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shadow pokemon

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i am having a bit of trouble in my colo game. this is my first colo game and i ahve gotten real far. i beat the evice guy and saved. i didn't catch all the shadow pokemon though. i don't have the shadow pokemon shuckle and togetic. can some1 tell me where EXACTLY to get these pokemon?


Lunar Origin
Ok, to get Shuckle you need to be in the Deep Colosseum and you'll get an e-mail about a Deep King and everytime you beat the Deep Colosseum you'll get another e-mail, then the last e-mail will say something like "I've just heard that the Deep King has just entered the colosseum go beat him!" and to get Togetic you must have snagged Shuckle and then you'll get a few e-mails then you need to go to the Outskurt Stand and you'll find someone who looks just like you and he'll challenge you Togetic may be level 20 but, the rest of his pokemon are in the 60's (careful he has a Milotic and a Gyarados)
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