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Shadow and Light


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Hah I actually stated reading this before I got the PM. First of all, the length of Katie's battles is getting much better. I found David's too brief, despite the gyms being easier the second time around.

Ah, that good old tension between Mars and Kirio =) And Colin popped up again? Interesting.

I wonder if Katie will like her money disappearing...


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Only thing which bugs me is that Katie seems to act rather immature for someone whom you say at the beginning, has trained for several years.


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Hah I actually stated reading this before I got the PM. First of all, the length of Katie's battles is getting much better. I found David's too brief, despite the gyms being easier the second time around.

Ah, that good old tension between Mars and Kirio =) And Colin popped up again? Interesting.

I wonder if Katie will like her money disappearing...

Yeah, I'm working a bit on the battle lengths. :p

Hah. Mars and Kirio may have always worked together, but they sure don't agree on many things. And Colin will be back, of course.

I don't even think she knows about the account. Still, I wouldn't like it if my money went missing.

Only thing which bugs me is that Katie seems to act rather immature for someone whom you say at the beginning, has trained for several years.

Hrm? Erm...examples, please?


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^Her squealing like a five-year old so many times? Even if she had a crush on Colin, why should she squeal when talking to Looker?^


Angel of Chaos
^Her squealing like a five-year old so many times? Even if she had a crush on Colin, why should she squeal when talking to Looker?^

I thought she squeaked...*looks back* Yes, she did squeak. She squeaked because she was nervous around him. Think about how much trouble she and her friends could get into with the police when and if they find out the kids were keeping information from them. I'd squeak, too, and I'm merely a year older than she is.

Hey, and 18 year olds squeal, too. :p I know I do.


I'm coming...
Alright, you are boss on that. I'm much younger than you, and I don't see anyone in my class squeaking to high heaven when they are in trouble.To each his own I suppose.


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I'm just a silent reader of these story of fiction. (sounded a bit posh but couldn't think of
any other way to write it!) and one thing that is confusing me is doesn't gardenia still have her power of the sky because all the others do? Oh and another thing that has always puzzled me is where are the legendaries themselves? All I know is they were disapearing then went to a meeting in heaven?


Angel of Chaos
Alright, you are boss on that. I'm much younger than you, and I don't see anyone in my class squeaking to high heaven when they are in trouble.To each his own I suppose.

Well, I don't squeak every time I'm in trouble. I've squeaked several times. >_>

I'm just a silent reader of these story of fiction. (sounded a bit posh but couldn't think of
any other way to write it!) and one thing that is confusing me is doesn't gardenia still have her power of the sky because all the others do? Oh and another thing that has always puzzled me is where are the legendaries themselves? All I know is they were disapearing then went to a meeting in heaven?

Yay! :D If you want to, I can put you on the PM list. Now to answer your questions.

1. No. None of the others have the powers of land, sea, etc. They were given back to the legendaries that they belong to. There are only two exceptions: 1. Cyrus IS the power of space now that Palkia was destroyed. 2. Scarlet holds a small part of the power of dimension (she's the Dimensional Warrior still).

2. The legendaries like to hang out all around the world generally, but they like to stay mostly in the Cave of Origin. They disappeared completely in Aftermath, then returned to the Cave of Origin after Ojinan was defeated. Now, they are back on Earth after the heaven meeting, which took place 17 years ago, when Katie was a baby.

Hope I answered your questions there.


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Well, well, well, we are back in action, are we? :) Sorry for the delay, but we will be rolling back along now.

Chapter Seventeen

“Come on, you two!” David shouted into the girls’ Pokemon Center room. Umbreon and Leafeon darted to stand behind him, looking around his legs at their two, quite slow female trainers. Katie was running a brush hurridly through her raven black hair while Samantha pinned her own bright green hair up out of her face. David groaned and stepped backwards, tripping over the two Eeveevos and banging his head backwards into the wall.

“Not funny!” He shouted as Umbreon and Leafeon snickered. Jolteon pushed in between the two of them and frowned as David rubbed the back of his head.

“What if he had cracked his head open?” The electric-type worried aloud. Umbreon rolled his eyes. Jolteon had always been a worrywart, scared of any little thing that may harm his trainer. As if, Umbreon snorted, David was the least bit fragile.

