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ShadowPokemonTrainers Banner shop

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
I'll have Soleni's TC when I get home. ^^ If anyone else wants to request a TC from me, they need to fill this out. (SPT, can you edit this into the first post please?)

Pokemon: (Bold if shiny)
Trainer Sprite:
Favorite Type:
Star Pokemon:

I cannot do recolors, so don't ask me too. >>;

Thanks, ShadowPokemonTrainer. ^^


Well-Known Member
Here is a sample banner in my sig

If you want me in, just pm.
Can I join?Here s an example of my work:

I rushed so its not that good...
things that should be fixed:
Theres TO much white
NEVER make a banner on Ms paint

My opions:
Lugia and mew2 wpuldent face off..i would do mew

things you shouldent do:
Steal pixel art.That latias pic doesent match the sugormori pic


Crab People
could i have a banner!

Backround: a watery type backround
Text: PokePond Forums (CENTER)
Under the text:blastoise


BTW can you make it so when you click on the picture it takes you to the place.If you can do that here is the link:pOkePond Forum Link


ninja of shadows
can i possibly get a banner possibly
pokemon: grotle, charizard, dragonite, tyranitar, weavile and gyrados
background: dunno something epic
text: freddy's Ateam
oh and with lance as character rather than default player