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Unless we're allowed to change votes it looks like im gonna get revealed. i'm not very liked in this game

i'll vote Chihaya01

EDIT: I'll be on less often. I can't access these forums without a WiFi connection, which is weird because I can access the main serebii site. My work WiFi has the site blocked so can't get on during the day
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Everyone was asked to send me a number from 1 to 5. 4 got the most by a landslide. But what did these numbers mean?

Well, each number represented one of the five eliminated contestants, in reverse order of when they were eliminated. 4 was Nothingjustgo. so...

Nothingjustgo. has returned to the competition!*

While he is not allowed to play in the current Game Master Competition or the Immunity Competition, he is also not allowed to be nominated this round.​

*Nothingjustgo. will not be allowed to return until he changes his avatar.


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1. Infernobat...............Fongerman
2. Fango Pango............Fongerman
3. Pokemon Special......Fongerman
4. Monster Guy............Fongerman
5. Chihaya01...............Chihaya01
6. Fongerman..............Chihaya01
7. Mawile412...............Chihaya01
8. Sigh!.......................Chihaya01

Since the votes are deadlocked, neither player's Pokemon will be revealed. The PM phase begins now.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Wait, how does the PM round work? Do we PM you?


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Infernobat, you are safe.
Fongerman, you are safe.
Shaymin_Girl, you are safe.
Monster Guy, you are safe.
Mawile412, you are safe.
Pokemon Special, you are safe.
Chihaya01, you are safe.

Gryoine and Sigh! for elimination.​

The Immunity Challenge will begin shortly.​


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Find Me a Picture of...

Credit to American--Pi

In this game, I will state something that I want a picture of. It is up to the six contestants to find an appropriate picture and post it in the thread. Once all the pictures are in, I will judge and rank them. Whoever is ranked last will be eliminated from the competition. If I cannot decide, then the last gamer to send in their picture will be eliminated. Please put your pictures in spoiler tags in case they're too big. Also make use of the img200 tag if you can.

Players: Fango Pango * Gryoine * Sigh! * Mawile412 * Fongerman * Chihaya01

Find me a picture of a cat doing something silly.



She seems a little stuck.