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Shadow and Light


Angel of Chaos
Hope those of you in American are enjoying Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2! :D To celebrate, you're welcome to read my own Harry Potter fanfic, For the Sake of the World (link in sig)! Some of your favorite characters like Cyrus and Rowan are in it as well!

Commence chapter that contains sucky contest appeals and battles (I'm sorry, but as the end draws near, my mind is on something else)

Chapter Thirty-Three

“We’re going around the Sinnoh region to clean up the fragments of Neo-Team Galactic and to officially disband the organization once and for all,” Colin explained. He turned back to the warehouse, where Pluto was yelling at him to get back to work. “Okay, sir! I’ll be right in there!” He yelled back before laughing. “Pluto’s going to run me ragged before too long. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it to the Platinum Conference to see you battle…” He cast his eyes down at the ground. “Take care of yourself…if what they say is true…that you’re a Heavenly Warrior…” He lifted his violet gaze from the dust below his feet, fixing Katie with a meaningful look. “You’ll attract trouble as strongly as Kris and Scarlet did. I don’t think Aphrodite was the last of the people you’ll have to face in terms of fighting for your life.”

“Don’t worry!” She smiled cheerfully, her Aquapolian crystal blue eyes glowing mischievously. “I’ll be on the lookout for anyone who wants to take a piece of me!” She turned back down the hill where her friends were waiting patiently for her to return. “Be safe, Colin!” She called before descending down the hill. Rocks crumbled underneath her feet, scattering clouds of dust around her and up into the air. Her mind was going a mile a minute, and, for some reason, she didn’t want to leave Colin’s side. She glanced back, catching his eyes for just a second before he turned back into the warehouse.

A chilling thought crossed her mind. According to her father, Kris’ death had come unexpectedly. Kirio hadn’t expected for her to die in his arms weeks after the Great War ended. Even the mighty Chosen One could be whisked away in a heartbeat…So, what about Colin? She turned around, catching a quick glimpse of the setting sun before dashing back up the hill and into the front hall of the warehouse, kicking up huge clumps of dust as she bolted toward Colin, who had his back turned to her.

“Colin!” He swung around at the sound of his name, his violet eyes wide. He hadn’t expected her to double back. Neither did he expect her to throw her arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. They stood for a while together in each others’ arms, finally cherishing the fact that they could be together without any boundaries. Neo-Team Galactic no longer served as a barrier to hold the two apart.


So much dust and dirt filled the old cardboard boxes that held the contents of my past life, I nearly coughed up a lung trying to dig through the articles of clothing and books to see what I had left behind. My desperate attempt to breathe apparently garnered Cyrus’ attention from all the way on the other side of the house, because, in a matter of milliseconds, he was standing beside me. His sudden appearance made me shriek and jump backwards, crashing into another pile of boxes and making a mess of the empty spare bedroom.
I struggled to my feet, glaring at him. “Would you stop doing that?” I snapped. On Earth, he had the power to move through dimensions so quickly, it seemed as if he basically appeared in seconds anywhere he wished. Teleportation on a regular basis wasn’t as fast or as simple as his stepping from one place to the other miles apart. There were subtle shifts in the dimension when he did this that I could sense, but I never paid attention until he was either right in front of me or until he spoke so suddenly, I was convinced I was hearing things. I dragged the boxes into a sloppy pile before turning to address him.

“If the coughing hadn’t killed me, your scaring me to death would have!” I shouted, still shaking from his sudden appearance. “As long as we’re on Earth, we really don’t have to use our legendary powers unless we really needs to.” I laid a hand on the top box of the pile, kicking up a small cloud of dust that made me cough once again.

“You may be able to rest whenever there is no immediate threat to the Earth, but remember, as one of the six powers, I must always be at work making sure space doesn’t get out of control,” he explained, leaning against the doorframe. I rolled my eyes and put the boxes in a neater stack. “Are you sure that it’s wise to travel to Sunyshore at this time?”

I glared at him. “We could always teleport there instantly. We don’t have to actually walk there.”

“I meant, is it wise to appear in public in Sunyshore?”

“The gym isn’t exactly public.”

“You know what I mean.”

“It will be fine. Besides, the real issue is going to the Platinum Conference…”

“Which you can watch on the television from here.”

I scowled at him. “I’m going to the conference, even if I have to drag you along with me so that you can make sure I stay out of trouble.”

He didn’t say a word before stepping out of the room. I sighed and continued rifling through the boxes until I was bored. I made my way back down the hall to the trophy room that Kirio had set up for all of the family’s achievements. My, Kirio’s, and Katie’s trophies, badges, and Frontier Symbols were displayed as well as pictures depicting our conference teams. My main team’s Poke Balls were also laid out for all to see. I picked all of them up and stepped outside with Umbreon at my heels.

“Come on out everyone!” I shouted, releasing all five Pokemon. Blaziken, Swampert, Staraptor, Espeon, and Luxray all rushed up to greet me, happy to see me back on Earth once again. They talked in a flurry of Pokemon and English, desperate to tell me how they had missed me over the years. I hugged each and every one of them in turn listening to what they had been up to during my absence quietly. My heart was heavy as I looked at their keen faces. They were ready to jump back into the conference circuit as soon as I said the word.

Looking down at the snow that had engulfed by feet, I apologized to them. “I’m sorry guys, but…we can’t compete in conferences anymore…” They looked disappointed, but no one spoke. Understanding looks crossed their faces as they each stepped forward to gather around me. “However…” I looked from one to the other, smiling. “We can still be together for a good time yet. I’ll be staying on Earth for, hopefully, a few months.” They cried out in glee, stampeding to hug me and bury me under a mountain of happy Pokemon. Umbreon nuzzled against my face, and Swampert raised me up on his back, jumping up and down like a Tauros in glee. I laughed and tried to hang on until Staraptor grabbed the back of my shirt and hoisted me into the air, placing me gently on the snow-covered ground and flying to sit in a nearby tree.

“They can have the run of the place if you’d like.”

Kirio’s voice lifted my spirits even more, and I swung around to see him standing in the doorway, his Umbreon sprinting into the snow to touch noses with mine. He had changed from the suit and tie he had been dressed in for the past few days into a simple black shirt, jacket, and blue jeans. He looked exactly the same as he had on the conference circuit decades ago. It was as if time had stopped twenty years beforehand and had stayed the same forever.

“Thank you so much!” I exclaimed, dashing through the snow as best I could and throwing my arms around Kirio’s neck. It was freezing cold outside, but, with my face pressed against his chest, I felt like I was next to the warmest fire in the world. We stayed wrapped in each others’ arms for a long time, savoring the time we had together while it lasted. The moment we had waited for for decades in which we could truly stay in each others’ arms without worry or obstacle.


“This is our last contest before the Grand Festival, and I want something amazing to wear!!!” Ashley shrieked at the breakfast table the morning after they had arrived in Hearthome. Chichiri stared at her, his ice blue eyes wide and frightful. He had never seen her pitch a fit before, and it was truly a sight to behold. Samantha sighed, not saying a word about her rival’s childishness while Michael simply glared at the coordinator as if to say that she was a spoiled brat.

Katie sighed. “It’s too far to walk to Veilstone, and its best if we stick to staying in Hearthome for the time being. Neo-Team Galactic may be disbanded, but there could still be dangerous agents walking around out there, and we can’t risk splitting up right now, right Kristine?”
Kristine was surprised that Katie had looked to her to answer the question. The shy former Galactic leader nodded. “Yes…why don’t you try the shops here in Hearthome? Don’t most of them cater to coordinators?”

“That’s just the thing! Most of the coordinators at this contest will be dressed in styles from Hearthome! I want to look different!”

“Then find something unique or change it up or something!” Katie snapped. “The contest starts tomorrow, anyway. It would take you too long to go to Veilstone and back.”

Ashley crossed her arms and glared at her. “Fine.” She jumped out of her seat and grabbed her bag. “I’ll be off until tonight, so don’t worry about me.” She stormed out of the Pokemon Center with her Glaceon at her heels. Katie sighed and turned to the others.

“Anyone up for some sightseeing?” She asked.

“I’d love to go to the Hearthome Cathedral,” Chichiri said.

“Michael and I are going to hit the shops,” Samantha said. Michael nodded.

“I guess I’d like to go to the Cathedral as well,” Kristine added.

“Great! We’ll all meet up back here for supper at six…and Ashley can meet us whenever…”


“It’s so huge…” Kristine said, gazing up at the Hearthome Cathedral.

“Yeah, you know…” Katie said as they stepped inside. “I met Uncle Cyrus here several times before I knew who he was.”

“Uncle Cyrus?” Kristine asked, laughing shyly.


“Well, not even Kris calls him uncle, and he’s her direct uncle…Plus, he doesn’t really seem like the guy who you call uncle, you know?” Chichiri explained.

Katie laughed. “Yeah, but still…he helped me out a lot to perfect my light powers…” She looked down at her hands. “I haven’t even transformed into Umbreon for a long time since we met…”

“It seems as if he cares a lot for Kris,” Kristine pointed out. “I can understand why he gave up his dream of using Giratina to destroy the universe to save her.”

“Kristine…” Katie hesitated.


“Just curious, but…who would you have given up destroying the universe for if you hadn’t been Shadowficated?” Kristine blushed at the question. “N…Never mind, you don’t have to answer that…”

“Kevin…” She answered, lowering her eyes to the floor.


She nodded. “But, now that I’m no longer trying to reach that goal…I think he’s mad at me.”

“Judging by the way he acted when we left the Dimensional World, he cares a lot about you.”



Kristine’s smile grew wider as they reached the front of the cathedral, gazing up at the stained glass windows.

“You think we could ever convinve Cyrus to replace Palkia’s image with his own, you know?” Chichiri asked, laughing, as he looked at the pearl window with Palkia’s form carved into it.

Katie laughed. “I don’t think so. Besides, pretty much the entire world still thinks Palkia is still alive, so…I don’t think anyone will be told any different anytime soon.”


“And now, put your hands together for the last Hearthome Contest before the Sinnoh Grand Festival!”

The crowd roared at Lillian’s announcement. The coordinators in the waiting room patiently waited for the first coordinator’s name to be called. Samantha was dressed in a black satin, short sleeved dress, while Ashley had chosen a short white halter dress with bright green trimming.

“The first coordinator on stage will be Greg Kakisu from Lavaridge City, Hoenn!”
A guy with white and grey hair stepped onto the stage, his blue eyes shining as he spun a Poke Ball into the air. “Go, Alakazam!” The psychic-type appeared on stage. “Ice Beam into Psychic!”

Alakazam shot a freezing cold beam of frozen air into the sky, twisting and turning it like a ribbon with its Psychic attack.

“Shadow Ball!”

The ribbon exploded, sending thousands of dark, glittery ice fragments into the air around them.

“Our next contestant will be Samantha from Slateport City, Hoenn!”

Samantha stepped onto the stage, smiling large at the crowd before spinning her Poke Ball into the air. “Go, Mawile!” The steel-type spun around on the stage, smiling at the crowd. “Shadow Ball into Metal Claw!”

Large balls of shadowy energy filled the air as Mawile danced around the stage, shattering each one into tiny fragments with its Metal Claw. Dark lights filled the arena, causing purple-shimmered glitter to rain down on the coordinator and her Mawile.

“The next coordinator on stage is Ashley from Veilstone City, Sinnoh!”

Ashley sauntered onto the stage, releasing her Ninetales in a shower of glitter. The fire-type poised beautifully on the stage, waiting for her first order. “Flame Wheel into Swift!”

Ninetales spun around, creating a fire tornado that was quickly surrounding by star-shaped energy balls. The stars spun around the tornado, glowing gold as they absorbed the heat.

“Shadow Ball!”

The ghost attack blew out the stars as the tornado faded. Ninetales and Ashley bowed to the crowd.

“Our next contestant is Paul from Ever Grande!”

A guy with bright yellow hair and dark brown eyes stepped onto the stage a few seconds after Jillian called out his name. He was decked out in a white suit with bright blue lining inside the jacket and walked as if he owned the place. Katie rolled her eyes as he pandered to the women in the crowd, who were screaming his name. She was sitting in the front row, unfortunately, and he walked right up to her, smiling slyly.
“Hello, baby,” he said, taking her hand and leaning forward. Several girls around Katie started to swoon at the close up sight of the handsome coordinator. “Want to go out sometime after this contest? I know a nice café down near Pastoria…”

“Not a chance,” she said, snatching her hand out of his and rolling her eyes.

He looked at her, offended. “What? You have a boyfriend?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” she said, crossing her arms. Kristine giggled at the hurt look on Paul’s face as he sauntered back onto the stage, glaring at Katie before throwing a Poke Ball into the air.

“Go, Rapidash!” He shouted, releasing the fire-type Pokemon. “Bounce into Fire Spin!”

The Rapidash tensed up, then sprang into the air as a circle of fire appeared around it. The warm air from the circle buoyed the Pokemon even further up as several more circles surround the Rapidash like orbital rings. The Pokemon lowered itself to the ground at the sound of the audience’s applause. Before Paul left the stage, he shot one more glare at Katie before striding away.

She rolled her eyes again. “Guys…”


“We’re sure to be in the top four,” Ashley muttered as the coordinators awaited the judges’ decisions.

“Isn’t it strange that May and Dawn aren’t judging this contest?” Samantha asked.

“They’re still being kept in the dark about Kris being back on Earth, too. I wonder what’s going on with the Legendary Team these days?” she shrugged. “They’re probably just taking a break.”

