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Sexta Theam: Fulminata

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by loco1234, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. loco1234


    Hello Serebii, and welcome to my sixth Monotype RMT, Struck by Lightning! (Literally translated, Sexta Theam: Fulminata means Sixth Team: Struck by Lightning). As you probably guessed, this is an Electric team. I have now tested it, and the team has done well so far, but I have yet to run into Fire teams so I don't know how big a problem the team's 3/1 Fire weakness is at the moment. Ground was the only weakness I had to work around, which meant that my main focus would be synergy between the secondary types.


    Galvantula (F) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Compoundeyes
    EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    IVs: 31 HP / 22 Atk / 30 Def / 31 SAtk / 31 SDef / 31 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Thunder
    - Bug Buzz
    - Giga Drain
    - Hidden Power [Ice]

    Galvantula was one of the first 5th-gen Pokemon I picked up (and I guarantee you Froakie's line will be the first in Gen 6, whatever tier they end up in), and I've been looking to go back to it for a while. Compoundeyes is great, boosting Thunder's accuracy to a perfectly usable 91%. Bug Buzz gets very nice coverage and deals with Grass-types nicely as well. Giga Drain is for opposing Grounds, and using it means Galvantula doesn't have to use HP Grass. It also wrecks Gastrodon. Hidden Power Ice is mainly for Gliscor that Mono-Electric hates so much, but it can hit the occasional Salamence or Dragonite on Mono-Flying as well. The reason for the weird IVs is that I wanted HP Ice, but the default spreads for it gave me an imperfect Spd IV, meaning unboosted Terrakion and Infernape always outspeed me. This spread leaves me with a perfect Spd IV and HP Ice, and has the bonus of a perfect SAtk IV.


    Rotom (Rotom-C) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Volt Switch
    - Leaf Storm
    - Hidden Power [Ice]
    - Trick

    Such a bully.... Scarf Rotom is something I usually do with Rotom-W, but I didn't want to repeat the typing. Grass also wrecks annoying Ground-types, Gastrodon in particular, and I retain HP Ice for the Gliscor. This is literally the exact spread and set I use with Rotom-W, but with Rotom-C instead. Volt Switch is for scouting and gets excellent synergy with the Choice Scarf. Leaf Storm pounds something into dust, then forces me to switch out against their next Pokemon anyway. Hidden Power Ice hits, again, Gliscor and Dragons. Trick is for dumping my Scarf onto a wall, which then often switches. The new Pokemon then gets the wall's item, I take theirs, and I more or less mess up their items with it. Trick is fun. Although whenever I use this set I mostly just get rid of the Scarf and proceed to attack.


    Electivire (M) @ Expert Belt
    Trait: Motor Drive
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
    - Cross Chop
    - Earthquake
    - Wild Charge
    - Ice Punch

    Electivire is here because it's the best physical attacker Electric has. The thing has insane coverage, with the given set hitting Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Poison, Ground, Flying, Rock, Dragon, Dark and Steel super-effectively. 13 types out of 17. Cross Chop hits Normal, Rock, Steel, Dark and Ice. Earthquake hits Electric, Poison and Fire. Wild Charge hits Water and Flying. Ice Punch hits Grass, Dragon and Ground. Specifically, Cross Chop hammers the blobs, and the rest of Mono-Normal more or less. Earthquake deals with opposing Electric-types, Fire-types, most of Mono-Steel and Poison-types. Wild Charge hits every Water- or Flying-type not covered by the other moves, and Ice Punch deals with Ground-types, most notably Gliscor, and the occasional Dragon. With the kind of coverage this monster has, Expert Belt is great, and Wild Charge's recoil plus LO = bad.


    Lanturn (F) @ Leftovers
    Trait: Volt Absorb
    EVs: 52 HP / 252 Def / 204 SDef
    Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
    - Scald
    - Thunderbolt
    - Ice Beam
    - Heal Bell

    Lanturn is my special tank and cleric. It's pretty much a standard UU Lanturn. I used the standard UU because I wasn't really sure what to do with Lanturn, although I get the spread probably isn't ideal in Monotype. If anyone has a better suggestion, please, let me know. Anyway, Scald is one STAB, with a potential for burnhax. Thunderbolt and Ice Beam form the famous BoltBeam combo resisted by very, very little. Heal Bell is here to remove status, notably T-Spikes.


