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"She loves him, does he love her back?"

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Orenji-chan, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Authors Note: This is my first one-shot but my second specialshipping one-shot/fan-fiction! It's rated PG with a slight twist of MangaQuestShipping in it!

    Please R & R like usual!

    Thanks Always, Orenji-chan​

    P.S. Just a heads up, I might start another specialshipping fan-fiction if I can think of a plot! :D


    “She loves him, does he love her back?”

    Yellow ran quickly along the sidewalk, her purple boots making small ‘tap’ against the concrete. It was early morning on the 14th of February, which was Valentines Day in Viridian City; it was also three years after the encounter with Deoxys. Her hazel eyes gleaming as she looked down at a small note which she was holding tightly with her right hand, not noticing where she was going as she let out a yelp of surprise. The young girl ran into someone, then in an instant she began to fall backwards as someone grabbed onto her wrist, hoping that she won’t fall down.

    “Y-Yellow is that you?” The voice asked as Yellow opened her eyes to reveal the boy who was standing in front of her, it was Red. He let go of her wrist in an instant. “R-Red-kun…I was just looking for you." As she glanced down at the note, her cheeks began to turn a slight shade of pink as she glanced back up at Red with a gleam of caution in her eyes. Red smiled back at Yellow, his brown gaze collided with her hazel one for a moment as he heard someone’s voice in as he fell to his knees. He grabbed into Yellow’s wrist once more as he pulled her down as well, she made sure that the note didn’t leave her sight as she began to over hear the conversation.

    “S-Silver-kun…” The young cobalt-haired girl replied as Yellow glanced through the thick underbrush of the bush in which Red and Yellow were hiding behind, her hazel eyes staring out at the scene in front of them. It was Crystal and Silver, they were standing in the middle of a clearing, with no one else around. Yellow also noticed that Crystal seemed a bit nervous about something, like she wanted to tell Silver something that she had never said before. Silver glanced over at Crystal, his gaze seemed to be filled with concern for the girl, “Crystal-san, I’m sorry but I don’t want to go out with you….” He replied as Crystal blinked, glancing at Silver with a gleam of regret in her eyes that she had asked. “Okay….” Her voice was trailed off as Red appeared a few meters away from the girl, Yellow standing right beside him.

    Crystal glanced over at Red, her eyes filled with relief, Yellow blinked as her grip on the letter relaxed. “Red-san, Yellow-chan what are you guys doing here?” She asked as Gold began to walk off, “I’ll see you later Crystal-san…” He muttered under his breath as Crystal nodded, she then turned her attention back to Red and Yellow, who seemed quite curious about what just happened. “We just heard someone talking and well, we just going to check up on you to make sure you were okay….” She replied to the cobalt-haired girl who nodded in response to Yellow’s remark.

    Red nodded as he glanced in the direction that Gold had departed, Yellow blinked, turning her gaze towards Red for a moment before turning her attention back to Crystal. “Do you really like him? He seems kind of like a jerk…” Her voice trailed off as Crystal blinked, “Yeah…I do really like him Yellow-san but it seems that he doesn’t like me at all!” She exclaimed as her eyes filled with sorrow, Yellow placed her hand on Crystal’s shoulder, in an attempt to comfort the young trainer.

    “Maybe you should start over, it might work for you!” She replied to the young girl, removing her hand from Crystal’s shoulder, Crystal nodded. Red blinked at the two girls, his brown eyes wondered what they were talking about. “I’ll see you later Yellow, bye Crystal-san it was nice to see you again!” He muttered under his breath before disappearing in the same direction as Silver, but this time he was going to go look for someone else, Gold.

    Yellow nodded in response as Crystal stared at her shoes, “I just don’t know what to do Yellow-san, I mean…I kind of like someone else….” She whispered under her breath as Yellow blinked, wondering who it was. “W-Who is it Crystal-san?” She asked her friend with a glint of curiosity in her hazel eyes. Crystal sighed as she stood up, wiping the dirt off of her white shorts, “The boy that I like a lot is Gold-kun….” She whispered under her breath, hiding her eyes from Yellow’s view, she could feel her cheeks begin to turn a light shade of crimson.