“All right everyone!” Jillian’s voice broke the silence. “Now to announce the top four coordinators who will advance to the next round! Ashley from Veilstone City, Samantha from Slateport City, Paul from Ever Grande, and Marina from Japan!”

Samantha’s eyes widened. “I didn’t know they let international coordinators compete in the final contests.”

“They don’t bar international trainers or coordinators from any rounds,” Ashley explained. “I’ve only seen a few in my day, but the ones from Japan are even more competition than the Aquapolian ones.”

“Now to see our matchups!” Jillian continued, turning to the board. “It will be Ashley vs. Marina and Samantha vs. Paul!”

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Floor that guy for us, okay Samantha?”

Samantha smiled. “With pleasure.”


“Our first semifinal match will be between Samantha from Slateport City, Hoenn and Paul from Ever Grande! Let the match begin!”

“Go, Raichu!” Paul shouted, releasing his electric-type.

“Go, Leafeon!” Samantha shouted, releasing her grass-type.

“Quick Attack!”

“Shadow Ball!”

Raichu rushed at Leafeon, but proved to be too slow. A ball of shadowy energy slammed into it, knocking it across the floor. Paul frowned in frustration.


This time, Raichu jumped into the air, crashing down on top of Leafeon with amazing speed aided by gravity.

“Razor Leaf!” Samantha shouted as Raichu got ready to slam into Leafeon again.

Razor-sharp leaves slammed into the electric-type, sending it flying into the wall behind Paul.

“Raichu is unable to battle! Samantha and Leafeon win!” Jillian announced. Paul angrily recalled his Raichu and glared across the stage at Samantha before storming off. She crossed her arms and smiled in his direction, felling grand at her victory.


“And now, our match between Ashley of Veilstone City and Marina of Japan! Let the match begin!”

“Go, Umbreon!” Marina shouted, releasing her dark-type.

“Go, Glaceon!” Ashley shouted, releasing her ice-type.

“Dark Pulse!’ Marina was the first to call an attack, her Umbreon rushing forward split seconds after its trainer’s orders. Ashley concentrated on its movements, her mind flipping through all of Katie’s gym battles she had watched during their travels through Sinnoh.

“Ice Beam!”

As the Dark Pulse rushed through the air at Glaceon, the ice-type jumped straight up into the air, spinning around several times before firing a beam of ice energy at Umbreon. The dark-type was too slow to dodge the attack, resulting in one of its paws freezing over immediately.

“Looks like your Umbreon is a little too slow! Glaceon, Quick Attack!”

Glaceon slammed into Umbreon, knocking the dark-type off of its frozen feet and slamming it into the far wall.

“Umbreon is unable to battle! Ashley and Glaceon win!” Ashley smiled as Jillian announced her victory and nodded into the audience at Katie, who gave her a thumbs up and a smile.

“No Umbreon is ever going to top hers in speed, I guess,” Ashley muttered to herself, smiling as she stepped off the stage.


“So, you guys are facing each other in the final round again, you know?” Chichiri exclaimed over dinner. “This is going to decide which of you makes it into the Grand Festival, right?”

Ashley nodded. “I would have rather faced Samanthat on the Grand Festival’s final stage, to tell the truth.” Samantha was startled by her rival’s statement, amazed that the blue-haired coordinator thought that much of her as to want to battle her in such a high-level match.

“Well, I guess things like this happen when coordinators travel together,” Samantha said, putting down her chopsticks. “You trainers are lucky that you don’t have to face up against each other until the conference.”

“I guess so, but then we don’t learn each others’ tactics quite as fast,” Katie pointed out. Chichiri nodded in agreement.

“So I heard you two made it into the last round of the Hearthome contest!”


The group turned at the sound of my voice, startled looks crossing their faces when they realized who was addressing them. I smiled, sliding into a seat next to Kristine.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be in public?” Ashley asked, her blue eyes wide.

“No one will recognize me, anyway. You can even call me Kris as long as you don’t say my last name around anyone,” I said, motioning to the waitor.

“Wait…How are you going to pay for your meal?” Katie asked suspiciously.

“My bank account was frozen when I died, so Kirio took it over and just opened it again so that I can use it whenever I want. Let me tell you, being Vice-Champion had its perks!” I turned as the waitor approached. He had messy light brown hair and grey-blue eyes that widened as he stepped closer. For a second, I was afraid that he recognized me, but it turned out that he was simply taken in by my looks. I sighed. Being an angel had its downside when you were in love with one guy and one guy only. Every other guy in the universe your age automatically felt a little uneasy around you. “Can I have the spiced lamb, please?” I asked. He nodded, mumbled awkwardly, and dashed away.

Ashley laughed. “Lucky you! He’s really cute, why don’t you ask him out?” When I blushed at her comment, she laughed again. “Come on, now! Why don’t you take advantage of the whole “angel-come-to-Earth” thing?”

Katie cleared her throat and I laughed at the embarrassed look that crossed Ashley’s face when she realized her faux pau. “I’m already with the guy of my dreams, Ashley. Katie’s the proof of that…” At Katie’s turn to blush, I threw up my hands to change the subject. “So, what Pokemon are you using for the final round of the contest?” I asked.

“I’m using Leafeon, and Ashley is using her Glaceon,” Samantha explained.

I nodded, then blanched. Everyone followed my gaze to the window I was sitting right in front of. Across the street from the restaurant stood Cyrus. And he was not happy.

“Um…you DID tell Uncle Cyrus where you were going, weren’t you?” Katie asked.

I burst into nervous laughing, “Uncle Cyrus?”


“You HAVE to call him that the next time you see him. I’d love to see the look on his face, but, unfortunately…”

“What are you doing here?”

Several shocked shrieks and yells of surprise erupted from the teenagers at the table at Cyrus’ sudden appearance inside the restaurant. Chichiri nearly fell off backwards in his chair, and Ashley tried to scowl fiercely at the former Galactic leader, then decided against it and simply tried to regain her composure. I glanced wildly around the restaurant. Not many people had noticed the uproar at our table, and those who had were no longer interested in the doings of a group of teenage trainers and coordinators having dinner together.

While the rest of the group were pulling themselves together from the brink of nearly having a heart attack, I turned to Cyrus, noticing the storm clouds in his eyes and wincing. He was definitely angry at my sneaking away to Hearthome. I gathered my thoughts and tried to speak, but he beat me to it, scowling the entire time. “I thought we agreed that you were only to observe the Sunyshore gym battle and nothing else? What are you doing in Hearthome?”

Skipping over the vast expanse of intelligence that I had inherited from my uncle, I blurted out, “What are YOU doing in Hearthome, hm?” I raised one eyebrow, hoping that I could at least change his angry look to an exasperated one. No such luck. His frown only deepened. I sighed, giving up as I told him the truth. “I’m getting tired of being cooped up in Snowpoint. I mean, the Karasuma home is big, but…” I nudged my glass of tea a few inches, concentrating on the condensation that spread across the wooden countertop. I tried to focus on anything but Cyrus’ angry look. “I miss traveling around, and…”

“Those days are over.” His sudden interruption and sharp voice startled me completely. A cold feeling washed over me as I recognized the tone of his voice from before I defeated him in the battle over Giratina. It was cold, emotionless, and calculating. I wondered if a part of his past would always stick to him, even in his mannerisms. Then, the full feeling of his words hit me. I would never be able to compete in tournaments again. Never be able to train and battle gym leaders. My days as a trainer on the conference circuit were over.

My sudden sadness and downcast face were instantly picked up by the rest of the group. Katie scowled at Cyrus, returning her great-uncle’s angry gaze for making me feel worse about my own situation than I should. I couldn’t stand the looks the others shot me, looks of pity and sadness that I couldn’t look at…and wouldn’t look at for much longer.

My chair clattered against the wooden floor so loudly, patrons at the other side of the restaurant turned to see what the cause of the sudden noise was. Rushing from the restaurant, I was followed by Cyrus into the street.
“Kristal!” I could hear him calling my name as I stepped across the street, fighting back the tears that stung my eyes. Despite the fact that I knew he cared so much about me to never purposefully hurt me, Cyrus’ words could be insensitive at times. I pushed past the people crowding the busy Hearthome streets, wiping my eyes and swearing to myself I wouldn’t cry this time.

“Kristal, I’m sorry.”

I spun around to see that he was only a few feet behind me. His pearl eyes were dark with worry and a sad expression crossed his features. I turned away from him to glare down at the pavement beneath my feet, staring at my shiny black boots for a few minutes as I fought the thousands of things I wanted to say to him aloud…but I wouldn’t. I tried to take several deep breaths, but they came out as sobs.

I struggled to speak as he drew closer. “Let’s…let’s just go back to Snowpoint…” I managed to gasp out as he put a hand on my shoulder, trying to steady my emotions through his touch. My vision swam with tears as Hearthome faded from sight.


Angel of Chaos
Well, we're getting extremely close to both the end of Shadow and Light and the beginning of another school year for me! I go back to school on August 20th, which means writing will slow down enormously until December. Hopefully, I'll get one more chapter up before then. To those of you who don't know, if I don't post for months at a time, that doesn't mean I've given up on my fanfics (NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER). It just means I'm at an insanely hard college that gives me little time to write during the school year.

Chapter Thirty-Four

The bright spotlights succeeded in nearly blinding Samantha as she stepped onto the contest stage to the roar of the audience. For this final contest battle, she had chosen a simple, short-sleeved blue dress that fell to her knees. The night before, she had decided to save her fancier dresses for the Grand Festival’s stage. Focusing on not tripping as she ascended the few steps to the stage, she gazed across the hall at Ashley, who wore a confident look on her freshly made-up face. Like Samantha, the blue-haired coordinator had chosen simple attire for the battle: an off-the-shoulder black shirt and short white skirt. The two coordinators nodded to each other across the stage, marveling at how they had grown closer by simply traveling together for a while. No longer would their matches be heated with antagonistic rivalry. From now on, each coordinator would enjoy battling the other.

Jillian stepped onto the side of the stage as the audience’s noise fell to a hush. She cleared her throat and stole a quick glance to either coordinator to make sure she was ready before the announcer began speaking. Confident that she could begin, she raised her microphone to start speaking. “Welcome one and all to the last battle round of this very last Hearthome contest before the Sinnoh Grand Festival! We have two very advanced coordinators on our stage today, both vying for a spot in the Grand Festival preliminaries! Everyone give a warm welcome to Samantha Lynn of Slateport City, Hoenn! This will be Samantha’s first Grand Festival if she wins this match, and her main battling Pokemon today will be her Leafeon! Facing Samantha will be Ashley McCauley of Veilstone City! If Ashley advances, this will be her third Grand Festival appearance! Her main Pokemon today will be Glaceon! It’s the battle of the rookie and the veteran as well as a battle between Sinnoh’s own Eeveelutions!” She took a step back from the stage. “Now, let the battle begin!”

Samantha was the first to release her Pokemon, tossing her Poke Ball into the air high above her head to release Leafeon onto the stage. The grass-type shook out her fur and gracefully sat down on the stage, waving her leaf-covered tail in excitement at the soon-to-be contested battle. Ashley tossed her Poke Ball directly onto the stage, releasing her Glaceon in a shower of sparkles. The ice-type gazed across the floor at Leafeon and smiled, waving her blue tail around her as she waited for her coordinator’s first command.

Samantha knew that time and dodging were of the essence. The more of Ashley’s attacks she could dodge easily and gracefully, the more points her opponent would lose. Even if they could only get a few hits in, if Leafeon was successful in depleting Ashley’s point counter, they could win. Thus, Samantha stood by, waiting for Ashley to attack.

At the same time, Ashley observed her opponent’s stance across the stage, realizing that the green-haired coordinator was not going to make the first move. Rather than the two of them stand there all day until time was out, Ashley decided to make the first move.

“Glaceon, Ice Beam!”

“Leafeon, dodge and Shadow Ball!”

Glaceon rushed forward and fired a freezing beam of ice energy toward the grass-type, who sprang up to dodge it, firing a ball of shadowy energy at the ice-type, who swept to the side and collided with Leafeon, sending it back a few paces.

“Shadow Ball!”

Glaceon’s Shadow Ball attack whizzed right past Leafeon’s ears, the grass-type evading it just in time. It barreled forward to slam into Glaceon in turn. Samantha glanced up at the scoreboard. The two coordinators were equal in points at that time.

“Shadow Ball into Ice Beam!”

This time, both attacks connected with their target, sending Leafeon flying across the stage. It caught itself just in time by firing a Shadow Ball at the ground in order to slow its fall, growling as its feet touched the floor.

“Razor Leaf and run, now!”

A stream of leaves bore down on Glaceon, who crouched to the ground to avoid the blast. It was taken completely by surprise when Leafeon slammed into it, causing the ice-type to jump up into the flurry of leaves.

The battle continued with both Pokemon dodging and receiving hits, refusing to give up. Both coordinators were surprised when the buzzer signaled that time was up.

“Now, let’s go to the points to see who is in the lead!” Jillian declared, glancing up at the point counter and exclaiming, “It’s a tie! Looks like both Samantha and Ashley are going to the Grand Festival!”

The two coordinators gaped at the announcement as the crowd roared. Then, grinning, they ran across the stage to shake hands.

“Well done, Lynn,” Ashley smiled.

“Not bad yourself, McCauley,” Samantha shot back and grinned as Jillian stepped forward to hand them both brown and grey ribbons.

The Karasuma house was silent as Cyrus and I sat in the main living room, waiting for any news from the Hearthome Contest. I shifted uncomfortably in the silence, hoping that Cyrus wasn’t too entirely mad about what happened in Hearthome. Finally, my PokeAll rang.


