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Shamans & Exorcists & Necromancers VS. Zombies (PG-13) [SU]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by VampirateMace, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Rated PG-13 for Violence, Language, etc…

    Juniper Village is a quite little place, nestled between a beautiful lake and some rolling hills, just beyond which is a much larger city. It’s a beautiful rustic village, with a long and proud multicultural history, filling three districts and three separate cemeteries.

    The village has three main districts:

    The North-East District - This is the oldest district and the houses and shops located here are of various European styles. Long ago, the town started as nothing more than a cabin built by the beautiful lake for the horse riding mail carriers to rest at. They agreed this lake was like a paradise and the cabin was soon followed by a real inn, and several other businesses. The old Pioneer Cemetery is located in this district, and people are still being buried in it today, including the late mayor.

    The South-East District - This district, which has more Asian Architecture, it is the second oldest section of town and came about when silver found in the rolling hills created a short, but celebrated, mining boom. As many new immigrants came to the tiny village, so did new cultures. The second oldest cemetery is located here, Gami Memorial. While many of the dead here are cremated, there are a few burial plots.

    The West District - This the newest and smallest part of town where some modern manufactured homes are located. Some people consider this district to have sleek modern look, while others view it as an eyesore on their historic town (some nature spirits aren‘t taking these new developments very well either). Located here is ultra modern Meadow Memorial Park, with monumental above ground tombs.

    Travel between these districts is easy, via bus, car, or walking. The village is relatively small, and one can therefore, experience all three cultural districts in the same day. Many day trippers come to the village for this multicultural experience; having breakfast in ‘Europe’, lunch in ‘Asia’, and dinner in the ‘Future’. (Depending on where you live you may need to replace ‘lunch’ with ‘dinner’ and ‘dinner’ with ‘supper’ to make sense of this.)

    Lately however, the cemeteries are becoming a bit of a problem. Well, the problem isn’t really the cemeteries themselves, it’s the residents. No, not gangs or vermin, no… Lately, the dead have been rising!

    In scenes right out of a horror movie, malevolent spirits (usually Imps) have been possessing the bodies of the dead and attacking the living! Though limited some by the condition of the body, be it rotted or injured, these spirits tend to push the body’s speed, strength, and stamina past what a human’s normal physical limits would be in a similar condition. (Normally your brain limits your abilities so you don’t hurt yourself, only unlocking your full potential if someone’s life is in danger.) They scratch and bite at their victims until either; they’re destroyed, or their victim dies. Luckily, their bites and scratches don’t seem to be transmitting a Zombie Virus. Of, course, this lead some to believe a virus is not to blame at all…

    Luckily there is help! Aside from several butt-kicking self-declared Zombie Hunters, equipped with the usual guns, chainsaws, and baseball bats, there is also an elite team of local Shamans, Exorcists, and Necromancers, who have also formed to help deal with the problem, and find the source! Unfortunately, these groups have historically had trouble getting along, due to differences in their ideals…

    Many Shamans believe in a sort of spiritual equality, in which all ghostly spirits deserve resolution to the issues binding them to this earth, and all guardian spirits deserve respect for the places/things they are guarding. Exorcists on the other hand, believe that there are Good spirits, and Evil spirits, and that the Evil spirits need to be banished (exorcised). Often they consider any spirit that refuses to cooperate with them to be Evil, frustrating the Shamans. Then there are the Necromancers, who pretty much just believe whatever the hell they want to at the moment (even if it’s that grass is now neon pink), frustrating both the Shamans and the Exorcists.

    Current intelligence suggest a team of rouge Necromancers are responsible for the sudden outbreak of undead. Normally this would be viewed as nothing more than mischief, but the level of coordination suggests that Someone powerful is probably pulling the strings. We should probably try to located him/her.

    Character Type Options:
    (What you can be, and what you can do!)

    - Can see and communicate with spirits.
    - Can Integrate with Spirit Partners to use their Physical Abilities. (Basically they willingly become possessed. Integration however, requires trust between the spirit and the shaman.) Integration can last for about 3 posts, and they must wait 3 posts before Integrating again.
    - Can be accompanied by up to 3 Spirit Partners at a time, who can aid the Shaman with their Supernatural Abilities while not Integrated.