“Okay! We’re ready!” Samantha called, pushing past the three Eeveevos that blocked the hall. She shouldered her maroon backpack, checking to make sure it did not wrinkle the sleeves of her short black jumper. Katie slid into the hall, dressed in a surprisingly bright red shirt and low-cut jeans. Usually she wore black dresses and jumpers, but today, she needed a cheery outfit.

As they marched out of the Pokemon Center, Samantha nudged David in his side. “Are you sure you don’t want to stop by your parents’ house at Lake Valor?”

Katie winced at the words “Lake Valor.” Hopefully, they would not stop by the area where Detective Looker was investigating Team Galactic. Katie was already jumpy enough about the subject.

Luckily, David shook his head. “I’m better off not seeing them until the Platinum Conference.” He said no more, but Katie knew what he meant. His parents were highly disapproving of his becoming a trainer instead of a coordinator. Since he was under the age of eighteen, his parents could suspend or pull his license whenever they wished. Since their relationship was already on shaky ground, David was wise not to push the problem any more.

Samantha shrugged, then turned to Katie, a huge smile plastered on her face. “So, we’re going to meet Colin at the Valor Hotel, hm?” She raised her eyebrows playfully, and Katie blushed. David’s eyebrows shot up, and she instantly wished she had told him her plans sooner. She wondered…and even hoped a little…that David was merely suspicious of Colin. Otherwise, his actions could only be mistaken as jealousy.

Katie nodded. “Yeah, just to hang out for a little while before we head on to Pastoria.” She sighed. They all needed a break from gym battles, contests, and Team Galactic stalking.

“Well, I hope we don’t stay there for too long,” Samantha commented, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder. “There’s a contest in Pastoria I want to compete in…and it’s next week.

David shrugged. “Fine with me.” In a nonchalant gesture, he stretched his arms back behind his head, but Katie knew he was secretly peeved about the meeting at the hotel. Katie sighed, praying that he would meet Colin in a civil fashion once they got there.


“There are two trainers traveling with her…Wait…” Colin switched his PokeAll to his other ear, shuffling the pages of his report around so he could see them beter. The harsh Pokemon Center lights glared off of the table in front of him, blinding him partially. Finally, he found the right page. “The girl, Samantha Lynn, is a coordinator, and the boy is David McCauley, a trainer.”

“McCauley? Of the Veilstone McCauleys?” The static across the line crackled in Colin’s ear, and he wondered where Pluto was calling from.

“Yeah…The Lynn family is from Hoenn…Slateport, I believe.” Colin placed his report back on the table. “Is she really going to send agents to collect them?” He couldn’t believe that Aphrodite was planning on kidnapping the group’s family for negotiating purposes. She had revealed her plan a few weeks before, hoping that, if they were unable to capture Katie, they would force her to surrender in order to save his friends’ families. Now, it was almost time for the assigned Galactic agents to go after them.

“The agents are moving out in a few days. I suggest we allow the Lynns and McCauleys to be collected. It may be the safest position for them, and we could organize an attack from the inside. Just one thing, Hermes…”

“Yes?” Colin asked, annoyed at the fact that Pluto still called him by his Galactic name.’’

“Don’t get too close to the Daughter of Shadow and Light.”


The bright sunrays of the noonday sun glittered off of the ocean’s surface, drawing Katie’s eyes to the crashing waves. She stretched and sighed peacefully. In another few minutes, they would be checked into the Valor Hotel, and their vacation would start.

The Valor Hotel was not, in fact, near Lake Valor. It was a few miles south, situation on the Sinnoh southern coast between Pastoria and Sunyshore. Sinnoians flocked to the golden beaches at every time of the year, de-stressing from contests and league battles.

David jogged ahead to check them in at the front desk inside the crystal domed lobby. As they stepped into the room, a fresh blast of cool air washed over them. Immediately, Katie’s eye found Colin on the other side of the room. She tensed up immediately, then relaxed as he smiled and crossed the room, his pale purple eyes flashing. Samantha nudged Katie again, and she rolled her eyes. Why did she get the feeling that this vacation was actually one big double date?

“Glad to see that you made it down here safely,” Colin said as soon as he was withing talking distance of the two girls. He was dressed in a plain white T-shirt, a short-sleeved black coat, and black swimming trunks. His white hair was pushed back with a pair of black sunglasses. He was so good-looking, Katie couldn’t help but blush.

“Nice to see you again, Colin,” Samantha said, tensing up as David walked over to join the group. His sky blue eyes met Colin’s, and he held up his hand.

