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Shadow Claw or Dragon Claw?

Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not.
Hi, I'm raising a Charizard to take on the Sinnoh League (Pokemon Diamond) and I was wondering which attack would be best to put on my Charizard's moveset: Shadow Claw or Dragon Claw.

I simply want to know your opinion. Which attack would you teach a Charizard?

If you please...



Well-Known Member
Well, Dragon Claw may allow easy takedown of Cynthias Garchomp. But thats all I have for ya. :p


Miltank Man!
Dragon Claw gets much better coverage. It also has higher BP than Shadow Claw.


My grandma's a troll
I went through the Elite Four with Dragon Claw on Charizard, and it was a piece of cake. So just like half a million people already said, go with Dragon Claw.


Casual Trainer
if you have an ice or dragon pokemon, go with shadow claw to get the psychic guy with. if not, DRAGON CLAW. personally, id use dragon claw.


Dragon Claw, because it's much better, and it looks better.


Staring at my phone
It would be easier to suggest one over the
other if we knew what other moves 'Zard
was using, but Dragon Claw is probably a
much better option since it gets good coverage.

Also, for next time, questions like this should
go here.