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Shadows Arena

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by shadowsfalling19, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Let the darkness eminating flow through you...



    Current Record 5-1

    Our Mascot is....


    Shadow Lugia,the Dark Emperor of the Shadow World controls us by all means


    In the great war of Serebii's top clans,Dark, Sins,and Chaos,only two have faced and the might was felt. The fear in both clan's eyes wasn't clear but it is now evident. Due to the causes leading up to the war,hate and insult was taken and due to that,the no SA/7ds clause was put into effect,there are some exceptions for the un-noted. Those will be aloud for ever hold their peace. The two clans have calmed down know,but you can see two people clearly have still mixed feelings for each other. The rivalry of the two clans will soon be renewed in the coming future.

    1.NO spamming/flaming (we dont want to have to report you)
    2.Listen to the group leaders(dont argue with them!)
    3.Follow all normal Serebii rules or else...
    4.No Hacks please
    5.No swearing please
    6.Never start a war with another clan
    7.Be active!(You get points for being active!)

    In game name-
    How many clans are you in?
    Little info about yourself-
    Favorite pokemon?
    Will you stay loyal to the Shadows?


    -Tester-Lucario Ranked Members
    -Shiny Chainer-Shadowsfalling

    (tell me if you want one of these jobs)

    ;461;Shadowsfalling19- 1 point

    Co-leaders only!!!
    ;472;Applebutter2-10 points
    ;306;Nilla-6 points

    (Anyone can give test battles,OU single format)

    ;143;Freze-10 points
    ;148; D.Gray_ Man-71 points
    ;150;Superwolfe-5 points
    ;083; Fried Turkey-5 points

    ;468;Pkmtrainer-1 point
    ;160;str8outtacompton-0 points
    ;197;Ishida-0 points


    ;334;Altariaking-5 points
    ;491; misha-0 points
    ;407;Atlidevil-0 points
    ;475; xFake- 10 points
    ;244;mrbadguy096- 0 points


    ;447;-pikachu4ever-0 points
    ;157;Charploventerrswamp-0 points


    ;258;Pokedexfiller-12 points
    ;357; 705030- 0 points
    ;094;PropaneNightmare- 0 points
    ;479;Shiny Mew- 0 points

    Ok,to begin I have been noticing that it is too easy to rank up,now you have to have a select number of wins to rank up.
    So these:

    Spiritomb rank:3 wins to rank up to Honchkrow
    Honchkrow rank:5 wins to rank up to Giratina
    Giratina rank:7 wins to rank up Lucario

    Along with this you will have to stay active as well as contrubute to the clan(be in a war or be active)

    Also the point system has changed,listen to these rules and you will see a big change
    3 points get another member to join clan
    5 points join the clan
    2 points win a battle
    1 point for a tie
    -1 if you lose
    5 points for shop donation
    10 points win a war match
    -2 points lose 2 consecutive battles
    More coming soon stay posted

    War commanders: Freze Bulldogs Nilla Applebutter2

    How Do I rank up?
    Spiritomb rank:3 wins to rank up to Honchkrow
    Honchkrow rank:5 wins to rank up to Giratina
    Giratina rank:7 wins to rank up Lucario

    Points System
    3 points get another member to join clan
    5 points join the clan
    2 points win a battle
    1 point for a tie
    -1 if you lose
    5 points for shop donation
    10 points win a war match
    -2 points lose 2 consecutive battles
    4 points defeat one of the four clan leaders
    5 points defeat another clan leader
    (tell me if you do one of these things)


    Banners(If you want a personalized one ask Shadowsfalling)


    Former leader board banner ^^^^^^



    Give credits to Pokefan0234







    Give credits to Shadowsfalling for war manager banner!

    The Heart and Soul tourny's first info!
    12 people format
    Prizes: 1st- Rank up plus shiny ho-oh
    2nd- Soul silver latias along with 20 points
    3rd- hg/ss bred shiny/egg move of choice
    4th- Soul Silver Lugia

    All members that enter will receive a shiny Johto starter of their choice!

    1.All normal SPPF standard battling rules apply
    2. Can enter with and DP/HG,SS games.
    3. Double Elimination
    4. Report battles with the score
    5. Good luck!

