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Set Off! You Are Our Ultra Guardians!! (1004)


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
Aww, the Buzzwole only wanted a friend...a buff friend to go out to the gym with. Too bad he had to settle with the lanky kids.

Jimmy: Um, teacher? A bunch of flying Pokemon came out of the pond outside.

Teacher: Jimmy, stop looking outside and focus on today's assignment.

Jimmy: But teacher! I even heard an elevator and other students screaming behind the wal-!


Still odd there was an underground base below the school and SURELY people noticed.

Honestly, that Snorlax was better. It lost so much lard, but then the girls decide to fatten it up.

If that Buzzwole had been a human, oh boy, this episode would have been a bit too erotic. At least Lana is into bestiality; the show's only accepted form of romance.

However its Pokédex entries state that it shows off its muscles but according to its Sun entry, it is unknown if it is a boast or if it is indeed a threat. So that means it may not even be a communication method but it is shown that Ash and Kiawe have bonded with the Buzzwole.

That's the anime's interpretation, though, which is not official.

Comedy, comedy.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
That's the anime's interpretation, though, which is not official.

Comedy, comedy.
I still found that hilarious in some way. We all expected the Ultra Beasts to be completely wild and out of control but the Ultra Guardians still bonded with them.

Soaring Pikachu

Cool Trainer
Go go Ultra beast Rangers!

This is a most strange turn of events. I am fine with them going in that direction. It almost feels like I should have issues with it but oddly enough I don't.

I was going to say that it was too violent for them to be showing the bug beast "eating" a Snorlax but then I was reminded that there are very powerful recovery items in the Pokemon universe and so Snorlax was a-ok. I am relieved.


Call of Fate
A meh episode. I liked the large variety of Ride Pokemon here, but I wish they had replaced Garchomp, Dragonair and Metang with Pokemon that can actually learn Fly. Buzzwole draining Snorlax's energy was chilling, but I disliked Ash and Kiawe mostly posed to catch Buzzwole instead of battling it some more.