    - Can see and communicate with spirits.
    - Can banish/exorcise spirits from people/animals/bodies (possession), places (haunting), and objects (also haunting). They must make physical contact with a zombie to banish the spirit in it. They can catalog banished Spirits to summon as Partners/Slaves later.
    - Can Summon up to 2 Spirit Partners/Slaves at a time, who can use their Supernatural Abilities to aid the Exorcist for about 3 posts. Exorcists may have a Catalog of up to 10 Spirit Partners/Slaves they are able to Summon. (Please don’t start with this many.)

    - Can see and communicate with spirits.
    - Can attach Spirits to bodies to created up to 3 Zombies/Ghouls. (Zombies are spirits using any old body, while Ghouls are inhabiting their own dead bodies.) They cannot un-create Zombies/Ghouls created by other Necromancers.
    - Can be accompanied by a combine total of 3 Spirit Partners, Zombies, or Ghouls… who can use their Physical or Supernatural Abilities to aid the Necromancer.
    - May also play as someone working for the Main Villain… in which case I might very well lift the limit of Zombies/Ghouls you can create.

    *You may also play as normal human hunting zombies if you wish. You won’t be able to see Spirits, just the results of Shaman/Exorcist/Necromancer’s Spirit Partners abilities, but you’ll get a higher weapon limit.

    Types of Spirits:

    Angels/Demons - The strongest and most powerful types of spirits you can encounter in this RPG, basically they can do almost anything any other spirit type could do. Angels and Demons are also extreme examples of Good and Evil spirits, their every action motivates by a Good or Evil agenda.
    - These spirits were never alive as we understand life.
    NOTE: You are NOT allowed to start with an Angel or Demon as one of your Spirit Partners, though you may be allowed to encounter them later in the game with permission.

    Fairies/Sprites - Weaker than Angels, Fairies/Sprites are Good spirits with magical abilities usually pertaining to things like light, healing, and purification.
    - These spirits might never have been alive as we understand life.

    Imps/Goblins - Weaker than Demons Imps/Goblins are chaotic and Evil spirits with magical abilities often pertaining to areas such as darkness, hexes, and shape-shifting.
    - These spirits might never have been alive as we understand life.

    Elementals - The embodiments of nature, Elemental spirits have abilities involving the four natural elements; Earth (plants, stone, soil), Wind (weather, clouds, air), Fire (fire, lightning, warmth), and Water (rain, flooding, marine life).
    - These spirits were never alive as we understand life, but rather have guarded the natural world for eons.

    Ghosts/Ghouls - Ghost are the spirits if humans and animals who have died. Their abilities reflect their former life, and are usually best utilized through Integration with a Shaman, though some may have abilities to manipulate things they used to work/play with (a Tech Expert for example, may be able to manipulate data on computers without Integrating or shoot beams or electricity). Ghouls are ghosts still inhabiting their former bodies, they differ from the Zombie hordes in that they retain their original personalities and usually don’t attack the living. Ghouls may pass for living humans if fresh enough.

    Legions/Coagulations - Legions are collections of weak spirits who have loss their original identities. Their powers mostly involve scare tactics such as creepy sensations (like cobwebs) and throwing their collective voices.
    - These spirits may or may not have been alive.
    Coagulations are collected scraps of emotion so powerful they’ve become conscious. They can emit powerful sensations such as dread or elation, that can seriously affect their target.
    - Obviously, Coagulations were never alive as we understand life.
    - Legions/Coagulations count as a single Spirit Partner.

    Approved and Pending Players
    1. (VampirateMace) Giselle Mason - Shaman
    -- Melancholy (Coagulation)
    -- Bon-Bon (Earth Elemental)

    2. (Monster Guy) Leo - Shaman
    -- Helena (Fairy)

    3. (Elysian) Arcturus - Necromancer
    -- Adalind (Ghost)

    4. (Janice Quatlane) Shaman: *Reserved*

    5. (*Jean Grey*) Rose - Necromancer
    -- Moon (Ghost [Wolf])

    6. (SoulMuse) Ian - Reg. Human

    7. (thesilverwolf) Lou - Exorcist
    -- Lucille (Fairy)
    -- Anastase (Fairy)

    8. (SpyroxPikachu) Alana - Reg. Human
    -- Winston - Dog (Husky)

    9. (DVB) *Reserved*

    10. (Onarax) Ren - Possessed Exorcist
    -- Noon - Imp?