“Hey, Kris!” It was Katie.

“Hi!” I smiled. “Is the contest done already?”

“Yeah! Samantha and Ashley tied! They’re both going to the Sinnoh Grand Festival!”

“Awesome! Are y’all heading to Sunyshore now?”

“Yeah, we’ll see you there!”

“Okay.” I hung up the PokeAll and jumped to my feet. “Ready to go?”

Cyrus nodded and silently stood. I sighed as we left the living room for Hearthome.


The streets of Sunyshore were bright that morning. Katie skipped down the street toward the gym, ready to get her last gym battle over with.

“Aren’t Kris and Cyrus going to be here for your gym battle?” Chichiri asked, looking around for the two legendaries.

“Yeah, they said they’ll meet us here…Guess they’re running a little late,” she answered, pausing. “Do you guys think we should wait at the Pokemon Center for them?”

“I guess so,” Samantha said, pointing to the gym. A “closed” sign hung on its door. “Where do you think Volkner is?”

“Where do you think he always is? Let’s get to the lighthouse and gets this battle over with,” Ashley said, leading the way to the other side of the town.


“It’s been so long since I was last in Sunyshore,” I muttered as Cyrus and I walked down the streets of the city. It was nice to be out in public again and without having to worry about people recognizing me. “Do you think Volkner still hangs out at the Lighthouse?”

“Probably,” Cyrus replied. “We can check, of course.”

I sighed and we made our way to the lighthouse that overlooked Sunyshore City. Climbing its steps, we made our way to the viewing platform, where Volkner Sunyshore stood speaking to the newest members of the Legendary Team. Katie glanced away and smiled as we approached. Volkner cut off what he was saying to turn to us.

“Are you sure it’s safe to be out here?” He asked, a worried look on his face.

I nodded. “No one’s said anything so far. I’m pretty sure we’re safe.”

“Good.” He turned back to the group. “Now, I have two challengers…how about a double gym battle?”

Katie and Chichiri glanced at each other, surprised looks on their faces, then nodded. “That sounds great, you know?” Chichiri exclaimed.


“This double gym battle will be between Volkner of the Sunyshore Gym and the challengers Katie of Snowpoint City and Chichiri of Mt. Pyre. The gym leader will release his Pokemon first.”

“Go, Luxray and Raichu!” Volkner shouted, releasing his two electric-types. They landed on the gym floor, grinning at the challengers across the floor.

“Go, Umbreon!” Katie shouted, releasing her dark-type.

“Go, Gardevoir!” Chichiri shouted, releasing his psychic-type.

The two trainers stepped together to whisper about their strategy for a few moments before calling out their attacks.

“Dark Pulse!”


A ring of blue light surrounded the two Pokemon, and Umbreon bounded forward, dark pulses of energy flying at their two opponents.

“Slam and Thunder Fang!”

Raichu attempted to slam into Umbreon, but the Safeguard was too strong for it to break through. Luxray succeeded in breaking it with a Thunder Fang, but was hit by a Dark Pulse in return.
Both electric-types stumbled backward, but neither was badly hurt. Turning to each other and nodding, they reassured themselves by knocking their front paws together, almost like a bro fist. Katie couldn’t help but laugh at the Pokemon’s camaraderie, even though they belonged to their opponent. It was obvious that Volkner had trained this two Pokemon for a long time together and that they shared a close bond. She glanced from Umbreon to Gardevoir, thinking over their next move. Surely, they could surround the two Pokemon with an attack and take them down? Suddenly, an idea struck her and she stepped over to whisper to Chichiri. Volkner politely waited until they were down speaking until he made his next move.

“Raichu, Quick Attack into Slam! Luxray, back it up with a Thunder Fang!” The blonde-haired gym leader shouted. Raichu rushed forward, gaining speed quickly across the gym floor. Luxray followed at its heels, electricity sparking at its mouth as it prepared to give one of its opponents a jolt.

“Gardevoir! Take Umbreon up into the air with your Psychic!” Chichiri shouted. The psychic-type nodded, and its graceful blue eyes shone as Umbreon flew up into the air, levitating above the floor.

“Now, Umbreon, Dark Pulse!” Katie ordered. As if the Eeveelution had just sprouted wings, Umbreon dove through the air, firing its Dark Pulse at Raichu and Luxray, who attempted to dodge and attack it, but couldn’t quite jump high enough to catch the dark-type. After a few minutes, Volkner smiled, and Katie suddenly realized with horror that they had made a bad mistake.

“Raichu, Thunder!” The gym leader ordered. A crackling noise above their heads grew louder as Raichu prepared to attack.

“Gardevoir, put Umbreon down and use Psychic!”

“Umbreon, Dark Pulse!”

The two Pokemon’s attacks slammed into Raichu and Luxray, knocking them across the gym. They struggled to get up, but both collapsed to the ground, unable to move.

“Raichu and Luxray are unable to battle! Gardevoir and Umbreon win! The challengers Katie and Chichiri win this match!”

“Awesome job!” Katie high-fived Chichiri as Volkner recalled his Pokemon, walking across the gym to hand the two trainers their Beacon Badges.

“That combination had me fooled for a second there,” he said as they placed their badges in their badge cases. “I’m sure both of you will advance far in the Platinum Conference.”

I jumped down from the stands, hurrying over to Katie and Chichiri. “That was a great battle, guys!” I grinned. “I can’t wait to see you battle in the Platinum Conference!”

Cyrus stepped up beside me, a scowl on his face. “I don’t know if going to the Platinum Conference is a good idea, Kristal.”

“There are thousands of people at the conference. I’m sure no one would notice her,” Volkner said.

“Yeah, Uncle Cyrus, let her come. Please?” Katie asked. Her calling him “Uncle Cyrus” caught him completely off guard, and I laughed.

Sighing, he said, “Fine, but I’m not letting you out of my sight while we’re there.”

“Okay…Say, have you talked to David yet?” I asked Katie.

Her eyes widened. “No, let’s do that now.” She took out her PokeAll and dialed his number, waiting for the trainer to pick up. “Hi, David! We’re through at the Sunyshore Gym! How are you doing?” She waited for a response and smiled. “Well, you still have another week to get the last one! So get to Sunyshore ASAP! We’ll be in Pearl City and we’ll meet you there!” She hung up the phone and smiled. “He just got his badge from Snowpoint. He’ll be down here in a few days to battle Volkner.”

“The Grand Festival starts this weekend in Diamond City,” Ashley pointed out.

“Should we come with you and watch the opening rounds?” Chichiri asked.

“Nah, you guys should go ahead to Pearl City,” Samantha said. “We’ll be fine! Just as long as you tune in for our battles on TV.”

“So, I guess your group is splitting up here?” I asked.

Katie nodded. “Are you going to ride with us to Pearl City?”

I looked up at Cyrus, who nodded. “Yeah! That will be great!”

A few hours later, we were at the Sunyshore Pier, waiting to embark our separate boats.

“Good luck to both of you in the Grand Festival!” Katie said to Ashley and Samantha.

“Good luck to you, Chichiri, and David, too!” Samantha said. “Bye!” With that, the two coordinators boarded their ship.

“Katie! Our ship’s taking off!” Chichiri exclaimed. We scrambled onboard as the boat left the harbor. I could just make out the ship destined for Diamond City, its metal siding glittering in the setting sun. Two Aquapolians were waving fiercely at our boat, and I tried to wave back, but knew they couldn’t see me. Finally, finally I was traveling again. It wasn’t to win gym badges, compete in conferences, or track down criminal syndicates, but the thrill was just the same. I smiled widely, trying to contain my glee as the ship entered the open water, crashing through wave after wave.

A few steps echoed on the deck’s boards beside me, and I turned to see Cyrus approach the deck’s railing a few feet to my left. “It’s been a while since we’ve been to Pearl City, too,” he muttered.

I smiled. “It’s been two decades since the Diamond Conference, after all.”


Pearl City was crowded with trainers, tourists, and spectators. I kept a close eye on Cyrus so as not to lose the group. My uncle was tall enough to be seen over most people’s heads, and he was sure to stick with the group and not wander off. I strode up beside Katie, who was looking around with excitement.

“Man, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a conference!” I exclaimed, looking around at the huge crowds around us.

“This conference is bigger than the Emerald Conference,” Katie said. “That was the last conference I participated in before coming back to Sinnoh.”

I nodded. “I was running for my life during the Emerald Conference.” Kate’s eyes widened and I laughed. “The leader of Team Magma was pretty much out to kill me that year. I didn’t even know if I would live to see the conference.”

“There’s David!” Kristine exclaimed. We looked up to see the blonde-haired trainer standing in front of the Pokemon Center.

“You made it!” Katie shouted, racing to greet him.

He gave her a huge smile. “Took me a while, but it was worth it.” He looked around at the group, confused. “Where are Ashley and Samantha?”

“They’re at the Grand Festival in Diamond City,” I said. “It starts this weekend, so they couldn’t come with us.”

“That’s too bad…”

“We better go get registered,” Katie said to Chichiri. “We’ll be back in a few moments!”

“Okay!” I said. “We’ll be right here.”

“I’ve never been to a Pokemon conference before,” Kristine said.

“Really? Man, it’s exciting even if you’re not competing!” I exclaimed.

“Maybe I should try to enter one someday…”


“Name?” The woman at the front desk asked Katie. She had short red hair and purple eyes and wore a short collared white dress.

“Katie Karasuma.”

“Hometown and region?”

“Snowpoint City, Sinnoh.”



“Please present your badge case.”

Katie fished her case out of her bag and handed it to the woman, who looked over the badges before nodding and handing it back.

“Please tell me the names of the six Pokemon you are using.”

“Umbreon, Blaziken, Swampert, Espeon, Staraptor, and Luxray.”

“Okay, Miss Karasuma, you’re all set.” She smiled. “You’ll be on Stage 4 for your first preliminary round this afternoon. Good luck!”

“Thank you.” Katie walked over to where Chichiri had just finised registering. “Ready?”

“Sure am. What stage are you on?”

“Four. You?”

“Stage 1 this afternoon. I think I’m up first.”


Though the preliminaries were only simple one-on-one matches, hundreds of spectators showed up to watch as trainers battled it out for the right to enter the main tournament. The seats were so crammed, I had to lean into Cyrus to allow Kristine to even sit quietly. Unlike his actions during his time as Galactic leader, he didn’t shrink away from my touch. In fact, as always, I could feel some sort of relief and calm wash over him as I leaned against him, my head almost on the top of his shoulder. Even with my efforts to free up space, Kristine and I were still shoulder-to-shoulder. I glanced over at the former Neo-Galactic leader to see how she reacted to the sounds and sights of the stadium. An excited light sparkled in her lavender eyes, and she gazed around in wonder at the shouting spectators around her. She nearly jumped when the announcer spoke up, then laughed at her own foolishness. Her laugh was like a sweet child’s, and it made me smile, wondering how this girl could have possibly been raised by demons, yet have such a soft demeanor.

“Welcome, one and all to Pearl City and the first round of the preliminaries of the Platinum Conference! As you know, every trainer in this tournament today has already participated in the Diamond Conference, so we have some of the best of the best on our stage! We’re going to start things off today with a Hoenn native from Mt. Pyre who is an expert in ghost and psychic-types, and who placed fourth in his Diamond Conference run three years ago! Everyone welcome Chichiri Higuchi!”

The crowd roared as Chichiri stepped onto the stage. Excited, I jumped up and shouted, “Go, Chichiri!” Kristine laughed as several fans around us glanced over to see who was making so much noise. Cyrus sighed, but, thankfully, didn’t think to lecture me about keeping a low profile. As I sat back down, a guy behind me leaned forward, his light blonde hair flopping into his dark brown eyes.

“Is that your boyfriend out there?” He asked, in an oh-so-familiar tone. I was used to guys everywhere hitting on me, but this one seemed particularly interested. I shook my head and gave him a dazzling smile as I crushed his dreams.

“No, my boyfriend’s actually in Snowpoint right now. Chichiri is just a friend.” A frown crossed the guy’s face, and he leaned back and crossed his arms sulkily. Kristine giggled, and I smiled, remembering fondly how Scarlet had named her after me. I did see a lot of myself in her…the part of myself that was shy around strangers and tried to make peace with everyone.

“Our second battler today is from Ecruteak City, Jhoto, who has trained under Whitney of the Goldenrod Gym for several years before trying his hand at the tournament circuit! He placed first in his Diamond Conference run several years ago! Everyone welcome Diamond Conference Champion Robert Leo!”

The crowd roared even louder as Robert ran onto the stage, waving to the crowd in a relaxed fashion. He had spiky brown hair over which was jammed a bright red cap with a white Poke Ball outline on the brim. In addition, he wore a plain blue jean jacket and jeans with bright green tennis shoes. His bright blue eyes sparkled as he bowed to the crowd, waving to several fans who were extremely adamant about his paying attention to them.

“A coin was flipped before the match, so Chichiri will release his Pokemon first! Let’s get this first battle of the Platinum Conference underway!” A huge cheer rose from the crowd, and I screamed Chichiri’s name again. He turned and winked at me before releasing a Poke Ball from his pocket and throwing it into the air.

An Alakazam materialized and flexed its muscles, levitating off the ground a few inches as it waited for Chichiri’s first commands. As a native of Mt. Pyre, he was sure to have many psychic, ghost, and dark-types in his team, I was sure. This Alakazam was no lightweight either. From the gleam in its eyes, it was sure to be one of the most powerful Pokemon there.

