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Shadow pokemon in Pokemon BR?

Metallic Spark

2 hawt 2 b stalked
If there are, I hope they will be completely remade, like Shadow Lugia Otherwise....naw....don't want it..


The Sacred
I dont really care if there are shadow pokemon. But if there are I would really want a shadow Lucario, Diaruga, or Parukia. That would be kool.


(---- gorvyl clone
well it would be cool if they brought back shadow pokemon but i would like there to be new ones such as a shadow treecko or somthing like that


dalek warlord
I thik that the shadow pokemon are over I think pokemon battle revolution will have a new aim in story mode new evil gruop of criminal masterminds you never know capturing pokemon could be difffernt as well I don't mind if shadows make a return maybe there will be a shadow mew or mewtwo which you have to stop maybe even shadow deoxys

Topaz Archer

uhm...no just no... it has already happenned and it would be too cliche (hey that rhymes)

shadow pokemon happened already. if they do have shadows... i wont buy wii any time soon. i am going to wait a while until its cheap! when local guy gets a used one for cheap at his store. hopefully X_X


Boulder Trainer
it would be okay if shadow types came back, but only if wild pokemon made as big of a deal as shadow. where on your travles you can find patches of grass or you can fish, mabey add some caves to explore


Heat Trainer
I don't think there will be shadow pokemon because pokemon battle revolution is supposed to be a pokemon stadium update, not a pokemon collisium and pokemon xd continuation.

Requiem's Eclipse

Hopelessly Hopeful
I HATE Shadow Pokemon I got Colliseum waiting for a Stadium Like game but all I got was a horrible RPG. BR Should have a update To Stadium and that's IT,ONLY A UPDATE ON STADIUM:mad:


Croconaw the shinobi
I don't know about you guys but I really want a good Stadium remake, or maybe perhaps a Completely new thing considering the new system and all.
No, please no. That Shadow Pokemon think sucks and should die away with the gamecube. I would rather a pokemon Stadium type game then Shadow Pokemon RPG.


The Fury
I hope the hell not. I hate the concept. For me, it's dull and boring. Makes me want to dash my brains out on a wall.