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Comes out of Nowhere
This is the first deck I've made myself in a while. This is Modified.

Pokemon: 17

X2 Shaymin EX (Roaring Skies)
X3 Rayquaza EX (Roaring Skies)
X2 Mega Rayquaza EX (Roaring Skies)
X3 Tailow (Roaring Skies)
X3 Swellow (Roaring Skies)
X2 Pikachu (XY)
X2 Raichu (XY)

Energy: 15
X4 Double Colorless Energy
X11 Electric Energy

Trainers/Items/Stages/etc: 28
X3 Rayquaza Spirit Link (Roaring Skies)
X2 Tool Retriever (Furious Fists)
X3 Winona (Roaring Skies)
X4 N (Noble Victories)
X2 Sky Field (Roaring Skies)
X1 Teammates (Primal Clash)
X4 Professor Juniper (Plasma Blast)
X2 Professor Birch's Observations (Primal Clash)
X3 Ultra Ball (Roaring Skies)
X1 Dowsing Machine (Plasma Storm)
X3 Muscle Band (XY)
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Oh man, a lot of decks are using EX cards. Do you have a lot of risk when you play with them? Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable playing an ex card on my own because of the EX rule. Also, that N card is OP if you play catch up! One question though, muscle band doesn't get discarded after its use does it? Im not sure about rule changes so im not sure if discarding it is a spoken rule now.


Kanto Region Champ
^ tool cards stay on the card unless it says otherwise, there was never a rule for that just card text.

Number 1 playable cards in this deck, AZ and cyclone scoop up, helps shaymin for faster draw power. You also probably only need 4 basic energy 4 DCE and a profs letter, if you play trump card you have infinite DCE.

If you were to drop 3 N, 2 winona, 2 tool retriever, 3 muscle band and a few other things for

4 VS seeker (synergy with battle compressor
3 battle compressor (synergy with VS seeker
3 acro bike (burns through the deck to accelerated draw, it doesn't matter if you discard cards if you can trumps card them back into your deck for later use)
2 trainers mail (a trainer that can give you an extra card in hand for use, it doesn't seem good in theory, but it is amazingly good in practice with a trainer based engine)
2 more sky field (which is the decks major dmg out put)
4 ultra ball (milling hand for superior draw is superior)
2 mega turbo (who doesn't want a turn 1 m ray to hit for 240, which I have been able to pull off a few times already)

and drop the 3-3 swallow for 2 exeggcute propagation, yes it has 30 hp, but if they discard your bench by playing another stadium down you don't have to worry about having 3 basic pokemon in hand to hit for 240 just 1 and use propagation on 2 eggs. It's a much more specific engine for the decklists needs. A lot of what I have posted is typed out by variation, I have been testing this deck competitively for the past 2 weeks, it's almost unrivaled in power out put, I made a basic skeleton list called sky field on the forums, it runs a mixed variation of the list, if you only have 2 shaymin, no big deal 2 is fine as well.

N is not OP, N is sub par.