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Shadow and Light


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Just finished Chapter 2 and I really did enjoy reading it as it has alread begun a deep and mysterious story and we're only on the 2nd Chapter! You're amazing at your plots, the only thing I found a problem with was that things jumped about a lot - a little more description about the Galactic Base would've been cool but that's my only nit pick!

Loving it :)

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Jeez, I've really been out of the loop with reviewing. Finally back though, so hopefully I'll be able to pitch in more once again.

Intresting new chapter. I'm guessing the Neo-Legendary team is going to be in full swing now, with Ashley (most likely) on board. How many members does that make now?

And Ashley's parents being kidnapped, interesting. Sounds like an open invitation for Katie to go demonic again. I'd like to see some sort of difference from the last times, she's just gone berserk mostly.

And another gym battle, how humdrum they seem in the midst of all this Neo-Galactic chaos. Amazing, considering I'm probably one of the top battle writers on the site itself, that I find any battle dull compared to something else.

Keep up the good work, chosen_one, your story has me hooked.

Eon Out ;197;


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I know, I know. I promised this chapter after two weeks...but, as some of you may know, I recently started another fanfic on the forum, and it took up some of my time along with end of school and graduation stuff. But, now I have graduated and am back to a regular schedule of posting. :)

A few notes on this chapter. First, the new kid (i.e. the trainer who battled Crasher Wake in the last chapter) is a character I borrowed from the manga and anime Fuushigi Yuugi by Yuu Watase. Those of you who have read or watched it may recognize him. I made him younger. Secondly, another new character's name is a shoutout to my new fic, Angels and Demons. Just decided to combine two characters names. Thirdly, a very old character (old as in he's been in the series way way back) has returned. :)

Chapter Nineteen

Katie hoisted herself back onto the rock face, scraping her knees only enough to make her wince slightly. She heard someone clapping and looked up into the deep eyes of the blue-haired stranger. She stood up and brushed the dirt from her shorts.

“Your Umbreon packs some speed,” the trainer said, slipping his sunglasses back over his eyes and giving her a friendly smile. “Looks like I have some tough competition in the Platinum Conference.” Katie nodded, wondering who this boy was. He was definintly rival material, so it was best to get to know him before they met on the battlefield.

“I’m Katie Karasuma,” she said, “from Snowpoint City.” She held out her hand for him to shake. He tilted his head to one side as if he were unfamiliar with the gesture, and Katie felt her face turn red with embarrassment as if she had done something wrong.

“I am Chichiri Higuchi from Mt. Pyre in Hoenn.” With his introduction, he bowed. Relief flooded Katie as she realized she hadn’t done anything wrong. He was from the area of Hoenn filled with sages and psychics who followed traditional Aquapolian and Japanese customs. He must have grown up having been taught to bow when performing introductions.

“You’re from Mt. Pyre?” David asked, curious. His hand still gripped Samantha’s tightly, but he had become more easy and relaxed.

“Yeah, my grandparents are sages of the mountain, so I grew up there.” He looked over at Katie, and interested look in his royal purple eyes. “They have taught me a lot about you..or, rather, your legend.”

Katie flinched in surprise. How did he know? “Wha…What did they tell you?”

Chichiri laughed. “Not about your personal life. Just your legend, you know? The Daughter of Shadow and Light has Aquapolian crystal eyes, for instance. I’m surprised not many people these days recognize that sign. In the days of the Chosen One, nearly everyone could see the sign, you know?”

“You know her legend?” Ashley asked, raising her eyebrows with skepticism. “She has a legend?”

“An entire legend, you know? It’s written on the walls of the Cave of Origin and in the Book of the Chosen One…everywhere.”

Katie wondered why Chichiri was ending his sentences with “you know?” Maybe he was comfortable using it…or maybe he was excited to meet her?

“Chichiri?” Katie broke in. “Would you like to travel with us?”

Chichiri looked taken aback by her question, and her three other companions stared at her. Finally, a smile spread across his face.

“Of course. Well, only if you want me to, you know?”

The other three teenagers nodded and Katie smiled.


“Let’s see…where to start?”

All five teenagers sat around a table in the Pokemon Center lobby.

“I guess I should start with what happened in the aftermath of the Great War, you know?” Chichiri said. “After the six Aquapolians who had been granted the abilities of the six powers saved the Chosen One and destroyed the demon Ojinan, another legend was laid.”

“Wait…why did the Chosen One need to be saved?” David asked.

“After the Great War, for some unknown reason, she was sealed away in another dimension. Six Aquapolians with the powers of land, sea, sky, time, space, and dimension freed her.” Chichiri paused. “Afterward, another prophecy was announced in the Cave of Origin.”

“Aren’t prophecies announced millennia before they come true?” Samantha asked.

Chichiri nodded. “Yes, most are, but in the case of the aftermath and in this case, the prophecies were made only years beforehand, you know? That’s why this is so strange. The monks who made the prophecies were even surprised.”

The monks who lived and worked in the Cave of Origin received prophecies on a century basis about the works and futures of the Aquapolian people and the legendaries. They also led the Aquapolian Church and were connected to the Catholic Church in the human country of Italy. Katie’s mind flew to the cathedral in Hearthome, briefly thinking of her encounter with that strange man…

“The prophecy told of a future conflict that will involve the six powers and the world. It outlined the steps taken by each power, too. The prophecy also spoke of the three Heavenly Warriors.”

“Angels?” Ashley scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Please.” Katie glared at her.

“Who are the three Heavenly Warriors?” Samantha asked.
“The Chosen One, the Daughter of Shadow and Light, and the Dimensional Warrior,” Chichiri replied.

“Who’s the Dimensional Warrior?” David asked.

“The one who personally saved the Chosen One during the aftermath, Scarlet Reed.”

“That name sounds familiar,” Ashley commented.

“It should, you know? Scarlet Reed is now Scarlet Sunyshore.”

“The Champion?” Samantha gasped.

Chichiri nodded. “We don’t know the details of the entire legend, but we know the outline, you know?”

Katie nodded. “I guess we won’t know until it happens,” she said, standing up. “You guys ready to get to Canalave?”

“You mean Hearthome, right?” Ashley asked, raising one eyebrow. “There’s another contest there within a week.”

Katie sighed. “Okay. To Hearthome we go.”


The walk between Pastoria and Hearthome was long. Halfway before they reached Hearthome, Samantha felt a drop of rain hit her nose. She stopped short to look up at the sky.

“Rain!” Ashley squealed, throwing her hands up above her head to shield it from the droplets.

“We need shelter, now!” David said as thunder sounded in the distance.

Katie searched the horizon, her eyes finding a large house about half a mile away. “There!” She pointed. The others turned to spy the house. “Run!” She burst forward with speed, the others following after her.

Luckily, the house had a front porch large enough to hold them. David banged on the front door, shouting, “Hello?! Is anyone there?”

No one answered. David pounded on the door again. It cracked open a few seconds later. “Yes?” A young man’s voice asked.

“My friends and I were caught out in the storm…could we perhaps wait it out inside?”

The door opened wider to reveal a young man who looked to be in his early twenties. He had dark blue hair and eyes and wore a simple black coat and jeans. He looked around at the teenagers, eyeing them carefully. His eyes stopped for a few seconds on Katie and widened.

“Of course you can,” he said cheerfully, pushing the door open wider. “My name’s Patrick Hastings,” he said as he led them into the foyer.

“I’m David McCauley. This is Ashley, my sister, Katie Karasuma, Samantha Lynn, and Chichiri Higuchi.”

Something about the way Patrick looked at her when David said her name was unsettling to Katie. His dark blue eyes flickered with recognition as he stared at her for a few seconds, then looked away, a concerned expression plastered across his face. He shuffled nervously, his feet sliding across and expensive-looking burgundy rug.

“This is a nice house,” Samantha muttered to Chichiri, her eyes sliding across the rich tapestries and sculptures in the large foyer. Ashley shrugged at her comment, obviously used to this kind of presentation of wealth. She wasn’t as impressed as the others were by the rich look of the hall. David seemed to ignore it as well, though for a different reason.

“Thank you, but this isn’t my house,” Patrick explained. Katie’s eyebrows shot up a bit, wondering who really owned this house. Maybe his parents or grandparents? That was most likely, unless he was a top class trainer who had participated in and won many leagues. “It belongs to my friend, Aaron. He just lets me stay here sometimes.” He glanced at the clock. “Why don’t you make yourselves at home while I get him?”

Katie didn’t think Patrick could get out of the room fast enough. She glanced at David nervously, wondering if it was safe to stay in the mansion while the rain fell down.


“Aaron?” Patrick asked, leaning against the library wall. “I know you heard me…” He glanced around the study, at the books that line the shelves…ancient titles of first editions. He was hyper excited about the arrival of the girl with Aquapolian crystal eyes, but he knew Aaron would be more reserved. Aaron wasn’t always the happiest person Patrick knew.

His friend’s hair was the same shade of dark blue as his hair was, making them appear as if they were related…even brothers. They had known each other for years, so it wasn’t a long stretch. Aaron’s blue eyes were more serious than Patrick’s, whose eyes shone with a youthful playfulness almost equivalent to that of Mew, though he would never compare himself to the pink legendary. Aaron wore a simple black shirt and jeans which looked oddly out of place on him. He held himself like a warrior and carried a rare air of regality in modern times.

Aaron had been staring thoughtfully out of the window at the rain since Patrick entered the room. He turned to face his friend, his eyes registering a faint sadness that caused Patrick’s heart to sink. “How much…alike are they?”

Patrick didn’t want to answer the question. How painful would the girl’s appearance be for Aaron? “They look and act a lot alike.”