“Glad to see you,” he mumbled as Colin shook it. Both Katie and Samantha breathed a sigh of relief. At least he was being civil. Colin’s eyes traveled back to Katie, though he addressed David.

“I got a room for both of us, David, just a few doors down from Katie and Samantha.” He glanced down at the royal purple PokeAll strapped to his wrist. “Why don’t we all meet out on the beach in half an hour? The weather’s great out there today.”

The inside of the girl’s hotel room was decorated in a grass element theme with potted palms and flowers covering the walls, and bright green bed spreads. Samantha released her Leafeon, who dashed onto one of the beds and curled up, content to take a nap.

“So, are you going to challenge Colin to a match on the beach?” Samantha called from the bathroom. Katie settled down beside Umbreon on the other bed, thinking about Samantha’s question. She had wanted to battle Colin for quite some time, but wasn’t the point of a vacation was to get away from all of the stress and battling of a trainer’s career?

“I think I may,” she answered, switching places with Samantha, who wore a green bikini and green flip-flops. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, making her look much younger than her age of seventeen years. She almost blended into the scenary of the hotel room. Katie smirked. David must have chosen the room especially for Samantha. There was no hiding how he felt about her.

After Katie had slipped into her black bikini and flip-flops, the two girls left their hotel room, meeting David and Colin in the hall. David was dressed in a navy blue t-shirt that had the logo of an American college on it. The gold GT of the shirt matched his swimming trunks perfectly.

“So, what element is your room?” Katie asked Colin as they headed for the elevator. Colin was nearly a foot taller than she was, so she had to address him while tilting her head up towards the ceiling.

“Our room is ice. It’s all decked out in light blue fabric and white decorations. Thank God they don’t keep it freezing cold.” Colin shivered. “I can’t stand the cold, so I’m glad I grew up in Hoenn.”

“I’m from Snowpoint, so I actually kind of like the cold,” Katie said as they stepped into the elevator. Instead of generic elevator music, the Valor Hotel displayed a mix of music from American and Aquapolian artists. Samantha gasped in delight as one of her favorite American bands blasted from the speakers. Katie flinched a bit at her friend’s sharp intake of breath, her arm brushing against Colin’s. Sparks of electricity ran up her back as she quickly drew her arm away, listening intently to the music in order to calm her nerves.

All that I’m after is a life full of laughter
As long as I’m laughing with you.
All that still matters is love ever after
After the life we’ve been through
Cuz I know there’s no life after you.

“After the life we’ve been through,” Katie whispered to herself. She, Samantha, and David were not even halfway through their Sinnoh journey, and already, they had encountered and done so much. From close calls with Neo-Team Galactic to discovering more details of Kris’ life, the three teenagers had surely lived an adventurous life for the past few months.

The sun’s golden rays lit up the water brilliantly, nearly blinding everyone on the warm sand. Aquapolians were in full motion, playing volleyball and throwing frisbees. Everywhere, small children and Pokemon built sandcastles, some huge and grand, others tidy and cozy. Surfers flooded the waters, shouting encouragements as novices fells off of boards and water-types.

Samantha pitched her umbrella in a quiet spot, the striped blue and white pattern of the fabric billowing out as a sea breeze blew past. “You guys can run all over if you want to, but I’m catching some rays, and them some sleep.” Shoving some bright pink sunglasses over her eyes, she laid back on a beach towel of the same bolor, just barely out of the umbrella’s shade.

Katie was tempted to join her. She felt as if she were entirely too pale for her, and even Colin’s taste. All of the other girls on the beach were tan and pretty. What if he started chasing after them instead?


“Huh?” Katie snapped out of her thoughts with a very ungraceful question. David and Colin looked at her expectantly.

“I asked if you wanted to battle me and David,” Colin said, a smile tugging at his lips. She wondered with embarrassment if he was going to laugh at her.

“S…Sure! I’m up for that!” She exclaimed a little too excitedly. David rolled his eyes, but, thankfully, Colin didn’t catch the boy’s exasperated look.

They were able to find a clear patch of sand nearby, big enough for a two-on-two battle. Flashes of light from further down the beach signaled that they weren’t the only ones who had had that particular idea. Beachgoers naturally moved to give the battles some room and some even stopped to see if it would be worth watching.

