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Shadow Necrosis Discussion

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Avenger Angel, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven


    By Avenger Angel and Meeker
    Approved by Psychic

    SIGN UPS: Right here (SUs won't lock even after the RP begins)
    ROLE PLAY: Right here


    • Meeker and I are the overseers. We try to be friendly and we don't bite, but it does help if you cooperate and hear us out.
    • Serebii rules apply, but you already knew about that. Just a friendly reminder.
    • Bunnying rules for the RP are a little more lax, since getting healed and even revived is possible. But don't one-hit kill anyone's player character. If you think your post might be unfair, chances are good it is. If unsure, run it by me first and don't hesitate to ask questions. My VM/PM box is always open and ready.
    • God-modding restrictions are a little more lax too. I definitely don't mind characters building up their power and buffing themselves out with self-assigned side quests and whatnot, just so as long as they never become completely invincible. Even Godzilla and Chuck Norris have a weakness somewhere.
    • I'm not expecting you to surrender your life and every waking moment to this RP, but we'd like if you try to remember us and keep active when you can. It helps and keeps things fun, fresh, and active.
    • If you're waiting on another person to post and it's taking them quite a while, hang up the phone and break away from them by having something else grab your character's attention. This helps by making sure lots of people don't stay waiting and get locked up just from one person's inactivity.
    • Try to keep the chat focused on the RP itself. A little bit of off-topic discussion is okay, just so as long as at least some part of your post relates to the RP.



    In this RP, the standard Pokémon world is used, but there aren't any humans. Instead, the Pokémon themselves have build the same modern-day cities, technology, and so on themselves.


    In another time, another rendition, there were only Pokémon. Pokémon that built their own modern day cities, a mirror to what modern day humans could create. Skyscrapers, subways, bridges, computers, and even motor vehicles. They adopted human traits and established economies, governments, businesses, and industry. It was as though time and happenstance decided humans simply weren't meant to be in this alternate dimension.

    Only recently, rumors of a doomsday cult named Xiav had surfaced, but most Pokémon simply didn't pay attention to it or in most cases, didn't hear about it until much later. However, over time, it grew in power and influence as it continued to prophesize the coming of darkness, and that the only way to survive it was to become one with it. Quite a few Pokémon, in fears for their survival or in admiration of the new cult's practices, surrendered themselves to the sect to become servants of shadow. Instead of drowning in the darkness, they were promised they would grow with it and not only survive, but reign in power as followers and acolytes of the shadow against all those that refused to assimilate with the cloaking power of the eternal night to come.

    To prepare the way for the darkness, Followers of Xiav used their newly inherited Shadow Magic to blight and curse the land, sucking the color and life out of the environment through the blackest of witchcraft. Areas once colorful were reduced to macabre lands of grays and browns. As the curses and blights grew stronger in some areas, no plant life could survive, and only those that inherited the power of Xiav could cross the blackened lands. Those that opposed Xiav were also inflicted with curses or killed, and survivors were offered the choice of submission or cursed abandonment.

    Xiav began to grow in networks around the world. The skies have grown darker, and there are those that believe the prophecy is coming true, while others believe only Xiav alone is responsible for these dark, desperate times. For some of them, Shadow Magic is simply a tool and a weapon, while for other fanatics of Xiav, it's a hungering passion and obsession...


    Autumn has come to the region, but as the days grow shorter and darker, Xiav 's influence at the time of Shadow Armageddon is at hand. However, a new opposition has arisen from the depths of the myths, one that won't be as easy for Xiav to oppose. Where hundreds of battle-hardened warriors and mages stood up against Xiav only to be slaughtered or reduced to quivering, accursed heaps of their former selves, this clan came up from the underground to serve as the sentinels of the land. Almost forgotten through time, they have come at the world's most desperate hour of need.

    Sonne. A small but powerful order of Pokémon that are capable of harnessing the power of light and of the sun, have emerged from the forgotten rumors and myths to stand in Xiav's path. This old but still thriving clan of warriors and witch-hunters have the power of light and brilliance as their weapon, a force that can drive back the shadow. Unlike other warriors, the Shadow Magic of Xiav does not cripple them as easily. While they are by no means invincible against the power of the dark, they can resist some of the dark horrors that the powers of Xiav wield at their fingertips.

    However, only time can tell if this last source of opposition can stop the doomsday sect before every last candle of light is snuffed out...