Robert studied the psychic-type for a few minutes before choosing his Pokemon, letting a Poke Ball spin into the air and release his Pokemon in a blazing blast of light. An Empoleon landed on the stage’s floor and roared, spreading its fins out on either side as it attempted to intimidate its opponent. Alakazam didn’t flinch at the water-type’s entrance.

I could see Chichiri thinking through his strategy. Because of Empoleon’s second typing, it would be hard to strike the evolved starter down with a psychic attack. He would have to use Alakazam’s over attacks to take his opponent out. Finally, a spark shown through Chichiri’s bright blue eyes, and he called out to his Pokemon, “Alakazam, Thunderpunch!”

Without even touching the ground, the psychic-type flew at Empoleon, gathering electric energy into its fists to slam into the water-type. The Pokemon placed its fins in front of its face while waiting for Robert to order an attack. The brown-haired trainer quickly made up his mind and shouted, “Defend yourself with Metal Claw!”

It was Empoleon’s turn to glow as a thick surface of steel covered its fins. With a cry, it rushed forward to slam into Alakazam, who was unable to do full damage to the water-type as long as the metal was in the way. Chichiri frowned, and ordered, “Use Psychic to lift it up!”

Empoleon, which could not normally fly, was lifted high above its trainer’s head. Robert was unable to do anything as Alakazam raced upwards, readying to slam into the water-type at full force. Suddenly, the trainer pulled himself together and shouted, “Hydro Pump!” However, the psychic field around Empoleon twisted the attack around until it engulfed the Pokemon, allowing Alakazam’s attack to carry more weight as it shocked the water and slammed into Empoleon at full force, lighting up the water sphere and the air around it. A few seconds later, the water-type slammed into the ground, knocked out.

“Empoleon is unable to battle! Alakazam and Chichiri win this match!”

The crowd cheered, and I shouted loud for the Hoenn native.


“This preliminary match will be between David McCauley of Veilstone City and April Kakisu of Pallet Town, Kanto! April will release her Pokemon first!”

April, a girl with brown hair tied up in pigtails and blue eyes, threw a Poke Ball into the air. “Go, Luxray!” She shouted, releasing the electric-type.

“Go, Houndoom!” David shouted, releasing his fire- and dark-type.

“Luxray, Thunder Fang!”

“Houndoom, Shadow Ball!”

Luxray raced across the stage toward its opponent, its fur bristling with electricity. Houndoom released a ball of ghost energy at the electric-type, whose side was grazed by the attack.



The two attacks slammed into each other, neither side giving up.

“Faint Attack!”

As if it came out of nowhere, Houndoom slammed into Luxray, knocking its focus off and allowing the Flamethrower to connect, causing the electric-type to faint.

“Luxray is unable to battle! Houndoom and David win this match!”

David smiled and recalled his Houndoom to its Poke Ball, waving to the crowd as he left the stage.


“Go, Katie!” I screamed, jumping up and down from my seat to get my daughter’s attention as she strode onto the battle arena. To my relief, she waved back, looking excited to see me instead of embarrassed that her mother was cheering so loudly. Of course, anyone who would look at the situation would think we were friends or sisters. Cyrus tried to pull me back down in my seat, but he wasn’t strong enough. I finally fell back on my own, grinning widely.

“You really miss competing in tournaments, don’t you?” Cyrus asked quietly, his eyes focused on Katie. I was surprised by his sudden question, but, at the same time, it made me smile. He cared enough to know that the few decades since I had competed in conferences had been painful. I nodded, turning to watch as Katie’s opponent stepped onto the other side of the arena.

“I sure do, but now…I’m just excited that I get to see Katie battle in my place.”


Angel of Chaos
Though it's a slow review time, I'll just give y'all a heads up that this will be most likely the last chapter I will post before I go back to school. The next chapter should be up sometime between now and Christmas.

Chapter Thirty-Five

Katie’s opponent was a quiet-looking Asian-Aquapolian girl with long, raven black hair and amber-colored eyes. She seemed to be only a few years younger than Katie, but she didn’t seem to be overwhelmed by the on-looking audience’s size at all. Like many other Asian-Aquapolian children, she probably had traveled around Aquapolis months at a time before returning for school to her home country. She wore a simply no-sleeved black dress and polished black boots.

“Our next preliminary match-up will be between Katie Karasuma from Snowpoint City, Sinnoh and Stella Ayanokoji from Kyoto, Japan! We have a battle between two Japanese-Aquapolians on our hands today, folks! Katie Karasuma has competed in many tournaments over the years and placed first in her Diamond Conference competition seven years ago! Stella Ayanokoji has been training for only about three years, but placed second in the Diamond Conference two years ago! Now, Katie will release her Pokemon first to get this battle started!”

Katie thought for a few minutes over her competition team. The strongest choice would be to lead with Umbreon, but her dark-type didn’t give her the coverage she needed. She decided on Swampert, taking the water- and ground-type’s Poke Ball from her belt and releasing it onto the battle arena’s stage. It roared fiercely, its stomping feet shaking the stadium as it crouched down to look across the way at its opponent. Stella also seemed to think for a few moments before releasing an Espeon. Katie gritted her teeth, cursing herself for not sending out Umbreon. It was too late to switch, so she decided to charge ahead with Swampert.

“Muddy Water!” She ordered. The ground shook around the water-type as fountains of dirty, mud-drenched water rose from the ground around them, shooting towards Espeon at a lightning-fast speed. Stella didn’t seem fazed by the first attack, simply ordering for Espeon to dodge the attack and get closer to Swampert.

“Oh no, you don’t! Take Down!” Katie screeched. The psychic-type ran headfirst into Swampert, who threw it across the stadium with the simple power of its bulk. Espeon stopped itself from suffering more extensive damage by gently lowering itself to the floor with its psychic powers.

For the first time in the battle, Stella spoke in a quiet voice to her Pokemon. “Espeon, Psychic!” A blast of psychic energy rushed at Swampert, who tried to destroy the beam with its Muddy Water attack. However, the psychic energy simply sliced through the water, slamming into Swampert’s chest. The bulky Pokemon was able to recover quickly from the attack, however, and Katie smiled, thankful that her training Swampert to increase its defenses paid off.

“Take Down into Muddy Water!”


Swampert rushed at Espeon, a stream of water surrounding it as it plowed into the psychic-type, not even stopping as a stream of psychic energy slammed into it. Espeon flew through the air and slammed into the ground, knocked out.

“Espeon is unable to battle! Swampert and Katie win the match!”

“Way to go, Katie!” She heard Kris screech from the stands. She turned to smile and wave up at her mother as she walked off of the stage. As the crowd’s roar grew softer and softer, Katie’s mind drifted back to her view of the stands. Out of all of the people that she had seen cheering for her in the audience, the clear absence of Colin’s familiar face was too saddening to shake off. Perhaps he was still helping Pluto clean up the last remains of Team Galactic? Still, hadn’t he promised her that he would be here?


A voice calling to her down the hall pulled her attention away from depressing thoughts to joyous ones. Standing on the other end of the hallway under the stands was Colin, grinning wildly. She rushed toward him and threw her arms around his neck, burying her face into his black denim jacket. “I’m so glad you came!” She said in a slightly muffled voice.”

He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly. “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. You’re most definitely going to win this competition, Katie,” he said, kissing her on the top of the head.

“Um, excuse me.” They pulled away from each other and turned to see an embarrassed looking blonde-haired guy behind them, his cheeks red at having interrupted such an intimate reunion. “I’m up next, so…”

“Oh! Sorry!” Katie quickly apologized, pulling on Colin’s jacket sleeve. “We’ll get out of your way! Good luck!” She called, racing out of the hallway with Colin laughing behind her.


“So, when’s your next match?” I asked, taking a bite of my Chinese food. It was the night after the preliminary matches, and all of us were gathered around the table at a nearby Chinese restaurant.

“All of our matches are spread out over tomorrow,” Chichiri said.

“Has anyone heard from Ashley or Samantha?” David asked.

“I talked to Samantha a few hours ago after my match,” Katie spoke up, taking a sip of her tea. “They’ve both passed the preliminaries, and the first few rounds of appeals start tomorrow.” She frowned, pushing her food around on her plate with her chopsticks. “It’s too bad we can’t watch them compete. Why did they have to schedule the Grand Festival and Platinum Conference at the same time this year?”

“It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Hopefully, if the fans make a lot of noise, they’ll get scheduled for different time slots next year,” Kristine spoke up. The young psychic-type was slowly becoming more relaxed and vocal around our group after she realized that no one hated her for what she had done while Shadowficated and leader of Neo-Team Galactic. She was starting to enjoy life again and laughed much more often. Katie had also made fast friends with her, both girls spending long hours talking with each other at night.

My heart skipped a few beats as I looked up from the table and saw Kirio step through the restaurant’s doors. He had been busy with business meetings for the past few days and was unable to make it to see Katie’s preliminary match. Now, as he walked toward us still dressed in his suit from work, it seemed as if he had more meetings on the way. I bolted up from my seat at the table and ran across the floor, skidding a bit as I threw my arms around him.

Back at the table, I heard Cyrus address Katie, who was sitting right beside him. “I thought that he wasn’t going back to work until we resolved the issue of his appearance…?”

“He doesn’t look that much different than he did before,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Besides, people wouldn’t think of asking any questions, because this change in appearance would just make them believe their eyes are playing tricks on them. Who would believe that he magically became seventeen again overnight? Also…” She smiled widely. “He didn’t want to leave the company hanging for even a few weeks. He’s always had the company’s interests in mind ever since he took it over when you died.”

Cyrus seemed surprised at this fact, his gaze turning to where Kirio and I stood, our arms wrapped around each other in a quick embrace. I turned back to Cyrus and gave him a quick smile, as if to say, “See? The very guy you hated and didn’t trust all these years thought so much of your company that it flourished while he was CEO.” I giggled as my uncle rolled his eyes, obviously able to read my very thoughts.

“What’s up?” Kirio asked, pulling me closer. His suit was a little loose on his shoulders. He obviously hadn’t had time or hadn’t bothered to buy a better-fitting suit before his meetings at Akagi International.

“Nothing. It’s just that you’ve done so much and kept the company flourishing since you took it over. I think Cyrus is actually surprised and impressed.” I laughed as it was Kirio’s turn to roll his eyes.

“I doubt he’s been paying attention to his company after all these years…”

“You’d be surprised…”

“Hey, Dad,” Katie said, coming up to speak to Kirio. He hugged her tight. “My next battle is tomorrow afternoon, the first battle in the regular rounds.”

He smiled. “I’m sure you’ll do great.”

She smiled back. “Thanks.”

I started to pull him toward the table. “Are you hungry?”

“Starving,” he laughed. Katie smiled as we returned to the table once again.


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another round of the Platinum Conference tournament! This round pits Katie from Snowpoint City against James of San Francisco, California, United States! This will be a three-on-three Pokemon battle! Katie will choose her Pokemon first!”

“Go, Umbreon!” She shouted, releasing her dark-type.

“Go, Luxray!” James, a boy with turquoise hair and black eyes, shouted, releasing his electric-type.

“Dark Pulse!”

“Thunder Fang!”

Luxray rushed at Umbreon, who dodged out of the way to avoid his attack. The small dark Pokemon was at least three times smaller than the lion electric-type, which meant that any of Luxray’s attacks could hurt it significantly and Umbreon was faster on its feet. A few dark pulses of energy slammed into Luxray’s side, forcing the Pokemon sideways and almost onto its back. It dug its claws into the earthen arena’s floor just in time to stop itself from flipping over.

“Luxray, Discharge!” James called, signaling to his Pokemon to stay put but unleash a flurry of energy at its dark opponent. Waves of electricity rushed through the air in all directions, quickly covering the entirety of the stage. Umbreon pressed itself closely to the ground, narrowly avoiding the attack as it surged a few cenimeters over its tail. Rushing forward, it aimed a massive Dark Pulse at the electric-type again, tearing through the Discharge and slamming into Luxray at full force. The Pokemon’s sure muscular bulk kept it from completely flying off of its feet, but the dazed and confused look on its face told James that it was starting to lose focus and energy which could very well cost him the fight.

“Luxray, return!” He shouted, whipping a Poke Ball from his jacket pocket and recalling the lion Pokemon. Katie frowned at his sudden action, anxious to see if he would switch out to a Pokemon that Umbreon was weak against. She fingered her starter’s Poke Ball on her belt, ready to make her own switch if she needed to.

With a flick of his wrist, James spun another Poke Ball into the air, releasing a Staraptor that soared over Umbreon’s head, glaring down at the dark Eeveelution with sharp yellow eyes. Katie nodded in relief, glad to see that he had decided on a flying-type instead of a fighting or bug-type. However, she wasn’t out of the clear yet. Staraptor could use fighting moves in battle. She wrapped her hand around Umbreon’s Poke Ball for one last squeeze before turning her attention back to the battle.

“Staraptor, Close Combat!”

“Umbreon, Secret Power!”

Staraptor hurtled through the air toward Umbreon at a nosedive, gathering energy as it drew closer to the ground. The yellow markings on Umbreon’s fur glowed brighter until white arrows of light spun through the air and into the flying-type, knocking it off course.

“Dark Pulse!”

A few pulses of dark energy slammed into Staraptor, sending it crashing into the arena’s wall.

“Staraptor is unable to battle! Umbreon wins this round!”

James frowned as he recalled his Pokemon, taking another Poke Ball from his jacket. “Go, Banette!” He shouted, releasing his ghost-type. “Flamethrower!”