David and Colin let two Poke Balls fly into the air, releasing Jolteon and Umbreon. Both Pokemon shook their fur off and stood in battle stances. Katie released her Umbreon and Blaziken. Blaziken stretched out his limbs, roaring at his two opponents. Umbreon sat and waited for a command.

“Blaziken, Sky Uppercut! Umbreon, Dark Pulse!” Katie shouted.

Blaziken lunged for Umbreon, pulling its arm back to gather energy for the attack. A Shock Wave slammed into him, stopping him cold. The attack dissipated as a Dark Pulse slammed into Jolteon, knocking him back.

“Umbreon, Secret Power!” Colin called.

“Jolteon, Shock Wave!” David ordered.

The sand around Blaziken exploded with energy as both attacks aimed at the powerful fire-type. Another Secret Power attack slammed into the Shock Wave as Blaziken dodged sideways.

“Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, now!” Katie called.

Unexpectedly, both attacks slammed into Jolteon, knocking him out. Blaziken lunged forward to finish Umbreon off, but attacked air as Umbreon leaped above his head. Another Sky Uppercut slammed into the dark-type, sending her flying.

“Good job, guys!” Katie exclaimed as Colin and David recalled their Pokemon. Blaziken and Umbreon gave each other a congratulatory smile.


David sighed and plopped down on a towel beside Samantha, stretching his limbs out.

“How did the battle go?” She asked.

“Katie beat us,” he replied, closing his eyes.

“Where is she now?”

He shrugged. “She and Colin are around here somewhere.”


The wind whipped Katie’s hair up and around her face, and she leaned her head back, enjoying the breeze. Colin yawned and stretched his arms over his head.

“Man, I’ve needed a vacation for a while now,” he said.

“Me, too,” Katie replied, turning to look at him.

“The world’s so peaceful these days,” Colin said, looking out to sea. “Just two decades ago, everything was in chaos.”

Katie nodded as another breeze pushed her hair back.

“It just makes me think what I would do if another Great War started again.” Katie’s eyes widened as he turned back to look at her. “Would I run away, or would I stay and fight?”

“It’s hard to say…” Katie murmured.


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First review xD

Anyway, long time since the last chapter, but the freshness remains. Also, thanks for not involving any squeaking, that gets me rather irritated for some reason.

Though I hate to say it, actually, there is a sort of continuity error since Katherine Karasuma(I have every right to do that) did NOT squeak, even when she was on the beach with Colin.

The battle was pretty good, I liked it, though the attacks could use a bit more description.

Colin and Katie... hmmm.... I GOT IT!


*shows bulletproof vest xD*

I'm pretty sure Colin is going to betray Team Galactic, as by reading between the lines from Pluto's warning, I sense foreshadowing. I suppose all that time playing Smogon mafia has really gotten to me and my analyzing.

Keep it up!


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Okay, okay, I know I broke the streak by having Katie not squeal. :p She just wasn't in a squeaing move for this chapter. And her name is spelled Katharine, not Katherine. *same spelling as the author's name, BTW*

...I'm touchy about how people spell Katharine ... *coughoriginalGreekspellingofnamecough*

Ah, the battle. I suck at writing one-on-one battles, so this one was a bit difficult even though it was short. >_> Time for some battle revamps soon.

XD Yeah, I already have a shipping name for Kris and Kirio. It's ShadowAngelShipping *shot*

Wait...I'm the author. :p

You never know about Colin. He and Pluto do certainly seem to be a bit rebellious against TG, so you never know.

Chapter Eighteen up soon. Very soon.


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Right, just read the Prologue and I'm intrigued and now rather annoyed I didn't continue reading your earlier novels.

Firstly I'm hoping for a great deal of conflict, mostly because of the final couple of paragraphs in the Prologue which I must admit has me intrigued about this legend, and I wonder why they are calling for another war. Nyx seems to have a further plan up her sleeve to be able to allow the end days to occur sooner than planned.

Anyway very nice start!


Angel of Chaos
Glad you could read and review, harryheart! :) Yes, Nyx is very tricky and has many plans up her sleeve, but she's not coming back for a long while. Hope you enjoy the rest of the fanfic.

Next chapter should be up by the time I graduate. :p Which is actually in a month.


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Just finished reading Chapter 1 and I love the build up you've done. Am intrigued about Galactic and Rocket and also what their plans are. Also am looking forward to seeing how Colin interacts with Katie.