    The Order of Xiav believes in two primary things. One, that an inevitable era of darkness is upon the world, and that oblivion is at hand. They believe nothing can stop the night, and that it is not longer a matter of if, but when. From what their seers believe, there is only precious little time to gather as many Pokémon as possible as the time of Shadow Armageddon approaches. The Order of Xiav believes they are the last hope that any Pokémon has against surviving the darkness, and that only they have the ability to survive and rebuild once the new Shadow Era begins.

    The second aspect they believe is growing in power from the darkness. Not only will this allow them to survive in impending Age of Shadow, but it will also grant them strength, power, and force the darkness to unlock its secrets unto them. Already, the strongest and most elite of Xiav's acolytes, warriors, and warlocks wield dark power unlike anything they have ever faced. Many of Xiav's followers use Shadow Magic as a tool and as a weapon, but there are plenty of Xiav's members that have become extremely passionate and obsessed over the dark powers that Shadow Magic has bestowed upon them.

    The Order of Xiav also acknowledges the presence of those that seek to destroy them and bring the cult of darkness crashing down. To Xiav, these incompetent wretches are in ignorant and foolish denial that Shadow Armageddon is at hand, and that these unruly fools either believe they'll survive the dark cataclysm on their own, or deny the coming of the dark age completely. In their efforts to keep the Church of Darkness strong and vigilant, these oppressors must be destroyed and made an example of.


    In truth, the Brotherhood of Sonne has existed for centuries, training and preparing its members in secret. For many years, the wars against witchcraft were underground, secret, and away from the watchful gaze of the public. Instead, they found their way into myths, fairytales, and urban legends. Only mere rumors of their existence had been passed.

    Until now.

    Sonne now serves as the spearhead against the witchcraft and Shadow Magic of Xiav. Using the skills and light magic practices passed down from generations, these witch-hunters and assassins have emerged from the underground myths to take on Xiav in the open and wherever they may lurk. In this growing season of darkness, there is little anyone else can do against Xiav besides the skills and teachings of the Brotherhood of Sonne.

    The Magic of Light can not only be a valuable healing tool to both afflicted Pokémon and the environment, but it can also be a powerful weapon used to punish the darkness and drive back the shadows. In order to stop the madness of Xiav and to protect the souls and livelihood of Pokémon, Sonne must act now before the last hour of time runs out.


    When the RP begins, I'd like people to do the following. I'm not going to chew you out if you slip on these, but I think they would help.


    Something that looks like this would be fine:

    Axel the Charizard (Character name and Species)
    Order of Xiav (Faction)
    Goldenrod City, Johto (Location)
    Affected RPers: Xeth - (KnightOfNi) (What PC characters your character is interacting with and the member name of who owns them).

    This makes it easy for people to remember your character's name, what side they're on, and where they can be found without having to pull up the whole character's sign up and backtrack through your posts to find out where your character is. Also, if you have multiple characters, this lets people know which one you're writing for.

    Also, the "Affected RPers" part gives people a heads up alert whenever another PC character is interacting with theirs, especially if they're being attacked. If you see your character's name in someone else's header, it's definitely a post you should read carefully.


    Again, this saves people the trouble and agony from having to look it up on your sign up along with saving them from having to figure out which one you're using. When you use one of your character's seven special faction abilities, quote it right in the RP narrative so people know what it is and what it does. So your RP narrative should look something like this example:

    I licked my chops at these quivering fools. These pathetic excuses for Pokémon. My name, Krovax the Dreaded, would spread among them and would be synonymous with fear. I would be the one Zoroark that they could not lay eyes upon without anguish. And for that, I could enjoy a banquet of infamy. It was what I always wanted.

    I held out my open hand, sneered with a laughter of madness, and then gathered my dark, wicked energy to feast upon their souls with ravenous hunger. The orb of hated shadow flames summoned from the depths of the darkest nightmares swarmed around my hand, and then when it was ready to devour, I unleashed it upon the screaming villagers as they tried to flee with laughable failure.

    All four of the squealing villagers were suddenly overwhelmed with an engulfing inferno of shadow nightmare flame. As they cried, I simply turned my back on them, walking away, laughing like a madman. Truly, they were obvious to true power, and they only learned far too late...

    So yeah, just stick with that kind of setup, I feel it would be pretty helpful on everybody.



