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Sexy Flannery and Fakemon (PAINT O NOZ)


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Flannery - It's not heavily colored, but I think it gets the job done. I suck at Paint >>;. Maybe I'll add some more shades later. Note: The hand's horrible, I know but 'tis the best I could do.

Fakemon - same with the coloring as above.. really nothing special.

Oh, and here's a banner I used with a crappy program that came from my printer and paint, thus it's not as wonderful. This one I'm showing instead and linking cause it's not as large, and OMG, the render is... ME! =o

Comment ahead, and if you look, please comment, life's funner that way 8D.
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Very good. I'll review this. Though I'm not an art critic. :D

For Flannery: There's a bit of a thing at her right shoulder that makes it look like a vest. If you hadn't said something about the hand, I wouldn't have noticed.

Fakemon: It's cute! ^.^ It's like Mew, Dragonair, and Ninetales mixed together. Just. Where's the other ear?

The shadings better than anything I could do on paint. I can't even shade white well. D: So with this, it looks very good. ^.^ I can't draw as well.



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I love your traces & outlines O:! Flannery rocks x3

The basic colouring: lifesaver <3

The banner's nice, border, much? :O


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Awwww Flannery is really cute and pretty and the Fakemon looks a little bit like Patomon from Digimon with the head and face, but is sooooooo adorable it looks like a Grass Eeveelution.


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Great as always Hakoo.

Flannery is awsome. And you're getting good at hands.

Fakemon is well done. It doesn't look like paint at all.

And the banner is teh own. Yoos it.


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Aww, thanks guys, you're wonderful for replying and commenting.
I totally forgot about bordering the banner, maybe I should do that, pronto.
Any other posters?


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Hm , Did you want Flannery's hair to look that way, because her hair is not down, but bouncy and life-like. I always refer to her hair as "spider like"


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Hm , Did you want Flannery's hair to look that way, because her hair is not down, but bouncy and life-like. I always refer to her hair as "spider like"

Yes, I did that un purpose, cause I thought since she's sort of on her own 'jammies' that her hair would look more relaxing in a pony-tail rather than the crazy mutliple pony-tail that she has, (spider like does come close to it xD0


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Heh, Flannery's hair looks very nice like that. ;P Maybe you should do the female gym leaders, you're good at them, seems so. c:


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Yes, female gym leaders would work.

Misty, Erika, Sab, Janine, Whitney,Jasmine, Clair, Roxanne, Wynona, Liza, Oo i am soo excited!


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Thank you guys for the comment, and now that I think about it, drawing the rest of the gym leaders doesn't sound like a bad idea, I think I'll give it a go. Though, I have some doodles that I've been working on already, so the gym leaders might wait.. or not, it all depends on mah mood lol.


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Flannery= hot-cha-cha.
Good job.