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Shadow Stars League

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General Rules

1) Follow all main SPPf rules. Rules 2), 3), and 4) more or less sum up a few of those rules.

2) Do spam, bully, or advertise for ANY topic.

3) Respect and be polite to every member and challenger of this League.

4) Absolutely NO cheating of ANY kind - this includes Action Replay-related cheats, such as generating impossible stats; and any other form or possible way of cheating through other means. NO HACKED POKEMON.

5) SPPf battling Standard Rules are enforced here. I will allow up to 2 non-Uber Legendary Pokemon to be used by Challengers
5b) Leaders, Elite Five, and Champ should be able to battle without Legendaries. In rare cases, I will allow this rule to be bent, as in the case of the Normal Gym, which doesn't have many options.

6) Do not abruptly end the battle for any reason - this goes for Challengers and League personnel. Leaders/E5/Champ: If you suspect that you won't be able to run a full battle, take a rain check, and schedule a good time to battle for both you and your Challenger. Challengers: Even if a battle isn't going your way, do not turn off your console or move away from a Wifi area; that's poor sportsmanship, and wastes the time of the Leader that you are challenging. Obviously, some emergencies can arise unexpectedly - in that event, whoever has the emergency must SURRENDER, and the situation should be reported on this thread. A rematch can always be worked out. But, if an abruptly-cut-off match ISN'T reported here, the guilty party will be issued a warning and a temporary ban (two weeks) on all battles in the League whether they're Challenger or Leader; if a second incident occurs and goes unreported with that guilty party, then they will permanently be banned (and replaced, if it is a Leader).

7) Battle results should be posted by both Challenger and Leader.

8) As a courtesy, Challengers, confirm that it's okay to show the Gym Leader's Badge in your Signature after defeating them.

9) To issue a challenge, please contact Leaders only through PM/VM.

10) Challengers must gain eight Badges before challenging members of the Elite 5, naturally; and only after defeating all five of the Elites can you challenge the Champion.

Challenger Rules

1) To register for the Shadow Stars League, simply fill out the application below and post it on the Thread.

2) Here at the Shadow Stars League, we believe in offering diversity and choices to our Challengers. That means that there will be 18 Gyms for you to be able to challenge; one for each Type of Pokemon, provided we have someone interested in the position and they make the cut. You only have to defeat Eight of these to progress onto the E5, and eventually, the Champion.

3) Of course, we believe in fair play. When constructing teams to combat a Gym, keep in mind that you'll only be allowed three Pokemon that are superior in Type to the Gym you're facing (essentially, no Counter teams); if you're facing the Normal Gym, you're only allowed three Fighting-types; the other three must be of different Types. I will now allow challengers to switch out Pokemon! You learn through experimenting, so if one team doesn't work out, you may change out Pokemon that you feel aren't contributing well. But challengers, do be warned that I will extend the same courtesy to Leaders.
3b) Some Pokemon have multiple weaknesses, so keep in mind that you CAN'T have three Ice-types and three Dragon-types when going up against the Dragon Gym. Remember: No Counter Teams, which are Teams comprised of four or more Pokemon that are super-effective against or resist that Leader's main Type. Let's say this applies to Normal and Ghost Types as well, which don't affect each other in terms of move Types. Normal Type moves don't affect Ghosts, and Ghost Type moves don't affect Normal Types.

4) Upon losing to a Gym, you have to wait a week to rechallenge that particular Gym. You can still challenge different Gyms, however; that's a benefit of having options to choose from for Badges.
4b) Also, you'll be allowed to select the battle style - single, double, triple, rotation - but only for the Gyms.
4c) You're allowed to switch out Pokemon during battle, naturally, but keep with SPPf's rules.

5) Obviously, because the Gyms cover all Types, the Elite Five and Champion fall under a different set of rules. Because the Elite Five will be held to one region's set of Pokemon - Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova - you, the challenger, will be expected to stick with one region's set of Pokemon for the duration of your challenge of the E5, with the exception of one change in region. For example, say you run with Hoenn-only Pokemon, but you can't seem to conquer the Unova Elite with any of the Hoenn Pokemon. You can either keep trying with those Hoenn Pokemon, or you will be allowed your one change in region - Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, or Kalos. Again, you will only be allowed one change, and you will be expected to stick with that change until your challenge of the E5 is done.
5b) It will be left to the Elite Five's distinction whether or not you can experiment with a region's Pokemon throughout your challenging them, or if you have to stick with six Pokemon from that one region. It will also be up to the Elite Five whether or not you have to wait a week to rechallenge them; depending on how generous they're feeling, they may allow you to challenge them the next day (or even that same day).
5c) You and the E5 must come to a compromise about what battle style you guys will be using. Only change the battle style if it's unsatisfactory for both sides.