The only thing I'm confused about is the Aquapolis bits. What are they? Why is the world called Aquapolis? Maybe that is answered later on but that's the only confusing bit.


Angel of Chaos
The only thing I'm confused about is the Aquapolis bits. What are they? Why is the world called Aquapolis? Maybe that is answered later on but that's the only confusing bit.

Actually, I can answer that right now. Aquapolis is a country (not the whole world) situated right south of Japan in the real world we live in. Aquapolis is made of six regions: Kanto, Jhoto, Orange Archelego, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Ever Grande (not a city, but a small region bigger than a city), the capital.

Hope that answers your question...


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Actually, I can answer that right now. Aquapolis is a country (not the whole world) situated right south of Japan in the real world we live in. Aquapolis is made of six regions: Kanto, Jhoto, Orange Archelego, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Ever Grande (not a city, but a small region bigger than a city), the capital.

Hope that answers your question...

It does! Thank you! So I suppose that in these other countries there are real Animals?


Angel of Chaos
Chapter Eighteen

Pidgey tweeted in the air as Katie and Samantha stood outside on the road heading toward Pastoria. Katie spotted Colin ahead and waited until he was a few feet in front of her to speak.

“Have you seen David?”

“Yeah, he’s in the lobby taking care of the payments. Are you heading to Pastoria now?”

Katie nodded. “Yes.”

Colin smiled. “Good luck in your gym match and contest. I have to head north for now. Call you soon.”

“Bye,” Katie waved as Colin walked into the distance, passing an annoyed David on his way back.

“He leaving?” David asked when he reached the two girls.

“Yes, David,” Katie sighed. “Let’s just get to Pastoria.”

The contest hall in Pastoria was packed when the three teenagers arrived. Immediately, Samantha spotted Ashley sitting at a table nearby with her Glaceon.

“So you’re competing here, too?” Samantha asked, approaching the table.

Ashley stood up and smirked. “Of course I am, though I have no shortage of ribbons.”

David approached the table, and Ashley frowned. “You didn’t go to see Mom and Dad on the way down here did you? They were sure peeved about that one. One more step, and they could suspend your license.”

David frowned at her, but didn’t speak.

“Well, I better go get ready. See you around.” Ashley sauntered off, leaving Samantha and David angry.


“The Pastoria Contest is about to begin!”

Samantha glanced up at the TV, then back down at her shoes. Leafeon stretched beside her.

“What?!” She turned at the sound of Ashley’s loud voice. The girl had a PokeAll held to her ear. “I’ll be right there!” She switched her phone off and bolted from the room. Samantha sighed and hesitated before she followed after her.

“You can’t be serious!” David exclaimed as Samantha reached the lobby.

Ashley nodded, tears streaming down her face. “They’re both gone.”

Samantha gasped as David said, “We’ve got to get to our parents’ house…now!”


Broken furniture littered the floors of the McCauley house, scorch marks covering many surfaces. David and Ashley stared at the remnants of their family home, unable to speak.

“I had gone to town to fetch some groceries, and when I returned…they were gone!” A young purple-haired servant exclaimed, fighting back tears.

“Who could have done this?” David asked aloud. He turned to the servant. “Did my parents act anything out of the ordinary lately?”

“No…but they were discussing the revoking of your trainer’s license last night.”

“Serves you right!” Ashley spat as David froze. “If you had just stopped by sooner, you would still have your license AND our parents wouldn’t have been drug away!”

David gritted his teeth as the servant spoke up. “I did find this in the dining room.” She held out a round coin with a Galactic “G” carved in the middle.

“Team Galactic!” David spat.

“What?” Ashley asked, confused.

“They’re going to pay for this…”

Samantha tapped David on the back and held up her PokeAll. “I think it’s time we told Mr. Karasuma and Professor Rowan about this.”

Katie didn’t protest. Things had become serious.

“Fine, call them,” David said, turning back to the wrecked parlor.


“What?” Kirio exclaimed loudly into his PokeAll.

“I’ve spoken to all four of them. Ashley knows nothing about Team Galactic, however the other three know plenty,” Rowan replied.

Kirio groaned and slumped back in his desk chair. “Tell them to move on to Pastoria.” He looked up toward his office’s ceiling. “Well take care of this.”


Joseph and Linda McCauley sat on the edge of two seats in a barren room with only one light. Across from them stood Pluto and Colin, his arms folded.

“Why were we brought here?” Linda asked.

