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Do you think Shedinjas are unfair in the Battle Hall?

  • Yes

    Votes: 240 34.8%
  • No

    Votes: 449 65.2%

  • Total voters

the jman

Ak47 I choose you!
struggle wouldnt work as its a normal move and shedinja is ghost. normal = inaffective against ghosts. therefor shedinja will just sit there doing crap.
on a lighter note shedinja is the most vile,emo,bipolar pokemon EVER!!


Actually, Struggle ignores the type system to do straight damage with a recoil, if I recall.

Personally, I think that Shedinja are indeed unfair in the battle tower, though maybe it's just my fault for not being prepared against it.
Haha Shedinja would bow down 2 me in the battle hall because i have Blaziken and Empoleon


Beginning Trainer
I don't know for sure, but I think you'd be able to take a different Pokémon of the same species into the hall to continue the streak against the Bug and Ghost categories. Just take one in with Fire Punch or Flamethrower to take it out, then revert to your standard Pokémon afterward.

If they arn't the exact same Pokemon, you'll have to start over.


Well-Known Member
Eh, I actually look forward to them 'cause as long as you have a move you can beat em with you can't go wrong :) they're not too much of a threat.


Shedinja has only 1 hp so off course it's fair to have it. You just have to be ready for it.

Crazy Chaos

Well-Known Member
I totally forgot about Shedinja appearing, though I had never encountered it, the Pokemon was using would've actually been prepared for it...(Azelf with a Flamethrower! :3 )

But still, I think it's a little unfair, the battle hall is supposed to be a place where you can use any pokemon and test it's potential, then by chance you use a pokemon with nothing Super Effective against a Bug/Ghost Type then you happen to encounter that lil' bugger...


well, it's a bit of a challenge and you must be prepared always for those.....i use a tyranitar so it'll be knocked off by sand stream...XD


Pokemon Master
It is very unfair i lost to it in the battle castle thing and i was on a 20 win streak and the next person i was gonna face is the fronteir brain and then i lost bc of shednija

Too Funk to Druck

I am America
It's not unfair at all. You're supposed to be prepared for something like this. If not, oh well. That's your problem.


Reborn From guizaum
Well if you bring out Starmie those pokemon are goners.

Ditto:T-Bolt will screw his face
Wobbufet:play Stall with him and Toxic that dude(Make sure he's out of Destiny Bond)
Shedinja: TOXIC

Yup yup,easy like that


Bad Egg Seth
This is why I love Shedinjas! They keep you on your toes.

Black Diaruga

shinyspilingeo said:
It is very unfair i lost to it in the battle castle thing and i was on a 20 win streak and the next person i was gonna face is the fronteir brain and then i lost bc of shednija
It is not unfair. What happened was that your opponent had a Pokémon against wich you weren't prepared, and you lost to it.


Well-Known Member
not even close to being unfair. It's part of the game, and there are a plethora of moves that are supereffective against it.


Pokemon Co-ordinator
It is unfair to get Shedinja because you'll only get when you have Bug type pokemon or ghost type pokemon unless you have a flying of fire or even dark type pokemon then you can teach electavire aerial ace i had only beautifly left once against a shedinja and i lost which ruined my 205 wins in a row record