Aaron froze, then sighed. “I’ll meet her…for a few moments.”

Patrick nodded.


Samantha stared at the fine china that decorated the glass cases of the living room. She didn’t look up when Ashley entered the room.

“What are you to David?”

Samantha, stunned, turned sharply to face Ashley, whose arms were crossed in front of her chest. Samantha’s eyes widened at the girl’s angry look.

“Wh…what do you mean?”

“I see the way you look at him and how he responds to you,” her eyes narrowed. “He had enough to worry about without having to deal with a girlfriend.”

Samantha grit her teeth in anger. “I don’t see his own sister being very supportive in his time of need!” She snapped.

Ashley glared at her. “This is a family problem! Stay out of it and stay away from David!”

The girl’s hateful words pierced Samantha like a knife to the heart. She couldn’t help letting out a soft sob, fighting back tears. She would NOT cry in front of Ashley. She refused to do so. But how could she make the cold-hearted girl see how much she cared about David?

Feeling as if she were grasping at straws, Samantha firmly answered, “I love David.” She paused, feeling the right words slip into her head as Ashley gave her a shocked look. “If you love him too, then you would stay by his side and comfort him, no matter how angry you are at him for not visiting your parents. I WON’T stay way from him as long as he is in pain.”

Ashley’s mouth gaped open as she stared at Samantha, her deep blue eyes flashing with indecision about how she should react to what the girl had told her. Before she could speak, Chichiri stepped into the room.

“Patrick’s friend is here, guys. We should go talk to him…” He trailed off, looking from one girl to another before leaving the room.

Ashley glared at Samantha one last time before turning on her heel and following Chichiri. Samantha, fighting back tears, followed her a few seconds later.


“So you’re battling in the Platinum Conference?” Aaron asked.

Katie nodded. “We’re heading to Hearthome right now, though, for a contest.”

“Really?” Aaron’s dark blue eyebrows shot up. “Are you participating in contests as well? You must be quite talented.” Katie blushed at his praise. Aaron was very handsome and built like a soldier. His manners were so impeccable, even her father would approve of him. She suddenly worried if he would approve of Colin and pushed the thought away.

She giggled nervously at his question, glancing over to where Ashley and Samantha stood. Ashley looked abnormally tense while Samantha look as if she was about to cry. “No…” Her face fell as she took in the distressed look of her best friend. “Ashley and Samantha are the coordinators of our group.”

“So you focus your skills on battling,” Aaron stated, his eyes fixed on her. Chichiri thought he looked eerily infatuated with whatever Katie said. The boy shook his head, wondering how his mind was going to deal with all of the problems that had just appeared in this house.

“Why don’t I give you a tour of my home?” Aaron asked, his invitation extending to all of them, but his eyes on Katie only. She gave him a nervous smile and quickly looked away, hoping the others would agree to come along so that she would be alone with him. Not that he wasn’t sweet…He just seemed so intense…

Chichiri was the first to step forward, and she breathed a small sigh of relief. The psychic must have read her nervousness around Aaron. “I’d love to see more of these statues. These are Pokemon I’ve never seen before.” He gestured to a small sculpture of a wolf-like Pokemon Katie didn’t know the name of.

Aaron only glanced at the statue before shrugging. “These statues are of Pokemon from a region that no longer exists.” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Patrick stiffen up as if this was some big secret. Aaron ignored his friend and pressed on, guiding Katie out of a sliding door and into an indoor garden.

She could hear rain fall softly on the glass dome over her head, but her attention was caught on all of the exotic flowers. They were in every color she could imagine and spilled over each other, fighting for attention. Some she recognized as native to Japan, but most were completely foreign to her.

Katie heard the sound of rushing water come from the other end of the dome and gasped in delight at the beautiful waterfall suspended over a row of flowers. Streams of colored light illuminated it from behind, changing the shade through the entire spectrum.

Chichiri was starting to grow wary of his surroundings. Since they had set foot in the house, an eerie feeling had washed over him. From the way Aaron and Patrick acted to the untitled statues in the foyer, everything about the house set him on edge.

“It’s beautiful in here,” Katie murmured, her eyes fixed on the waterfall.

Aaron smiled. “We can stay in here as long as you like,” he said, his eyes fixed on her. Chichiri frowned.

Katie and Aaron sat down on a bench to look at the garden while the others spread out of hearing distance. Aaron tilted his head up to look at the night sky,

“This garden was built decades ago,” he said, “by my family to honor one of my ancestors.”


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I've been really inactive, true, sorry.

Anyway, kidnap. I like theway you portrayed the shock, but I think that you could have done something along the likes of a shadow disappearing around the corner just as they entered the house, which would have been unnoticed by them.

Also< Aaron starts to make me think we have a Colin Sr./Jr. coming up.

EDIT: Are you even PMing people for the PM list now(no offense)? I'm pretty sure I didn't get a PM last time...
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I've been really inactive, true, sorry.

Anyway, kidnap. I like theway you portrayed the shock, but I think that you could have done something along the likes of a shadow disappearing around the corner just as they entered the house, which would have been unnoticed by them.

Also< Aaron starts to make me think we have a Colin Sr./Jr. coming up.

EDIT: Are you even PMing people for the PM list now(no offense)? I'm pretty sure I didn't get a PM last time...

oops! I'm so sorry! I revise the PM list if you've been inactive for a while, but I'll but you back on right away! With the addition of my new fic, I've had to keep track of two separate PM lists as well.

A Colin Sr./Jr. moment? I don't understand that...but thank you for reading and welcome back! :)


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I promise I am NOT shafting this fic while I'm writing Angels and Demons. It just takes me longer to write a chapter of Shadow and Light than it takes for the other. >_<

Chapter Twenty

Something about Aaron’s voice when he spoke to her set shivers up Katie’s spine. He almost seemed enchanted by the prospect of the garden as if it were highly romantic in and of itself. Katie didn’t want to ask the question, but curiosity got the best of her.

“Do you know which of your ancestors this is dedicated to?” Her eyes focused on a blue flower that spun and twirled in the pond near her feet. Every little ripple sent it speeding one way or another, its blue petals dancing.

Aaron’s eyes were focused on her as he spoke, “A young woman who died for a cause that her whole heart and mind believed in.” His words were intense, and Katie flinched at them. The garden was built to honor one of his noble ancestors. She suddenly felt guilty. Had she really been so cold to him because of advances she imagined? What if it was just his nature to be intimate? Was she afraid that he would draw her in until she forgot about Colin altogether? She could see his soft, playful violet eyes and she knew she would never forget him.

“I’m sorry…but…” Katie willed herself to stand, shrugging away Aaron’s arm from her shoulder. She took in a nervous breath before facing him. “I’m not very comfortable with…this…” She wrapped her arms around herself protectively and averted her eyes from Aaron’s shocked blue gaze.

Surprisingly, his voice sounded soft and tearful as he spoke. “Of course…I just forgot…that you aren’t her.” Katie’s eyes snapped back to his as he continued. “Your soul mirrors hers in many ways. Especially your eyes.” He gave her a sad smile. “She’s just been gone for so long…” His eyes dropped to his feet, and she wondered painfully if he was crying.

“My…eyes?” Katie’s mind focused on his simple words. Her eyes, she had been told again and again by her father, were unique in color. The only other person who had Aquapolian crystal eyes was her mother. She looked down at the silently grieving Aaron, her heart dropping. Had he known her mother? He was far too young…

“I spent all of these years building this garden for her.” Aaron’s gaze tilted back up to hers, his eyes sad, but devoid of tears. “And she’ll never get to see it.”

The tide of curiosity gave way to dense foreboding. Katie felt as if she just had to know whom he was speaking of. “Who was she?” She demanded, almost in a snapping tone. Aaron’s face froze before it gave way to a wry smile.

“Her name was Kristal.”

Katie gasped slightly, backing further away from Aaron. He stood up, his eyes only on her.

“It’s been decades since I last saw her…I built this garden for her in the hopes to show her at one point…but it’s too late now.” He looked away. “I loved her millennia ago.” He smiled. “But I guess she found another…”

Katie frowned, confused. “A millennia ago?”

Aaron nodded. “This house is in a sort of time lock. I’ve never grown old here. These flowers…some of them are extinct outside of these walls. The statues in the lobby are of long gone Pokemon species.” He looked up at the ceiling. “Lucario has been kind enough to stay with me all of these years and report on what her life is like in heaven.” He tilted his head until the moon’s light shone in his eyes.

Katie took a step back, trying to register what he had said.

“Aaron!” A gruff voice snapped. Both turned their heads to Patrick, whose eyes shone with power. “Are you sure?” His voice sounded deeper than before.

“I’m sure…Lucario…”

Katie gasped as Patrick nodded, transforming into the legendary whose name Aaron had addressed him by. Muscles rippled underneath blue, black, and yellow fur as his dark red eyes swiveled to meet hers. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was back in Aquapolian form, his red eyes the only indication that he had transformed at all. They were cold and stern as his gaze flickered over her frightened face. As she blanched and swung her face down to her sneakers, his gaze softened back to a deep blue.

“We’re sorry that we deceived you, Katie,” Patrick said, the gruff tone slipping from his voice as he spoke. “We have to be careful disclosing any information to visitors at the mansion. Legendary secrets must be kept for safety, as you know.”

Aaron stood up, his eyes now on Katie, who had lifted her head cautiously to look at Patrick. “Please forgive me for all of the trouble I have caused you. I lost my mind for a few moments.” His eyes had lost the infatuated sheen Katie had spied in them before. Now, they were simply kind and concerned about how she felt.

