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Share your first car crash experience.

Peter Quill

While backing out of stall I scraped the paint of a car next to me (The contact was literally so faint I didn't even feel it. No damage to the panel or anything.)

The family then asked the building to review their video security and told me if I didn't take it to the insurance company they'd try to charge me with a hit and run. I wanted to pay it off privately, but they refused to not get the insurance involved so now my premium is raised for like the stupidest "accident" ever.


Sexy Cowboy
Me livin in the country, we learn to drive early, for jobs on the ranch. I was driving on my way to help pull a calf, and it was reasoning, so I had the lights on since it was 8 pm, and wipers going fast as hell. I had to bring some chains and calostrum, milk that helps the calf, gives some kind of biotics, and stuff like that. I was going down the road before the pasture, and boom, a 10 point Buck jumps out in from of me. Caved the front end a bit. So now I have a deer head on my bedroom wall, and I got to take some deer jerky with me. :) best wreck if you ask me


Pokemon #088
I've been in many, the first one I can remember was when I was in 1st Grade and I was drinking lemonade from Taco Bell. When the two cars collided by lemonade went all over the place and broke the radio.


☆ I'm The Captain
Driving a car is very difficult to dominate for some people and some not, I expect that some in this forums are able to drive. As we are humans, we all have lived an experience that we had once ever crashed one day, because we aren't perfect. Well, always your first crash will be memorable to every one. It doesn't care how big was, but I really like to share mine.

Last Year, friend invited me to his house in the night, because his father was making hamburgers, he lived in a tall hill, It was one of my first day using my car, it was a Suzuki Swift (a small car, and its manual). I was with 4 friends. While going up, Suddenly my car went off and when down later I bumped the sidewalk and fall for 10 meter of the hill and a tree stop us, and all the rear part of the car looked awful, and was wrecked. I was very sad crying, because I gave their scariest moment of their lives, but they were all cheering me up. Thank god, that a tree stop us, and we survived, it could have been worse if the tree wasn't there. And now, I'm more cautious myself and not repeating the same mistake.

P.S: Srry for my English

Well i have never got in a car crash,, i just like to read the experiences of others :p


New Member
The first one happened when I was a baby.

The second one happened when I was 8. Grandma was taking us over to her house and it was raining hard. Some lady lost control and crashed into us. That accident totaled our car.

The next one happened ten years later when we were going to Wal-Mart. We were at the light that was right in front of the place when we were rear-ended by some teen who was texting and driving. He wrecked his jeep while ours took it like a man. No one was injured in that one either.

Then, a year later me and Grandma were coming back from Wal-mart and I wasn't feeling well and very mad. The lady in front of us had a dog in the back who was standing on the thing that goes between the two front seats. Grandma was whining about the dog not being in a seatbelt when out of nowhere, a SUV takes out the car in front of us. That was pretty intense. No one was injured there, but the lady and her dog were shaken up.


Confused and Dazed
The only "car accident" I've ever been in was when some dumbass elk meandered out onto a highway right in front of me in the middle of the night. I slowed way the hell down before I hit him, so had he been even the slightest bit aware of his surroundings, he would've been able to trot the five necessary feet and avoid being hit altogether. In fact, the only reason my car was damaged at all was because he apparently didn't notice my car until I had actually hit him; I wasn't even going fast enough to knock an elk over who was expecting it. So, the end result is that I slowed down to <10 mph, somehow caught this elk off-guard, and the dipshit ends up falling onto and breaking my windshield. The kicker is that I didn't kill him, or even apparently hurt him, because he just got up and ran away, so I gained nothing from it.

For a cooler story, though, one accident that I saw was when I was riding down a canyon highway with some of my family, and some chick decides to pass, like, four cars going around a pretty large curve, beyond which you can't see oncoming traffic (since it then curves the other way behind a mountain). Anywho, oncoming car comes around behind the mountain, chick swerves back into our lane (the other drivers let her in), she swerves out other end of lane, and rolls 3-4 times down cliffside into river. It was pretty exhilarating to finally see a car go off the road, though. Up to that point in my life, I was expecting to see it any day. Somehow, even though her car was totaled, apparently all she did was break her wrist and get cut up a little bit. And that's the story of how my aunt was late to the airport.


Flaming Death
This was probably not my first car crash, but it was one that I remembered the most clearly. While my father was driving my family to tea break, he was stopping at the front of an intersection. There was quite a jam ahead, so the car could not move too far forward. All of a sudden, the car violently jolted twice. The CD player started sounding like a broken record. Turns out that some basket in a beat up car was talking on her mobile phone (and she was still talking after the impact). My parents had to get her to stop talking and turn off the engine (it is smoking, dammit! Do you have any regard for safety?). Apparently the impact was so strong it launched my father's MPV (foot brake applied) to the back of a light truck. Quite an achievement for a beat up early 1990s Toyota.

She later gave the lamest reason for the crash: "I did not see the brake lights on your (my father's) car." Even though the brake lights were huge and pretty much bordered the back of the car (late model Mitsubishi Grandis )


Well-Known Member
My first car crash was when I was living in Arlington, Washington state. I was only 6 or 7 at the time of that crash. My mom was driving us, including my sister to the bank. Out of nowhere this drunk hit us and lucky for him, we were not hurt, but my sister and I were spooked for weeks, not wanting to be in a car ever again. The drunk got arrested for drunk driving. And that first car crash was the first scariest thing to ever happen to a kid at my age.


have a drink on me
Scraped my right side mirror of my truck on a coaches truck trying to park.
Lucky me I didn't take off any paint. I left behind a huge black plastic mark though. Took me a good hour to get off.


i brought ice cream
My first official car crash: Let's just say I was coming home from a friends house, and I was driving down a road that I was very unfamiliar with in the middle of the night. I was in a big rush to get home because I was using my mom's car, and she hates when I borrow her car.
LOOOOOONG story short, there was a very VERY sharp turn that I wasn't aware of coming up, and I ended up in a ditch as I tried to make the turn going like, 55mph.
Now whenever I hit forks in the road like that one I get somewhat paranoid, and sometimes I still have dreams about it. It was a really bad night to say the least.

Another time I bumped into the guy in front of me at a stop light. It was a little bump, not even paint-on-paint, so our cars were totally fine and we just parted ways.