    11. (GoldenHouou) - Lenora Winfred - Ghost
    -- Mr. Splashy - Elemental (Water/Rain)


    Name: Who you are

    Age: How old you are
    (Shamans/Exorcists/Necromancer can be any age, but for communication purposes please be at least 5 years old)

    Gender: Boy, Girl, etc...

    Character Type: Exorcist, Shaman, Necromancer, etc…

    Appearance: What you look like, +8 sentences

    Personality: How you think, +8 sentences

    History: What’s happened in you life so far, +8 sentences

    Inventory: The stuff you have on your person

    Spirit Partners
    (Fill this out for up to 3 Spirit Partners, for Shamans 2 is recommended so you can adjust your team without losing anyone…)

    Name: What they’re called

    Spirit Type: Imp/Goblin, Fairy/Sprite, Elemental, Ghost/Ghoul, Coagulation/Legion

    Appearance: What they look like, +3 sentences

    Personality: How they act, +3 sentences

    History: What’s happened in their past, +3 sentences

    Physical Abilities:
    Abilities they need to Possess/Integrate with a human/animal/corpse to use.

    Supernatural Abilities:
    Abilities they can use at anytime when they’re not Possessing/Integrated with someone.


    Name: Giselle Mason

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Character Type: Shaman

    Giselle is pretty small, rather short and a bit on the thin side, with well defined curves. Her skin is pale peach and her dark brown, almost black, hair, is thin and slightly stringy. It falls in large waves around her face and often her long bangs fall over her eyes. The face itself is a thin almond shape, with soft features, a small nose, and thin red lips. Her large eyes are forest green, and have a wild look about them. The overall effect of her appearance is almost like she walked out of a cartoon or anime.

    Giselle can often be found in outfits that boarder the line between cute and goth. She often wears a magenta blouse with a big black bow on it, over black shorts, long pink skull print socks and small black dress shoes that probably came out of the kid’s section. On her hands she wears lacy fingerless black gloves, that extend nearly to her elbows, each decorated with a bow. She also wears twin bow hairclips, black with skull decorations in the center, to try and keep her hair and bangs back a bit.

    Giselle’s personality is a bit random and all over the place, sometimes coming off as a tom-boy, and at others as a stereotypical girly-girl.

    She can be kind and caring, openly chatting with anyone who happens to be around. Often she’s mentoring younger girls at school in both school work and beauty secrets.

    But she can also be competitive and bossy, easily going into competition mode over the smallest of challenges. Sometimes she turns things into competitions, when it really wasn’t anyone else’s intent; who else can eat hot ramen that fast, after all? Her bossiness tend to clash with Bon-Bon’s bossiness (see below for Bon-Bon’s info).

    She’s outdoorsy too, which is a good outlet for her tom-boyish traits. She likes to camp, hike, and climb. She also like to whittle and build models from scratch.

    She also has a bit of a temper problem, and tends to overreact to minor offences almost as much as when people actually mistreat her or those she cares about. And she’s a very loyal and protective friend.

    Giselle was born, and spent the first 13 years of her life, in the big city across the hills from Juniper Village. Her parents, who were not able to see ghosts, had trouble understanding that the city was even busier and more hectic for her. Constantly spirits were begging for her attention, asking for her help, or just plain trying to scare the daylights out of her.

    By the age of 10 her parents had had enough. In an effort to get rid of her ‘imaginary friends’ they sent her to a psychiatrist. Instead of the doctor helping her, she ended up helping him. He’d unwittingly fallen victim to the collective emotions of his past patients, in the form of a spirit Giselle calls Melancholy. It never ‘speaks’ and therefore never actually identified itself with a name. She convinced this spirit however, to join her as a Spirit Partner, though she didn’t really know at the time if there was any way it could help her.

    Finally as she was about to enter High School, Giselle was offered an escape from the spiritually over-crowded city, she could go live with her aunt in Juniper Village. It was nice, 3 years in the countryside. There were spirits here too of course, but like the people in the village they too tended to have more relaxed attitudes than those in the city. She also now had someone who believed her, her Aunt, who told her stories of an ancestor of theirs who’d been a great Shaman.