Katie’s mind still reeled from all of the information they had given her, but it still registered the young man’s apology. Absentmindedly, she nodded. “It’s okay. I understand…”

“The psychic that is traveling with you seemed to catch on quickly to the strange aura in the mansion,” Aaron said thoughtfully, glancing around to see if he could find the blue-haired boy he was speaking of.
“Yes…Chichiri grew up on Mt. Pyre,” Katie commented, her mind starting to work through the many details swirling around in her head. Aaron had known and loved her mother millennia ago and had spent centuries in this house that was stalled in time. Patrick was actually the aura legendary, Lucario, who saw her mother often and reported on her to Aaron. Suddenly, that thought crashed upon her conscience like a wave.

“What is my mother like?” She blurted, her eyes fixing on Patrick’s. He was startled by her question, hesitating a few minutes before he answered carefully.

“She’s very kind, but she’s always a bit sad-looking when I see her. She misses Earth and Kirio…and you,” he paused. “The only people she has to lean on now are her brother Grayson and her uncle Cyrus.”

“Brother and uncle? Dad’s never mentioned them…”

Patrick frowned. “He’s never really liked them. They’ve known him for years.”

“Why can’t she come here…to Earth?”

Patrick glanced at Aaron. “She’s an angel now…so she has duties that keep her away…”

“Oh…” Katie glanced down at her feet.

Aaron stood up, glancing in the direction of where Katie’s traveling partners sat. “It’s getting late. Why don’t we have some supper?”

Katie sighed.


“Team Galactic?” Aaron asked, putting down his glass of water. “They’re back?”

Chichiri nodded. “Apparently so, though none of the commanders are the same ones who worked in the original syndicate.”

“Except for Pluto,” Samantha pointed out.

Aaron’s eyes widened in surprise. Katie wondered vaguely as she dug her spoon into a bowl of hot and sour soup whether or not he personally knew the original Galactic commanders. The soup was warm and inviting, the best she had ever had, Apparently, Aaron had a full staff of servants, but none from a previous age.

Aaron leaned forward. “I’m sure whatever he’s doing, Pluto is not working with them in terms of goals. He was fiercely loyal to the previous leader, Cyrus.” He inclined his head at the window, his eyes on the falling raindrops as he continued. “I’m not sure if the new leader has the same goal as Cyrus did, but either way…I would head to Celestic Town as soon as possible.”

Katie could almost hear the small whines of protest coming from Samantha and Ashley. Celestic Town was a day north of Hearthome, where their next contest was scheduled to take place. Katie wanted to hear more before they decided on a detour…after the contest, of course. “What’s so important in Celestic Town?”

Chichiri cut in. “There is an ancient temple and ruins dedicated to Dialga and Palkia in the center of the town. The old Team Galactic spent a lot of time researching in the museum there, or so I’ve heard, you know? The new Team Galactic could have visited as well if they have the same goals.”

“Why would they?” David asked, taking a sip of his jasmine tea. “They have Pluto. He could tell them anything they wanted to know about the powers of time and space.”

“IF he knew much about Dialga and Palkia, and IF he was willing to tell them,” Katie interjected. “From how he’s acted during our last few meetings, he’s not the new leader’s biggest leader.”

“Whatever. We’ll head there after the Hearthome Contest,” Ashley said, rolling her eyes. Aaron glanced at Katie and nodded. She dropped her eyes back to her soup.


The next morning was bright and sunny. The group met on the front porch, ready to head north. Katie walked through the foyer with Aaron and Patrick.

“Whatever you discover, you should tell the Legendary Team immediately,” Aaron said.

Patrick nodded. “If you need help, just yell for me. I’ll be listening.”

Katie nodded. “Thank you. Thank you both.” She looked from Aaron to Patrick, feeling confused about her ordeal with the two young men. To the Aquapolian eye, Patrick was simply a regular person, but now that Katie knew the truth about his true identity, she could pick out the little nuances of his legendary nature. He stood in a straight and regal pose, not stiff, but in a constant and ready state in case he needed to attack at a moment’s notice.

Katie cast one long glance at Aaron before stepping outside to join the others. Chichiri bowed to Aaron and Patrick. “Thank you for sheltering us during the storm.” Aaron nodded as the others said their good-byes, setting off for Hearthome with Katie in the rear. She couldn’t help but glance back one more time, her Aquapolian crystal eyes catching the morning sun’s rays and making a stab of pain surge through Aaron.

“She could have been mine…” He muttered wistfully. His mind flashed with memories of Kris. Patrick fixed him with a glare.

“Don’t trouble your mind over the past,” he said sternly.


Colin stood before Aphrodite’s chair, his eyes lifted up to her silent and stern gaze.

“The Diamond Orb has been placed in the Chamber of Time within the Celestic ruins,” she said, lifting her face to the ceiling. “You are to retrieve it.”

Colin frowned, his eyes sliding down to the floor. He and Pluto had decided to focus their efforts on a last minute plan. Pluto was to keep an eye on the McCauleys and make sure they were not harmed in any way or fashion. The McCauleys had reluctantly agreed to trust Colin and Pluto, realizing that it was the only way to keep their children safe. Colin was to continue following Katie, so that when Aphrodite ordered her to be captured, he could undermine her plan.

His heart did a little flip as he thought of Katie. Against Aphrodite’s and Pluto’s warnings, he was falling in love with the sweet raven-haired girl. It almost brought him to tears at the thought of betraying her.

“The Lynns are to be picked up tomorrow by some of Poseidon’s agents. We will keep them separate from the McCauleys.” Aphrodite continued. She fixed her stern gaze on Colin, and he almost shivered. Aphrodite was the same age as her three commanders, but she was much more intimidating. Though Colin, Kevin, and Adrian towered over her, her frosty gaze kept them all in line. Pluto was the only one of them who dared to snap back. He had served under the former Galactic leader.

“Now, get on with it,” she said.

Colin nodded.


Hearthome City was crowded with trainers and coordinators when the group entered the city. They walked straight to the contest hall.

Through the sea of Aquapolians, Katie kept her eyes peeled for the strange man she had met at the Hearthome Cathedral. His name had been…Evan…Evan Taylor from Fuschia City. Perhaps he wasn’t in Sinnoh anymore? She was surprised to feel her heart sink at the thought of him returning to Kanto. She had hoped to run into him again. He had seemed so nice, and something about him was so familiar…

The doors to the contest hall slid open, and her senses were immediately bombarded by the sights and sounds of chaos. Coordinators and their Pokemon were everywhere, talking, standing, sitting, running. She nearly tripped over a Linoone who streaked under her feet, shouting her a nasty glare as he stalked over to his trainer, a boy with black hair that flopped over cold brown eyes who shot her the same glare. She stuck her tongue out at him in defiance before rushing to catch up to the others.

Ashley and Samantha stood in line to sign up for the contest, neither speaking nor acknowledging each other. Their hurt and anger would be played out on the contest stage. Samantha kept her eyes locked on the passing crowd of coordinators instead of the back of Ashley’s ice blue head. A girl groomed her Rapidash in the corner of the contest hall. The fire-type’s coat already gleamed under her coordinator’s care.

As Samantha’s eye was trained on the Rapidash, Ashley looked back to glare at her before she reached the lady working at the front desk. The two coordinators had been careful not to train while the other was around so that strategies were not revealed. Ashley rolled her eyes. Even with the Chimchar Samantha had used in her previous contests, she was still no match for Glaceon.

“Name?” The secretary jolted Ashley out of her daydream. She turned her cold blue gaze to the warm young receptionist and smirked.

“Ashley McCauley,” she announced as she tossed back her long blue hair and produced her coordinator’s license. Several competitors turned to stare at her at the sound of her name. She inwardly smirked even larger, her ego inflated. She was already becoming a well-known coordinator in Sinnoh and beyond.

She pushed past Samantha after the secretary finished registering her for the contest. A seething rage rushed through the electric-type’s body. She wondered how many people would react to her name.


“Samantha Lynn.” Several coordinators turned around to glance at her curiously.

“Which Pokemon will you be using in the appeals round?”


“And the Pokemon you will use for the battle round?” The secretary fixed her dark blue eyes on Samantha as she prepared to write the coordinator’s battle choice down.

Samantha knew Leafeon was not going to cut it against Ashley’s skilled and powerful Glaceon. She knew she would have to go with another Pokemon that could stand up to the ice-type’s barrage of attacks. Thinking through her roster, she finally chose a powerful defensive Pokemon with moves that Glaceon was weak against.

Samantha withdrew a Poke Ball from her belt and placed it on the counter. She had used this Pokemon in a previous appeals round, and she knew she would shine in the battle rounds with her array of powerful moves. Lowering her voice in case Ashley was eavesdropping, she told the secretary that she would use Mawile.

The woman nodded and flashed her a warm smile. “The appeals round starts tomorrow morning at 9:00, Miss Lynn. You are contestant number four. Good luck!”

“Thank you,” Samantha said enthusiastically as she scooped up Mawile’s Poke Ball. Though thoughts of her conversation with Ashley at Aaron’s home still plagued her mind, she was all too ready to take the coordinator down a peg or two.


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It seems as if I've hit another slow review period. Oh well...I will continue to write. This chaper is another contest in a nutshell.

Chapter Twenty-One

“Welcome everyone to the Hearthome Pokemon Contest!”

The crowd roared at the sound of Jillian Meredian’s voice. Dressed in her usual sky blue, sporty outfit, the contest announcer was in prime form. Samantha had not seen her familiar face in a while, and she grew excited as Jillian continued.