6) Finally, your battle with the Champion. You will be allowed to use any Pokemon within SPPf's rules (remember, no Legendaries, Uber Pokemon, etc.). But you will be stuck with the battle style that the Champ selects, and you will not be given advanced warning. Due to that unknown variable for your preparations for that battle, you will be allowed one change in your Team - change out as many Pokemon as you like, but you only get that one opportunity. The Champ must stick to that battle style in subsequent rematches, and once you make that change in your Party, you stick with that Team for the remainder of your matches.

7) Items: Held Items must meet SPPf's standards. .

8) For confidentiality's sake, do not inform your fellow Challengers about the strategies that the Leaders/E5/Champ utilize.

Leader Rules

1) Fill out the applications below for Leader and Elite Five positions, and E5, instead of posting them here, PM them to me. Gym Leaders may post directly here. Elite Five: Once you're approved, you may post the information about your Elite status, minus anything regarding what strategies you'll be using. Keep those strategies under wraps, if possible.
1b) The first Challenger to defeat eight Gym Leaders and five Elites will become the Champion - this will hopefully be a better system for appointing the Champion.
1c) Leaders, post weekly, and be able to accept challenges at LEAST every two weeks - preferably, be able to do at least one battle weekly. If you can't make this commitment, you'll be removed from your post and replaced.

2) For emergencies, there will be backup Gym Leaders; if for some reason a Gym Leader is occupied for an extended period of time, a maximum period of one month, the backup Leader for that Gym may accept battles in that Leader's stead, as long as they consent.

3) A Leader must accept all challenges (schedule a day for a battle if necessary). The ONLY exceptions for refusing challenges are if the Challengers utilize Counter Teams or hacked Pokemon; in which case, report those particular Challengers. Bar emergencies or rule-breaking Challengers, Leaders must see their battles through to the end.

4) Gym Leaders: You must have four or more of the Type for your Gym. Mega Evolutions are allowed. In the case of you having three of your chosen Type and the Mega Evolution is your fourth Pokemon for that type, you must use that Mega Evolution on the first turn you send out that Pokemon.
4b) As long as you hold to this rule, you'll be allowed to switch out Pokemon during battle like your Challengers.
4c) Gym Leaders: Challengers are now allowed to experiment with teams throughout their League challenge, so you will be extended the same courtesy. However, I would like you to keep with the same team as much as possible, so don't change up your teams too often.
4d) If you defeat a Challenger, they must wait one week before challenging you again.
4e) In addition, Gym Leaders, the Challengers will get to select the battle type (Single, Double, Triple, Rotation).

5) Elite Five: Each of you must restrict yourselves to the region you've opted for - Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova. You are more than welcome to experiment with Pokemon of those regions (you are not restricted to the use of only six Pokemon). Challengers will be able to start with any one of you, but once they've begun battling the five of you, keep in contact with one another about what Team each Challenger is using. Challengers will be restricted to using one region like you, but they will be allowed one change in region for the duration of their challenge of the E5. This means that if they start with a Kanto-only team, they must stick with Kanto until they make use of that 'one change' rule; once they've changed to Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova-only Pokemon, they must stick with that region.
5b) (Elite Five continued) It will be up to you whether Challengers can experiment with Teams in a region - or if they must stick with a certain six Pokemon (the first six they challenge you with). Unlike Gym Leaders, who will likely get Challengers more frequently, the five of you can decide for yourselves whether or not a Challenger has to wait a week to rechallenge one of you, or if they can challenge you earlier than that. I leave that to your discretion, but be fair.
5c) You and the Challengers must decide what style of battle you will conduct; come to a comprise. Change the battle style only if it's miserable on both sides.

6) Champion: You are free to choose any Pokemon (except Legendaries and Ubers; follow SPPf's rules) for your Team, as well as the battle style (don't warn the Challengers ahead of time, announce it only when you're about to go into that battle). You must stick to that battle style for all matches. Your Challengers may choose any Pokemon with the same rules held to them, but they will only be allowed one opportunity to change out their Team with however many Pokemon they need to change out. It will be up to you to ensure they stick with that Team after that point.

7) As long as the SPPf rules are followed, anything goes in terms of items for both sides. Change out items when necessary to reformulate strategies.