A rush of fire surged through the air toward Umbreon, who dodged out of the way just in time.

“Secret Power into Bite!”

White arrows of light spun around Banette, blinding the ghost-type as Umbreon rushed forward to clamp down on its arm. Banette screeched and flailed around, trying to knock the Eeveelution off.
“Thunderbolt!” James ordered, screaming in desperation as his chances of advancing past that tournament round grew slimmer and slimmer by the second. A surge of electricity rushed through Umbreon, who let go of Banette’s arm as the energy coursed through its veins. It cried out, shaking its head desperately to try and stop the energy surge, quickly freezing up as its muscles locked into place. Katie frowned. Her dark-type was completely paralyzed. Before James could make another move, she snatched Umbreon’s Poke Ball from her belt and recalled it.

“Looks like both trainers’ Pokemon have endured close calls in this match!” The announcer shouted as excitement at the battle’s unexpected twists and turns mounted in the stands. Without even turning her crystal gaze to the stands, Katie knew that her mother was screeching at the top of her lungs to encourage her daughter to stay strong.

She didn’t have another Pokemon whose attacks were super effective against Banette. She would have to win with brute force. The ghost-type was already tired from facing down her Umbreon’s dark attacks. One or two more moves would most definitely knock it out. “Swampert, go!” She shouted, releasing her trusty water-and ground-type Hoenn starter into the arena. She was anxious to continue the match, ordering her Pokemon forward before James could react. “Earthquake into Muddy Water!”

The ground started to shake fiercely, nearly knocking James and Katie off balance as waves of energy rushed through the ground toward Banette, who jumped into the air to escape most of the blast. A wall of air kicked up by the pressure underground slammed into it, knocking it back a few feet and stunning it before the wave of Muddy Water engulfed the ghost-type. The water receded a few moments later to reveal that Banette was unable to survive both onslaughts.

“Banette is unable to battle! Swampert wins this round!” Katie smiled, remembering James’ last Pokemon, Luxray. Not only was the electric-type weak against her own Pokemon’s attacks, but it was also extremely tired and injured from its fight against her Umbreon. James knew this, gritting his teeth as he released his Luxray once again.

“Take Down!”

“Double Edge!”

The two Pokemon lunged at each other, colliding in the middle of the arena. Swampert forced Luxray backwards into the arena’s wall, knocking it out instantly.

“Luxray is unable to battle! Swampert wins this round! The match goes to Katie!”

“Good job, Swampert!” She shouted as her Pokemon ran up to greet her. The crowd roared, and she was sure that her mother was screaming the loudest.

“Our next match is between Chichiri of Mt. Pyre, Hoenn, and Rusty of Sunyshore City! This will be a three-on-three battle! Rusty will release his Pokemon first!”

“Go, Arcanine!” Rusty, a boy with boy with silvery grey hair and blue eyes, shouted, releasing his fire-type.

“Go, Vapreon!” Chichiri shouted, releasing his water-type.


“Hydro Pump!”

Arcanine slammed into Vaporeon almost instantly, sending the water-type flying into the air. It spun around several times before aiming a jet of water at Arcanine, knocking the fire-type back a few feet.

“Extremespeed again!”

This time, Arcanine jumped into the air, narrowly missing Vaporeon as it twisted away, aiming another stream of water at it. The fire-type crashed to the ground and struggled to its feet as Vaporeon spun toward it.

“Shadow Ball!”

This time, Extremespeed working to Arcanine’s defensive advantage. As orbs of ghost energy slammed into the arena, the fire-type dodged from side-to-side. However, it wasn’t paying attention to Vaporeon and was taken down by another Hydro Pump.

“Arcanine is unable to battle! Vaporeon wins this round!”

“Go, Ninetales!” Rusty shouted, releasing another fire-type. “Shadow Ball!”

Vaporeon dodged the attack, shooting its own Shadow Ball back. Chichiri wondered if all of Rusty’s Pokemon were fire-types.

“Hydro Pump!”


The Swift attack had nearly no effect on the jet of water as it slammed into Ninetales, weakening it significantly. Vaporeon slammed into the fire-type, toppling it completely.

“Ninetales is unable to battle! Vaporeon wins this round! To stay in this battle, Rusty’s last Pokemon will have to defeat all three of Chichiri’s! Let’s see if this trainer has what it takes to pull this victory off!”

Chichiri studied his opponent carefully, trying to catch any signs that would tell him if Rusty was prepared to win or not. Instead of staring back across the battlefield at his opponent, Rusty dropped his head, his silvery grey hair covering his face. Chichiri frowned. This wasn’t a sign of despair on his opponent’s part. This was a sign of determination.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Rusty snatched a Poke Ball from his belt and spun it into the arena. “Rapidash, Bounce!” He practically screamed as his Pokemon emerged from the Poke Ball, hopeing that this little bit of speed would psych out his opponent. Chichiri grinned at the appearance of the fire-type. The victory was surely his.

As Rapidash came crashing down on Vaporeon, the water-type flipped and dodged out of the way, avoiding becoming a trampled mess under the fire-type’s feet. The fire horse then tried to bowl Vaporeon over and stab it with its horn, but the water Eeveelution was far too fast. One quick Hydro Pump knocked the Rapidash over. It struggled to its feet, glaring at Vaporeon.

Chichiri quickly saw that his main Pokemon was getting tired from the constant onslaught of moves. It had remained in the arena for the entire battle. Rather than risk his Pokemon getting injured needlessly, Chichiri held up Vaporeon’s Poke Ball and called it back to him.

“Amazing! Just as Chichiri has the upper edge on his opponent, he decides to switch Pokemon! Who knows, folks, if Rusty could take this as an advantage and advance to the next round?!”

Chichiri smiled, muttering to himself, “I don’t think so.” He spun his Poke Ball into the arena, releasing a Delcatty. Rusty stared at the Pokemon in disbelief. Chichiri grinned.


“Fire Blast!”

A stream of fire shot toward Delcatty, who dodged the attack and let loose a searing electrical attack through Rapidash, who collapsed immediately.

“Rapidash is unable to battle! Delcatty wins! The match goes to Chichiri!”

Delcatty meowed excitedly as Chichiri hurried up to hug it.


David’s match was closer to early evening than his friends’ had been. I yawned, drained by the day’s excitement. We were already sitting in the stands, waiting for David and his opponent’s names to be called. I glanced down at Cyrus’ watch, wondering why he wore a watch in the first place. As he was the power of space, he knew exactly what time it was at any moment around the world. I guessed that he wore a watch purely out of habit. It was 7:26. Four more minutes until David’s battle would begin.

“Why are you wearing a watch?” I asked to kill time. Honestly, I knew Cyrus’ answer would be short and to the point, but it would at least kill a few seconds. A question crossed his face. I had apparently disturbed him out of whatever deep thought process he had been in. Knowing him, it was something on the level of finding the cure for cancer or world peace, just scientific instead of plain useful for mankind.

He glanced down at the simple watch around his wrist as if seeing it for the first time. Then, lowering his wrist and simply shrugging his shoulders, he said, “I don’t know. I think I’ve been wearing it for the past few decades.”

I glared at him. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You pay attention to EVERYTHING around you, and you lose track of a watch strapped to your wrist?! I don’t bye it!” Kristine, who was sitting on my other side, giggled as Cyrus, her former role model, rolled his eyes. I crossed my arms in mock anger, winking at Kristine as I continued. “If you can tell time, why don’t you just take it off?”

He shrugged again. “It’s an expensive watch.”

I sighed, taking another look at it. It was actually very nice. “Now that you’re a legendary, what do you need money for?”

“You’re right. I’ll just give it to Kirio.”

I laughed. “I guess it’ll be passed on down the generations of Akagi Internationl CEOs!” He rolled his eyes again.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Our next Platinum Conference match is between David of Veilstone City and Asano of London, England! This will be a three-on-three match! David will send his Pokemon out first!”

“Go, Jolteon!” David shouted, releasing his electric-type.

“Go, Rotom!” Asano, a boy with black hair and black eyes, shouted, releasing his electric- and ghost-type.

“Shadow Ball!”
The attack roared through the air, picking up speed as it bared down on the tiny Rotom, who swung to the side to try and avoid the attack. Jolteon came bolting after it, sinking its teeth into Rotom’s plasma-like arms. The Pokemon made a strange jolting shriek sound as Jolteon tossed it from side to side, slamming it into the dirt again and again. David could see the frustration written across Asano’s face as he watched his Pokemon helplessly from the sidelines.

“Now!” David shouted, signaling Jolteon to let Rotom fly free. The electric-type released its grip on Rotom’s arm and jumped back, readying another Shadow Ball.

“Rotom, Ominous Wind!” Asano shouted quickly, urging his injured Pokemon to continue to fight. A fierce purple-stained wind started to blow through the stadium, nearly lifting Jolteon off of its feet. Its Shadow Ball dissipated, blown to wisps by the powerful blast. Jolteon ducked its head and crawled forward, struggling to see Rotom in the wind.

“Jump!” David urged. Jolteon crouched even lower and sprang, blown sideways mid-air by the wind. Somehow, it managed to clamp down on one of Rotom’s arms, dragging it sideways and into the stadium wall. Jolteon jumped out of the way just in time to avoid becoming pulverized by the fierce winds that were slowing down.

“Rotom is unable to battle! Jolteon wins this round!”

“Go, Gengar!” Asano shouted, releasing his poison-and ghost-type. “Shadow Ball!”


The two attacks slammed into each other, the Shadow Ball deflecting into the wall as Jolteon bounded forward, electricity still flying from its fur.


Jolteon squeezed its eyes shut to avoid eye contact with Gengar, charging forward blindly and slamming into it full force. The impact blew Jolteon back a few feet, but downed Gengar instantly.

“Gengar is unable to battle! Jolteon wins this round!”

“Go, Luxray!” Asano shouted, releasing his electric-type.

David groaned and recalled his Jolteon. “Torterra, go!” He shouted, releasing his grass-and ground-type. “Grass Knot!”


Vines burst from the ground underneath Luxray’s feet, tripping it up completely.
“Now, Earthquake!”

The ground underneath Luxray shook violently, tossing the electric-type around until it slammed into the arena floor, knocked out.

“Luxray is unable to battle! Torterra wins! David wins this battle!”

David smiled as Asano recalled his Luxray.


“You guys all made it to the next round!” I exclaimed over dinner that night.

Chichiri nodded. “Just a few more rounds to go until the final battle.”

“Who do you think is going to compete for the title in the final battle?” Kristine asked me.

“There’s no doubt it will be two of you three,” I said.

“Really?” Chichiri looked at me wide-eyed as if I had just imparted some great wisdom to them. All of the trainers at the table were staring at me as if I were some kind of celebrity actress who was giving them acting tips. Then again, I had been quite popular when I was in the tournament circuit years beforehand. Some say I was a legendary trainer. People still spoke my name when referring to conferences and the art of battle.

I nodded, trying to reassure them that I thought one of them had a chance to win. However, I kept my true feelings to myself. Chichiri and David were both skilled trainers, but neither one could hold a candle to Katie’s true potential. Whether she had inherited her battling skills from Kirio or me, I didn’t care. She was a beast on the battlefield, and was sure to advance far in whatever tournament she entered. Not to mention that she always thought twelve steps ahead of her opponents. Despite all of this knowledge crossing my mind, I kept my mouth shut. Best not to brag about my own daughter in front of two of her really good friends who were in competition with her.

Their next battle rounds would play out the next day. Thankfully, I would be there to watch them compete against some of the best trainers around the world. I was deeply jealous. It had been years since I had competed in a tournament. Years since I battled at all. I was doomed to continue life without ever again experiencing it through the eyes of a trainer.


“Welcome everyone to our second round of battles! This battle pits Katie from Snowpoint City against Enma from Tokyo, Japan! This will be a three-on-three battle! Enma will release her Pokemon first!”

“Go, Persian!” Enma, a girl with black hair and blue eyes, shouted, releasing her normal-type.

“Go, Blaziken!” Katie shouted, releasing her fire-and fighting-type.

“Shadow Ball!”

“Sky Uppercut!”

The Shadow Ball missed Blaziken by inches as it barreled toward Persian, slamming into it and throwing it upward into the sky.

“Shadow Ball from above!”

Again, Persian tried to aim a Shadow Ball, but Blaziken was too fast, slamming into it another time. It slammed into the ground, knocked out.

“Persian is unable to battle! Blaziken wins this round!”

“Go, Leafeon!” Enma shouted, releasing her grass-type. “Shadow Ball!”

“Blaze Kick!”

This Shadow Ball was faster, but Blaziken was too fast for it to hit. It narrowly missed slamming into Leafeon, who jumped out of the way just in time, blowing it back with a Shadow Ball. Another twist of its leg, however, proved to be Leafeon’s downfall.

“Leafeon is unable to battle! Blaziken wins this round!”

“Go, Thyplosion!” Enma shouted, releasing her fire-type. “Take Down!”

Lightning-fast, the fire-type slammed into Blaziken, who spun several times before landing on its feet.

“Sky Uppercut!”


Blaziken rushed at Thyplosion, raising its fists to guard its face against the Swift attack.


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Chapter Thirty-Six

Blaziken slammed into Thyplosion, throwing it backwards a few feet. The Jhoto starter forced itself to its feet as Blaziken moved in for another attack.

“Flame Wheel!”

Flames shot out of Thyplosion’s back and encircled it, forming a sphere of fire around it. It shot forward, slamming into Blaziken, but not doing too much damage before Blaziken hit back, knocking it out completely.

