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Shadow pokemon contest (approve by Sweet May)

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I'm back!!!
O.k. So here's the type of contest it is.

1. It will change every week
2. It is only a re-type pokemon contest
3. No more then ten entries per contest
4. Don't post an image more than once unless you need to change something
5. And have fun

O.k. here's the thing. If you look at my shop and luxray's shop you will see examples of it. Please look at the rules though. It gives me a headache.
The body is purple and the accessorizes are silver.

So here's the first one.

Change to fire
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w00t! first entry! are glows aloud?? if not then ive got oone without a glow as well...


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Alright, I hate to complain, but don't you think that ANOTHER contest is overkill? People occasionaly don't have time to enter the most popular one, that being the WSC. Much less now we have kecleoshrew's contest, purplemew's contest, and seasonal contests which need attention. Then there is the problem of that a shadow pokemon contest really makes no sense. When fusing a pokemon or scratching something there is plenty of room for creativity, but a shadow pokemon as illustrated by the game have a specific way they should look. That means the only way to lose is to pick a wrong shade of purple or white....not much creativity there.

Then the contest is set up odd. You could just use the default white font which works on ALL of the skins, but you decided to use the dark blue which I can't read on the dark skin at all. Next you actually make people do the work of checking out some one elses thread just to know what to do if they don't know how shadow pokemon look. That just seems lazy on your part. No prize doesn't help it either.

Please don't take this the wrong way, it just seems like the wrong contest at the wrong time.


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Thanks for completely ignoring my criticism on helping the contest appeal a bit more. Guess I'll go find some other thread to waste 5-10 minutes trying to help...

he is right ya know!


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Raiga is right, theres already other contests open. Plus, this contest is just recoloring Pokemon sprites, the thread will die soon. Who wants to recolor pokemon in the same color? There's already the WSC, Kecleo's contest, the HGSS contests etc. This is just a waste of time. If you want to make a contest, pick something like fusions, Trainer sprites, not the same thing over and over like shadow sprites.

Mr. Joker

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Okay, I am sorry, this is nothing more than the WSC, Re-types are covered there, and TBH, there shouldn’t be another contest for it..... Btw, what are the prizes?

I dun think that this thread will be stikie-fied :x

Yami Ryu

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Actually no the WSC is a general spriting contest. There is already a specific retype contest tho :/


So give up the ghost man, atm there's nothing you can provide for a decent contest, unless you host a pure scratch contest with different rules for entries; IE retypes, reposes, edits, fusions etc.

But outside you turning this into a pure scratch contest AND getting it approved of by a fan-art mod; as Sweet May approved this for a SHADOW POKEMON contest, nothing more nothing less. I still fail to see why it was approved.

There's also the fact you limit the contest to ten entries; WSC gets alot more than that. And also depending on how hard or easy, how boring or interesting the contest you throw out to sprites, you may get more, or less, than ten people so a deadline is better than 'untill we get a max of ten people'.

I think you were only trying to jump the contest bandwagon and have NOT thought this out all the way- so ask for a mod to close this and go collect some better, and less colored rules.

Cause dark blue against dark grey/light black is a real killer on my eyes tbh.
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