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Shadows of Memories


Angel of Chaos

Don’t move an inch. Just don’t breathe. Maybe they’ll just observe you today. Perhaps all they wish to do today is gaze upon the small four-year-old that is reputed to be the second most powerful immortal in existence. The girl sat quietly, her eyes staring straight ahead. She dared not move. She could hear the muffled voices behind the one-way glass.

Suddenly, the air around her grew warm. She hesitated, then gasped as flames sprang from the walls and floor, surrounding her on all sides. She let out a cry of shock as they licked at her flame-resistant clothes. Then the temperature grew. The flames were hotter. It hurt, but she could not die.

Finally, tears rolled down her cheeks, and she screamed.


She woke with a jolt, covered in sweat. Kicking off the covers, she swung her feet out of her bed, barely missing her Umbreon’s head as he snoozed softly at the foot of the covers. She caught her breath and padded lightly over to the window, throwing it open and thrusting her head out into the cool city air. She shook a bit from the nightmare and from the air outside.

She set her mouth in a firm line, whispering, “Soon, you will all pay.”


He sat leaning on his hand, his eyes staring straight ahead as the man in front of him rambled on about armies and battle zones. He didn’t care to listen to these ramblings. In fact, he wished he could just wave a hand and make them and this war disappear.

The man finally realized he wasn’t listening and stopped short, his eyes narrowing. “My lord, did you hear anything that I just said?”

His eyes shifted back to those that were narrowed. “None of this matters. This entire war comes down to the final battle between the Chosen One and myself.” He sighed and stood up, his footsteps echoing in the hall as he made his way out. “Carry on the war as you please.”

“But we are without a Shadow Commander,” the man protested.

He waved his hand dismissively. “Put Palmer in the position and be quiet about it.”

The man sighed. “Of course…HE would have been the best choice.”

He stopped short, his eyes narrowing. “No…not anymore,” he mumbled before finally leaving the room.


The commander stared at the glass holding cells in front of them, his eyes wide as the scientist spoke.

“I think you’ll be interested in what we are doing here, Commander. Perhaps this will turn the tide of battle for Southern Japan and the Aquapolian armies.”

The commander’s eyes narrowed, and he swung around, his boots echoing on the floor as he made for the exit door of the laboratory, leaving the old scientist to himself. The old man grinned, his eyes staring ahead into the water of the holding tank. “Soon, this little experiment will change the world.”