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Serious question: What do people expect out of Ash's Johto Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by CyberCubed, May 25, 2010.

  1. SQUIRTLETamer08

    SQUIRTLETamer08 lower shiny ratio!

    Oh please not another fully evolved fire starter. Ash has got two, give totodile some love.

    I believe we are to see 1-2 more evolutions in the reserves besides quilava. Hopefully totodile will win some really important battles for ash and finally evolve.

    But yes Locormus, how could have I forgotten about noctowl? He def. needs some showtime. I guess because he has been SO shafted that is the reason I forgot about him.
  2. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Good point lol. I've just never imagined a Quilava being an expert battler due to its body structure while Croconaw looks a lot more adept at battling. If Quilava can kick some major butt in its second stage though it will be well worth seeing. :) I do agree though that Totodile, being a cursed Water type, would be far more worthy of evolution to its final stage.
  3. SQUIRTLETamer08

    SQUIRTLETamer08 lower shiny ratio!

    It better, I was getting tired of seeing cyndaquil's unused potential. With its evo. it better knock out a couple of worthy opponents. Maybe Barry's empoleon? But then again totodile fighting empoleon and evolving would be alright with me too.

    What was the list of pokemon coming as reserves? I don't remember who was on the sreenshot.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2010
  4. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    @everyone speculating cyndaquil will go all the way:

    If Ash has a typhlosion, he will possess nothing but fully evolved fire starters, and heck, fully evolved fire types, since technically Torkoal is fully evolved. So far, Ash's only fully evolved type is flying, lets not make a new habit out of fire too, please.

    And please, please, keep totodile's dancing!
    If it loses that, it looses the only interesting thing about it...
  5. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    I doubt he will evolve to Typhlosion because if he did the writers would feel the need to put him in a high profile match and staring on it maybe.

    BUUUUUT i see no problem and i hope like this region Ash evolves everything he has even the water pokemon he gets, its the way it should work you guys can bring the arguments you want but if a pokemon wants to reach its full potential it has to evolve, the concept of evolution is getting better adapting to get stronger.

    It was a shame Buizel didnt evolve but next region like i said i hope he evolves everything he has minus Pikachu who is the mascot and will never evolve.
  6. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin


    In the anime, evolution does not = stronger pokemon.

    We have seen way too many pikachu vs Raichu and other pokemon vs its evo stage to even consider that to be true.

    Not to mention, think of turtwig. It evolved into a more powerful pokemon, sure. But it had to radically and completely change its battle style. Heck, if it hadn't been for Paul's Torterra, Grotle/Torterra could still be lost and unable to battle seriously.
  7. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan


    Pikachu is stronger than the Raichus he beat but if he evolves he will be even stronger, anime or ingame thats the same situation it doenst matter.

    If they want they can put a Ratate beating a Rhyperior and say the Ratata was really strong but if he evolved to Raticate he would still get stronger thats undenaible.

    And theres the trainer factor also...
  8. Champion Jared 14

    Champion Jared 14 Well-Known Member

    Well cyber, you can expect surprises, like with Ash's new Quilava...I guess 500 episodes really can or cannot make a difference after all...
  9. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    Do you have any recollection of a pokemon evolving and becoming weaker?

    In every single case in the anime Evolution has made the pokemon stronger. Even in Grotle's case because it did become stronger, what it lost in speed it regained in power, and even then, Rock Climb solved the speed problem. Would you say that Turtwig was stronger than Grotle? No.

    All Paul's Torterra did was give Grotle confidence. Since the episode have you once seen Grotle/Torterra use the same technique that Paul's Torterra taught it? Exactly.

    I'm not trying to say that the only strong pokemon have been evolved, non-evolved pokemon in the Anime can be just as if not stronger than evolved pokemon all the time. But to say that Evolution doesn't necesarily equal power would be just plain naive.
  10. colonelblackeye

    colonelblackeye Old School Trainer

    Well for one I expect that the Johto Pokemon will have learned or will learn some new moves. Also, now that we know that Cyndaquil is evolving, I think it is possible for Totodile to evolve as well. I really do hope Ash ends up with a Feraligatr, that would make my day.
  11. WarriorX

    WarriorX Active Member

    I'm expecting an evolution of Totodile OR Buizel OR Corphish. About the Johto pokémon, I expect them to come back with new moves and be even stronger, especially Noctowl and Totodile.
  12. Sayho1234

    Sayho1234 Well-Known Member

    This thread is hilarious in retrospect given the Cyndaquil evolving spoiler :p.

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