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Shadow's Avatars. (Request while you can)


The Legend Himself
Hello, I am back to spriting. Although this time I'm doing avatars for other forums/MSN/whatever.

Shop Status:Open

1. I will only take 4! FOUR! Requests at a time. Check above your posts! If there are 4 people, DON'T <Blam>ing post! I've had too much trouble with that in the past.
2. Use the form. If the form is not used. You are DENIED. I have full rights to refuse a request.
3. Give credit somehow... Lol
4. Do not spam with "ZOMG R U DUN YET?!?". These things take time to make. Also, With the slow server on this site. It is kind of hard to actually get into the thread.
5. 1 Request per person.
6.VERY IMPORTANT!!!I only do AVATARS! I know I have Banners in the examples, but that is only to show what I can do!
This is the form. Use it before you post.
Avatar Size: (100x100, 90x90)
Avatar Color: (Blue, Black, Pink, etc.)
Text (If any): (<Insert text der.>)
Font (If there is text): (Times New Roman, Matura MT Script Capitals, etc.)
Text Location: (Bottom right corner, etc.)
Border Type: (See Examples for borders. Or put: No Border)
Render: (The picture in the avatar. Please choose something I do not have to cut out!)
Specifics: (Anything specific that you want...)
Examples: (I don't have all the Border types yet!)

Border Type 1

Border Type 1 also

Border Type 2

No Border

~Request Away~