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Serebii's Victory Cup Tournament #1 (Round Two)

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You guys are funny.

pretty convencing if you ask me. someone said it was myles, and looking into the log further, it shows someone saying it was theebay
log: http://pokemon.aesoft.org/replay-Smug-vs-DGray-*****--2012-02-15-1
You call that evidence? Um, unless you have / get logs of theebay claiming he ghosted (which shouldn't be hard with theebay), don't derail and mess up my tournament thread with this garbage, I also said to PM disputes like this (also don't PM me with faulty evidence), so why is an argument taking place here?

Until you can provide evidence by the end of the round (unlikely), WS gets the win. Now to delete some posts. Nobody respond to this post.
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Is it bad that i spent about 2 minutes trying to click the "resume" button in the aesoft pic in ragnarok's quote at the top of the page?......i swear im intelligent

but yeah way to go TET!!!! we just too pro. even though i dont get to battle (D)


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Beat KT on wednesday when we finaly managed to get a game in. Were going to do two more (for best out of three) yesterday, but he wasnt responsive. Going to try again today.

Note: Only reporting the first game to show something took place >.>


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Sorry TEG but you guys will win most likely due the time sorry for that did not get to battle.

When is the deadline.


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Ok, since KT isnt around im claiming the win.... 5-3(run) in my favour...
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