“As you all know, today will be stiff competition for every coordinator here who hopes to win the Hearthome ribbon!” With a flourish, Jillian produced the sky blue and gold ribbon, the metal in its center sending the contest stage’s lights shining in all directions. “This ribbon counts as two ribbons for the Sinnoh Grand Festival, making the winning coordinator’s journey shorter. Now, we will start with coordinator number one, Manny from Cerulean City!”

A boy with black hair and purple eyes dashed onto the stage. He wore a light purple jacket, grey shirt, red pants, and black sneakers. “Go, Totodile!” He yelled, releasing the water-type. “Water Gun!”

The Totodile lifted his head, spraying water up into the air.

“Ice Beam!”

A beam of blue energy hit the water, freezing it on contact.


The Totodile jumped into the air, bringing his jaws down hard on the ice crystals and scattering them.

“So pretty!” Nurse Joy gasped from the judge’s table as sparkles rained down.

“Next up is Natsume from Cinnabar Island!”

A girl with sandy brown hair and green eyes stepped onto the stage. She wore a short grey dress with dark purple shoes. “Go, Swalot!” She shouted, releasing the poison-type. “Yawn!”

Several small air bubbles issued from Swalot’s mouth and floated into the air.

“Gastric Acid!”

A spray of purple slime covered the bubbles, weighing them down only slightly and skillfully not popping them. The contest hall lights shimmered off of the bubbles in an oddly mesmorizing way. Swalot clapped at his own skillfulness, making his coordinator smile before ordering him to use Hidden Power.

The bubbles exploded, raining purple slime down on the stage as the attack surged forward, shining purple all around the hall.

“What an amazing display of Swalot’s skill! Now, please welcome Ashley from Veilstone City!”

Ashley sauntered onto the stage in a short off the shoulder ice blue dress and high heels. She smiled before releasing her Pokemon. “Go, Growlithe!” She called, releasing the fire-type. “Fire Blast!”

A huge wall of fire surged forward.

“Now, Swift!” Ashley called, remaining composed as the wall of fire raced across the contest stage. Growlithe barked, letting loose a flurry of stars from his mouth. The energy slammed into the fire, fueling it and causing a burst of flames to fly to the ceiling. Katie could feel the heat of the flames on her cheek as they surged close to the audience, then away in a well controlled burn. Ashley nodded to her barking fire-type, and he extinguished the flames with a Sand Attack as the audience roared.

Katie could see May Petalburg and Dawn Twinleaf at the judges’ table, silently watching as Ashley and her Growlithe took a bow. Neither coordinator had said a word so far during the appeals round. They were simply keeping a keen eye on each competitor and writing down his or her score. They both looked tired.

“Now, for our next competitor, Samantha from Slateport City!”

Samantha stepped onto the contest stage, dressed in a simple outfit of blue biking shorts and a tank top. With her forest green hair pulled into a ponytail with a blue scrunchie, she looked athletic from her head to her red tennis shoes. She winked at the audience. “Go, Chimchar!”

The fire-type appeared on the stage, clapping his hands. “Flame Wheel!”

Chimchar spun around the stage, sending flames in every direction.


Pillars of flame rushed in all directions, burning outward from the center of Chimchar’s Flame Wheel. The fire monkey started to spin, rotating the pillars like spokes on a wheel. The crowd oohed and aahed over the presentation. Katie sneaked a peek at the judges’ table and was delighted to see May and Dawn talking animatedly to each other, gesturing at the fire demonstration and nodding in approval.
Chimchar spun to a stop and cheered, prompting the audience to clap and cheer. A large smile spread across Samantha’s face as she hoisted the fire-type onto her shoulder and bowed to the audience. She secretly winked at Chimchar, who cheered once again at his own cleverness and skill.

Inside the coordinator waiting room, a girl a few years younger than Samantha complimented her and her Pokemon on their performance, her pink eyes shining in admiration of the powerful appeal. “How long have you been training your Chimchar?” She asked, reaching up to pat his head.

Samantha thought for a second. “About a month and a half.” Chimchar cheered and waved at a Piplup nearby, who giggled and waved back.

The girl’s eyes widened, catching the room’s lights in a pearly gaze. “That’s amazing…I’ve been training my Makuhita for nearly half a year, and he’s no where close to the skill level of your Chimchar.”

Nearby, Ashley sat at a make-up station, running a brush to smooth down Growlithe’s fur. She snorted at the novice’s fawning over Samantha and glared at her Growlithe, who was smiling at Chimchar. “Don’t you dare talk to that Chimchar!” She snapped. He whined, his face falling.


Katie, David, and Chichiri sat on a bench outside of the Contest Hall, chilling out before the battle round.

“I wonder how the Legendary Team is doing in the search for my parents,” David commented.

“I sensed that May and Dawn are really tired. They must be working hard, you know?” Chichiri replied.

David nodded, but didn’t say anything else. Frustration rolled off of him like waves. Katie sighed, then froze. Something had caught her eye. She sprang up from the bench.

“Where are you going?” Chichiri asked.

“I’ll be back,” she replied before diving into the crowd.


“And the four coordinators who are going to the next round are Zoey from Ecruteak City, Gina from Pallet Town, Ashley from Veilstone City, and Samantha from Slateport City. Let’s give a round of applause for these skilled coordinators!”

The crowd roared, clapping along with the three judges as they celebrated a successful appeals round. Samantha’s heart started to race.

“Our first battle will be between Samantha and Zoey!”

Zoey and Samantha took their places across the contest stage.

“Go, Buneary!” Zoey shouted, releasing the normal-type.

“Go, Mawile!” Samantha shouted, releasing the steel-type.

“Buneary, Bounce!”

Buneary bounced into the air, hurling herself at Mawile.

“Mawile, Flamethrower!”

Mawile spun around and her back mouth released a scorching Flamethrower in Buneary’s direction.

“Ice Beam!”

A beam of ice blue energy slammed into the fire, but didn’t stop it. Buneary was engulfed by the Flamethrower and sent flying.

“Take Down!”

Mawile slammed into Buneary, sending her flying even further into the back wall. She fainted instantly.

“And Mawile and Samantha win this round!”

“Yes! Good job, Mawile!” Samantha cried as she returned her Pokemon to her Poke Ball.

“The next match will be between Gina and Ashley!”

Ashley smirked as she took her place on the contest stage.

“Go, Dugtrio!” Gina cried, releasing the ground-type.

“Go, Glacion!” Ashley commanded, releasing the ice-type.

“Dugtrio, Magnitude!”

The contest stage started to shake as a shock wave rushed toward Glaceon.

“Dodge and use Ice Beam!”

Glaceon sprang into the air and aimed a beam of blue energy at Dugtrio, freezing it.

“Shadow Ball!”

A dark orb of energy slammed into Dugtrio, knocking it out.

“And Glaceon and Ashley win this match!”

Ashley smirked and recalled her Pokemon.


Katie tried not to let herself get lost in the crowd. She was pushed along the sea of Aquapolians like a Magikarp in water. Finally, she became sick and tired of getting nowhere and desparate to advance. She started to shoulder her way through the mob, keeping her eyes on the faces as she passed.

He was standing in a small square of shop buildings with his back to her. She didn’t know what he was looking at, but she didn’t care. Once again, she had caught up to the mystery man.

“Evan!” She shouted as she drew closer. To her annoyance, he didn’t turn around. “Evan?!” She ran around to stand in front of him, catching the surprised look on his face. He was dressed in a long black overcoat, white shirt, and plain black pants. He seemed startled and unnerved by her presence, and her face fell as she felt unwelcome. “It’s me…Katie Karasuma.”

The warm look surged back into his pearl eyes, and he smiled. “Of course. I remember you. Why are you back in Hearthome City?” Katie’s spirits lifted, and she forgot the unnerving last few minutes.

“Well, I’m traveling with two coordinators now and they both wanted to compete in the Hearthome Contest. So, I’m here to support them.” With a shock, Katie realized that she had included Ashley in her statement. Of course, she wanted Samantha to win, but she had also hoped that Ashley would rank well in the contest. Maybe she was warming up to the ice blue-haired girl.

“It must be quite competitive traveling with two coordinators. Intense when they participate in the same contest,” he replied. He seemed genuinely interested. Katie wondered if he was a trainer or a coordinator. He looked more like the trainer type to her.

“I’m traveling with two trainers as well,” she shrugged. “I guess things won’t get too intense between us until the Platinum Conference.” With a pang, she wondered if David would get his trainer’s license back in time to collect the last five badges and compete in the conference…

A bell chimed in the distance, making Katie jump. Bystanders only noticed the bell for a second before looking in the direction of the contest hall. She realized she needed to get back before the final match began.

“I have to go, Evan, but first…” She lifted her right wrist. “Can I get your PokeAll number?” She had noticed the black PokeAll strapped to his right wrist and decided to take a chance. She wasn’t losting him again.

He hesitated a few minutes before saying, “Sure.” After giving her his number, she turned to go. “Wait.” She froze, then turned around. “Why don’t you meet me at the Hearthome Cathedral after the contest?”

Katie hesitated a second before smiling. “Sure! See you then!” She sped off. He watched her go before sighing.


“And now it’s time for our final contest battle!”

The crowd roared as Ashley and Samantha took their places across the contest stage.

“Our contestants are Ashley and her Glaceon from Veilstone City and Samantha and her Mawile from Slateport City. Let the battle begin!”

“Go, Glaceon!” Ashley yelled, releasing her ice-type.

“Go, Mawile!” Samantha commanded, releasing her steel-type.

The two coordinators and their Pokemon stared each other down for a few seconds.

Ashley smirked. “Glaceon, Ice Beam!”

Glaceon cried out before firing a blue energy beam at Mawile. The steel-type spun into the air and dodged.

