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Serebii's Victory Cup Tournament #1 (Final Round)

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by Ragnarok, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Fortunato

    Fortunato Sic Transit Gloria

    dear god we're the perfect opponents. We both can't function under pressure and snatch defeat from the gaping jaws of victory!
  2. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    o **** master is a god!
  3. Ísjaki

    Ísjaki Flood Of Red

    if we win i'm taking all the credit, if we lose we all blame pure!
  4. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats


  5. Agreed!
  6. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Lets just agree to best of three R/B/Y CC!!!!
  7. AB2

    AB2 cake cake cake cake

    Dracaena VS ~~Team AMERICA!~~
    TheMaster VS ThatsJustPeachy
    Puretrainer VS Blue Harvest
    Pokemazter3001 VS Cometk
    Sucka_Punch VS Gamefreak
    Aldieb VS epic_eevee

    The Elemental Trinity VS Team Enchanted Garden
    WhiteStone30 VS Shadow PKMN Trainer
    DragonMaster123 VS El Rey
    TheGreekTerror VS -Gigashark-
    dragonuser VS Kale12312
    zerofield VS Cosmic Fury

    haha gl to all teams!
  8. Yellow De Viridian Grove

    Yellow De Viridian Grove Well-Known Member

    Lol you have so much faith in TEG lol Your probably right though :)
  9. -Gigashark-

    -Gigashark- I claimed Magnezone

    lol xD And I'll contact TGT for a battle soon
  10. Aenea

    Aenea Creator Of Victory

    At the risk of possible thread derailment, thanks for that. Isn't it enough you randomly PM me insults on PO and Xat, now you have to round-about-aways do it on Serebii aswell? Seriously, get over yourself m8.

    So this isn't entirely a waste of a post- best of your luck in your battle Pure, no doubt BH will be a tough opponent. I'm rooting for Dracenea, I always root for the team/people that beat mine :3
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2012
  11. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok #BeastMode Staff Member Super Mod

    Can you all shut up? Stop derailing my thread with this irrelevant garbage.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2012
  12. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    I wonnerz gg
  13. Yellow De Viridian Grove

    Yellow De Viridian Grove Well-Known Member

    GG DU. I should have played a little safer with Tangrowth... Oh well.
  14. zerofield

    zerofield i miss miror

    Aight I contacted my opponent nearly two days ago while he was on, he said he didnt want to battle then but would over the weekend, i think i'm being johned .-.
  15. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    Cosmos a good friend of mine and he definetly wouldnt do that hes usually on around now but liek maybe a half an hour earlier
  16. Cosmic Fury

    Cosmic Fury Evil Overlord

    Life's been a major pain to me over the weekend. However, I may be able to battle this evening if you'd like.
  17. I've been to lazy to contact my opponent so if you wanna battle just pm me lol like third place really matters
  18. El Rey

    El Rey Can't touch this


  19. zerofield

    zerofield i miss miror

    won my battle despite massive amounts of crits, misses, etc none of which benefitted me. gg nevertheless.
  20. Cosmic Fury

    Cosmic Fury Evil Overlord

    Lost my match to zerofield, 2-0. My experimental Sand team did a lot better than I thought it would, but his team still outclassed mine in the end. Didn't get a whole lot of meaningful crits, maybe except on his Skarmory when my Accelgor used Hidden Power Electric and OHKO'd it.

    Good game, and good luck on the rest of the tourney to everyone!
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