    • ONS Platinum Dragon (Aircraft Carrier)
    • ONS Infinite White (Aircraft Carrier)
    • ONS Ragnarok (Battleship)
    • ONS Riptide (Battleship)
    • ONS Divinity (Battleship)
    • ONS Stormstrider (Cruiser)
    • ONS Zenith (Cruiser)
    • ONS Omega (Submarine)
    • ONS Silver Falcon (Submarine)
    • ONS Magnum (Submarine)


    • Advanced Helicopter Gunship(s): AFS Predator V2 Gunship - A four winged gunship with machine guns and rocket launchers with an 8 missile magazines and a self-loading 32 missile payloads, making for a total of 40 missiles. Predator V2 gunships also have four claw appendages that can be used to airlift vehicles. Meanwhile, Predator V2 gunships can hold a crew of usually 20 Pokemon, give or take depending on their size.
    • Fighter Jet(s): AFS Typhoon Fighter Jet
    • Bomber(s): AFS Crusader Bomber



    • Elite Infantry: Paladins
    • Extreme Elite Infantry: Divine Sentinels
    • Rezen Tribe: A mix of various fire types, who hail from Lavaridge, Hoenn, and are well trained to use both weaponry and use holy fire.
    • Technos Tribe - A mix of various electric types who hail from Mauville, Hoenn, and are also trained in both weaponry and holy electricity.


    • SMA Strider Ground Assault Drone - Anti-personnel ground assault drone roughly five feet tall, and typically armed with dual M134 Miniguns and uses treads for mobility. Overall appearance seems to reflect a metallic Gigalith in size and shape. Metallic alloy armor will repel most small fire ammunition. Meanwhile, they come equipped with thermal optics, long-range optics, and nightvision. These drones will typically be remote controlled by Sonne personnel in a command center.
    • SMA Symbiont - A 17' tall assault walker mech driven by a mech pilot, typically a Pokémon operative under 6' tall. These slow but heavily armored assault mechs are typically equipped with a XON-77 Chaingun on the right arm while the left arm comes equipped with a KANO-10 cannon. Meanwhile, both shoulders of the mech have twin Multiple Fire Rocket Launchers (M.F.R.L.) each with a payload of eight rockets.
    • SMA Nova - An aerial drone roughly ten feet long with a wingspan of fourteen feet. Like the SMA Strider, a Sonne operative will control the Nova from a remote location. The SMA Strider comes with two M134 Miniguns on the ends of its wings, two MFRLs besides the wings, and is capable of dropping explosive payload bombs from the center of the drone.
    • SMA Seadrill - A remotely-controlled armored aquatic drone in the shape of a drill, used to bore through enemy ships, although is capable of destroying infantry as well. A triad of three alloy sawblades arranged in a triangular formation compose the head of the drill, and are capable of tearing through thick, reinforced armor. Upon entry into enemy naval ships, the SMA Seadrill will cause ocean water to flood the ship, although the Seadrill is equipped with a self-destruction detonation feature to inflict additional damage.


    • Phoenix the Blaziken - Commander General of Sonne
    • Adigio the Barbaracle - Sgt. Adagio is a Sonne soldier who mainly relies on overpowering brute force in combat. He is relatively difficult to take down as he is mainly resistant to most physical attacks. However, magic does do some considerable damage to Adagio, but it doesn't completely KO him with on hit (about 4 spells should defeat him). Adagio's elongated claws are his most effective weapon; he does not rely on any firepower or additional weapons to help his cause. He's particularly defensive and will block any head-on attacks. His weak points are the two Binacle that sit on both of his shoulders.
      Appearance: Adagio wears heavy light armor that protects the majority of his body, besides his upper torso and head(s). For aesthetics, his armor is crested and aligned with various gemstones.​
    • Byron the Toxicroak - Sgt. Byron mainly relies on espionage and a "clean kill", as in defeating the enemy with one, simple yet effective attack (only for NPCs. Byron will land an initial hit on unprepared PCs, but of course, it won't kill them). As a pokemon that relies on psychological (and physical) interrogation, Byron would normally taunt his enemies on a 1v1 battle. His main tactics are camouflage and speed. His weapons, consisting of dual pistols and stun grenades. His claws, seeped with a lethal poison, are most effective against Xiav. His weak point is his poison-sac.
      Appearance: Byron is a completely unarmored Toxicroak that has a permanently black skin, along with two red eyes. His claws are cut up and rigged, that way whenever he stabs his opponents, the edged claw can sever and tear major organs whilst secreting poison. The bandages of his species, which are normally found in the waist area, extend up towards his torso.​