    Current Participants
    Fried Turkey
    Gray Man

    None D:

    Most members online(on the chat) at once:28/12/09:18 members
    Shadowsfalling19 vs skwog the whale
    [2]atml vs flyingflygon[0]
    [5]xxalucardxx187 vs SRTHIZZ[0]
    [3]javier5109 vs Phocis[0]
    Blooperboy vs Ampy

    Shadows 3 vs Swordsplay 0

    Shadows Arena: Delirium
    [4]Shadowsfalling19 vs. Amplify[0]
    [3]xxalucardxx187 vs. Ivanreal[0]
    [1]javier5109 vs. JB08045[0]
    [1]Atml vs. SSBB123[2]
    Freze vs. BestGamePearl

    Shadows 3 vs Delirium 1

    [2]Skynet vs. Shadow[0]
    xxalucardxx vs. Doc
    Applebutter2 vs. Netosenpai
    [0]Freze vs. Gamefreak[1]
    [1]Lunar vs. Nilla[0]

    Shadows 0 Guardians 3

    Shadows Arena vs. Leviathan's Wrath

    [4]D.Gray ManvSimse[0]

    Shadows Wins 3-1



    [1]Shadowsfalling19 vs. H3R0[0]
    [1]AppleButter2 vs. The Umbreon Master[0]
    [1]Freze vs. Jeyre 80[0]
    [3]Nilla vs. Tyde[4]
    [0]Satan Jr. vs. Wassay[0]

    Shadows Wins 3-1

    GG to all clans we faced

    Honary Members(not real members but can still post)

    BANNED MEMBERS(if you see them posting report them)
    the true akito

    Shadow's News Corner

    Clan Credits
    Zeyre for leaderboard banner.
    Northern Lights for Shadow Lugia badge.

    2/17/10-Tourney info is shown!​
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2010
  2. [​IMG]

    [Shop hours 3pm-10pm eastern(weekly) 9 am-11pm eastern(weekends)] All pokemon are half-price on the weekend!!


    252 special attack 252 speed 4 hp @life orb, Rash nature
    Energy ball/shadow ball/Focus blast/Thunderbolt

    252 attack (ALL OTHER EVS ARE UNKNOWN)@life orb,Adamant nature
    Dragon Dance/Waterfall/Earthquake/Superpower

    252 attack 252 speed@Choice band or Life orb,available in Adamant or Jolly
    Night Slash/Ice punch/Low kick/Ice Shard@jolly

    Night Slash/Ice Shard/Brick Break/Swords dance@Adamant with life orb

    252 hp 252 def 4 sp def@Sassy with leftovers
    Trick Room/Pain Split/Explosion/Shadow Sneak

    252 def 252 hp@leftovers,Bold Nature
    Calm Mind/Surf/Extrasensory/Ice Beam

    252 hp 252 sp.attack@Choice Scarf,Modest Nature
    Hidden Power(water)/Thunder bolt/Signal Beam/Flash Cannon

    252 Attack 252 hp@life orb,Adamant nature
    Bullet Punch/U-Turn/Pursuit/Swords Dance

    252 sp.attack 252 speed@Choice Scarf,Timid Nature
    Thunder Bolt/Surf/Dragon Pulse/Trick

    UT,Sassy Heart Gold Soul Silver Special Event@ Soul Dew

    252 attack 40 hp 218 speed@leftovers,Adamant nature
    Dragon dance/Waterfall/Taunt/Earthquake

    Soul Silver UT Lake of Rage Gyrados

    252 attack 252 speed@Focus Sash,Adamant nature
    Dragon Dance/Waterfall/Crunch/Superpower
    Dragon Dance/Waterfall/Crunch/Brick Break

    252 attack 252 hp@Life Orb,Brave Nature
    Swords Dance/Sucker Punch/Zen Headbutt/Superpower

    252 attack 252 hp@toxic orb,Adamant Nature
    Protect/Ice punch/Earthquake/Facade
    It has the ability "Guts"

    252 attack 252 hp@hard stone,Adamant Nature
    Zen headbutt/Head Smash/Thunderpunch/Earthquake

    252 special attack(ALL OTHER EVS ARE UNKNOWN)@ life orb,Modest Nature
    Energy Ball/Surf/Focus Blast/Ice Beam

    252 special attack 252 speed@Choice Scarf,Modest Nature
    Energy Ball/Psychic/Flamethrower/Thunder Bolt


    252 special attack 252 attack@Focus Sash
    Stealth Rock/Psychic/Flamethrower/Explosion

    252 attack 252 hp@focus sash
    Megahorn/Earthquake/Stone edge/Hammer Arm

    UT Dialga@Adamant orb,quirky nature

    Metal Claw/AncientPower/Dragon Claw/Roar of time

    252 sp. attack 252 speed 4 hp@life orb,choice specs,Modest Nature
    Fire blast/Overheat/Thunderbolt/Focus blast

