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Do you think Shedinjas are unfair in the Battle Hall?

  • Yes

    Votes: 240 34.8%
  • No

    Votes: 449 65.2%

  • Total voters


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I was at the Battle Hall not that long ago. I had an Electivire and finished a Ground streak. Then, I met a Shedinja. My Electivire didn't know any moves that are super effective against it, so I had to forfeit (it has the ability "Wonder Guard" so any non-super effective attack is useless). I could only think how hard it was to get that streak and that stupid Shedinja showed up. Do you think that's a little unfair?


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No, it has so many weaknesses and only 1 HP

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Maybe a little. I think that happened to my friend once with his Quagsire. But mainly, I think you have to account for this when you attempt the Battle Hall and maybe try a different pokemon. Luckily for me, I used a Houndoom, so any Shedinjas that dare opposed me would've been instantly fried by its Flamethrower.


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No Fire Punch or Flamethrower?


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I don't know for sure, but I think you'd be able to take a different Pokémon of the same species into the hall to continue the streak against the Bug and Ghost categories. Just take one in with Fire Punch or Flamethrower to take it out, then revert to your standard Pokémon afterward.


I think that it's fair. You have to take into accountability that a Pokémon like Shedinja can appear and prepare for it like you would in any other case.


There are many ways to kill it, but since this is the Battle Hall, you have to be prepared to whatever may come.


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I agree with Rebecca R. Oh, and I like the same teams and Joe Girardi. Not big on DP or any racer though. Anyway, You could easily have a Shedinja of your own if wanted, so yes, all's fair.


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You just need to prepare for anythng, it's perfectly fair.


that's part of the challenge of the game, I lost to one too


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Fine, I'm just gonna teach it Fire Punch or use my spare Electivire (that knows Fire Punch). That whole Ground streak was ruined because of Shedinja. But wow, 13 votes for "No".

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I don't think so, because when I make a Pokemon for the Battle Hall, I always take into account that I'm very likely to face a Shedinja, thus Fire Fang on Garchomp.


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Well couldn't you have just waited until the Shedinja ran out of PP (Power Points) and used struggle?


Yeah, because all those attacks wouldn't have KO'd Electivire at all...
that's why I'm glad I had future sight and recover on my alakazam, but I don't anymore...


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It KOd my Swampert the time before I had my Electivire. Swampert has high Defense stats (and this one has high Sp. Defense too!), and Shedinja KOd it. Struggle matches won't work.