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Shaymin Sky Form [ Love It or Hate it?]

Love New Shaymin or Hate it?

  • Love it!! x3

    Votes: 65 49.2%
  • Hate It =[

    Votes: 27 20.5%
  • Old Shaymin rocks better

    Votes: 40 30.3%

  • Total voters


That guy.
Land form sucked arse. Too innocent and useless looking.

Sky looks decent, but looks much more like an Ice/Grass type then Grass/Flying.

Phantom Gardevoir

Alphonse's Wifey XD
I honestly like it.
It looks so much better than the land form IMO.


When They c r y.....
I like it better than the land form


Failed to nab me. ;)
I really hate it,no offense.I liked the fake one better.'^_^`
I hope REgigigas still gets his new form,and if they realy wanted to...
I say Heatran should have a sky form to.XD


We don't even know it's base stats or learnset yet. I'll have to say ???


Obsessive 4 Weavile
I'm not sure whether to say I love it or hate it. At first glance when seeing the form in official art on a Magazine scan, I was really surprised and didn't like it all that much, since I liked it's previous, more girly form, and didn't like the idea of Shaymin going tomboy on it's other form xD . Although over time, when looking at a sticker of it's form, or Tyran's Siggy, I thought it looked abit cuter..
So Basically I'm going to take my time on what I really think about Shaymin's new form, since usually when there's a pokemon on TV that I don't like that much, I end up regretting it and start liking that pokemon xD (Exp. Aipom / Ambipom)


Eh. It isn't hideous, but Land form's better.


Eh. It isn't hideous, but Land form's better.


The Abysswalker
I don't really like it... it looks like a mutated Leafeon.

It also doesn't fit... Shaymin, the " feminine pokémon of flowerz! :3 ", and what the hell is that red thingi in the back?
And I really don't get why it's called "Sky Forme", since it looks like just a regular grass type. It also seems hard to beleive that this was originally a small little Hedgehog....
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You smell that?
I think its cool. I think that it might not be as effective with th flying type tho


I is a gud riter.
I love sky forme, but land forme looks relaxed and cute. sky forme looks very serious

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
it doesnt look like a sky form, its isnt that good looking and old shaymin rocks