“Our leader wants to use you for ransom in case your children stand in our way,” Pluto replied.

“What do Ashley and David have to do with this?” Joseph demanded.

Pluto and Colin glanced at each other, then back to the McCauleys. “They are traveling with the Daughter of Shadow and Light.”

Linda’s eyes widened. “You mean…Katie Karasuma?”

Colin nodded. “They’ve already halted some of our missions before. Our leader sees them all as a threat.”

“However…We are searching for a way to undermine our leader in her plan…and we may need your help.”


The four teenagers sat around a table in the Pokemon Center, silent as Katie got off of the phone with Professor Rowan. She took a deep breath. “He said that the Legendary Team would fix this and that we should continue on with our journey.”

“What?!” David exclaimed, bolting from his chair.

Samantha put her hands up as if to calm him down. “David, the Legendary Team is expert at this…”

“I’m not going to stand by and do nothing!”

Katie hung her head as he continued.

“How can we just go on and do nothing?!”

Ashley’s eyes flew open and she rose from her seat to face her brother. “We’re going on to Pastoria.”

David was not in the least surprised by his sister’s defiance. He knew she was scared for their parents, but she had something to work for while they waited for the Legendary Team to locate and rescue them. His trainer’s license was suspended until his parents gave the word. He wasn’t idly sitting by as time was wasted. He looked over at Katie, who was avidly avoiding his eyes. He knew she was guilt-tripping over the fact that she was able to continue challenging gyms whole he wasn’t. He felt bad for her, and he could feel a pit forming in his stomach.

“Fine,” he said, trying to keep the anger and resentment out of his voice. “But you need to ask Katie if you can travel with us.”

Surprisingly, not a word of protest left Ashley’s lips as she swung her head around to face Katie. Her blue eyes shone with concern and uncertainty. Katie knew the girl was not faking her frightened expression. Plus, no matter how antagonistic Ashley was to Samantha, her green-haired friend was sympathetic to her rival’s plight. She tried her best to give Ashley a reassuring smile as she agreed, “Of course you can travel with us.”

A genuine smile spread across Ashley’s face, and Katie’s spirits lifted. They would be able to survive this if they just relied on each other and stuck together.


The Pastoria Gym was built inside of a huge shale cliff face on the outskirts of the city. Waterfalls cascaded down the sides of the gym doors, cooling the area in front of the gym off. Katie pulled on the gym doors, finding them locked. She knocked on the door loudly. After her third knock, a mousy looking boy answered the door.

“The gym leader ain’t here right now,” he snapped. “He’s on the coast.”

Katie flinched back, startled by his rudeness. The boy might have been a gym trainer, but he looked to be half her age. A bit of rage kicked up in her chest, but before she could snap or yell back, Ashley stepped forward. David cringed before she even said a word.

“Listen here, sport, no matter how much you value being a toddler gym trainer, you aren’t in the big leagues yet. Until you have survived several conferences and worked your butt off to build the perfect team, you BETTER learn to respect your elders!”

The boy cowered away from Ashley’s tirade. A part of Katie told her that this wasn’t just the usual Ashley. The blue-haired girl’s worry over her parents’ situation shone through obviously as she yelled at the gym trainer.

“Okay…thank you!” David intervened, grabbing Ashley by the shoulders and pulling her away. Katie and Samantha followed suit, leaving the stunned gym trainer to recover by himself.

“You didn’t have to bite his head off…” David sighed as Ashley wrested away from his grip, glaring at him half-heartedly.

“He didn’t have to be so rude,” Ashley pointed out. “I hope he’s learned his lesson now.” Her anger melted as sounds of a ferocious battle hit their ears. The sounds came from the seashore a few yards away from them. Curious, Katie was the first to reach the small rock face that hung above the sandy shore, just as a powerful Water Pulse sent sand in all directions.

A Vaporeon landed on the beach face, the sun shining off her bright blue skin. She watched intently as a Floatzel slammed into the sand in front of her, the orange otter Pokemon fainting on contact. Vaporeon purred as the Floatzel returned to his Poke Ball. His trainer was a large, buff older man who wore no shirt and bright blue swimming trunks. A blue wrestler’s mask concealed his features, and white hair sprouted from the cuts made in the fabric. He seemed to be well-built and powerful by himself on the sand.

