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Raichu, Use Thunder! It's Not Very Effective...

Credit to Vanillite1 for the Current Version!

This game was also made by Vanillite1, but is the opposite of the Super Effective Version.

In this game, the six contestants will go head to head against each other. The contestants will PM me a Pokemon using a move. The Pokemon must be a pure grass, fire, or water type and the move must correspond with that type. The contestant with the type disadvantage will win and move forward to Round 2. If two opposing players pick the same type, they will both be eliminated.

Players: Gryoine * Shaymin_Girl * Infernobat. * Fongerman * Mawile412 * Sigh!


Shaymin_Girl: Vaporeon, use Water Pulse!

Gryoine: Mudkip, use Water Gun!

Shaymin_Girl and Gryoine have both been eliminated!

Infernobat.: Bayleef, use Razor Leaf!

Sigh!: Clamperl, use Surf!

It's not very effective...

Sigh! wins!

Fongerman: Charmander, use Flamethrower!

Mawile412: Cherrim, use Grass Knot!

It's not very effective...

Mawile412 wins!

Since we had Co-Game Masters this round, we will also have Co-Immunity Winners! So congratulations Sigh! and Mawile412, you have both won the Power of Immunity. You can choose to use it on one of the nominees for elimination or choose not to use it. If you're going to use it, please state who you are saving with it (In the thread).​


DestinyTrainer 10yrs
Shaymin_Girl decided to PM me her replacement instead of saying it in the thread, so...Shaymin_Girl has nominated Dragalge as replacement.

Dragalge or Pokemon Special

Please Private Message your vote to me. The two Game Masters and the two nominees are not allowed to vote.

Voting will last for 24 hours, or until all votes are cast.​
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MarshtompMan you can't eliminate me. You'll have to catch me first *puts on jetpack and flies away* AAAAAAH *Hits Cometalge*

Cometalge: I finally hit someone!

Me: Screw you *hits the ground*.

Ah damn it...how could this have happened? I appear in everyone's Y cartridges and my Skrelp appear in everyone's Omega Ruby games I'm well know by children all around the world including you. You go on a forum bringing your Skrelp along and are forbidden to continue on and Negatalge shows up with his hindsight bias you've all seen the news. I wish it were a joke you know? I wish it were.

Negatalge: Told you that you wouldn't win.

I agree. But you know I had fun. Fun like furniture doing the disco. And thus I will save something to everyone:

Max1996: You were brave. And Max is a cool name.

Nothingjustgo.: I have nothing left to say other than that you stole MarshtompMan's avatar. I'm just going to go now.

Grey Walrus: I'll strangle Mr. RNG for you. You are now the owner of the chicken I had. Take Mr. Stick Figures with you.

John Trainer: Keep training John the Roggenrola. He has Sturdy so he'll be VERY useful!

Dragalge: You got eliminated. They wonder traded you. That's OK. You gave these people Doritos.

fongerman: I found your twin, fingerman. He keeps doing awesome magic tricks with his fingers. I don't even know where the fonger part of your username comes from. ;_;

Sigh!: I'm going to sigh with you. *Sigh!!* See! I used exclamation points!

Gryoine: Squawk is right. This Chatot keeps squawking at me. And don't kick me in the groin, Gryoine. I beg you.

pokemon special: I'll promise to watch more specials. Especially the one where Dragalge takes out the Ultra Beasts singlehandedly. You have put a lot of hard work into these specials so keep it up!

shaymin_girl: You chose me for execution. Don't be surprised if you face against a Dragalge and win. Because you probably will considering how slow I am. .__.

Infernobat.: Avoid waters as it'll put those flames out. Blaze through the caves and save the depths of everything.

Mawile412: I do have a problem. My problem is that this Pyukumuku is on me and seems to not want to go away. Catch it.

Monster Guy: You're half guy-half monster. And that's great! All the Fairy Pokemon are friendly to me. Although you should get onto Klefki for using Foul Play on me. Other than that, have a Skrelp keychain.

Chihaya01: May I get the 1st haya to this brick? Good HIYA...OW MY HANDS. Keep...making awesome chopping wood!

fango pango: I live in the ocean so you'll never find me but I'll allow you to strangle Negatalge. You're welcome and remember to do the tango.