8) Remind your Challengers to keep to confidentiality regarding your strategies, Leaders/E5/Champ. If word gets around what strategy you use, change out the Team and items as needed. But do stick to roughly one strategy for all Challengers if at all possible, to be fair to them.

Challenger Application:

[b]Your motivation[/b]:
[b]Preferred battle style(s)[/b]: Singles/Doubles/Triple/Rotation
Gym Leader Application:

[b]Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone)[/b]:
[b]Desired Leader Type[/b]:
[b]Do you have at least 4 Pokémon of the represented type[/b]: Yes/No?
[b]Why do you wish to apply?[/b]
[b]Preferred battle style(s)[/b]: Singles/Doubles/Triple/Rotation
[b]Badge name[/b]:
[b]Have you read all rules carefully?[/b]
Elite Five Application:

[SIZE=2] [b]Username/Nickname[/b]:
[b]Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone)[/b]:
[b]Desired Region (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova)[/b]:
[b]Strateg(ies) you'll be implementing as a member of the E5[/b]:
[b]Why do you wish to apply?[/b]
[b]Preferred battle style(s)[/b]: Singles/Doubles/Triple/Rotation
[b]Badge name[/b]:
[b]Have you read all rules carefully?[/b][/SIZE]
Open Positions:

Electric Gym
Rock Gym
Poison Gym
(All backup Gym Leaders, except Flying Gym)

Filled Positions:

Water Gym: Artorious
Dragon Gym: Dunkleosteus
Dark Gym: DeathTesel
Fire Gym: Yukomov
Ground Gym: The Last Jedi
Ghost Gym: wmartin20
Fighting Gym: phantomclaw
Fairy Gym: FairyWitch
Bug Gym: Khybon (Wants it to be known that he's always available, just PM him to arrange a time)
Steel Gym: Gray
Normal Gym: StarMasterWarrior
Grass Gym: alomagicat
Psychic Gym: Amazingchi
Ice Gym: Sito
Flying Gym: xDirciox
Kanto Elite: Skullbash
Johto Elite: Wego
Hoenn Elite: DJSummers
Sinnoh Elite: King Infernape the III
Unova Elite: BlackwingMarauder

Battle Result Form:

Challenger's name: 
Leader Type & Owner:
Team used against Leader/Elite/Champ:
Challenger Result:
Rate your performance: x/10
Rate opponent's performance: x/10
Comments about the match:
Banned Pokemon:

All Deoxys forms
Shaymin Sky-Form
Giratina (Both Forms)
M-Mewtwo X and Y
White Kyurem
Mega Salamence
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Just want to point out: The League will be closed until at least 8 Gym Leaders and the 4 Elites are selected. A 5th Elite may apply so that we can get the ball rolling on picking out the Champion, too. Hope to hear from interested parties soon!
Due to a request, I'll allow Pokemon Showdown unless there are objections - in the event there are objections, I will hear out both sides of the argument, and have said debate here for future reference. I'm not familiar with Pokemon Showdown, so I'm not sure about the 'legality' of it; just let me know if you have any problems with that.


Ground-Type Champion
Alright, I think this is what you wanted me to post,

Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone): 0345-0046-5202/GMT -5
Desired Region (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova): Hoenn
Why do you wish to apply? Because, with Hoenn being my favorite Region, I like making Hoenn Teams to have fun battling with, and it helps with good battling strategies for when I use certain Pokemon on different teams.
Preferred battle style(s): Singles/Rotation
Badge Name: Tropical Badge
Have you read all rules carefully? Yes, I have read the rules.
Yeah, DJSummers, that looks good. Feel free to add some kind of Badge icon to your Signature to represent the Badge you'd hand out, if there is a list of those (I think I've seen such a list when editing the sig before).

Again, welcome aboard!
Username/Nickname: Artorius
Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone): 00 GMT London
Desired Leader Type: Water Gym
Do you have at least 4 Pokémon of the represented type: Yes
Why do you wish to apply?
Preferred battle style(s): Singles/Rotation
Badge name: Rain
Have you read all rules carefully? YES
Artorious, as long as there's no Legendaries or hacked Pokemon on your team, you're set to be the Water Gym Leader.
I'm a true gamer!! no hack in my system.. everything legit :)
Just want to point out: Leaders and E5 should have a Badge Icon in their sig. Welcome aboard, Artorious!
It's looking like you either have to make your own, or use an already existing badge by getting the link of a picture of something like the Cascade Badge - or whatever Badge you feel is closest to what you're wanting to give away to challengers - and inserting that pic's link into your signature when you edit it. I thought I knew what you had to do to post those in your sig, but evidently not. ^^;

I did ask DJSummers to comment, since he has a number of those types of images. He'll probably be able to clarify better than me. Sorry. Also, BlackwingMarauder, do post this:

Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone):
Desired Region (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova):
Why do you wish to apply?:
Preferred battle style(s):
Badge Name:
Have you read all rules carefully?:
That way, challengers have that information about you. Again, no need to elaborate on strategies since you're among the E5.