“Iron Tail!”

The back appendage of Mawile’s body glowed as she hurled herself at Glaceon.

“Shadow Ball!”

The orb of dark energy slammed into Mawile, causing her to land on her feet.

“Take Down!”

Glaceon rushed at Mawile, prepared to slam into her.

“Swords Dance into Flamethrower!”

Mawile started to spin around while releasing a Flamethrower. The effect was a giant wall of fire that bared down on Glaceon.


Glaceon couldn’t get out of the way in time. The wall slammed into her, sending her skidding across the floor. She jumped to her feet and winced as a burn spread across her body.

“Iron Tail!”

Mawile slammed into Glaceon, sending her flying further into the back wall. She slid down to the floor, unable to stand.


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Chapter Twenty-Two

“And Glaceon is unable to battle! Mawile and Samantha win this match!”

The crowd roared. Ashley frowned and gritted her teeth as she recalled her Pokemon.

“Great job, Mawile!” Samantha exclaimed, rushing onto the stage to hug her Pokemon. Ashley watched her for a few seconds before stalking off the stage. Samantha glanced in her direction before following after her.

She caught up to Ashley in the empty coordinator’s waiting room. The coordinator was staring at her reflection in a mirror. Samantha flinched as the waiting room’s lights caught the sheen on the mirror’s surface.

“What do you want?” Ashley snapped.

“I…I just wanted to tell you how well your Glaceon battled out there…”

“What?” Ashley spun around. “What do you mean?”

Samantha frowned. “Did you know that one of the first Grand Festivals I ever watched was one you participated in?”

Ashley was taken aback. “It…it was?”

Samantha nodded. “It was a few years ago in the Hoenn Grand Festival…” She smiled. “You battled all the way to the final round…”

“Only to lose!” Ashley snapped, interrupting Samantha. Frustration pulsed in her eyes as tears slid down her face. “I was beaten by someone who had less experience than me...with a Claydol of all Pokemon. I should have won…”

“But you pushed your Glaceon too far,” Samantha replied, remembering the day she had watched the final battle of the Hoenn Grand Festival. Sitting in her room in Slateport with Leafeon curled up at her feet, she felt her heart sink at the pain written on the ice-type’s face and the frustration that crossed Ashley’s visage. Glaceon had sustained a heavy burn wound from Claydol’s Hyper Beam and was struggling to stand.

“Instead of figuring out a way to disable Claydol, you got frustrated and ordered Glaceon to power right into its attacks…Which ended up costing you the battle.” As Samantha said this, Ashley ducked her head in shame. Samantha sighed as she pressed on. “However…in the next Grand Festival in Jhoto…You were up against an Arcanine in the final round…and you had learned your lesson.” She smiled. “You outmaneuvered that fire-type so well…I thought…it would sure be grand to face up against the new and improved you.”

Ashley’s head shot up and she gave the green-haired coordinator a disbelieving stare as Samantha continued. “It was you who inspired me to become a coordinator, Ashley, no matter how much of a ***** you are off of the contest stage.” They both smiled, and Samantha felt her heart lighten. Now was the time to mend the rift that had formed between them.

“I’m sorry,” Ashley said finally, ducking her head. “At Aaron’s house…I was just worried about my parents and needed David’s company, so I was jealous of you.”

Samantha sighed. “It’s fine…I understand.”

“Hey, Miss Lynn?”

Samantha turned to see a woman with purple hair and pink eyes holding a clipboard in front of her. “The ribbon ceremony is about to start.”

“Okay…” She turned back to Ashley, who smiled and nodded.

“Go on out there and get your hard-earned ribbon.”


“The Hearthome Contest ribbon is presented to Samantha Lynn from Slateport City, Hoenn, and her Chimchar and Mawile!”

As Jillian handed Samantha the ribbon, the crowd roared. The loudest Aquapolians in the room were Katie and Ashley. After the crowd died down, the two girls smiled at each other.



Dawn and May turned to see David running toward them. He stopped a few feet away. “How is the search for my parents going?”

The two coordinators looked at each other. “It’s going slowly,” May said. “This new Team Galactic has even stronger security than the first had.”

“Oh…” He frowned.

“But rest assured, we’ll find them,” Dawn smiled.
David sighed.


The cathedral was quiet as Katie slipped inside. Evan was standing near one of the glass windows, examining a depiction of Palkia.

“Hi,” Katie said as she stepped into the aisle where he stood.

He smiled. “How did the contest go?”

“Well, my friend Samantha won with her Mawile. She only has a few more ribbons to earn before she can compete in the Grand Festival.”

Evan nodded before looking up at the windows again. There was silence until he spoke, “There are some who can use the six powers as their own.”

“Really?” Katie asked, her eyes glancing at a depiction of Lugia.

“Yes, like the Chosen One. You may possibly be able to use them yourself.”

Katie started in surprise. “How…how do you know that?”

“You are the Daughter of Shadow and Light, so it should come easily to you.”

Katie stepped away from him. “How do you know who I am? Who are you?” She demanded, her voice rising.

“Just someone who is concerned about whether or not you learn how to utilize the six powers…There are dark times ahead, and this new Team Galactic is in the middle of it.”

The ominous tone that had taken over his voice caused her to shiver. She wondered if he was one of the monks at the Cave of Origin or a sage on Mt. Pyre or the Lavender Tower. Only psychics such as those could sense disasters as well as an Absol could She suddenly realized that she knew nothing about Evan, whether he was friend or foe. What if he was part of Neo-Team Galactic and this was a trap?

She turned away to leave. “Wait!” He called before she walked a couple of steps. “I’m here to help you. I’ve studied the six powers for years. I know how to teach you to use the.”

Katie kept her eyes on the floor. “I think I should leave now.” With that, she took off, leaving Evan behind.

He sighed, frustrated, his eyes traveling back to the image of Palkia.


“Good news, everyone!”

The group looked up from their sandwiches to look at Chichiri, who was pointing to his Pokeall.

“My grandparents and several sages from Mt. Pyre are in Celestic Town, and they can give us a tour of the Celestic Ruins.”

Katie grinned. “That’s great! We’ll leave for Celestic this afternoon!”


“There are so many sages here. It may be impossible to enter the Chamber of Time undetected,” Colin said, his eyes on the group of sages that milled about in the middle of Celestic Town.

“We have no choice. If we fail, Aphrodite will just send others after the Diamond Orb,” his Umbreon replied, her ears twitching.

Colin sighed. “Let’s wait until dark before we go inside.”


“Wow, there are a lot of sages here,” Ashley commented as the group entered Celestic Town, which was crowded with sages.

Chichiri nodded, his eyes shining. He was in his element here, with others who had strong senses and who admired the legends and history of their country. Katie wondered if he missed Mt. Pyre, even though he had only been gone for a few months. She smiled as several sages approached him, berobed in the blue clothing that all Aquapolian monks and sages wore. Chichiri started to speak even faster than he normally did, not tripping over a single word in the process.

Katie had the strange sensation that many eyes were staring at her. Sages stopped walking to glance at her, and excited whispers surged through the crowd. She wondered if they could sense that she was someone unusual or knew that the color of her eyes was unusual enough to the common eye…and to theirs.

Two sages stepped out of the crowd to greet Chichiri. They both seemed dignified in their dark blue robes, walking with confident strides that were present in all powerful and experienced psychics. Both had pure white hair and piercing green eyes that took in everything that occurred in Celestic. From the way they tilted their heads every once in a while, Katie suspected that they could sense everything that was happening in a mile radius. Both favored Chichiri greatly.

“Grandfather! Grandmother!” Greeting them with English titles, Chichiri raced forward to wrap his arms around his grandmother’s neck. Ashley instantly straightened up, realized that not only were they related to Chichiri, but they were also quite important by the way the other sages treated them with respect.

“My, my, Chichiri. You certainly have gained a lot of new friends in Sinnoh,” Chichiri’s grandmother said, smiling at the group of teenagers. “Most of them girls…”

“Everyone, these are my grandparents, Kazune and Kikuri Higuchi. They are the head sages on Mt. Pyre.” Both bowed. “Grandfather, Grandmother, this is Samantha Lynn. She’s a coordinator from Slateport City.” He gestured to Samantha, who smiled.

“This is David McCauley and his sister Ashley. David’s a trainer in the Platinum Conference and Ashley is a coordinator. They’re both from Veilstone City. And…this is Katie Karasuma. She’s a trainer in the Platinum Conference from Snowpoint City.”

The Higuchis eyes seemed to linger on Katie for a few minutes. Finally, Kazune spoke up. “Why don’t we give you a tour of the ruins?”

They smiled. “That would be wonderful,” Samantha said.


The Celestic Ruins only had a few visitors that day. The group stepped inside and followed the Higuchis to the back wall where depictions of Dialga and Palkis sat on either side of a golden triangle.

“The writings on the walls tell the instructions for summoning Giratina,” Kikuri said. Katie’s eyes followed the curling Aquapolian script that graced the stone walls. Oddly enough, no one, not even sages could read Aquapolian anymore, a language lost after the first Great War. She pushed back her black hair from her eyes so that she could examine the mural more closely.

“The triangle represents the three lake legendaries, Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie,” Kazune explained. “The last time they were gathered together was some twenty odd years ago.”

The group exchanged looks before following the Higuchis out of the ruins.


The Chamber of Time was quiet as Colin slipped inside, his eyes on the Diamond Orb in the middle of the room. He could feel slight pulses of energy spread throughout the room, the orb a prime source of legendary energy. The Aquapolian civilization had been granted a similar orb sixteen thousand years ago to power their country using legendary energy. Millennia later, the orb’s energy supply remained at the same level, never running out, the ultimate source of energy.

