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I traded someone a charmander egg anmd it hachted into a shiny
get them to clone it and trade a copy back to you.

Pearl's Perap

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One word: Owned

I guess it would suck to be in that position, but like Aviano says, I hatch all my eggs, it's safer that way...


probably elsewhere
Like I always say when I find shinies, they only come when unexpected!


KarpeDiem Rules!
LOL!!! Hahahaha...
thats so unlucky, hope you get something better then that in the future :p
I feel so sorry for you, lol.
I don't think He'll clone it, but let's hope so!


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That's why you always hatch and then trade. It gives the person more experience points, any way.
What's the big deal?

You traded him a Chimchar egg, and that's what he got. I don't see any reason why he should give it back, it's his now.

Actually, he said it was a CHARMANDER egg.
And, IMO, shinys are rare to come by, so I would be very mad at that mod who got the egg. >>;
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