Additional note: If ANYONE knows the deal about the badges in the signature, let everyone know here in the thread. Rude and rather presumptuous of me to put DJSummers on the spot like that, so I'm making this point an open discussion.
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Dark Knight
b]Username/Nickname[/b]: Dunkleosteus
Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone): UTC -5 FC: 0146-9964-0874
Desired Leader Type: Dragon leader
Do you have at least 4 Pokémon of the represented type: Yes/No? yup :)
Why do you wish to apply? good to run a diff type gyms ^^
Preferred battle style(s): Singles/Doubles/Triple/Rotation: Single
Badge name: Inferno Badge
Have you read all rules carefully? yup

also, if you accept, it may be a few days before I open, still need to breed my last 2 pokemon for my team and finish EV training my 4th dragon type pokemon ^^

also, as for icons :/ do you have plans to have the badge icons made? and idk how I am to obtain a league sig :/
Last edited:
With the number of badges that we'd need - up to 23 counting E5 - I probably wouldn't be able to afford commissioning all those. Haha. ^^; We might have to get creative and just make the name of the badge the symbol for conquering Gyms and Elites, at least until we can get proper images. I was not sure how the badges worked in the sig; sorry about that.

Dunkleosteus, you are appointed to Dragon Leader status. There shouldn't be a worry for the delay; we don't have at least 8 Gyms and 5 Elites, so the League isn't officially open just yet. So yeah, just put the name of the badge in your sig for now, we'll all try and work out icons at some point. ^^; I haven't quite done up a League sig either; didn't know you could make those nor do I know how. Sorry for the lack of knowledge. ^^;


New Member
Hi I want to Apply for the Dark Type gym. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do for the badge name category.

Username/Nickname: DeathTesel
Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone): 457085482678
Desired Leader Type: Dark
Do you have at least 4 Pokémon of the represented type: Yes
Why do you wish to apply? Because I love the dark type and I want to become more involved in competitive battling.
Preferred battle style(s): Singles and Triples
Badge name: (not sure what to put here)
Have you read all rules carefully?[/b Yes
Deathtesel, you're appointed the Dark Leader. Try and think up some kind of name for your Badge (something you think is cool; example: Void Badge, Tropical Badge, etc.). Beyond that, welcome aboard!


The BEST! (I wish.)
Username/Nickname: Yukomov (IGN: Claire)
Friend Code (FC & GMT Time Zone): 1521-2958-5459, GMT -5 (Eastern time)
Desired Leader Type: Fire type
Do you have at least 4 Pokémon of the represented type: Yes (in the middle of breeding, but should be done with it before the League officially opens!)
Why do you wish to apply? To get more into competitive play, and to challenge myself to overcome type disadvantages in creative ways
Preferred battle style(s): Singles/Rotation
Badge name: Pyre Badge
Have you read all rules carefully? Yes I have.

So, as noted above, my team is 'ready' in concept, but isn't functional as of yet. I'll update as I go, and will start ASAP!
Yukomov, you're appointed Fire Leader! Welcome aboard; look forward to working with you. ^^


The BEST! (I wish.)
Thanks. :) I'll get started right away on my team and bring it closer to 'ready'!


New Member
Okay I have decide to name the badge the "Nebulous Badge". Hope you guys like the name. It means dark cloudy and hazy. My team is almost finished. I just need to teach the a couple moves. They will all definitely be done by the time the league opens. Also Darkrai is not on the banned list. Does this mean I can use it? (I assume it is a mistake but I wanted to make sure)
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If you're referring to the VGC rules (in the 'read before posting' thread) while comparing it to the Banned Pokemon list I posted, technically we don't have to follow those. I would personally prefer that you don't use Darkrai, since I've had a number of bad experiences with those, and I don't want others to have similar experiences while participating in this League. Haha. ^^; I'll add it to the list so no one else is potentially tempted with it. Thanks for pointing that out!
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