He approached the orb cautiously, reaching out to wrap his fingers around its surface. He followed the swirling lines of energy inside of it with his eyes for a few seconds before stepping back.

“The orb stays here.”

He spun around to come face-to-face with a light blue-haired man with pearl eyes. He stumbled backwards, nearly dropping the orb as recognition flooded his eyes. The files that were still in the Galactic database contained information on all the former Galactic members. An image of the former leader flashed in his mind.

Colin couldn’t believe that after all the lectures and conversations he had endured about this particular man from Aphrodite, he was now standing face-to-face with Cyrus, the last man to summon Giratina and, apparently, serve as Aphrodite’s role model. His mouth went dry as he remembered that Cyrus had died.

Cyrus observed him a few more seconds before muttering, “You’re different from the others…”

Colin took a step backward, and his eyes widened as a Garchomp appeared behind Cyrus, ready to strike. The man’s eyes narrowed, and he teleported out of the way to avoid being hit by a Metal Claw.

Kevin appeared behind the Garchomp, his fingers wrapped around another Poke Ball as he stepped into the room. He did a slight double take when he spotted Cyrus before his eyes grew cold once again. “Grab the orb, now!” He snapped at Colin before releasing the Pokemon from his grasp.

A Gardevoir appeared before him, her eyes narrowing at the man who stood before her. Cyrus found himself staring into two cold, soulless eyes instead of the red warmth he usually encountered when greeted by a Gardevoir. The darkness in her eyes reminded him of countless other Pokemon that had met their doom more than twenty years ago in the Orre desert. A glance over to the Garchomp confirmed his suspicions.

“What have you done to them?” He demanded, his eyes on Kevin, who stood proud and tall between the two dark Pokemon, proudly showing off his work. Colin took this chance to snatch up the Diamond Orb.

Cyrus glared at Kevin. “Shadow Pokemon…” He muttered. Kevin smirked, brushing his hair back out of his face. The Gardevoir hummed, teleporting him, Garchomp, and Colin out of the chamber before Cyrus could stop them. He sighed, glancing over to the altar where the Diamond Orb had sat.


“Kazune! Kikuri!”

Both psychics turned to see a man with feathery-like dark blue hair that swept over soft brown eyes run toward them. He wore the same light blue robes that all of the sages wore.

“The Diamond Orb! It’s gone from the Chamber of Time!”


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“My, my, Chichiri. You certainly have gained a lot of new friends in Sinnoh,” Chichiri’s grandmother said, smiling at the group of teenagers. “Most of them girls…”



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Chapter Twenty-Three

As expected, the Chamber of Time was bare of any objects. Kazune and Kikuri regarded the stone altar in the middle with troubled looks that made everyone else nervous.

“Who would steal the Diamond Orb?” Kazune asked aloud, his eyes on the altar. Kikuri shook her head. The group of teens glanced at each other.

“I have a guess…but we may be too late to catch up to the culprits.” Everyone turned around to see Brandon in the doorway.

“Brandon? What are you doing here?” David asked, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Didn’t I tell you before kid? I research all of the ruins in Aquapolis!”


The grains of sand covered the front of his face, forcing him to keep his eyes shut to avoid direct contact with any of the sand that lined the beach. He couldn’t bear to look up in fear that his sign of respect would be broken. For the first time in his life, even after the death of his parents, he was on the verge of tears.

He could hear her shift her weight from one foot to another, completely indecisive over the situation presented to her. He prayed that something in her angelic nature would pick up on his sincerity to change, if only driven by the small feelings he was developing for her, a once-sworn enemy.

He could hear her emit a sigh that struck him as sad and pensive. Finally, for the first time since his request, she spoke. “Kirio, are you serious about this?”

Without hesitation, he lifted his eyes to her and said, “Yes!” They held eye contact several seconds before she gave him a warm smile and held out her hand.

“Then let’s begin, shall we?”


“Dad? What are you doing here?”

His daydream collapsed, leaving Kirio in the cold grip of reality. Katie was looking at him quizzically, her Aquapolian crystal eyes bright with confusion and pleasant surprise. His heart warmed a bit seeing his daughter’s smile once again. She flung her arms around his neck in a tight hug, burying her face in his suit.

“I’m sorry!” She unexpectedly cried out, teetering on the verge of tears. “If I had told you and the Legendary Team sooner, David and Ashley’s parents wouldn’t have been kidnapped!”

His heart sank at her confession. He knew she was truly not at fault. He had been mentally kicking himself about the McCauley’s disappearance over the past few weeks. They should have expected a force like Neo-Team Galactic to be the culprits behind the kidnapping.

Samantha stepped out of the ruins into the fresh air, her dark purple eyes smiling at the rare, warm moment between Katie and Kirio. His heart sank even further when he realized she was in a good mood. The news he was bringing her was far from happy.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Dad?” Katie asked, letting go of him and flashing him a concerned look. Samantha drew closer, catching onto the Karasumas’ somber mood, causing her to frown with worry. He ducked his head, searching for the right words.

“Samantha…we were trying to get in touch with your parents the other day to talk about the McCauley’s disappearance. Max called your home and their PokeAlls several times…but there was no answer, so Mars and Dawn went down to Slateport…only to find your house ransacked and your parents gone.”

Samantha froze, unable to believe the words that had come out of his mouth. “What?” She ducked her head. “How could they…be gone?”

Katie’s eyes widened at her friend’s pain. “It must be Neo-Team Galactic!”

“Samantha, the Legendary Team is working on getting your parents back safe and sound,” Kirio said.

Samantha nodded and he sighed. “I have to get back to Jubilife.” He looked up to see Brandon exit the ruins. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes,” Brandon nodded. He turned to Katie. “See you later, kid.” With that, he and Kirio walked away, Kirio glancing back at the two girls. Katie put her hand on her friend’s arm.

“It’s okay,” Samantha said, smiling and looking up, though her eyes were full of tears. “Let’s head on to Canalave.”


Colin stepped into full view of everyone in the cell, his head ducked so that his white bangs covered his eyes. Pluto stood beside him.

“Who are you?” A woman with short green hair and dark purple eyes asked.

“I am Pluto, and this is Colin. We are members of Team Neo-Galactic.”

“What?” Gasped the man beside her. He had dark green hair and light purple eyes. “Team Galactic has been re-formed?”

Pluto sighed. Unlike the numerous publicity stunts the original Team Galactic pulled to spread their name throughout Sinnoh, Team Neo-Galactic had remained undercover and secretive since they re-formed a few years beforehand. Frankly, his mission to undermine Aphrodite was impeded by the fact that he could not recruit teenagers like Colin and Kris simply because word had not spread that Team Galactic was back.

Colin fielded the man’s question. “Yes, Team Galactic has returned under new management, but we need your help to make sure the organization does not go through with its plans.”

As expected, the couple was confused, furrowing their brows in frustration as they took in the Galactic “G” symbol on both men’s uniforms. Pluto sighed, taking initiative to answer their unanswered question. “We are trying to undermine our leader’s operation.”

“And we’re going to need your help,” Colin added.


Lake Verity glittered beneath the noonday sun. Katie stretched and sighed as her friends lay out on the grass around her.

“We should totally stay here for a little while before heading to Canalave,” David said, closing his eyes.

“Sure…” Katie said before turning around to discover that her friends had already fallen asleep. She sighed and glanced out at the island that sat in the middle of the lake. Shade trees rustled as the wind blew through them, providing the only sounds for the blissful scene.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting the wind lift her raven black hair off her face. The warm sun had made her sleepy. Maybe she would fall asleep standing up if she stayed like this a little longer…

Eventually, she forced her eyes open, lowering her head to look out at the small green island once again. Something rustled in the bushes on the island, eventually poking its furry, dark blue head out to stare at her. She was surprised to see the Luxray beckon her over.

She landed on the soft grass beside the Luxray, following him into the cave that stood on the island.

Katie stepped into the cave’s inner chamber, glancing around at the ruins on the walls. Her eyes shifted over and caught sight of Evan with his back to her. Her eyes widened, and she took a step back. He turned around, his eyes on her. She froze, staring at him. He turned fully around and sighed.

“I’m sorry that I startled you in Hearthome. I was simply trying to help.” He ran a hand along the deepest ruins in the chamber, watching as they lit up a pearlish pink shade that matched the color of his eyes. Katie absentmindedly brushed the ruins on the wall beside her to see if they would light up at her touch. Indeed, they glowed a bright Aquapolian crystal blue.

“Help me with what?” She asked, steering her mind back to the man in front of her.

“You’re incredibly lacking in your ability to use your light powers. You can transform into your Umbreon form easily, but there is another side of your powers you must learn.”

She hesitated before saying, “Okay…”

He nodded. “The basic light attack that you must know is the Light Blast. You must gather all of your energy to use it and push your Umbreon form aside.”

She nodded, closing her eyes. She focused on pushing her dark side back as she raised her arms. The air around her crackled with energy as a surge of light energy burst forth, flying toward him and slamming into a pearl force field. She opened her eyes and blinked, amazed at the amount of energy she had been able to summon. She had thought that her so-called amazing powers would only come as a result of extensive training, but they seemed to be as natural to her as breathing.

A rush of excitement filled her. “Wow! That was amazing!” She couldn’t wait to try it again. She was pleased with the surprised look on Evan’s face. She had impressed him…but why did that make her happy? What was he to her? The mentor she had never had?

Her excitement was cut short when Evan’s surprise turned from wonder to concern. She heard footsteps behind her, stopping short a few yards away. Katie followed his line of sight and turned toward the figure behind her.