    A small smile appeared on Yellow’s face, “I noticed that you like him a long time ago, after Gold was saved from the Pryce….” She replied as her voice trailed off, glancing up at the sky as she continued, “You seemed so happy that he was back where he belonged with you.” Crystal nodded in response to Yellow’s comment, looking back at her with a gleam of hope in her eyes.

    “T-Thanks Yellow-san I really needed that, but how do I ask him out on Valentines Day?” The cobalt-haired girl asked Yellow began to think of ideas and then she realized something. “I know some way, I’ll call Red when I get home, he can probably help us!” She replied with a warm smile on her face, Crystal smiled back at her for a moment. “Yellow-san…I have a question…” She muttered under her breath as the smile faded from her face, Yellow blinked.

    “What’s the question Crystal-san?” She asked the young trainer as Crystal continued, “D-Do you still like Red-san…?” Yellow’s eyes widened as she slipped the note into her jean pocket, her cheeks turned a bright crimson as she looked over at Crystal. “Y-Yeah I still do, I guess my feelings for him have magnified within the last few years…” She replied as Crystal nodded, there was an emotion in her eyes which Yellow couldn’t recognize. “Okay I was just wondering….” She muttered under her breath as she glanced down at her clock, it read 12:00 PM. “Oh crap, I’d better get going!” She replied as Yellow nodded, Crystal waved a quick ‘good-bye’ before running off.

    Yellow stood there for a moment, she then took out the letter, and a small smile appeared on her face. She began to walk slowly back towards her house, her mind was filled with the things Crystal, Red and her had talked about. Yellow then realized that while she was in her trance, she had appeared at the front of her house, she took out the key and the lock opened with a small ‘click’.

    The young girl walked in very slowly, she glanced around her small house. It was the perfect size for her, with its one bedroom complex and a small kitchen added on. Its walls were painted a light shade of orange and the pieces furniture were arrays of colors, ranging from the lightest white to the darkest black. Everything was kept quite clean even though Yellow had been busy for the last few days, getting ready for Valentines Day and all.

    A single ring of her blue telephone broken the silence as Yellow bolted off to the phone, checking the caller ID, it read:


    The young girl’s eyes widened with shock and excitement as she picked up the phone, her muscles relaxed as she heard Red’s voice. “Hello, Yellow are you there?” He asked as Yellow blinked, her mouth felt dry all of the sudden; she hadn’t ever spoken to Red on the phone before, only in person. “Y-Yeah I’m here Red-kun. Why did you call?” She asked into the receiver as she could tell something was up with Red-kun today. “Well I noticed that Crystal and Gold do seem quite close, so I was wondering if we could set up a date for them since it was Valentines Day!”

    He replied as Yellow nodded in response, her hazel eyes gleaming in the sunlight. “Yeah that sounds like a great idea Red-kun, when should we put this plan into action?” She asked her friend who stopped to think for a moment, Yellow sat there patiently in her light pink bean bag until he thought of an idea. “Let’s do it at 8:00 PM if that’s alright with you, we can spy on them and it’ll be fun!” He reassured the young girl as she nodded in response once more, “Yeah that sounds like a good idea! Should I call Crystal-san?” She asked the young man who nodded, “Yeah and I’ll call Gold, lets just say that we’re going to celebrate Valentines Day in Viridian near that lake, you know the one near Blue’s house?” Red asked, hoping that Yellow would agree with his idea as he glanced over at the clock, it read 3:00 PM, had alright been three hours since the encounter with her.

    “Yeah that sounds great! I’ll go call Crystal-san right now!” She replied into the phone, Red nodded in response. “Okay see you at 8!” He replied with a hint of happiness in his voice as he hung up, falling back onto his bed. Red sighed as he stared up into his ceiling for a moment, his brown eyes gleaming as he sat up once more. “Now it’s time to call Gold-san!” He exclaimed with a small smile on his face, he began to scan his address book for the boy’s number, he couldn’t wait until tonight and it sounded like would be a lot fun with Yellow…..