Well...that's it everyone. I finished the milkshake and I couldn't get my food in time. My jalapeño poppers will always be with everyone. It's hard to see a Pokemon like me faint but these things happen. And thus I must end my time here with the most influential words ever. You'll understand. Well...here goes nothing:

Walsh is often a wise analyzer. Similar to a moose whisperer, he knows the reason unique boxer shorts break. By using encountered guru Zaur Antia, the Georgian who shifted for you to Bray, he or she adjusts for you to conditions easily. My dad has been informed they have Multiple Sclerosis the entire year I'm created and he would not want people to realize this regarding fearfulness that she would lose his / her work seeing that warden of the penitentiary. And so, whenever any person enquired our aunt and me personally precisely why the father received problems taking walks we had arrived informed to know people who they is at a car accident to be a youngster (that was the simple truth nonetheless, obviously never the main truth). Ever since i got this confront study in years past, That i examine previous individuals electrical power including Presidents and also other leaders and check out the size of their noses. At this moment To be sure that foreseeable future at the outset of the time of year usually are outrageous into a more substantial also it. When you really do not have a very emotion with regard to -- -- Outside he is in their likely to engage in legitimate you get more effective strange. However the probability is a lot better nonetheless will help you the actual year's midpoint. Within a discussion The following friday nights,birkin bag, Representative. Bob California king, R-Iowa, declared your dog is convinced suggests ought to write up thorough options for the way they're going to invest national problem support, therefore it never used on carriers along with rub salons. would like to get these the means which might be vital to pick up them using this waters this yellow sand as well as the ashes as well as the passing that's over there from the East Coast and particularly a Northeast,In . Full explained, Airwaves Tennesse reports. If you had to work as everthing else nevertheless an actress, what could you're working as?We wasted sufficient years getting work done in a few very unusual businesses prior to being sufficiently lucky to get get into performing fulltime and worked with several superb and some just about hence amazing folks. I have been previously benefiting from passing the buck to appears to be like of late while, I'm wondering when they know anything,replica hermes! Certainly whilst the story outlines indicates that individuals get to work using all people from the indicate with a variety of instances that is good, perform miss these individuals upon several weeks they are not really now there. While we all have been way back in in concert we'll be into and out of attire suites repeating views * but in addition catching up and occasionally frowning in accounts of the most up-to-date exploits - at which point organic meat provide you with the irregular gem connected with wisdom. Physician Bhandari contributes, "There is a lot of enjoyment amid mums that happen to be planning on its toddlers about Dec 15. They've been arduous pertaining to shipping and delivery on this time however we must be pretty cautious. 1 mummy explained that he wished to give the woman child during this day because method will not be offered by 2013,hermes birkin bags.". "Well, we all noted so that you can Colonel Bobinski" Stan honors, "but your dog did not seem to have anything at all ready to manage tomorrow. His / her meaning was `Don't' call everyone, I will contact that you'. Anyways, next day that froze like the demon -- there there we were on this fashionable hotel broke to complete but enjoy our self.". The actual Tiffany 1837 Twice Hurtling Wedding rings Diamond necklace is just about the numerous sections that are element of a collection that markings this starting from the business. During track record, they've triggered contemporary society via its caution in addition to superior. This specific ring can be gold by using a 16-inch cycle and yet another addition for the countless alternative libraries, noted for attractiveness and quality..Related articles: fake hermes 416 How To Sew a Canvas Bag hermes birkin bags 932 How To Use Chamomile to Lig hermes outlet 813 I just married and back on TV wi hermes outlet 959 How Camping Toilets Work

There will be a loser's redemption round right? RIGHT? NOOOOOOO.


DestinyTrainer 10yrs
Who's Your Pokemon?

Credit to Sea Note

This old game was made by Sea Note, who was an alternate account of Bugwarrior's that he used after being implicated in a Mafia Cheating Scandal in 2009.

The goal of this game is to identify the Pokemon that everyone has identified themselves with. You can do this by PMing people or VMing people, sharing information acquired from others and utilizing the two phases:

1.) The group vote, where everyone will vote in the thread to publicly reveal one person's Pokemon. Whichever contestant has the most votes will have their Pokemon publicly revealed.

2.) The individual vote, where everyone will PM me and request to know the identity of one person's Pokemon.

The first contestant to PM me a complete list of all the players with the correct Pokemon will become the new Game Master.

Note: Gryoine and Shaymin_Girl, as outgoing Co-Game Masters, are not participating in this competition and are not represented by Pokemon.

Phase 1: Vote (in the thread) the contestant whose Pokemon you want to see revealed.

1. Infernobat...............
2. Fango Pango............
3. Pokemon Special......
4. Monster Guy............
5. Chihaya01...............
6. Fongerman..............
7. Mawile412...............
8. Sigh!.......................

I will give a hint after the first phase.


DestinyTrainer 10yrs
1. Infernobat...............Fongerman
2. Fango Pango............Fongerman
3. Pokemon Special......Fongerman
4. Monster Guy............Fongerman
5. Chihaya01...............
6. Fongerman..............
7. Mawile412...............
8. Sigh!.......................


I kinda want to see Chihaya01's pokemon.
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