    • BNF Beelzebub (Aircraft Carrier)
    • BNF Mammon (Aircraft Carrier)
    • BNF Astaroth (Battleship)
    • BNF Baal (Battleship)
    • BNF Lucifer (Battleship)
    • BNF Satan (Cruiser)
    • BNF Belphegor (Cruiser)
    • BNF Asmodeus (Submarine)
    • BNF Leviathan (Submarine)
    • BNF Merihem (Submarine)


    • Helicopter Gunship(s): Havoc(s)
    • Fighter Jet(s): Demon(s)
    • Bomber(s): Annihilator(s)


    • Light Armor Tank(s): Imp(s)
    • Heavy Armor Tank(s): Grinch(es)
    • Armored Personnel Carrier(s) (APC): Prowler(s)
    • Mobile Anti-Air Vehicle(s): Shredder(s)


    • Necros: Necromancers capable of reviving the dead into undead warriors (see for details)
    • Elite Infantry: Shock Troops
    • Extreme Elite Infantry: Sect Guards


    • Quarren the Weavile - General of Xiav

    Thanks to Brutaka for these map updates
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2013
  2. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    Yeah! We finally got a discussion thread!
  3. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Yep, thanks to Psychic.

    Anyway, the other thing I was thinking of implementing would be something that details which areas of Johto are held by which faction, and which ones are contested between the two. As the RP progresses, factions could lose control over certain areas, and some of the contested areas may fall under the complete control of either faction depending on the results of the conflicts that happen there.

    So for example, the RP may start with this:

    NEW BARK TOWN - Sonne Controlled
    CHERRYGROVE CITY - Sonne Controlled
    BLACKTHORN CITY - Sonne Controlled
    MAHOGANY TOWN - Sonne Controlled
    VIOLET CITY - Contested
    ECRUTEAK CITY - Contested
    AZALEA TOWN - Contested
    GOLDENROD CITY - Xiav Controlled
    OLIVINE CITY - Xiav Controlled
    CIANWOOD CITY - Xiav Controlled

    (I figured Sonne would get two towns in exchange for Xiav having control over Goldenrod City)

    But anyway, how would people feel about that kind of setup? In essence, while losing control over certain areas may seem bad, it results in the other side probably spreading themselves thin, which could allow the other side to attack other areas. Besides, when one side may be down to one or two cities left, those areas will be extremely well-defended. I doubt either side will be entirely wiped out until some kind of climax and epilogue is decided on.
  4. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    I like the setup, but I think that Sonne would start with more cities, and considering their offensive power, they could take a city easily. I'd expect more of the small towns to be owned by Xiav, and the bigger cities to be controlled by Sonne. Or maybe there would be cities owned by Xiav that are scattered around the region?
  5. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Well, I could easily swap what Sonne owns with what Xiav owns. I was just putting this out there as a hypothetical thing, but what you're saying does make sense and seems logical.
  6. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon A Thief and her Love, til Death Do Thou Part

    I the set up is fine. I think it's reasonable that the Sonne are taking control of small towns because the Xiav wants to take control and they captured the capital. But Meeker does make a point.
  7. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    This looks pretty cool. I like the set-up too.
    Also a good ideas to quote the spells when using them.
  8. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    I think with the Xiav being fairly new and a smaller faction that they would be in possession of more towns than going straight for the capital. Perhaps that would be their ultimate goal?

    However, it really does depends on the sort of backing the Xiav have. Perhaps they have corrupt the government and thus achieving control of Goldenrod city would have been a walk in the park.

    Either way is easily explained and dependent on what sort of backing the factions have. It is possible that the Sonne are the struggling faction here and are dependent on aid from smaller towns and have kinda been forced into exile.

    Ah so many choices! I am excited for this one <3
  9. Avenger Angel

    Avenger Angel Warrior of Heaven

    Well, my original idea was that Xiav struck first for several years when it came to getting control, while Sonne wanted to stay underground and still be only rumored to exist to keep their secrets safe. However, the situation with Xiav got so out of Sonne's control that they needed to step out into the open and finally reveal themselves after so many generations of being an underground witch-hunter group, regardless of the kind of scrutiny they would get. Because they were hesitant at first, they lost out on the opportunity to stop Xiav from gaining control of some of the larger cities, but they were able to use their influence and abilities to gain a foothold in some of the smaller towns like Blackthorn and New Bark that are secluded from main crossroads of society.