“Thyplosion is down for the count! This match between the fire-types has finished with Hoenn’s fire starter as the victor! Blaziken wins this match, which makes Katie the victor of this battle!”

I could see Katie’s eyes flash with joy at her complete victory over her opponent. Behind and around me, people muttered to each other about how completely this girl dominated over Enma and so quickly. My heart jumped when I heard someone compare her to me, whispering furiously about how she could be the next Kris Reeves. Little did they know that the original Kris Reeves was sitting in the stands with them and taking note of everything she saw before her eyes.


David’s match was a mere half hour after Katie’s, forcing us to push through the crowds and out of the smaller stadium to make our way to the other. In order to save time and space, our group had split up into two to ensure that all of us would make it to the matches on time. Kristine, Cyrus, Katie, Kirio, and I were in one group, while Chichiri, David, and Michael were in another.

We made it just in time to hear the announcer introduce the two opponents as they strode onto the battlefield. David’s opponent was a fairly short older man with graying, short hair and coal black eyes. Dressed in a light blue shirt and pants with red trimming that matched his shoes, he looked oddly like an older version of the Mossdeep gym leader Tate. Since Tate should have been at least in his late twenties at that point, I assumed the man could have been an older relative.

Just as David set foot on the arena’s stage, the announcer shouted, “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another of our Platinum Conference rounds between two seasoned trainers! On one side, we have David from Veilstone City who has been training for upwards of seven years! On the other side, we have Falkner from Savannah, Georgia, an American-Aquapolian who has been training for nearly four decades! It’s the fight of the generations before us today! David will release his Pokemon first!”
David crossed his arms in deep thought, the reddish-brown cloth of his jacket sleeves scrunching up at the same time as his forehead. After a few more minutes of indecision, he detached a Poke Ball from his dark blue leather belt and threw it into the arena. A blinding white light burst from the ball and revealed a Linoone. The normal-type stood up on its back legs, looming across the arena at its opponent with beady black eyes.

Falkner had a smug look on his face as if he had already won. Truth be told, I hadn’t seen that many Linoone in the tournament circuit. They’re fast and have good attack stats, but they aren’t something to hold on a pedestal or get extra worried about. However, David had more training years of experience under his belt than I had when I died, so I knew that this must not have been an ordinary Linoone.

It didn’t take Falkner long to make his decision. Another blinding light filled the area, and an Espeon floated down onto the arena’s floor, waving its forked tail fiercely. Even from where I sat in the stands, I could see David’s body language saying that he had a trick up his sleeve that would ensure his victory over the psychic-type. At that moment, I wished I could read minds to get the suspense over with.

Overconfident, Falkner signaled to David that he could start the battle. Nodding in thanks, David uncrossed his arms, shifted his weight toward the arena, and calmly ordered his Linoone to use Dig. Quicker than many an electric-type, the normal-type dug through the soil under its feet with razor-sharp claws, kicking up tufts of sand as it went. Soon enough, it disappeared underground.

“Espeon, use Psychic to find where its at!” Falkner ordered nonchalantly. I grinned. This guy was going to get a major wake-up call. Surely, after so many decades of training, he knew one of the first rules of Pokemon battles: NEVER underestimate your opponent. His Espeon closed its eyes, and the jewel on top of its head shone bright with multi-colored light. Sounds of soil collapsing could be heard in the stands. Could it be trying to cave in Linoone’s underground burrow?

I could see David panicking at the thought. It wasn’t the belief that he would lose if the underground tunnels collapsed. It was the thought that Linoone could be buried alive underneath all of that soil. Thinking fast, he shouted, “Surf!” I gaped as water exploded from the holes that had appeared in the ground, nearly flooding the entire stage. I still didn’t understand how normal-types could produce water and fire from thin air like that. Perhaps Linoone had hit the water pipes underneath the stadium?

Espeon floated into the air in order to not get its paws wet, surveying the area to see if Linoone emerged. Apparently, the Pokemon was swimming in an underwater river at that point. Hopefully, it wouldn’t run out of air anytime soon. David knew he had to bring his Pokemon to the surface under the cover of an attack…but what?

“Surf again!” He shouted. This time, the water pressure was so high, a pillar of water shot from the underground tunnels to engulf Espeon in mid-air, trapping it from making another move. “Now, Shadow Ball!” A ball of ghost-energy slammed into Espeon, sending it flying into the far wall.

“Espeon is unable to battle! Linoone has won this round!”

“Go, Alakazam!” Falkner shouted, releasing his psychic-type. “Ice Punch!”

The psychic-type raced toward Linoone, narrowly missing it as the normal-type dodged around.

“Shadow Ball!”

The attack slammed into Alakazam’s back, flooring it.


“Thunder Punch!”

As soon as the waves bared down on Alakazam, electricity started to flow through to Linoone, nearly frying it.

“Shadow Ball!”

Another Shadow Ball was enough to knock Alakazam out.

“Alakazam is unable to battle! Linoone has won this round!”

Linoone struggled to stand, but it was no use. The normal-type had been paralyzed. David recalled it before releasing his next Pokemon. “Go, Dragonite!” He shouted, releasing his dragon-and flying-type.

“Go, Electabuzz!” Falkner shouted, releasing his electric-type. “Discharge!”

“Dragon Pulse!”

The two attacks collided, sending Electabuzz flying back. Dragonite was only sent a few feet before stopping itself with its wings.

“Hyper Beam!”


Again, the attacks collided with each other, but Dragonite’s was far stronger. Electabuzz was thrown back once again by the dragon-type’s strength.

“Dragon Pulse!”

This attack finally finished off Electabuzz, sending it crashing into the stadium wall.

“Electabuzz is unable to battle! Dragonite wins this round! The winner of this match is David!”

Dragonite let out a cry of victory, hovering down to stand on the arena as David nodded in approval.


Chichiri’s match started an hour later in the next stadium over.

“This Platinum Conference match is between Chichiri of Mt. Pyre, Hoenn and Lily of London, England! This match will be a three-on-three battle! Lily will send out her Pokemon first!”

“Go, Charizard!” Lily, a girl with short dark green hair and light blue eyes, shouted, releasing her fire-and flying-type.

“Go, Vaporeon!” Chichiri shouted, releasing his water-type.

“Rock Smash!”

“Water Pulse!”

Charizard flew up and barreled down toward Vaporeon, who spun out of the way just in time as Charizard slammed into the ground. A Water Pulse slammed into Charizard, knocking it back a few feet.

“Seismic Toss!”

“Shadow Ball!”

Charizard scooped Vaporeon up and rushed into the air, clutching the water-type tightly to its chest. Vaporeon struggled to get out of its grasp as it descended at a rapid pace, letting it go at the last moment. Luckily, Vaporeon was able to cushion its fall with a Shadow Ball, but it still withstood a ton of damage.

“Fire Blast!”

“Water Pulse!”

The fire attack didn’t get too far before Vaporeon’s attack was underway and doused the fire. Charizard spun to the side to avoid getting hit by the water attack, flapping its wings to gain height and spin far above Vaporeon’s head. Chichiri frowned as he realized what the fire-type was trying to do. A head wave rushed through the air toward the ground around Vaporeon, heading it to an almost unbearable temperature. If Chichiri or Lily had been anywhere near the area where the two Pokemon were battling at that moment, they would have to move before their skin burned from the intense heat. Chichiri contemplated ordering Vaporeon to move out of the way of the attack, then realized since the water Eeveelution wasn’t as heavily damaged by the heat waves, it would be its advantage to stay put.

Finally, after what seemed like many minutes of waiting, a scorching tornado of fire rained down on Vaporeon, surrounding it completely and shielding it from Chichiri’s view. A trainer less experienced than he would freak out, but Chichiri and his Pokemon were so closely connected, they had a psychic-like communication system. Seconds before the attack hit, he motioned to the side, signaling his Vaporeon to attack only a few seconds after the fire engulfed it.

Everyone in the stadium held their breath as the few seconds went by without any sign that Vaporeon had survived the attack. Lily smiled softly, clinching her fists as victory seemed to be in her grasp. Soon, however, her blue eyes darkened as the fire seemed to douse itself. A massive wave of hot steam and water seemed to rise from the ground, dousing the fire as it climbed toward Charizard, its momentum built by the heat it absorbed as it rose. Finally, the Water Pulse attack slammed into Charizard in mid-air, trapping it in place with a searing hot globe of burning water. The fire-type roared, unable to stand the heat. Another hand signal from Chichiri told Vaporeon to stop its attack. The water Pokemon simply sat back and watched its opponent slam onto the dusty ground below.

“Chichiri has succeeded in downing his opponent with an attack powered by its own element! Lily remains with two Pokemon in her arsenal! Will they be enough to stop Chichiri’s powerful Vaporeon?!”

Lily only seemed a little disconcerted as she recalled her Charizard to its Poke Ball. She tilted back on her plain blue soled shoes, looking up into the sky for a few moments before enlarging another Poke Ball, this one spotted with pink hearts. As one who was revolted by overly girly things, the sparkle that lined the ball’s capture mechanism made me gag. As Cyrus had said years beforehand, I was just not made out to be a coordinator.

Lily tossed the Poke Ball into the air, standing back as ribbons and sparkles released its occupant. I wondered if, at one time, she had been a coordinator and decided to try her hands at tournaments. The Pokemon that was released from the Poke Ball, however, was anything but cute. An Absol growled across the stage at Vaporeon, looking as fierce as any dark-type could be…except for the small pink bow situated in its snow white fur.
I laughed. Surely, Lily had once been a coordinator. I wondered if that Absol actually enjoyed wearing bows in its hair. Cyrus glared at me to stop laughing, but to no avail. Kristine joined in, too.

“Shadow Ball!”

“Dark Pulse!”

Absol jumped out of the way as the ball of ghost energy swept across the ground beneath its feet. It countered with a furious Dark Pulse attack, which nearly slammed full force into Vaporeon. Both Pokemon were fast and continued to dodge each others’ attacks.

“Water Pulse!”

Vaporeon’s attack slammed into Absol mid-air, surrounding it with a sphere of water. Absol flipped upside down several times, struggling to be set free.

“Hydro Pump!”

The attack slammed into Absol, knocking it out of the sphere. It slammed into the ground, knocked out.

“Absol is unable to battle! Vaporeon wins this round!”

“Go, Snorlax!” Lily shouted, releasing her normal-type. “Thunder!”

A lightning bolt slammed into the ground near Vaporeon, nearly electrocuting it in the process. The next attack was just as fast, connecting with the water-type and knocking it out instantly.

“Vaporeon is unable to battle! Snorlax wins this round!”

“Go, Machamp!” Chichiri shouted, releasing his fighting-type. “Dynamicpunch!”

Machamp surged forward, slamming into Snorlax full force. The Pokemon was instantly confused, but the actual attack didn’t seem to have done much. Chichiri ordered it to attack again, but with the same effect.

“Body Slam!”

Snorlax stood up, swaying uneasily with the effects of confusion, but managed to jump into the air, crashing down on Machamp. The fighting Pokemon scrambled out of the way just in time for Snorlax to crash into the ground, sending up a huge cloud of dust.


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Chapter Thirty-Seven


As Snorlax struggled to stand, Machamp surged forward to slam into it one final time. The normal-type crashed onto its back, knocked out.

“Snorlax is unable to battle! Machamp wins this round! The winner of this match is Chichiri!”

“Thanks, Machamp!” Chichiri called out as his Pokemon flexed its muscles.


As we crowded into the Pokemon Center to see who was paired up in the semifinal round, I pressed up near Katie to whisper, “You did great! You’re sure to win this!”

She smiled. “Thanks!”

The screens above us finally lit up, showing the two semifinal matches. The first one was between David and a girl named April. The second one was between Katie and Chichiri. Katie glanced across the crowd to Chichiri, who nodded and gave her a thumbs up.

“This is going to be an interesting match,” I muttered to Kristine.


“Welcome one and all to our first semifinal match! This match will be between David from Veilstone City and April from Pallet Town, Kanto. This will be a three-on-three match! David will release his Pokemon first!”

“Go, Charizard!” He shouted, releasing his fire-and flying-type.

“Go, Tyranitar!” April, a younger girl with long brown hair and dark blue eyes, shouted, releasing her dark-and rock-type.

“Rock Smash!”

“Stone Edge!”

Charizard dive-bombed Tyranitar, swerving through the field of flying rocks with great speed and finally crashing into the Pokemon with full force. Tyranitar was knocked back with extreme damage, hunching over as Charizard flew back up into the sky for a second attack. The Kanto fire starter circled in the air, gazing down at Tyranitar as the Pokemon struggled for breath. Being both a dark- and a rock-type, it was doubly weak against fighting attacks. However, since Charizard was both a fire- and flying-type, it was weak against all of Tyranitar’s rock attacks. This part of the match would go to the trainer whose Pokemon could execute its moves faster. Since Charizard could fly, it definitely had an edge…until Stone Edge was used. Flying rocks were hard to dodge when they were pinpointed on your every move.

David thought for a moment, weighing his options. He could keep Charizard in and hope that his Pokemon was fast enough to dodge the crucial Stone Edge that would most likely bring it down in one fell swoop. He could also switch his Pokemon out to a better type match-up and ensure that he would take down Tyranitar. Revealing more of his team members was a risky move, since April could choose to counter with another Pokemon that Charizard was weak against later on in the match, but, if he didn’t switch it out now, his fire starter wouldn’t be fighting later on in the match anyway.

