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Shedinja, useful ingame? (emerald)

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Im thinking of using Shedinja in game as ive alwaysd wanted one. Could never figure out why my Nincada evolved into Ninjask when i first played the game all those years ago. Ive seen people on youtube use it to battle legendarys but can it be used to battle everyday trainers in game? Thanks


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As long as you avoid Attacks that are supereffective against Shedinja, it shouldn't be a problem to use. You just have to be a bit more careful when using it compared to when using other Pokemon. If you are a good player, it shouldn't be any problems.


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IIRC, its weak to Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Rock, burn, poison, Sandstorm, Hail, and Spikes. Just avoid all of those, and you'll be set.

If you plan on using it against Gym Leader's, it'd be a good idea to check their movesets first.

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Shedinja was only useful in helping me catch Kyogre in sapphire. The thing had far to much weakness and the 1hp didn't help it much.

However if you are planing to use it just make sure that your older 5 pokémon can cover it weakness and you should be fine.
I think hes useful but only if you plan out the situation youre putting him into. if you know his weaknesses and try and avoid them I think he could be a good asset to any team


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He's pretty useful, especially when you fight Team Aqua

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Yes,I agree with all of the above,as long as you're good at the game,it is good.

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As long as you can avoid all its weaknesess like rock,flying,electric,fire,ice ect, and get away from sandstorm and hail and any other kind of moves that are weather related plus avoiding Willo whisp and Toxic and you will be set. :)


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It's OK to use him. Just be careful when using him and keep him away from super effective attacks and hail/sandstorm. Use him if you're good and your team can cover up all his weaknesses.

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Shedinja can be good ingame. Just watch out when battling NPC trainers. If their active Pokemon can't hurt Shedinja, they WILL switch to something that can, if they have it. I've seen Wattson switch to Voltorb just to slam my Shedinja with Rollout.


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Shedinja, when used correctly, can be very useful due to the fact that it can only be harmed by super-effective hits, and status/weather/entry hazard damage. One should note that if using Shedinja against Wallace, when the gym leader, he has no way damaging Shedinja. When Champion, he can only damage Shedinja with Toxic and Leech Seed damage.


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It's beast, but watch out for its weaknesses or else it's down in one shot.


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As everyone else has said, he/she is very good if used correctly. I am using one in my current, first Ruby Version Scramble. My Shedinja is a little hard to train than the others because he needs more Experience Points than most, or maybe even all, of my Pokemon in my Team to Level up, and this makes it harder to use a Shedinja earlier on. If you're prepared to do some training, and to play carefully, then he/she will be awesome! Good luck to anyone who is, or will be using a Shedinja !


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Oversensetivity... Why cant you bump a thread?

Anyways, can you lvl a Nincada to like lvl 50 and then evolve it to Ninjask and a Shedinja both lvl 50?
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