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Wow, this title rocks.
That's like putting your unborn baby up on e-bay, selling it, then learning that 20 years later he's a billionaire.
Sucks to be you.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
Oh man that sucks. How do you clone in D/P..? I didn't think you could.
Guess what I did, I gave him a hacked egg and it will delete his file after I get a clone of the egg

Ohhh....nasty nasty....I like it! >:3
But how will you get the clone? are you just gonna ask him?


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
It wouldn't have mattered if you kept the egg, its random remember? So if you hatched it instead of him, there would still be a 1 in 8000-something chance. He was just lucky.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
HOW do you clone??


Well-Known Member
Man you gotta be guttered about that but it will teach you to hatch the egg before you trade.


When you hacked for the egg did you hack it so it would be shiney?

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
SOMEONE tell me how to clone. OMG

Ed Phoenix

Pesky Boy
Ouch, too bad for you.

Shoulda hatched it first....:rolleyes:


Active Member
why? He's giving you a clone of the Egg. you don't really deserve it if you're gonna pull that crap.

I second that.
Anyways you know he's lying there is no way that it will delete his file, at most it will glitch it up, like making pal park not working. Even with that you just delete the hacked pokemon and you can get your game to work right again. I should know, it happened to me.
So asarath by that little post you made you just got yourself a little angry mob :p


The Lost Mareep
Ouch, that's unfortunate. I didn't even know you could trade eggs, then again I don't even have D/P yet soo.. go me :D.

:( hmph yea that is lame. I always hatch my own anyway, then again I've never tried giving eggs to people o_O.


Gust of Wind
lovely title.

lol one word: pwnt.
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