Bright pink hair folded over soft pink eyes on the face of the teenage girl behind her. The girl’s hair was tied into a high ponytail on her head and swayed in the nonexistent wind of the chamber. She wore a pink kimono that was the exact shade of her hair tied with a baby blue sash around her small waist. The air around her seemed to twist and turn with energy. Katie couldn’t take her eyes off of her.

The girl seemed surprised to see Katie in the chamber, frowning slightly before speaking in a soft voice. “I’m sorry, but I must speak to senpai alone.” Her eyes shifted to Evan, who nodded.

“We will continue later,” he said bluntly. Katie’s heart sank in disappointment as she mulled over the fact that the girl had addressed Evan as senpai instead of sama, choosing to regard him as if he were simply an older acquaintance than an adult. Who was this girl? Evan nodded to her before leaving with the girl. Katie stared after them, wondering if she would ever make sense of the world she lived in.


The wind whistled through the trees overhead, lifting her pearl pink hair up around her face as she looked out across the lake. She turned to Cyrus with sad eyes, her thoughts elsewhere. “She’s grown to look just like Kris…” She mused, thinking back to days that had only passed a few decades before. Eighteen years passed by quickly for legendaries.

“What’s wrong?” Cyrus asked as concern flickered through her eyes. She turned to him, her attention shifting to another person all together. He sighed, understanding her look. Something, once again, was wrong with his niece. She cycled into and out of phases that led to depression so bad only he and Grayson could speak to her. By being cooped up in heaven, she was slowly dying inside, day-by-day.

“She’s growing restless,” the young woman murmured. “She keeps asking Grayson where you are…she can sense something is going on here on Earth, yet…none of the other legendaries can…not even the six powers.” She reached up to touch the branch over her head. “If her senses are correct…something huge is coming…”

“I’ll speak to her,” Cyrus interrupted. All that she sensed, he believed, was the familiar coming together of yet another prophecy. She wanted to be a part of it, but clearly knew the circumstances of why she was not to get involved. Except…her nature was calling her to act, and she could not stand to refuse.

The young woman let go of the branch above her head, letting it spring back into place. Sakura petals the color of her hair showered down and around her. She smiled softly. “I should be going now. Celebi and Jirachi wanted to see me earlier today. Sayonara, senpai!” She waved to him before walking away toward the forest.

“Good-bye, Mew,” Cyrus replied, watching as the legendary transformed into her true, flying kitten-like form and flew off into the wind. He stood there for a few minutes, his mind everywhere at once. He needed to take care of his niece first before continuing his training with Katie.

A drop of rain hit the water’s surface, spreading ripples out across the reflection in the pool. I looked up at the tree above me as it shed a few more drops of rainfall. The wind blew a few sakura petals into my face, and I blinked. I stood up, letting the wind rush past me. I stared determinedly at the temple in front of me and took a step forward.


Startled, I turned to see Grayson behind me, his Aquapolian crystal blue eyes shining with concern. “What are you doing here?”

I groaned and planted my feet firmly on the ground, swinging around and dashing toward the temple entrance. I could hear Grayson’s protests as he rushed to catch up to me. I flew up the stairs and into the grand hall, my eyes set on the portal before me.

Suddenly, Cyrus materialized in front of me, blowing me backwards. As wind whistled past my ears, I focused on righting my body, slowing down its speed as I effectively lowered myself to the floor, my feet planted on the ground. Both rage and sorrow flew through my mind. I wanted to lash out at Cyrus for stopping me, yet at the same time, I wanted to cry at the look of concern on his face. My emotions raged on as I stared at the portal, my only hope for returning me to the fight I had abandoned two decades before.

Cyrus fixed me with his gaze. At one point in time, his eyes had been cold and stern, unemotional and unfeeling. Now, they were warm, though filled with concern. He had told me numerous times that I had caused this change in him, that I had saved his life.

“Kristal,” he said firmly, taking a step toward me. The space around him shifted slightly at his movement. Not many people but legendaries and angels could sense and see the distortion of space that surrounded Cyrus, but I regarded it as normal. “You can’t return to Earth.”

“The time is drawing near!” I cried desperately, taking a step forward. Grayson tensed up as if to stop me, but Cyrus shook his head at my brother, who relaxed, his eyes still on me. “I can sense it! Can’t you?!”

“Kristal, you can sense many things that others cannot…” Cyrus argued. Grayson nodded. I tensed up in frustration. Cyrus was one of the six powers, and Grayson had once been one of the most powerful demons in the underworld. How could they not sense such a small disturbance? I was desperate to return. Desperate to help Katharine. I couldn’t stand by as she unknowingly walked to what could be her death. The thought brought me to the edge of tears as despair washed through me. I couldn’t stand not being able to help!

“Kristal…” Through the sheen of tears, I could see Cyrus cross the distance between us. He put a hand on my shoulder, and I instantly felt a bit better at his warm touch. “I will take care of things down on Earth. You must stay here.”

I nodded, and he sighed. “I’m returning to Earth now.” He looked up at Grayson. “Keep an eye on her.” He took his hand off of my shoulder and stepped toward the portal, disappearing into the light. I watched him go as more tears streamed down my face.


The waters around Canalave City were bright blue. Katie stretched and sighed as she gazed out of the Pokemon Center windows. “After my gym match today, we should totally go to the beach.”

Samantha’s eyes lit up at her suggestion. “We should! I know we’ve been a bit…lazy recently, but we can always find time to train later…right, Ashley?” She looked pointedly at the blue-haired coordinator, who shot her a withering glare. Ashley had been super cautious in her training since she had joined the group. She refused to train around Samantha for fear her battle style would be given away. Samantha chuckled at the girl’s glare, rolling her eyes at Ashley’s inability to take a joke.

David’s rumbling stomach interrupted everyone’s thought processes, and he blushed. “Could we please get something to eat before you face Byron? I won’t be able to sit through a gym battle on an empty stomach!”

It was Katie’s turn to roll her eyes. Truth be told, she was slightly hungry herself, but she was ready for her gym battle as well. Katie could feel the familiar battle nerves tensing up in her stomach, ready to launch her into well-executed action.

But, of course, food always came first.


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Chapter 3

What an asweome chapter there Chosen! It was amazingly written to perfection I must say, although the battle was quite short it was to the point and exppanded on many things that had already been set up in the previous chapters. I'm amazed at the level of intricate detail in the plot so early on! An amazing style of writing as well helps put this across so a huge congratualtion there. I'd also like to note however that the pacing towards the end felt on edge, I'm not sure if that was intential and I'm not even sure if it's a bad thing but it felt odd and I kinda like that actually so well done. There isn't really anything I can find wrong with this so big thumbs up :D


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Chapter 3

What an asweome chapter there Chosen! It was amazingly written to perfection I must say, although the battle was quite short it was to the point and exppanded on many things that had already been set up in the previous chapters. I'm amazed at the level of intricate detail in the plot so early on! An amazing style of writing as well helps put this across so a huge congratualtion there. I'd also like to note however that the pacing towards the end felt on edge, I'm not sure if that was intential and I'm not even sure if it's a bad thing but it felt odd and I kinda like that actually so well done. There isn't really anything I can find wrong with this so big thumbs up :D

Thank you for reading. :)


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Back on another visit to Serebii!

Yeah this chapter was good, I liked the way you portrayed Evan, though I think the whole "undermining the leader" scene would have fitted better right after the Byron battle.


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It's Christmas Break, so writing is definitely going to be done on a much more frequent basis than it has been performed before. However, I have shortened the chapter lengths and will do so from now until next summer in order to update more frequently (and to let you guys know I'm alive).

Chapter Twenty-Four

Katie bit into a piece of pizza, relishing its cheesy crust and warm tomato sauce. It had been forever since she had eaten pizza, and she was hungry. She laughed as David tucked into his third slice of the meal, racing Chichiri to see who could eat more slices in the least amount of time.

“Oh, please. You guys are going to make each other sick,” Ashley commented, rolling her eyes as she picked at her own piece. Ashley confirmed the diva coordinator stereotype by rarely ever eating any greasy food in order to keep a slim figure. Samantha, however, was an electric-type and blessed with nature’s fastest metabolism, allowing her to eat whatever she wanted and not gain a pound. Katie knew that Ashley was jealous of her rival, but would never say anything about the subject in front of anyone.

Katie finished her slice of pizza and stood up. “I’m going to go down to the Poke Mart and get some stuff. Do you guys need anything?” After she heard a chorus of “no,” she said, “Be back in a sec,” and ran out the sliding doors and into the street. She rounded several corners before coming to the harbor, where she started to step across the bridge. She heard a splash of water nearby and looked up.

She felt a tug on her bag that nearly pulled her onto her butt and felt her bag buckle snap. Footsteps started in the other direction as she righted herself and swung around to yell, “Hey!!!” A boy with rusty red hair was running in the other direction, her bag clutched in his hand. “Thief!” She bolted after him through the streets of Canalave.

The boy swirved through the foot traffic, avoiding passerby easily as he struggled to get away. Katie stepped up her speed a bit, catching up to him in a few seconds. Before he could reach the other side of the harbor, she launched herself at his back, slamming into him and forcing him to the ground. He sprawled onto his back, letting her bag go in the process. From her perch on top of him, she pushed the back of his head into the sidewalk forcefully.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” She practically shouted in his face. He had dark green eyes and looked to be her age. He frowned and tried to push her off, but she had a firm grip on him. “What did you want with my bag?!”

“Get off!” He yelled, blowing her back with a torrent of water. She landed on her butt a few yards away, crying out in pain. He stooped down to scoop her bag back up and bolted once again. She painfully got to her feet and rushed after him, following him to a small wooden house at the edge of the harbor. He tore in and slammed the door in her face, promptly locking it.