Detaching Charizard’s Poke Ball from his pocket in one quick motion of his hand, he recalled the Pokemon from mid-air. From across the arena, April tapped her blue sneakers thoughtfully, trying to gauge his next move. Maybe she would switch her Pokemon out after he did. They were only afforded three Pokemon, however, and she would be stuck if she tried to switch out every time she was at a disadvantage. David thought through his team, eliminating one after another before happening upon one of his Pokemon whose entire arsenal was strong against Tyranitar. He smiled, throwing the Poke Ball into the air with a slight flourish.

Torterra materialized before Tyranitar. The Pokemon were only a few inches apart in height.

“Brick Break!”

“Grass Knot!”

Tyranitar reared back and shot toward Torterra, its right fist pulled back as it prepared to hit the grass-and ground-type hard. Vines shot out of the ground at Torterra’s feet, wrapping themselves around Tyranitar and strapping it to the ground. The large Pokemon thrashed violently, trying to get away, but it was no use.


Torterra reared up onto its hind legs and came crashing down onto the ground, sending shock waves toward Tyranitar, jostling it fiercely. The Pokemon roared once before fainting.

“Tyranitar is unable to battle! Torterra wins this round!”

Now it was April’s turn to switch out Pokemon. She crossed her arms, staring across the arena at David before deciding on her next choice. David shrank back from her dark blue stare that was oddly like his sister’s. He hated that he was missing Ashley’s Grand Festival appearance, but the timing of the two competitions was out of their hands. April pulled a simple Poke Ball from her pocket, spinning it into the air and releasing a Charizard that rivaled David’s own in size. Just eying its bulk and height from where he stood, he was sure that it was just as big, if not bigger than his own.

There was no way he could keep Torterra in this battle and even hope to defeat a Charizard. Its grass moves would be cut down nearly three-fourths of their power, and its ground moves would be completely useless. There was no sense in keeping his Sinnoh starter in. Much to the surprise of everyone in the stadium, he decided to go ahead and switch to his third Pokemon, recalling Torterra and snatching another simple Poke Ball from his belt. David had traveled around Aquapolis many times over his seven years of training and had managed to collect starters from each region. He decided to put one of his Hoenn starters to the test during this battle, releasing his Swampert onto the battlefield.

It was obvious that April was in a pinch.

“Brick Break!”

“Muddy Water!”

The water attack surged into the air, engulfing Charizard completely before it could even get close to Swampert.

“Take Down!”


Swampert burst through the torrent of water, slamming straight into a furious Flamethrower attack. The Hoenn starter wasn’t fazed and continued to fly straight toward Charizard, slamming into it full force. The Kanto starter slammed to the ground, knocked out.

“Charizard is unable to battle! Swampert wins this round!”

“Go, Pidgeot!” April shouted, releasing her normal-and flying-type. “Brave Bird!”

“Muddy Water!”

Pidgeot dove at Swampert, but, as Charizard had experienced, Swampert’s water attacks were too far –reaching for a flying-type to avoid close up. It was engulfed in the same torrent of water.
“Air Cutter!”

Pidgeot blew away the furious attack with sharp gusts of wind.

“Take Down!”

Swampert flew through the air, slamming into Pidgeot and knocking it out.

“Pidgeot is unable to battle! Swampert wins this round! The winner of this match is David!”


“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to our second semifinal match! This match will be between Katie from Snowpoint City and Chichiri from Mt. Pyre, Hoenn! This will be a three-on-three battle! Katie will release her Pokemon first!”

“Go, Espeon!” Katie shouted, releasing her psychic-type.

“Go, Vaporeon!” Chichiri shouted, releasing his water-type.


“Ice Beam!”

The two attacks collided in mid-air, both Pokemon struggling to overcome each other. Finally, Vaporeon’s Ice Beam tore through, flying at Espeon. It dodged out of the way, rushing at Vaporeon to deliver its psychic attack.

“Water Pulse!”

The water attack hit the psychic attack, the former dissipating in mid-air. The two Pokemon chased after each other, trying to hit each other with their respective attacks. Finally, Espeon teleported behind Vaporeon and hit it hard with a psychic attack, sending it tumbling head over heels.


A flurry of energy stars slammed into Vaporeon, knocking it out.

“Vaporeon is unable to battle! Espeon wins this round!”

“Go, Dusknoir!” Chichiri shouted, releasing his ghost-type.

“Shadow Ball!”


An orb of ghost energy rushed toward Espeon, whose jewel glowed a brilliant sapphire. Psychic waves swept from its forehead, forming a barrier in between Espeon and the ghost attack. The Shadow Ball slammed into the barrier, spinning furiously as its power weakened. Espeon could see the gases swirling inside the attack, so close that the psychic Eeveelution could literally reach out and touch it. Katie frowned as Espeon’s barrier started to crack, worn down by the Shadow Ball. Soon enough, Dusknoir’s type advantage may trump Espeon’s speed. She needed to switch her Pokemon out if she wanted to save Espeon for the rest of the battle.

Finally, the Shadow Ball spun itself out, dissipating into thin air. Wisps of ghost energy spun off into the atmosphere as Katie recalled her Espeon to its Poke Ball. Chichiri crossed his arms, smiling across the arena at her. She smiled back, spinning another Poke Ball into the arena. Her opponent knew which Pokemon she was going to choose. Even if he switched out, the battle would continue between the two of them at a fierce pace.

Her Umbreon burst out of its Poke Ball and onto the arena, its black paws sinking into its grassy surface.


“Dark Pulse!”

A wave of flames rushed toward Umbreon, who reared back and sent a wave of dark energy rushing back. The two attacks collided, the Flamethrower overtaking the Dark Pulse. Umbreon dodged out of the way and jumped into the air, firing another Dark Pulse. This one slammed into Dusknoir, knocking it backwards.


Electricity surged through the air, chasing Umbreon around the stadium.


Umbreon ducked low and rushed at Dusknoir, clamping down onto its hands, its body surging with electricity.

Katie gritted her teeth. “Dark Pulse!”

Dusknoir flew backwards into the back wall, knocked out.

“Dusknoir is unable to battle! Umbreon wins this round!”

Chichiri detached another Poke Ball from his belt, a serious look on his face. Katie nodded to him, ready to get their final round under way. He smiled back, spinning a Poke Ball into the arena.

“Go, Garchomp!” He shouted, releasing his dragon- and ground-type. “Dragon Pulse!”

“Dark Pulse!”

The two attacks slammed into each other, exploding fiercely enough to send both Pokemon back a few feet. Umbreon recovered more quickly and fired another Dark Pulse, which Garchomp dodged, rushing toward the smaller Pokemon.


Garchomp swept its claws towards Umbreon, who dodged out of the way in time to send another Dark Pulse down on it, weakening it, but not knocking it out. It swept upwards, knocking Umbreon into the sky. The dark-type spun several times before aiming another Dark Pulse at Garchomp. The Pokemon rose up, dodged it, and slammed into Umbreon one more time. The Pokemon slammed to the ground, weakly getting to its feet as Garchomp advanced once more.

“Dark Pulse!” Katie screamed.

Umbreon leashed one last powerful Dark Pulse that slammed into Garchomp, knocking it out.

“Garchomp is unable to battle! Umbreon wins this round! The match goes to Katie!”

Umbreon wobbled a bit before collapsing onto the soft grass. Katie rushed forward to scoop the dark-type into her arms. After recalling Garchomp, Chichiri ran up to make sure that it was okay, placing his hand on its soft black head and smiling at Katie. “Great job. Next will be the battle of the century.”

Katie laughed. “I hope David is as psyched for it as I am.”


Scarlet spread out several documents on her desk, sighing before leaning back and swinging her feet onto its surface and staring up at the ceiling above her. The Platinum Conference was well underway, but she was stuck in Ever Grande doing paperwork. Being Champion was sometimes so frustrating.

Don’t worry, you won’t be Champion for long.

Her eyes flew open and she swept the room with her eyes. No one was there. She sighed. “I must be getting so tired, I’m hearing voices.” She swung out of her chair, stepping toward the window and leaning against the wall to stare out at the sprawling city of Ever Grande below.


Angel of Chaos
Not much to say about the lack of reviews. I know this fanfic drug on quite a bit more than my others. Only a few more chapters before I wrap this one up and start on the next one.

Chapter Thirty-Eight

The final round of any tournament was an exciting thing that caused butterflies in the stomachs of even the most experienced trainers. The thought that he or she had made it to the top of a stack of trainers was both wonderous and worrying. How was one supposed to put up with the pressure of this new found supremacy over so many over trainers? Of course, the trainer who placed second did not need to worry about such things. As I had never placed second in any tournament I entered during my mortal life, I never knew the feeling of only being second best. Sometimes, ever so slightly, I wished that someone had knocked me down a peg or two to humble me and show me that I wasn’t all that awesome. Maybe then, I wouldn’t have had to worry about showing my mortal face in the streets of Ever Grande or Pearl City.

The final round took place in the main stadium at the very center of Pearl City. Literally thousands of fans crowded the arena, rivaling any crowd at any Olympic event ever. Aquapolians were just as passionate about battling as humans were about their various sports. As I took my seat (one of the best in the arena) between Kristine and Cyrus, I glanced up toward the spectator boxes where the Elite Four and Champion of the region gathered. I could spy Cynthia in the frontmost seat, glaring down at the arena below. She and I had never gotten along during my mortal life. It made sense that she still held a grudge against Katie because of that fact. She had gotten what she wanted, though. Cynthia had served her time as Champion of Aquapolis. Personally, if I had been Wallace, I wouldn’t have replaced myself with Cynthia. I snorted, wishing that she could see my face in the stands and have a heart attack. Not a lethal one, just a metaphorical one.

I checked Cyrus’ watch (which was hard since I sat to his right and he wore it on his left wrist). It was 8:00 on the dot. The match would be starting at any moment. I was already getting excited about it, already on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I nearly had a heart attack myself when the announcer finally sounded out over the loudspeakers.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the final round of our Platinum Conference tournament! We have two extremely powerful trainers battling it out for the Platinum trophy today! Our first competitor is David McCauley from Veilstone City, Sinnoh, who placed in the top five years ago during his Diamond Conference challenge! His main Pokemon is his lightning-fast Jolteon! Everyone welcome David to the stage!”

The crowd roared, and I could literally hear a bunch of the teenage girls in the audience screaming their heads off as the good-looking blonde haired, blue eyed trainer stepped onto the stage, waving to his fans. He had chosen a simple black t-shirt, jacket, blue jeans, and black sneakers to wear, an extremely laidback outfit for a final battle. I laughed as more girls screamed for him. They were going to be awfully sad when they found out he already had a girlfriend.

“Our second competitor is Katie Karasuma from Snowpoint City, Sinnoh, who placed first in her Diamond Conference challenge years ago! Her main Pokemon is her Umbreon! Everyone welcome Katie to the stage!”

Everyone roared, but Chichiri and I were the loudest, as Katie stepped onto the arena, waving to the crowd.

“This will be a six-on-six Pokemon battle! David will choose his Pokemon first!”

“Go, Charizard!” He shouted, releasing his fire- and flying-type.

“Go, Swampert!” Katie shouted, releasing her water- and ground-type.

“Brick Break!”

“Take Down!”

The two Pokemon collided in mid-air, each pushing its opponent back several feet before rushing at each other again. The two Pokemon seemed equal in physical strength.

“Iron Tail!”

“Muddy Water!”

Charizard’s tail glowed a bright white as it swung around to hit Swampert. The Hoenn water starter grabbed its tail and swung it up into the air, firing a wave of muddy water at the Pokemon, who dodged most of the blast, but still sustained some damage.

“Flamethrower into Iron Tail!”

“Keep up that Muddy Water!”

Swampert doused most of the flames that hid Charizard from view, but failed to completely clear them all. The steel attack slammed down on the water Pokemon, who wasn’t heavily damaged, but knocked back a bit. Charizard slammed full force into it, stopped only by Swampert’s bulk. The water- and ground-type wrapped its arms around Charizards nose, keeping it from going anywhere. The fire Kanto starter struggled, trying to shake it off, but it was no use. Another Muddy Water from Swampert knocked it out.

“Charizard is unable to battle! Swampert wins this round!”
Katie knew which Pokemon David would choose next just from the way he nonchalantly recalled Charizard to its Poke Ball and took another from his belt, tossing it into the air and catching it once or twice before releasing his next Pokemon. Katie debated switching out, but she didn’t want to wear down her next Pokemon by battling David’s. She thought for a few moments while his Torterra materialized in the arena, the large trees on its back swaying in the soft ocean breeze that swept over Pearl City from the Sinnoh Ocean. The soft rustle of its leaves calmed the rushing thoughts in my mind, making me think that everything would be okay, both on earth and in heaven.

Katie reluctantly recalled her Swampert, switching to another plain Poke Ball that was attacked to her beige yellow belt. Tossing it onto the field, she released her Blaziken, who roared into the sky, releasing its pent-up energy from being inside its Poke Ball for an extended period of time.

“Both trainers have released new Pokemon into the arena! From this match-up, it looks like both Pokemon have an advantage over the other! Whoever strikes the fastest may prove to be the winner of this round!” Katie frowned, thinking through her decision one more time before nodding to herself. Blaziken may be weak against Torterra’s ground attacks, but she was entirely sure that it was too fast for the grass Sinnoh starter to do too much damage. Then again, David was sure to know this fact. Facing one’s main rival and close friend always proved to be difficult in this respect, especially when you had traveled around with them prior to the tournament.