    252 attack 252 hp@leftovers,Adamant Nature
    Poison Jab/Curse/Explosion/Shadow Punch

    252 attack 252 hp@leftovers,Lonely nature
    Cross Chop/Belly drum/Fake out/Earthquake

    252 speed 252 sp attack@leftovers,timid nature
    Shadow Ball/Leaf Storm/Sleep Powder/Hidden Power(fire 70)

    252 attack 252 speed 4 hp@ choice band or choice scarf,Lonely Nature
    Aqua Jet/Earthquake/Crunch/Waterfall

    252 attack 40 hp 216 speed@ life orb,Adamant Nature with Swift Swim
    Swords Dance/Aqua Jet/Waterfall/Stone Edge

    252 speed 252 special attack 4 hp@ life orb,Modest Nature with 31 ivs in sp. attack
    Shadow Ball/Grass Knot/ Focus Blast/ Thunderbolt

    252 speed 252 attack@ life orb,Jolly Nature
    Earthquake/ Sucker Punch/ Stealth Rock/ Stone Edge

    64 attack 252 speed 192 speed@ Life orb,Naive Nature
    Hidden Power(ice)/Close Combat/Grass knot/Overheat

    252 speed 192 attack rest in special attack@life orb,Brave nature
    Dragon Dance/Outrage/Flamethrower/Earthquake

    ~~~Currently Not For Sale~~~

    More Coming Soon,any questions/comments?
    Pm me ;)

    Credits to Bulbapedia for pics

    Shop is currently under construction.


    Shadows Arena Official Battle Section

    This is a place where Shadows Arena Members battles are recorded. Tell me if you win or lose a battle thanks.

    Shadowsfalling19~5 W-2 L
    AppleButter2~5 W- 2 L
    Nilla~8 W-0 L
    Freze~2 W-0 L
    Noodleking~0 W-0 L
    D.Gray_Man~0 W-2 L
    PkmnTrainer~0 W-0 L
    Pyth1212~0 W-0 L
    Altidevil~0 W-0 L
    UmbreonLord~0 W-0 L
    Peppershinyhunter~0 W-0 L
    Pikachu4ever~0 W-0 L
    Bulldogs~5 W-0 L
    Superwolfe~0 W- 0 L
    Wassay.~0 W- 0 L
    Pokedexfiller~0 W-0 L
    Blobman~ 0 W- 0 L

    In order to put yourself in jeopardy for a war spot,you need to reach at least 5 wins.

    After a the war has subsided,all battles will become void and count for the next war.

    Either tell me or Applebutter2 if you win a match so I can record it accordingly.​
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2010
  3. xxalucardxx187

    xxalucardxx187 The Man

    ill join sign me up

    -friend code- 5413 8821 3505
    -in game name-Thor
    -pokemon you like- Scizor
    -How many clans are you in? 1
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2009
  4. atml

    atml The Earth's Might

    glad 2 c this is up cant wait 4 our first war dude
  5. Neither can I.I will beign talking with Ampy,the leader of Swordplay.
  6. javier5109

    javier5109 helllo

    i want to join this clan
    name is javier
    i can do lots of stuff.....
  7. Ok i will pm you the details.
  8. Charphloveneterraswamp

    Charphloveneterraswamp Pokemon Master

    hey do i have to redo everything again? also can i be breeder, leveler,, AND Maybe tester, watever that is?
  9. ok one,you can pick one lol i will send you the details
  10. Charphloveneterraswamp

    Charphloveneterraswamp Pokemon Master

    can u PM me which one gets the most points? ill probably do breeder
  11. Ok i will add you as breeder
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2009
  12. Charphloveneterraswamp

    Charphloveneterraswamp Pokemon Master

    hey! i thought egg move and breeder were differrent! i dont know how good ill be at egg move.... could their be TWO egg move?
  13. ok yeah you can be justbreeder
  14. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Master of the freak show

  15. treeko777

    treeko777 New Member

    could i be a leveler
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2009
  16. Pikachu4ever

    Pikachu4ever Wii U :O

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shadow arena is back (again)
    in game name: sean
    fc:get to u later
    fav pokemon: riolu
    im the eggmove breeder right?
  17. treeko777

    treeko777 New Member

    game name platium:ryan game name heartgold:ryan game name diamond:eek:ran my fc tell u later ;249-d;
  18. I'll join..fc 4941 2225 8914
  19. xxalucardxx187

    xxalucardxx187 The Man

    good to see some ppl are joining. id like to be a tester by the way shadow
  20. Ok cool man alucard test jay the pkmaster.This clan has great potential!
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