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Shadows Arena

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by shadowsfalling19, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Well Well Well little old Shadows Arena is back in business.

    1.What is Shadows Arena?
    :It is a new group thtat specializes in helping trainers become better.
    2.Why should i join?
    :Well youll see the difference in you battling skills once your done.

    1.NO spamming/flaming (we dont want to have to report you)
    2.Listen to the group leaders(dont argue with them!)
    3.Follow all normal Serebii rules or else...
    4.No Hacks please
    5.Keep the swearing at a minumum ^_^

    What we offer?
    1.Metoring in batlles strategies.Give us your team and we give feedback.
    2.Wide variety in our shop.
    3.New jobs like.Shiny collector and event collector.

    How Can I Join?
    -friend code
    -in game name
    -pokemon you like (only one)
    and thats it!

    As mentioned before, these jobs are here too boost your confidence in battling and your teams.They are

    -Event collector-Blooperboy-50 per event
    -Shiny collector-T6r7-70 per chain/breed
    -leveler-Pikachuforever-100 per pokemon leveled
    -platinum move tutor-Zelby477477-100 per move
    -Bannermaker-Shadowsfalling19 and Pokefan0234-50 per banner
    -Egg move breeder-Pikachuforever-200 per breed
    -Breeder-T6r7 and
    (tell me if you want one of these jobs)

    ;461;Weavile Rank(for leader)
    ;245;Shadowsfalling19-400 points;461;

    ;448;Lucario Rank(co leaders)

    ;487-o;Giratina Rank;487;

    Leader descriptions
    Shadowsfalling19-leader of everything/tourney maker
    Atml-The supervisor of the tourney
    Blooperboy-Event leader

    Points System
    20 win a battle
    ~~~ donate a shiny(depends on what it is)
    500-win a tourney
    90-beat me, Dragonphantom, Atml,or blooperboy
    200-join us!
    100-get new members

    ;384;Rayquaza(ev trained)-1,000
    ;461;Weavile(ev trained)-400
    ;121;Starmie(ev trained)-600
    ;130;Gyrados(ev trained)-200
    ;260;Swampert(ev trained)-200

    ;172;Shokotan Pichu(ut)(shiny)-3000 points
    ;461;World Championships 2009 Weavile(ut)-1000 points
    ;245;Tenth Anniversary Suicune(bt)-1000 points
    ;250;Japan only HO-OH(ev trained)(shiny)-2000 points
    ;492;Toys r 'us Shaymin(ev trained)-500 points


    Give credits to Pokefan0234



    Take out the *

    ;291;Shadowsfalling19(leader);461;-fc-3180 4062 6784;245;
    ;197;Dragonphatom(co-leader);245;fc-0903 8873 3010
    ;492-s;Pikachuforever-fc-1934 9454 6583
    ;475;Ampy-fc-2922 8184 0763
    ;468;Pkmtrainer-fc-4811 6706 9779
    ;490;Glameow500-fc-0646 3459 2076
    ;157;Charphloveneterraswamp-fc- 3953 2907 0892 (Platinum) 0516 6193 6742 (Diamond)
    ;006;klubkj-fc-He will get it to you later.
    ;129;Catcong-has no wifi yet ;(
    ;249;Dark Eevee-fc-4898 4747 6708
    ;392;Zelby477477-fc-5070 0252 8177
    ;156;Pokefan0234-fc- 2922 6681 3712
    ;083;PokeShinyHuntJack-fc-4683 7527 2987
    ;490;T6r7-fc-0904 1634 0163

    Points(tell me if you do one of the point prizes)
    ;249;Dark Eevee-200

    9-18-Double Point Weekend! everything you do in order to get poinst is doubled!
    For 9-21 events shop will be up.I will contact blooperboy for updates.Any questions ask him.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2009
  2. Ok its up every one start signing up!
  3. Pikachu4ever

    Pikachu4ever Wii U :O

    finaly i found it so im ready to join
    in game name: sean
    fc:1934 9454 6583
    fav pokemon: skymin
    im so happy shadow arena is back
  4. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars

    -friend code - In sig
    -in game name - Kiru
    -pokemon you like (only one) - Gallade
    and a simple 5 question quiz pm'ed privately.
    Also if you were a former member you still have to do this,yes even leaders.New to the group?Dont be shy we are here to help.
  5. pkmtrainer

    pkmtrainer Active Member

    fc: 4811 6706 9779
    name in game: Hugo
    pokemon you like: i think it would be togekiss

    this seems to be such a great club!!!
  6. okay welcome new members.I will send the quizes shortly.Remeber if you recruit new members you get some points(20)
  7. miu miu

    miu miu Well-Known Member

    fc: 0646 3459 2076
    ingame name: dion
    pokemon you like: manaphy FTW

    woot! the groups back!
  8. @ aziko.
    you seem like the person who would like this place.

    @glameow 500 welcome back!
  9. miu miu

    miu miu Well-Known Member

    I'm so happy this group is finally back!
  10. Yeah its been awile.

    @everyone. If you recruit new members you earn points!
  11. miu miu

    miu miu Well-Known Member

    ok I'll recruit new memebers ;)
  12. Charphloveneterraswamp

    Charphloveneterraswamp Pokemon Master

    sooo, like...

    So like, could someone PM me about what to do exactly? LIke the jobs and pointes thing... Coz i just joined serebii forums today... so ya...
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2009
  13. blooperboy

    blooperboy event seeker

    it won't let me join ;_;
  14. Quadrople post.I know your new but please dont do that you can be banned please read the rules.Well this is what you do.

    battle and win points.
    give us a shiny get points.
    yes you trade pokemon to be leveled up either rare candies or ev train.
    Get new people get points.

    You may use any of the points you want in any way like

    battle me.
  15. klubkj

    klubkj Well-Known Member

    I'll guess i'll join...
    friend code: i get it to you later.
    in-game name: Adriano
    Pokemon you like: Charizard!
  16. ok welcome klubkj. And blooperboy what are you talking about?lol
  17. Charphloveneterraswamp

    Charphloveneterraswamp Pokemon Master

    -FC: 3953 2907 0892 (Pt.)
    -FC: 0516 6193 6742 (Diamond)
    (I don't know which one I will use most. Diamond has more 100's, Pt. has different varieties at lower levels...)
  18. Charphloveneterraswamp

    Charphloveneterraswamp Pokemon Master

    Sorry. The computer wouldn't go coz it froze so I clicked it a couple more times.
  19. klubkj

    klubkj Well-Known Member

    well if you press edit, you can delete the extra ones.
  20. Pikachu4ever

    Pikachu4ever Wii U :O

    @shadowfalling: ill donate a shiny male nidoran and can i be a leveler
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