Deciding to jump full force into the battle, Katie shouted, “Blaziken, Blaze Kick!” The grass around Blaziken’s feet started to burn as flames shot up around it. Bunching up its leg muscles, the Hoenn fire starter shot toward Torterra, dodging from side to side as knots of grass attempted to trip it up. Katie was sure that Grass Knot wouldn’t work too well in this situation. Blaziken’s inflamed feet would just incinerate the grass to ashes if it ever got caught.

David watched as Blaziken approached his Pokemon, keeping his eyes on the fire-type as it flew closer and closer to them. Finally, at nearly the last second, he shouted, “Earth Power!” Immediately, the ground underneath Blaziken’s feet exploded violently, tossing the fire-type head over heels into the air. Katie watched carefully as it spun around and around, trying to keep itself from dropping back to the shaking ground. These were the moments when Katie wished she had taught it a long range attack.

“Blaze Kick!” She shouted again, hoping that Blaziken understood what she wanted. Trying to change its direction, it spun around and crashed down onto Torterra, igniting the later’s trees. Bad burns appeared on the Pokemon’s back as Blaziken crashed to the ground, flipping back onto its feet as Torterra shook wildly, trying to put the fire out. Before David could even think about recalling his Pokemon, Torterra crashed to its knees, unconscious from the burns racing across its back.

David gritted his teeth as the announcer shouted, “Torterra is unable to battle! Blaziken wins this round! David is now down to four Pokemon, and Katie still has all six Pokemon in her arsenal! Katie has the lead, but can David steal it back in time to win this match?!” David’s thoughts flew as he thought through his entire team for a counter to Katie’s Blaziken. Finally, he snatched another Poke Ball from his belt and threw it into the arena with ferocious power. It released a large brown bird Pokemon with a large wingspan and red feathers on its head. The Fearow squawked and hoisted itself into the air, glaring down at Blaziken from overhead. Katie kept her eyes on the flying Pokemon, trying to figure out how she was going to counter a flying-type with only physical moves.

Much to David’s dismay, Katie immediately grabbed another Poke Ball from her belt and switched her Pokemon out. Though she hated to reveal more of her team to her opponent, there was no way that Blaziken was going to be able to take down Fearow if it could only attack when it was up close. She tossed Luxray’s Poke Ball into the arena, her electric-type roaring onto the battlefield and racing across the grass toward Fearow without hesitating. “Thunder Fang!” She shouted as the lion Pokemon launched itself into the air, propelling toward the stunned Fearow and latching onto its wing, electrocuting the bird on contact. It shrieked loud enough to wake the dead as it tried to shake Luxray off.

“Drill Peck!” Fearow spun around, trying to shake Luxray off. The lion Pokemon refused to let go, clamping down harder onto Fearow’s wing, electricity still spinning into the Pokemon. David realized too late that the dizzying Drill Peck was wearing Fearow down in addition to the Thunder Fang. With a crash, Fearow dropped to the ground, Luxray flipping backwards to land on its feet gracefully as a cloud of dust engulfed the flying-Pokemon.

Katie could tell David was losing his nerve as the announcer declared that he only had three Pokemon left. Now it was down to if he could switch into type advantages better. His refusal to switch at all had been his downfall.

“Go, Ludicolo!” He shouted, releasing his water- and grass-Pokemon. “Drain Punch!”


As Ludicolo danced across the stadium toward Luxray, the electric-type sent a huge rush of electric energy toward it. Amazingly, it dodged the field and nearly landed a punch on the lion Pokemon, who sprang out of the way just in time.

“Razor Leaf!”

Razor-sharp leaves slammed into Luxray, cutting its fur deeply as it tried to spin out of the way.

Another surge of electricity rushed through the air, bearing down on Ludicolo. Amazingly, it was able to dance around the surges, nimbly getting closer and closer to the leaping Luxray, who was literally hopping backwards to avoid Ludicolo’s even getting close to it, its dark blue and black fur standing on end from all of the energy surging through it. Both Pokemon were moving so fast, Katie was unable to warn Luxray before it slammed backwards into the stadium wall, followed closely by Ludicolo, who slammed into it in turn with a Drain Punch. Unable to dodge away from the Pokemon’s attack, Luxray fainted.

“Luxray is unable to battle! Ludicolo wins this round!”

“Go, Staraptor!” Katie shouted, releasing her flying- and normal-type. “Aerial Ace!”

“Drain Punch!”

Staraptor dove for Ludicolo, dodging its attack swiftly before slamming into it, sending it flying.

“Brave Bird!”

“Razor Leaf!”

Staraptor danced around the whirling cloud of leaves, slamming into Ludicolo again. The water- and grass-type fell to the ground, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.

“Ludicolo is unable to battle! Staraptor wins this round!”

“Go, Absol!” David shouted, releasing his dark-type. “Dark Pulse!”

“Air Cutter!”

Absol shot a pulse of dark energy toward Staraptor, who beat its wings furiously to send a cutting wind toward its attack, dissipating it. Absol leaped out of the way in order to avoid getting hit by the cutting air attack.


“Air Cutter!”

This time, Absol’s attack surged through Staraptor’s, hitting the Pokemon dead on and electrocuting it. It thrashed in the air, sending several Air Cutters straight into Absol, causing both Pokemon to faint.

“Both Pokemon are unable to battle!”

David frowned as he recalled his Pokemon, taking his last Poke Ball from his belt. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he nodded across the stadium to Katie, who smiled and nodded back. He tossed another Poke Ball into the arena.

“Go, Jolteon!” He shouted, releasing his electric-type.

“Go, Umbreon!” Katie shouted, releasing her dark-type.

Both Eeveelutions glared across the stage at each other, a silence falling across the arena as everyone sensed that this would be an epic match-up of each trainer’s main Pokemon.

“Secret Power!”


White arrows of light flew through the air toward Jolteon, who destroyed most of them with a massive wave of electric energy. Several had made their way between the blades of grass and slammed into it, causing some damage, but not a lot.


“Thunder Fang!”

Both Pokemon raced toward each other, colliding and wrestling to see who was able to clamp its jaws into its opponent first. Jolteon succeeded, sending shock waves through Umbreon’s body as the dark-type howled, opening its jaws wide and sinking them into Jolteon, sending the current back into the electric-type. Both Pokemon lit up like Christmas trees before they tore themselves from each others grasp, tensing up in anticipation of their trainers’ next calls.

“Hidden Power!”

“Shadow Ball!”

Tiny orbs of white energy flew through the air, some exploding as Jolteon’s Shadow Ball slammed into them. The electric-type dodged the rest, slamming into Umbreon full force to disorient the Pokemon further. Katie frowned as Umbreon stumbled backwards, shaking its head.

“Dark Pulse!”


The grass around Umbreon was laid completely flat as huge pulses of dark energy flew toward Jolteon, who let loose a large burst of electric energy. Both attacks slammed into one another and exploded.


Angel of Chaos
Chapter Thirty-Nine

The two Eeveelutions wrestled on the ground for a few moments, biting, slashing, and punching at each other. “Umbreon, back off!” Katie called out. The dark-type’s ears pricked up, and it bounced backwards off of Jolteon, flipping in mid-air to land on its feet.

“Dark Pulse!”


The two attacks collided and exploded again, kicking up a cloud of dust. Both trainers and Pokemon struggled to see through the cloud. As the dust particles swirled through the air, Katie’s eyes were the first to pick out Jolteon, its bright yellow fur standing out amongst the dark brown dusk and light green grass. Immediately after she found the electric-type, Umbreon’s eyes caught the flash of yellow in front of it. Before David could notice that she had found his prized Pokemon, she shouted, “Dark Pulse to your three o’clock, Umbreon!”

The attack slammed into Jolteon with such ferocity that the electric-type was completely lifted off its feet and flew sideways across the field, slamming into the grassy surface and traveling a few feet through it before sliding to a stop. A shallow ditch had formed where it had slid across the grass, kicking up small puffs of dirt and dust. David’s mind went completely blank as he stared at his Pokemon, unable to fathom how powerful the attack had been. From what he had seen, that Dark Pulse could have even crippled a dark-type.

Katie watched somberly as Jolteon tried to struggle to its feet. Since her Pokemon were so strong, she always had to be careful in battle to not deliver an overkill shot. She hoped that Jolteon was not injured beyond its being knocked unconscious. The electric-type tried to lift itself to its paws, but it was no use. A small puff of dust wafted into the air as the Eeveelution fell to its side, drifting into unconsciousness peacefully.

“And Jolteon is unable to battle! In a stunning performance, Katie and her Umbreon win this match and the Platinum Conference tournament!”

The crowd exploded into a frenzy around me, spectators leaping to their feet to cheer my daughter on. I could only stare at her, my breath held in anticipation of what she would do next. She was frozen in place, staring at the Jolteon across the battlefield. She hadn’t wanted to win the battle with such a powerful shot…I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her it was okay, that Jolteon would be perfectly fine after some sleep.

Finally, Katie made her way across the battlefield to shake hands with David. Both friends seemed satisfied with the battle, and I finally jumped to my feet, giving Katie the loudest cheer of all. I saw so much of myself in her, it was almost scary. It was…almost like I was looking into the past to when Ash and I used to battle it out in every tournament before he became a gym leader…before I pushed him to take my father’s gym after my parents’ death. I solemnly sat down, a fresh wave of guilt and sadness washing over me as Katie and David left the arena, their Pokemon cradled in their arms.

I glanced over at Cyrus, about to tell him that we should go and meet the trainers at the Pokemon Center, but the look on his face made me freeze with uneasiness. He was staring straight ahead, as if in a trance, his pearl eyes widened at some distant thought that sent chills down my spine. I placed my hand on his shoulder to see if he would turn his gaze to me, but there was no response. He was starting to worry me. Nothing fazed Cyrus. Ever.

“Cyrus?” I asked, nudging him slightly. “Is everything all right?” I shook him harder. Finally, he blinked and turned to look at me, a sort of surprised expression on his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked, clutching his shoulder more tightly. His pearl eyes darkened as he glanced up into the sky. Dark clouds had suddenly appeared where blue sky had reigned beforehand. People were rushing to get under shelter before the rain fell. This type of weather was unnatural…only a legendary could have created it…But neither Cyrus nor I had willed it to happen…and Katie had been too involved with the battle in front of her.

The next words out of Cyrus’ mouth nearly sent me into a blind panic. Just the way he said them made my head spin.

“It’s starting.”


Lightening crashed outside of Scarlet’s office as peals of rain started to slip down the large floor-to-ceiling windows. She hunched down in her chair even further, hoping that anyone who entered her office wouldn’t notice how young she looked that day. Against Kris’ wishes, she had decided to go to work. After all, she didn’t expect Ash to have to take the entire burden of both Champion and Vice-Champion just because she had all of a sudden become younger in appearance.

She gazed out the window for a few moments, her mind flickering toward the Platinum Conference tournament that was going on in Pearl City at the moment. The tournament herself wasn’t what caught her interest. It was the fact that her long lost daughter was there. She had struggled to find the right words to say to Kristine for the past few weeks, but nothing came out. What did Kris say to Katie when she came down to stop Kristine from destroying everything? Had they sat down to speak about the nearly two decades of her daughter’s life that Kris had missed?
Something caught Scarlet’s attention out of the corner of her eye. An unnaturally bright light had appeared in the distance through the veil of raindrops. It took her a few more seconds before she realized that it was the bright glow of flames. She bolted from her chair to press her hands up against the cold glass of the windowpane, her golden eyes widening in wonder as bright flames engulfed the forest around the Cave of Origin in the distance. The heavy downpour outside did nothing to stop the forest fire that raged around the temple. She watched it in horror for a few moments, praying that it wouldn’t reach the city, but it seemed to stop just outside the city limits as if an invisible barrier lay between the buildings and the trees.

She could sense footsteps in her office, boots clicking on the marble floor. Someone had entered unannounced. A slight wash of stirring winds rushed over her, and she instantly knew that whoever had entered her office was very powerful indeed. She spun around to come face-to-face with a young man with shockingly white hair. At first, she thought it was Colin, but a closer look at the Aquapolian told her that this was certainly not the teenager. The man in front of her was older and possessed an air of legendary quality. He was dressed in white robes that swirled to the floor, blindingly bright even in the darkness of the room. What was most startling were his crystal blue eyes. They weren’t Aquapolian crystal blue, but the color that swirled in them seemed familiar to her.

Before she could speak to ask him who he was, a cold flash of steel lowered itself to her throat, a sword blade pressing against her neck threateningly. She narrowed her eyes at the intruder, the power of dimension slowly stirring around her. “Who are you?” She demanded, her eyes glowing brighter.

The man spoke with a solemn air that chilled her to the bone. It was almost akin to Cyrus’, but she knew the power of space would do her no harm, unlike this Aquapolian. “Champion Scarlet Sunyshore, Dimensional Warrior, I hearby take your position as ruler of Aquapolis as my own. From now on, I will be known as the Champion and King of Aquapolis.”

The words were so nonsensical, Scarlet didn’t believe him for a few seconds…until the sword buried itself deeper into her neck, drawing a bit of blood. “Who…who are you?” She asked, a bit of terror working itself into her voice.

“I am Lugia, the power of sky and the new Champion of Aquapolis.”

“Wh…why are you doing this?”

He gazed out the window to the fire burning around the Cave of Origin. “Because…”

“It has begun.”

The End

Sky has rebelled.

And so ends Shadow and Light. It seems as if I didn’t have many readers in the end, but I hope more people will enjoy the next installment in the series, Shadows of Elements, which will be up soon.


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I just logged in for the first time in about a year to say how great this fic was and that I was always a silent reader throughout! and how great your dedication is even when you think no one is reading! I'll be waiting for the next installment!