihaya01
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: I've been in like 12 games, that sounds about right. Currently I guess I'm only in Contest Chronicles. A few throw backs are Pokemon Contest (Miss it deeply), The Forest (Old game from like 2009 that I made), Pokeplace, PokeCity, Pokemon Kingdom, Degrassi High (Wild games from back in the 2009 days), tbh I love the Rate The Sig Above You game.


My name is Quiliver.
Username: Grey Walrus
Serebii games you have participated in: Pokemon Big Brother, Pokemon Royal Rumble, Big Red Button, Pokemon Fear Factor(R.I.P), Pokemon Contest Chronicles, Mafia games,Pokemon Drama Island, IT's supereffective and more I am forgetting.


Username: Mawile412
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: Pokemon Degrassi, Pokeplace Town, Pokemon Hospital, Pokecity, And Then There Were None, Pokemon Contest Chronicals, Pokemon Survivor, Ultimate Gamer, Big Brother, and various other rating and counting games.

John Trainer

John Trainer
Username: John Trainer Serebii games that you participate in: predict the next poster, pokemon royal rumble XIII, destroy the block O bedrock 3, Pokemon 20 questions, Pokemon survivor, post an insane lie about the poster above you and some others but I can't think of them right now


DestinyTrainer 10yrs
Serebii's Ultimate Game Master Players
1. Infernobat.
2. Fango Pango
3. Shaymin_girl
4. Max1996
5. Pokemon Special
6. Dragalge
7. Monster Guy
8. Nothingjustgo.
9. Chihaya01
10. Grey Walrus
11. Fongerman
12. Mawile412
13. John Trainer
14. OPEN
15. OPEN
16. OPEN

I'll also have some Reserve spots for anyone who doesn't make it in, which will allow them to take the place of someone who is kicked out for inactivity or to get a priority spot in the next game.
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Bad Taste Everywhere
Serebii Games that you have Participated in: Pallet Town Assassin, Pokemon Mafia, pokemon big brother, Survivor, Pokemon Bachelor & Bachelorette, Pokemon Contest Chronicles, Pokemon Royal Rumble, Roll to Dodge, Pokemon Civilization Challenge