    Zapdos @ Leftovers
    Trait: Pressure
    EVs: 248 HP / 228 Def / 8 SDef / 24 Spd
    Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
    - Thunderbolt
    - Roost
    - Heat Wave
    - Thunder Wave

    Lanturn was the special side, so here's the physical. This set was Zapdos's standard in DPPT, and in BW2 it still does well. Zapdos has great typing and a Ground immunity (I have three, very useful). I started off with an HP value to give Zapdos 5 switches into Stealth Rock, then threw on enough Spd to outrun neutral Base 70s. 8 EVs were put into SDef to give Zapdos that tiny bit extra there, and the rest was dumped into Def. Thunderbolt is my STAB move and main attack. Roost is for recovery and trading my Ground immunity (it becomes a weakness) for neutrality to Rock and Ice. Heat Wave hammers Steels, notably Ferrothorn, while Thunder Wave paralyzes, which the slower members of my team, notably Magnezone and Electivire, appreciate. This particular Zapdos isn't exactly a speed demon either, but then again it isn't meant to be.


    Magnezone @ Air Balloon
    Trait: Magnet Pull
    EVs: 36 HP / 252 SAtk / 220 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Substitute
    - Thunderbolt
    - Hidden Power [Fire]
    - Charge Beam

    I love Magnezone as a trapper. Even in Monotype a lot of teams carry Steels, and for good reason. Steel is an awesome defensive type. Magnezone has twelve resistances and an immunity to Poison. It also carries Air Balloon for another, if temporary, Ground immunity. That's number three. With great defensive typing, Magnezone can drop a Sub easily. Especially on a trapped Steel, like Ferrothorn. It wrecks many Jirachi too, barring any that carry Fire Punch. The basic idea is to Sub, Charge Beam up and sweep with Thunderbolt and HP Fire. HP Fire hits the Steels that I trap hard, while Thunderbolt hurts everything that doesn't resist it. Ground-types can be a pain for it though, which is where Rotom comes in.

    So that's team number 6. I think it came out pretty good, but my biggest concern is the lack of both hazards AND a spinner/Bouncer. I'm not aware of any Electric-type spinners, but can/should Stealth Rock be stuck somewhere here?

    I also just noticed a 3/1 Fire weakness, which is making me wonder if I ought to use Rotom-H over Rotom-C​
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2013
  2. justinjiaxinghu

    justinjiaxinghu class on my back

    Hi loco its me again! Glad to see that the Palkia worked out for ya!
    I havent played much Mono b4, but I'll try to help you solve your stealth rock issue.
    The ONLY electric type user of stealth rock is...Stunfisk lolz. So Stunfisk is ur only option with stealth rock >.<
    Also about Lanturn. I used one in RU, and the set I used was Scald, T-Wave, Toxic, and Protect. Worked well as a wall and to stall things apart. Just a suggestion.
  3. loco1234


    Haha yeah, the Palkia worked great! As for Stunfisk, I guess I'm skipping out on Rocks this time around xD

    I'll give the Lanturn set a try, thanks!
  4. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Well-Known Member

    Uh... Well, lets see. Magnezone's line and Rotom-H resist BeamBolt too. Anyways, if you're looking for a Rotom-C replacement I can only recommend Thundurus-T.

    Thundurus-T @ Choice Scarf
    Timid - Volt Absorb
    252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
    -Volt Switch
    -Hidden Power (Ice)
    -Focus Blast

    So... Yeah, not much help today, I'll do a full rate tomorrow.
  5. loco1234


    Seeing as I actually went through all of Magnezone's resistances I should have noticed that xD

    My biggest concern with Rotom is a Fire weakness, which is why I'm considering Rotom-H. But I was able to test it last night and Rotom-C did great. I didn't run into that Fire team though, so how bad that 3/1 will hurt me isn't something I know yet.

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