    Then came the zombies…

    Titanium Baseball Bat

    Spirit Partners 1:

    Name: Melancholy

    Spirit Type: Coagulation (Melancholy)

    Melancholy looks like a sort of naturally grown umbrella, uneven and grotesquely formed from phantasmal flesh. It has a thick leather-like membrane, black and dotted with eyes of various sizes on the outside, sickly pink and veined on the inside, instead of fabric. And bony, sinew laced scaffolding, instead of the metal and plastic framework an umbrella normally has, which is tipped with claws. Melancholy tends to float slowly through the air, drifting where ever it’s wanting to go. It’s eyes constantly blink.

    Given that Melancholy is a Coagulation of persistent unexplainable feelings of sadness and depression, it has one main personality trait, melancholy. It is not a highly motivated spirit, nor one of great intelligence (as far as anyone can tell), but seems willing enough to follow Giselle’s instructions. It has never been know to talk, or make any sort of sound.

    Melancholy formed, as far as anyone knows, in the office of a psychiatrist in the big city across the hills from Juniper Village. Giselle found it when her parents made her an appointment to get rid of her ‘imaginary friends’. She could tell it’s powers were tormenting the poor psychiatrist, who was unable to see it, and suggested to it that it come help her, and that maybe in helping others it could find some peace. Melancholy followed her from that one-way conversation forward, though Giselle isn’t sure how much it actually understood.

    Physical Abilities:
    Integration with Melancholy enhances the Shaman’s ability to affect other peoples’ moods through gesture and speech, especially when the target emotion is Depression, Sadness, or Melancholy.

    Supernatural Abilities:
    Melancholy has the ability to cause a unexplainable depression in whoever is in it’s shadow. The umbrella can also grow somewhat, thus covering several people at once.

    Spirit Partner 2:

    Name: Bon-Bon

    Spirit Type: Elemental (Earth)

    Bon-Bon appears as a mostly white rabbit, which usually only walks on his hind legs. He has a few light brown spots on his back, as well as a large spot on the tip of his right ear. Bon-Bon’s eyes are shiny black spheres, and there’s a light pink hue present on his nose and inner ears. He carries with him a phantasmal daisy.

    Bon-Bon has a fairly up-beat personality, and is pretty active. He’s a bit bossy, and likes to think he knows more than he does, and that he’s somehow intimidating despite the multitude of evidence against it. This often lands him in fight with Giselle. He does know quite a lot about plants though, and how they can be used to a human’s benefit/detriment.

    Bon-Bon is one of many Earth Spirits that inhabit the hills around Juniper Village. For eons they have protected and maintained the hill area. They’ve made peace with the existence of the East side of the village, but recently the village has started expanding. Annoyed by the new development in the West District, when Bon-Bon discovered Giselle could see him, he vowed to follow her until she helped him, despite her attempts to explain that she’s just a teenager who can’t really stop the economic machine. The Zombies however, have them both a bit distracted from this goal.

    Physical Abilities:
    Integration with Bon-Bon grants the Shaman the power to control plants somewhat, causing them to grow more rapidly (possibly slowing or ensnaring enemies) or produce more pollen/sap/etc to be used as medicine or poison. Particularly, they gain control of Bon-Bon’s daisy, which can grow and shrink to be used as both a shield and a melee weapon. It seems this flower is tougher than it looks.

    Supernatural Abilities:
    Aside from his vast knowledge of plants, Bon-Bon has the ability to manipulate the growth of plants, as well as maintain and heal them.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2013
  2. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    This sounds like fun
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    I'll try a Shaman. :p

    I'll get an SU later on today. Hopefully...
  4. Slipomatic

    Slipomatic Eon Collector

    hmmm, I think I might reserve in this rpg. I might go as an exorcist. Good question to ask though, how modern are we talking here... Don't want to pick weapons that isn't allowed.
  5. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    I'll reserve a Necromancer, please
  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    (DVB): Reserved?

    (Monster Guy) Shaman: Reserved

    (Slipomatic) Exorcist: Modern as in the latest tech available today. And, yes, this once, I’m allowing regular guns in an RPG. But please be considerate of reality, and don’t say you’ve got such-and-such gun that really only exists as a prototype in such-and-such lab, unless you have a good back-story for obtaining it. - You’re reserved if you still want a spot.