    The young blonde-haired girl fell backwards, leaning her weight against the wall as she sighed, glancing down at the letter. She knew that tonight after this thing with Gold and Crystal, she would give Red this letter, her hazel eyes gleaming with determination. She then walked over to the phone book once more, scanning the white pages for Crystal’s phone number. Her finger finally located the number as she began to dial each number with her thumb, her hazel eyes gleaming as she pressed the earpiece against her ear, the dial tone began to ring.

    “Crystal is that you? I was wondering if you wanted to go out for a special Valentines Day dinner with me, Red and Gold.” She asked into the receiver as she nodded in response to Crystal’s reply, a small smile appeared on the young girl’s face. “Okay I’ll see you then….” She muttered as she placed the phone back into its crib, she sighed as she glanced at a certain picture of Red which was pinned in her wall.

    The drawing which she had shown Red a few months ago, he liked it so much that Yellow had ripped it out of her sketchbook, which was now lying on the floor. She outstretched her right hand and picked up the book, flipping through it, studying every sketch in detail. Glancing at the clock, hoping that tonight would come faster as she continued to study her draws from years past, falling into another deep trance. The time seemed to fly by as the young blonde-haired girl reminisced through her book.

    Before the young girl knew it, it was time to depart for Viridian City as Yellow glanced at her figure in the mirror. They were going to go stalk Gold and Crystal on their date after their dinner, her hazel eyes gleaming with determination as she walked out onto her porch. She turned the knob with a single ‘click’ of the lock, slipping her key in her pocket with her letter in tow. She began to make her way towards town, her hazel glance staring up at the sky which was filled with bright stars.

    The trees seemed to be calm with the winter air as Yellow slipped on her orange mittens, she breathed in the cold air before continuing on into a small stand. The young girl sat down, it seemed that Red, Gold and Crystal were sitting down at another table. Red spotted Yellow, waving to the young girl as she smiled warmly at the boy, sitting down next to him with a gleam of happiness in her hazel gaze.

    The dinner was quite peaceful and friendly, with talk from the Kanto Region and the Johto region as well. When everyone had eaten their fill of ramen, Red suggested that they all go on a walk through Viridian Forest. Crystal, Gold and Yellow all agreed on the idea as they exited the ramen shop, Red glanced over at Yellow for a moment; it was cue to leave the group and to follow Crystal and Gold through the forest. She smiled in response to the boy as the both began to fall backwards in the crowd. Gold and Crystal not even noticing where they had gone as Yellow glanced over at Red who smiled, taking out a small camera.

    Gold and Crystal had moved onto the thick underbrush with Red and Yellow following them slowly through the night, his brown gaze gleamed in the starlight as they appeared in behind another bush, just in time to hear Crystal and Gold talking about something. “Gold-kun….” Crystal whispered under her breath as Gold blinked, his gaze then rested on the young girl’s face, her cheeks were a slight shade of pink. He smiled in response warmly to the girl, Red took out his camera and it made a small ‘click’ just barely loud enough for Yellow to hear.

    She then glanced back at Crystal and Gold who looked behind them for a moment, the cobalt-haired girl’s gaze glancing straight at Yellow and Red as she stood up. “Red, Yellow I know you’re out there!” She muttered into the cold night as Red sighed, standing up from his crouched position as he padded into the clearing with Yellow following his lead once more. “Yes Crystal-san…” She whispered under her breath, the young girl smiled. “I knew you were behind us the whole time!” She replied as Gold smiled as well, Yellow then noticed that they were holding hands. Crystal must have confessed her feelings during the camera’s flashing, Yellow response to the girl as Red blinked, glancing over at Yellow.