“Open up!” She shouted, banging on the door. She placed a hand on the wooden panel and pushed it through, stepping into a rough living room where the boy stood, defiantly holding her bag behind his back.

“This is my house…” He growled. “Get out!”

“Give me back my bag…now!”

“Tommy, what’s going on?”

Katie’s attention turned to the little girl with red pigtails standing in the doorway that led off to a bedroom at the side of the house. She was looking at the boy with a confused expression plastered across her face. She had brilliant emerald green eyes causing Katie to think that she was his little sister. He glared at her, having the nerve to be angry at HER for disturbing his sister, and turned back to the little girl.

“It’s nothing, Allison. Just go back to playing with Eevee.” He softened his voice from the gruff tone he had taken with Katie. The girl silently nodded and slid back into the room, shutting the door behind her. Katie saw no sign of parents in the house. Clothes were strewn around the floor and there were dirty dishes in the sink. With a jolt, Katie realized that maybe they didn’t have parents to watch over them. The situation, however, did not excuse the boy from stealing from her.

She turned to him, staring him down as she put her hand on her hips. “I won’t call the police if you hand me my bag back, now. I know you don’t want to be carried away without anyone to look after your little sister.” She could see him waver under her gaze, finally holding out the bag for her to snatch back. A few awkward moments passed between the two in which the boy stared down at his feet for the longest time. Katie sighed. She didn’t want to just leave. She wanted an explanation, but she was afraid that she had been two harsh beforehand to garner one from him.

She softened her voice, hoping that that would make her more inviting. “What’s your name?” His head shot up, his emerald green eyes glowing with anger and defiance. She didn’t think that she would get an answer out of him before he spoke.

“Thomas Moody. I’m a water-type,” he mumbled, shuffling his feet a bit. “What’s yours?”

“Katie Karasuma. I’m a light-type.” His eyes brightened a bit when she said this, followed by a confused stare.

“I thought all of the light-types were dead,” he mumbled, his prickly façade crumbling with each word. The emerald green fire in his eyes was dying slowly.

“All of them but me, unfortunately. I’m the last of my kind, I guess. Your sister’s name is Allison? What type is she?”
“She’s a fire-type,” he mumbled again.

Katie paused before asking again, “So, why did you steal my bag?”

He shuffled his feet before answering, “I’ve seen you battle in tournaments on the TV before, and I knew your Pokemon are very valuable…”

“So you were going to sell them?!” Katie gasped.

He ducked his head. “Yeah, we needed the money…”

She sighed, crossing her arms. “I can’t believe this…” she muttered, holding out her hand. He defiantly thrust her bag at her.

“Flareon!” Katie turned to see a Flareon step into the room, glaring at her.

“It’s okay, Flareon. She caught me red-handed,” Thomas said, though the fire-type continued to growl at him. He sighed, walking to the refridgerator in their make-shift kitchen. “Do you want some water?” He asked Katie. She shook her head, and he sighed. “Fine.” He poured himself a glass, but didn’t drink it. Katie stared in wonder as the water in the glass froze up in a matter of seconds.

“Wha…I thought you said you were a water-type,” she frowned, her eyes on the glass.

He shrugged. “I have a genetic defect that makes water freeze up whenever I come into contact with it.” He held the glass out beside him. Flareon unleashed a small Flamethrower that engulfed the glass and melted the ice. “That’s why I have Flareon with me…”

Katie sighed, taking in the boy’s circumstances wholly. He was wrong to steal, but he had to provide for his little sister…”Look, I need to get going. I have a gym match soon, so…”

“Yeah…” He looked like he was extremely ready for her to leave. “Thanks…for…understanding.”

She sighed again. “Not a problem…but if I catch you stealing someone else’s Pokemon, I’m definitely turning you in.” She turned around and left the house, slamming the door behind her and making him flinch.


“Are you serious?” David gasped as they walked toward the Canalave Gym.

“Yeah. He snatched it right off my back…” Katie relayed the snatch and chase that had occurred between her and the odd water-type teenage boy.

“Who does that?” Ashley scoffed, flipping her dark blue hair back over her shoulders.

Samantha looked sad. “I wonder what kind of state they’re in if he has to stoop so low to make money…”

“I don’t know…” Katie mumbled, shrugging her shoulders as they approached the door to the gym. She knocked on it and the doors swung open to reveal a girl with really long golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a black half-tank and mini skirt, and a Bronzor floated beside her.

“Yes?” She asked, looking around at the group.

“I’m here to challenge Byron,” Katie said.

“Okay. Come inside.” The girl ushered them into the front foyer and disappeared through a door off to the side. Katie fiddled with her pendent for a few seconds while she waited for the girl to reappear. When she did, she said, “You can go on in. He’ll take your challenge now.”

The gym arena was a simple rock arena with several boulders dotted across the floor. Katie stepped onto the challengers side, smiling at the gym leader across from her. Byron had crazy, rusty red hair and grey eyes and wore a miner’s uniform with a red cape tied around his shoulders.

“This is the second time you’ve challenged me,” he boomed in his deep voice. “Let’s see how you’ve improved.”

The electronic referee pinged to life beside them. “This gym battle will take place between the Canalave gym leader Byron and the challenger, Katie Karasuma from Snowpoint City. Each trainer will use three Pokemon each. The challenger will release her Pokemon first.”

“Okay…Go, Blaziken!” She shouted, releasing her fire and fighting-type. He roared onto the stage and stood in his usual fighting stance.

“Go, Bronzong!” Byron shouted, releasing his steel and psychic-type. The Pokemon floated in the air in front of Blaziken, staring the fire-type down.


“Blaziken, Blaze Kick!” Katie shouted, Blaziken’s feet started to glow with fire and he swung around, aiming a blazing kick at Bronzong, who floated backwards just in time to avoid the attack. Katie’s Pokemon sprang back, sensing seconds in time that a wave of psychic energy would emanate from the bell-shaped Pokemon. Katie traced Blaziken’s blackflip through the air with her eyes as she instinctivally stepped to the side to avoid being hit by the misdirected Psychic attack. She felt the vibrations of Blaziken’s landing through her feet, knowing that her fire-type was still safe to proceed.

When battling a psychic-type, Katie knew that it was always best to use long-range attacks in order to keep her Pokemon from being downed before they could even reach their opponent. However, Blaziken was the only fire-type in her arsenal, and the only Pokemon she had with her other than Umbreon who could take down the half steel Bronzong. She paused a few seconds, seeing if Byron would make a move.

On the other side of the battlefield, Byron watched as hesitation surged through the challenger’s body. Unfortunately for Katie, he knew the weakness Blaziken would show if it used any physical attacks on his Bronzong. Like an experienced trainer, Katie was waiting until Byron ordered an attack before she told Blaziken to strike. The steel gym leader smiled. He could, of course, stand there all day without ordering an attack, eventually forcing Katie to strike out so that she could have a chance to earn her sought-for badge. However, that would be torture to the young trainer. Byron had a better idea.

“Bronzong, Gyro Ball!” Byron ordered. Katie flinched as the psychic bell started to charge up a huge energy ball, blinded by its brilliance. She doubted that Blaziken would be able to strike with much accuracy. As she expected, her fire-type flung his hands in front of his eyes, shielding them from the light. At this rate, he would not even be able to dodge the attack…She would have to be his eyes.

“Blaziken, right start Blaze Kick!” Years beforehand, when Katie had first started her journey and was fighting Roark for the first time in the Oreburgh Gym, the rock gym leader had ordered his Onix to use Sandstorm. Overwhelmed by her own inability to see her Pokemon on the battlefield, she had panicked and lost control of the battle. Sitting on the gently winding slopes that overlooked Oreburgh at the base of Mt. Coronet, she gradually formed a plan that she and her Pokemon could follow at any point during which both were unable to see the opponent.

Katie stretched her senses, feeling for Bronzong’s aura at the other end of the battlefield. Instead of changing positions, it had felt confident enough in its ability to remain unseen to stay in one place. She smiled as Blaziken launched himself to the right, dashing around the right side of the battlefield.

“Bronzong, to your left!” Byron desperately shouted, alerting his Pokemon to change directions. Unfortunately, he also tipped Blaziken off to where his opponent was. Without needing further instructions from his trainer, the fire-type veered to his own left, slamming into Bronzong with full force and sending his opponent flying into the gym wall. A loud clanging sound filled the gym, causing Katie to cover her ears as the uncomfortable shock waves hit her full force. The sound slowly died down as Bronzong slid to the floor, knocked out completely.

“Bronzong is unable to battle. Blaziken wins this round,” the electronic referee announced as Byron unsnapped Bronzong’s PokeBall from his belt and recalled his lead Pokemon. Blaziken shot a triumphant look at Katie, who smiled happily back. That trick had never failed them, and she doubt it ever would.

Byron looked only a little fazed as he detached another Poke Ball from his belt and enlarged it with the press of a button. “Very good, but now you’ll have to face Steelix!”

As the large steel structured Pokemon emerged from its Poke Ball, Katie started to consider if it would be a good idea to substitute another one of her team members in for her Blaziken…


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As usual, your Gym Battles are great.

I also like how you portrayed the theft. Things liek that really liven a story up.

Also, it was a nice change, with Team Galactic not appearing at all(they are very nice to read, but a break now and then does wonders, and adds to the suspense).


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As usual, your Gym Battles are great.

I also like how you portrayed the theft. Things liek that really liven a story up.

Also, it was a nice change, with Team Galactic not appearing at all(they are very nice to read, but a break now and then does wonders, and adds to the suspense).