    (Elysian) Necromancer: Reserved
  7. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Excellent. I'll post aWIP then

    Name: Arcturus Dichalla Dalkia (Nicknamed Archie)
    Age: Stopped aging at 19
    Gender: Male
    Character Type: Necromancer

    Appearance: Arcturus is an average tall young man with a fair physical apperance, despite being quite slender. His hair is dark brown, and reaches halfway down to his shoulders, giving him a rebelious look. His eyes are red, and he often wear dark sunglasses in order to hide them, as red eyes aren't very common in the normal society. His skin is slightly tanned after spending a lot of time outdoors. He's rarely smiling, and he looks overall mysterious, as he also rarely express emotions that are not rage or disappointment.

    For clothing, Archie has grown fond of the more modern look. He dress pretty much after how his mood is, but still keeps it classy. He also wear a black leather jacket when he's outside, which adds up to the whole "Mr. Mysterious" theme that hangs over him. His jeans are tight and fashionable, and his shoes are always the latest model and are always classy. In his right ear, he has an earpiece in the shape of the Necromancy sigil. Arcturus also have what is called "The mark" which is common for ressurected individuals. This mark is a hint towards how the person died, before getting ressurected by another Necromancer. In Archies case, the mark is in the shape of a slightly visible scar on his throat, which tells the story of how his throat was cut at the end of his natural life.

    Personality: Archie is a self-centered individual with little respect for human life. He mainly focus on his ovn happiness than that of others. He's also evil. Like.. killing without hesitation-evil, as he has been raised as a necromancer after his rebirth, learning to look at humans asnothing more than pawns. His parental figure is the necromancer Mura, who resurrected and taught him everything he now knows. Mura is the only one Archie really trusts.
    Despite being all evil and dead, Archie is a party animal and a social butterfly, appearing good and kind to the people whom he meets in order to hide his identity as a necromancer. He's really adapted into the new modern society, and he loves throwing parties and talking with people, even though he rarely care about anything they have to say. He's manipulative, and have learnt to play on humans emotions, thus making him a flirty individual willing to do anything and hurt anyone in order to achieve his goals. Despite all this, however, Archie is not incapable of emotions, and he does care about people when he feel they deserve it. Archie's also a natural talent at alchemy, and his spellbook contain several recipies for different potions such as a love potion, illness-potions etc.

    History: Arcturus was born in the early 16th century into a family of blacksmiths. Since he was a boy, there wasn't anything for him to do except following his father's footsteps in forging. He had a decent childhod, and was allowed to go to school, where he learnt all kind of strange things. Archie had always been a dreamer, and had taken an interest in witchcraft, even though they burned people associated with it in his village. He would listen to stories told by travelers about great magicians that was able to raise the dead in order for them to do their bidding. All of this was nothing moer than stories, and Archie managed to adapt to the life of a blacksmith. He started working with his father permanently after his mother died when he was 13 years old.

    Not so long after his mothers death, a new resident took place in his village. This was a wise old individual of great knowledge named Mura. Archie would spend entire afternoons just listen to the tales Mura told about all of the knowledge in the world, including magic and mythology. The others in the village said that Mura was crazy and a bad influence, but Archie knew better. He always sought the good in people, and grew to fully trust Mura, running errands and helping out whenever it was needed. In return, Mura would tell Archie about all of the seven wonders of the world and more.
    Archies father, however, started suspecting that he was hanging out with the "Wrong people" and quickly came to investigate. He went to Mura himself, enraged that his sons mind was clouded by doubts and fairytales. he was certain that Mura was a witch, and had come with threats. He did, however, never return home. Nobody knew what had happened to him, but rumours ssomehow started that Archie had killed him, and Archie was arrested.

    After a trial that was just a bit above unfair and full of injustice, it was decided that Archie would be sentenced to death. He tried pleading for his life, saying a houndred times that he had no idea where his father was. He pleaded for his life non-stop until the executioner held him at his knees with a knife at his throat. After that, he just felt a brief moment of pain before everything went black.
    It's uncertain just how long he was out, but when he woke up, the world looked significantly different than when he left it. The cities were bigger, and the people wore different clothing than he was used to. He later got to learn that it was the year 1846, and Archie was so confused about being alive. He could still feel the cold steel against his throat as his life ended. Archie smelled like rotten dead animals, and he wondered what the hell had happened to him to make him wake up. He had vague memories of his life with his father, with Mura and the false accusations. He held his hand to his throat, then looked at the shadowy figure that stood above him, immediatly remembering, despite the new outfit, Mura.

