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Series with the BEST filler episodes? (No Kanto/OI)

Series with the BEST filler episodes? (No Kanto or OI)

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Gone But Not Forgotten
This time, I'm asking which series has the best filler episodes, but there's a twist: To prevent this poll from being too one-sided, Kanto and Orange Islands are excluded.

Also, if either Kanto or OI were included, would you still put whatever you voted for on top, or would Kanto and/or OI dethrone them?
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Johto. Forget the long filler stretches blah blah blah, there were some genuinely good fillers found there, quite a few of which had real emotion and a valuable life lesson. The original trio was still together, and TR was still funny and had all their old Pokemon (minus Lickitung and plus Wobbuffet after a while).


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Johto. Aside from a handful uninteresting ones, the rest were really nice/funny and I quite enjoyed them. However, might I add, that as sagas progress the fillers become less & less interesting. Therefore the writers creativity keeps diminishing.


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DP's fillers were fun to watch.


The majority of DP's fillers were amazing imo. I mean just look at the iconic "evil" Togepi episode. That episode slayed my life and I've never been the same since.
Best Wishes, hands down for me, seriously, it's no contest.

I think a lot of the great fillers in BW come from the fact that the writers aren't using Team Rocket as plot devices anymore. Them not appearing in every episode is possibly one of the best decisions ever made in this show. Their presence isn't needed in every episode and the writers are more than capable of crafting a colorful and fun palette of filler episodes without relying on the tired Team Rocket thief outline for the majority of them. I thought it was particularly awful in DP.(Which I thought had some of the worst fillers ever, Like it or Lup It! for example was an awful filler.)

Some notable fillers I really like in BW are Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!, Scare at the Litwick Mansion!, Beauties Battling For Pride and Presige!, Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!, The Lost World of Gothitelle, Beheeyem, Duosion and the Dream Thief!, even the incredibly lukewarm plot-idea episode known as Lost at the League! was made somewhat amusing by the interactions between the core group of Pokemon. That's the thing I like about these fillers, the characters and Pokemon, the interactions tie everything together so well. These fillers either have an entertaining human or Pokemon or both in the mix which was a rarity before BW in my eyes, they all usually have fun or cool personalities that keep me invested in them for 22 minutes. Selfish Gothita, troll Ducklett, the Dream thief, Katharine, the homicidal Litwick, the spoiled girls known as Moira and her clique, they're all usually so entertaining and engrossing from start to finish.

When it comes to wacky, crazy, insane and unique things these fillers never disappoint for me. I'm glad the writers shook off the poisonous stale filler formula left behind by the last series and tried something new.
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Gone But Not Forgotten
Why I voted Johto:

-The fillers are more memorable. Some of them were the same thing over and over, but they were still executed properly. The characters were likable, so none of them dragged it down.
-The COTDs were more memorable than most.

If Kanto/OI were included, I'd have voted one of those.
Three way tie btwn Johto, Advanced, and Unova for me.


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I voted for DP becuase the filler in DP still developed someone normally it was a training ep. for Ash or Dawn or a fateful encounter (Spirtomb, ice punch) or pearlshipping hinted eps.


Non non non!
I voted DP just to be hipster.

Then I realised that DP was in the lead.

So DP has the best and worst filler episodes, I shee. LOL

EDIT: Personally, I liked DP fillers because, most are interesting, barring a few really bad ones. Well, in my opinion. Piplup was awesome.

/bias for DP
Hoenn's (but oddly, not Battle Frontier), and the non-training fillers of DP were the most interesting.

Battle Frontier's fillers were mostly forgettable, but then again there weren't many of them.


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Best Wishes :3 all the filler entertaining and lovely and no team rocket repetitive story :):D

pokemon fan 132

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Probably Johto, and mostly because it still managed to recapture that lighthearted, kinky style Kanto had on several occasions better decanting on screen adventurous aspect of anime and and friendship between companions which is build upon while having fun when exploring world and working toward their dreams.

Say what you want but Ash, Misty and Brock as characters and their incredible dynamic they produced often managed to save several Johto episodes from ending boring embellishing their structure through flamboyant interactions, internal jokes and moments of insecurity having closes bond as group imo. Whether it were taunts between Ash and Misty and various jokes they came up with in more mature manner, talk about girls and Ash failures between Misty and Brock, Brock looking for consolidation and support from friends regarding girls he cares about or his own dreams with his friends realizing how much dependent they were on him when he got sick or injured etc.

For instance i enjoyed in "Forest Grumps" where group got split when running away from Ursaring being fun to see Ash and Brock traveling with Jessie, while James and Meowth with Misty.

"For Ho OH the Bells Toll"where whole town was under bug attack with TR and Eusine foolishly trying to catch Suicune.

"Heartbreak of Brock" where we had memorable interactions between Misty and Brock dragging him to corner to have private talk and advice how to win over girl.

"Fossil Fools" where Brock got annoyed dragging Misty away by ear when starting to fangirl wanting to become prof. assistant helping about research of fossil pokemon like Omanyite, Omastar .

"Trouble Brewing" where aside from Misty having interactions with Sakura relating to each other in many aspects, Brock caught himself into trap becoming too ambitious in trying to win over heart from all 4 kimono girls.

"Wired for Battle" where Heracross was involved in fierce battle against Scizor being complex and detailed confrontation.

"Fortune Hunters" where we had characters identifying themselves with pokemon in horoscope being fun to follow their reactions.
Such as Misty going berserk after finding she is Gyarados, James becoming egocentric when thinking he is like Moltres etc.

"Hour of Hondour" or "Unbearable" which dealt with wild pokemon who either tried to help sick comrade or manipulated others blaming others like Chikorita and Totodile for their malfeasance.

"Joy of Water pokemon" where nurse Joy which hated water pokemon crushed Misty childhood dream bursting into tears not wanting to have understanding , and sharing with friends why this was so much important to her.

"Ignorance is Blissey" being touching to see reunion between Jessie and her friend Chansey which evolved in meantime still keeping chain key as symbol of their friendship, and trip to her past when she tried to become nurse failing to fit in.

"The Grass Route" where Ash got all cocky underestimating trainer and his Skiplum or calling other people strategies unoriginal and predictable, having Bulbasaur lose because of it.

And many other fun episodes having in general more spontaneous , chipper interactions between characters and main cast and more emotion put into them than i find myself to enjoy in same manner like it was case with AG, DP or even BW fillers which while good aren't as captivating as Johto gems were for me.


Gone But Not Forgotten
^I agree, even at its worst, it still blows most of the other episodes out of the water. It was a very long saga, but the episodes themselves were still good (except for Hoenn Alone, though that's not technically a filler).

Hooray for Johto winning

The Power of Pika

Way Past Cool!!
Sinnoh for me. I enjoyed all the fillers in it personally and found them interesting.

Also I loved the evil togepi episode myself.=)
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