    Ultimately, I think either way would work fine, but I think seeing Xiav turning Goldenrod City into a dark, foreboding place would be great for setting. Kind of like the big, dark castle or the foreboding fortress that villains typically like to use as their home sweet home. Also, it seems Sonne has a few more members than Xiav, so I thought I'd give Xiav a bit more of an advantage.
  10. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    That sounds great too! Honestly whatever is chosen is going to be awesome =)

    I had one question. If later on in the RP one wished to create another character, would that be okay? Or would you prefer the exclusivity of only being aloud one character on one side?
  11. Agent Tectonic

    Agent Tectonic From Ashes, I Come


    Considering I have one character on each side of the board, you should be fine. Can't speak for AA, though, regarding later characters.
    Also, as it currently stands with the player distribution, I prefer Xiav having the larger cities. Balances out in my opinion.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2013
  12. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    I have an idea, how about we split Goldenrod into different sections? Each faction gets one half of the total amount.
  13. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    For the leader of the Xiav, you are being far too diplomatic, sir.
    Given Xiav personality, they'd go AFTER the big cities first. Higher population density = shadier streets. Much easier to do dark stuff the higher the population density. It just wouldn't be so ''out in the open" so maybe Xiav controls GoldenRod's purse-strings, the back allies, and government; just not so openly obvious during the day?
    What point would the Xiav have taking areas with few population unless they had high strategic value?
    Just thinking how Xiav would think, I think they'd totally risk most of their resources in keeping goldenrod.

    I vote for Xiav shadow-control on Goldenrod, else it being a 'neutral city' during the day, or atleast ''heavily influenced'' by xiav.
  14. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    That's only in the game. I think it would be interesting to see Goldenrod be the main hub of conflict from the start it we can have it that way. It makes things much more interesting.
  15. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Or what if, instead, Goldrenrod is untouched, and thats the city both sides are working towards? Along with a couple in the middle, like Violet and Olivine City, for example.
  16. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    I considered that. Don't know why I didn't propose it... Anyway, that would work.
  17. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    I was wondering if some of the underground Sonne pathways could accidentally lead to the Goldenrod tunnels, or at least it is found by accident by some of the Sonne infantry. That could add some sort of depth to the adventure, I believe.

    I also like the setup, too. I'm pretty sure I'll start Raphael off in Blackthorn City.
  18. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Hey guys, looking forward to see how this RPG goes along. It should be interesting considering the people we have here. Anyways, I skimmed the DQ and I'm getting really bored of this discussion of boundaries. I mean, considering the characters in Xiav (Mainly mine, arguably the sanest one out of all of them and the least malicious, most likely), it would make sense for them to have control of Goldenrod. Having someone who ranks very high in politics and being able to be their voice to the public (I'm just assuming this, but I'm pretty sure most of us can agree on this) gives them a good advantage in being able to control Goldenrod. Sometimes I think it would be for the best if we analyzed every character's strength and weaknesses in their respective factions instead of the faction as a whole on making decisions like these. There are some characters would allow these placements to make sense.

    Of course, this is just all my opinion. I'm just a trickster, after all XD. Also excited to see if we get a Tvtropes page or have Gaias made of our characters.
  19. Meeker

    Meeker It needs a fence.

    That does make sense, but I don't think that just one Pokemon would be able to sway the entire largest city in the region on their side. Xiav would have a foothold, no doubt, but not the entire city.

    Yes, that would be awesome to see a TVTropes page on my character. Oh, how people would think I'm insane! You guys don't think I'm insane, do you?
  20. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Said Pokemon is able to sway a third of arguably the largest region to date, even so it is his job to govern them. Just wanting to point that out there, and I forgot who said this and I'm too lazy to scroll up Meeks, but someone did say something along the lines "ruling in shadows or at night." It's sort of like a gang, they don't rule the city, but they have a lot of members in their faction in the city itself, and sort of rule the "underworld" of the city. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. My character's role in the beginning is most likely going to be a mediator to the public.

    Meeks, I'm the mentally insane one. I'm pretty sure the rest of the WoJ can agree with me on this. Though the problem with a Tvtropes page is creating it, and not going trope happy on your characters since the tropes aren't always completely accurate.

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