    “Well you guys missed the big moment, Gold said that he wanted to go out with me, I guess you were right Yellow!” She replied as Yellow nodded, Red blinked in confusion. “Thanks guys, you guys helped me realize my true feelings!” She exclaimed as Red blinked in response to the girl’s reply, “You’re welcome Crystal…” He muttered under his breath as the young girl sat up, gripping onto Gold’s hand more tightly as they both walked off into the darkness. Yellow blinked as she glanced over at Red, his brown gaze was gleaming with pure determination, they had did it. “Well we got them together!” He replied, smiling at the girl in happiness as Yellow took something out of her pocket, the thing she had been waiting to give Red all day and now it was the right moment. “Here Red-kun….I have been waiting a long time to give you this to you…” She muttered under her breath as Red nodded, taking the letter from her hands, ripping it open he began to read it slowly in his mind. His eyes glancing at each letter carefully:

    Dear Red-kun,

    I know we’ve been friends for a very long time but I guess over the last few years I have developed feelings for you. Ever since the day you left me, I haven’t been able to go to sleep unless I think of you, and when you went missing I was very certain that I would bring you back to my side. I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way Red-kun, I just wanted to tell you how I feel. The truth is Red-kun, the truth is that I loved you all of this time, I love you more than anything in the world and I will protect you until the day I die.....

    Well anyways thanks Red-kun for always being there for me,
    Yellow Caballero​

    Red almost after reading the very last word dropped the letter, his heart seemed to be filled with pure joy as smiled warmly at Yellow, there was a glint of emotion in his eyes which Yellow couldn’t recognize. “Yellow, the only way I can respond is by doing this…” He whispered under his breath, pulling Yellow into a slightly hug, her hazel eyes gleaming in the darkness. “Happy Valentines Day Yellow…” He whispered only loud enough for her to hear as he leaned down, his lips colliding with hers only for a moment as Yellow did the same thing, pressing her soft lips against his.

    That moment, it seemed, to last forever in Yellow’s mind as Red pulled his lips from Yellow’s, then pulling her into a tight hug after their first kiss. Yellow hugging him back, her hazel eyes gleaming as her cheeks were a bright crimson. His leaned down once more, but this time only to whisper something in her ear...

    “I love you…”​
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2007
  2. rayon1

    rayon1 Romance Lover

    Awww. 'Tis cute. And it has two of my fave manga pairings. Very well done! *applauds*

  3. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Thank you rayon1, your comment will be remembered as the first! ^^
  4. Aww!!^^ This is so kawaii Orenji-chan!!^^ Probaly one of your best yet!^^
  5. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Thanks Hotaru-san! ^^ Oh..really? xD Well thanks for helping me with the title idea! ^^
  6. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Well, well. This is worth the wait I must say. Not only does this fic revolve around 1 couple. It's 2 couples and I like this! Heh. Red and Yellow are quite the sneaky ones aren't they?

    I give this Valentines fic a 9 out of 10. 1 point was not added in for 2 reasons. 1 was because I found a little grammer mistake or 2 as I read this fanfic, and 2 was because there's no Pika x Chuchu. I'll let you comment on my comment, Orenji-chan.
  7. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Thank you mew151, your comment will be remembered as well! ^^

    Oh can you please tell me what the grammar mistakes were and next time I will try to add some PikaChuChuShipping in there! ^^
  8. mew151

    mew151 Thunder Trainer

    Well, one I noticed was this.

    “Y-Yellow is that you?” The voice asked as Yellow opened her eyes to reveal the boy who was standing in front of her, it was Red, he let go of her wrist in an instant. “R-Red-kun…I was just looking for you as she glanced down at the note, her cheeks began to turn a slight shade of pink as she glanced back up at Red with a gleam of caution in her eyes.

    Could be better if written as this.

    “Y-Yellow is that you?” The voice asked as Yellow opened her eyes to reveal the boy who was standing in front of her. It was Red. He let go of her wrist in an instant. “R-Red-kun…I was just looking for you." As she glanced down at the note, her cheeks began to turn a slight shade of pink as she glanced back up at Red with a gleam of caution in her eyes.

    I found that the commas around can be replaced with periods. Of course, my editting probably isn't any better than other people.
  9. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Thanks mew151, I'll go fix that right now! ^^
  10. radama

    radama How's my hair?

    Orenji-chan, This was fantastic, a 29, no 30/10 from me!! You've no also made me like MangaQuestShipping too, so congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  11. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Ohayo randama! Thank you for review and rating! Your comment will be taken into consideration as well! ^^

    Yay I made you ANOTHER shipper of a shipping that I also like! ^^

    Hope to see you around, Orenji-chan​

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