    - Assassin Dagger: This was the dagger used to execute him in his human life. He does not know how it came to his posession
    - Spectral Spellbook: an old book that can be summoned with magic. this book contains all sorts of information, spells and alchemic recipies.
    - An iPhone: Nothing fancy.. just a regular iPhone.

    Other: Arcturus is bisexual


    Spirit Partners

    Name: Adalind Kirton
    Spirit Type: Ghost
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Adalind is a medium tall young woman sith a slender figure. Her hair is light brown and reaches down to her waist. She usually keep her hair in a long braid. Her eyes are big and friendly, with a deep lemon color. She's almost always smiling, and she looks overall friendly. Her skin is pale, and she doesn't get tans when being in the sun due to her incorporeal existence. For clothing, Adalind chose to wear light sleeveless summerdresses pretty much always, as she isn't affected by temperature. She also wear light sandals. Colors like White, yellow and light green are often seen on her clothing, and she dislike dark, eerie colors. She wear small heart-shaped earpieces, and have a necklace in silver with an ancient amulet, the necromancy sigil.

    Personality: Adalind is a talkative ghost, and loves being around Archie, as he's the only one that can see her (besides shamans etc, which she is not aware of). She likes to joke around, but also provide Archie with useful advice when he's in grim situations. She sometimes get lonely too, as Archie doesn't always appriciate her company. She misses her old life from when she was alive, but doesn't really mind being a Ghost. Adalind is the restless spirits of the dead, forever bound to the Necromancer who has enslaved her, being Arcturus. She does, however, not bear any grudges against him, and concider him a close friend, the only one she got. She's not the type to bear grudges or hatnig people, as she was a kind spirit when she was alive.

    History: Adalind doesn't rmember much of her own origin, or from how she died, as Archie won't tell her. She was born in England during the early 19th century, and had a good looking future, until her lethal accident. She was caught up in a car accident with her husband, and both of them, along with her unborn baby, died. She was buried with her husband, but was later revived when Archie practiced the art of binding ghosts. After this, she just stayed with him, not that she had any choice. she must do what he as a necromancer tell her to do, but he usually just keep her around for company, and don't make her posess people very often.

    Physical Abilities:
    When Adalind is posessing someone (dead or alive), she gets superhuman strength and stamina.
    Her spirit also cause the hosts body to heal any wound they might get

    Supernatural Abilities:
    - General posessing: Can posess various items and make them alive.
    - Incorporeal: Can make herself invisible to Shamans and others who normally can see Ghosts

    Other: She's Brittish.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2013
  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    @ Elysian: I tried sending you a PM, no reply, did you forget to finish your sign-up, do you think it’s already finished, or are you dropping out and didn’t feel like telling me? I’m not upset either way, I just want to know what is going on.
  9. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    I simply just don't h e
    Much time On my hands lately. I will try finishing it
  10. Janice Quatlane

    Janice Quatlane helloooo ladies

    Am I able to reserve a Shaman? I'll work on it as soon as I have time.
  11. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    @ Elysian: Okay, thanks.

    @ Janice Quatlane: Alright, I'll add you as reserved.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
  12. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    And besides, I forgot how the evil minion worked. Can I have like a Ghost pal?
  13. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Yeah, you can have whatever sort of spirits (within reason) that you want. How it works: Basically, for this RPG, your necromancer needs a spirit for each zombie they create, as bodies don't get to walk around on their own.
  14. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    So, I can have a ghost pal only my character can see, that jumps into dead guys and BOOm: Zombie?
  15. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Yes, except: generally all Shamans/Exorcists/Necromancers will be able to see your ghost (while outside of the zombie), unless you want his/her/it's primary ablilty to be that it can make itself invisble to those that can normally see spirits.

    The nercomancer's advantage is that they can make zombies/ghouls with ghosts that don't have the power to posses bodies on their own.
  16. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    yes. I meant more like regular humans cannot see it. And it might be able to make itself invisible from the others as well (?) Only a suggestion though. A plan is taking place
  17. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Yep, you can have a ghost with the ablity to go invisable to those who can see ghosts, but you need to list that in the Supernatural Abilities section.
  18. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Just need to give my ghost a personality and background story.
  19. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Hehe...Elysian brought me here. XD Could I reserve a Necromancer? XD
  20. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    I love you, Jeanie

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