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Serebii's Word Tournament 3

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Opponents Username: Icarus©
Game 1: W; Score 3-0
Game 2: W; Score 3-0
Word for next Round: comet

gg Icarus, sorry about the hax
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The Last Jedi

Stalling is Cowardly
lost to blue 2 games to none

good games =)


Serebii Champion x.x
Opponents Username: TDK
Game 1: L
Game 2: W
Game 3: W
Word for next Round: Lunar
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Won vs Kamen in 2 ggs

Opponents Username: KamenAeons
Game 1: W
Game 2: W
Word for next Round: Venus

Thx Kamen for the edit.
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Metroid Hunter
Opponents Username:Epicdrill
Game 1: W/L ; 3-0 win
Game 2: W/L ; 0-1 lose
Game 3: W/L ; 4-0 win
Word for next Round: pluto

those were some epic games so much weakness to eq though :x won 2-1
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Gonna fite my boi Moony now that I'm back :]

See him on xat all the time and he doesnt use VMs, so no point in "contact"
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