The Vaporeon sprinted back to her trainer, purring as she rubbed up against his leg. He had a shock of spiky light blue hair that brushed to his eyebrows and held a pair of black sunglasses in place. He had brilliant royal purple eyes that seemed endless, as if he could see inside a person’s soul. He was dressed in a simple short-sleeved green jacket and white t-shirt with blue jeans and white tennis shoes, laid back even for a trainer.

The older man laughed deeply, crossing the beachy makeshift battlefield to press a cyan blue badge into the boy’s hand. “Your Vaporeon is full of surprises, son. You should think about coming and giving my gym trainers a few tips sometimes, eh?”

The trainer grinned as he took a plain black badge case from his coat pocket, placing the Pastoria Fen Badge safely and securely into the velvet casing. “I would love to…after the Platinum Conference, of course, sir.” Katie smiled, thinking and hoping that the boy would teach some manners to the gym trainers as well.

“Well, now, it looks like I have some more challengers,” the gym leader observed, snapping Katie out of her thoughts. “How many of you will do battle with me today?”

Katie automatically tensed up, glancing over at David, whose face had fallen. Samantha grasped his hand tightly, comforting him ever so slightly. His blue eyes shifted over to Katie, giving her a half assuring nod. This was quite difficult for him, she knew.

“I’ll be challenging you,” she said, crossing her arms in front of her chest in a confident stance. “May name is Katie Karasuma from Snowpoint City.”

“Well, Katie Karasuma, you’ve grown up about seven years since you last battled me in the Diamond Conference,” he laughed. “I’ve heard you’ve won several tournaments since then, eh?” The blue-haired boy studied her face intently, and Katie could feel herself blushing. He was cute…but he was no Colin.

“Let’s begin our battle, shall we?” The gym leader continued. Katie jumped down off the short rock face, receiving a warm grin from the last challenger as he traded places with her.

“Good luck,” he said with a wink, climbing up to stand by David and observe the battle. Something about the way he moved…and even the portion of his battle that she saw…struck her as a sign…but for what?

“This gym battle will now begin!” The Aquapolian referee snapped Katie to the present and out of her daydream. Now was the time to focus on her fifth badge. “Katie Karasuma of Snowpoint City will challenge the gym leader, Crasher Wake, in a one-on-one match. Now…begin!”

“Floatzel, let’s make some tidel waves!” The gym leader shouted as another orange otter Pokemon burst from her Poke Ball. She was shorter and leaner than her make companion, but Katie knew she could pack a punch.

“Umbreon, let’s do this!” Her ever trusty dark-type burst onto the sand, shaking grains from his fur before he resumed a battle stance.

The referee signaled for the battle to start, and, instantly, Umbreon was in the air, his black pelt standing out against the bright blue of the sky. “Secret Power!” Katie commanded, her eyes surveying the sandy battlefield. A whirlwind slammed into Floatzel, obscuring her vision completely.

“Floatzel, Water Pulse into Aqua Jet!” Crasher Wake ordered. Wet sand flew everywhere, including into Katie’s face, as the whirlwind disappeared and a water column slammed into Umbreon.

“Dark Pulse!” Katie cried. Dark energy slammed into Floatzel, who collided into the sand below.

“Aqua Jet!” Crasher Wake cried. Another jet of water flew at Umbreon, who dodged it swiftly.

“Secret Power!” Katie cried. The attack slammed into the water-type, instantly knocking her out.

“The gym leader’s Floatzel is unable to battle! The challenger and her Umbreon win the match!”

“Great job, Umbreon!” Katie said as she returned the dark-type to his Poke Ball.

“You’ve gotten a lot stronger since we last battled,” Crasher Wake laughed as he handed her a badge. “Good luck in the Platinum Conference!”

Katie nodded, a wild grin spreading across her face as she turned back toward her friends and spectators. Samantha was clapping, flashing her a cheerful smile before she laced her fingers back through David’s hand. Ashley nodded in recognition to her, giving her a that-was-pretty-good look. The blue-haired boy gave her a similar nod, except his had no air of begrudgement in it as he slid his sunglasses back over his brilliant eyes.

Her stomach twisted nervously as her eyes found David’s. Only a small speck of pain flashed in his soft blue eyes. He gave her a reassuring smile as he squeezed Samantha’s hand to center himself. Katie sighed inwardly, praying that the McCauleys would be rescued soon, not only for their safety, but for David to get his license back.

She just couldn’t bear to see her own actions hurt her friend in such a painful way.