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Do you think Shedinjas are unfair in the Battle Hall?

  • Yes

    Votes: 240 34.8%
  • No

    Votes: 449 65.2%

  • Total voters


The battle hall etc are supposed to be the pinnacle of a trainers achievement. you should be ready for every thing. EVERYTHING


I haven't been in the battle-frontier much but in the battle-hall don't you get to choose your opponent type and thus can choose not to fight ghost or bug types?


Lan challenges you!
just change movesets every once in a while. I used a Garchomp without Fire Fang and ended up losing to a Shedinja. Then I taught it Fire Fang and done.
I think it's fair. Like everyone has been saying, the battle hall is all about type-coverage and it would only seem unfair if you don't have any moves effective against Shedinja. I use my PBR Electivire in the Battle Hall so I can't take out Shedinjas either but I don't want to change his moves because I use my Electivire everywhere, not just in the Battle Hall.

(In case you were wondering, my Electivires moves are Cross Chop, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Earthquake. Like I said, just the PBR moves.)


Not sure if it is fair or unfair, but I hate that guy! He stopped my Starmie in its tracks on a real nice streak. Wonder Guard is an tough ability.


I remember the first time I ran into a Shedninja. I was playing through Emerald in the Battle Pyramid, almost to the end of the streak, and then some punk shows up with a Shedninja to ruin the streak I'd been doing for days. I honestly hate that Pokemon, he completely destroys some of competitive play. In fact, he kind of reminds me of some lame pokemon created my a fan. So in other words, he is extremely cheap and SHOULD BE TERMINATED


Flaffy Trainer
It depends on the Pokèmon you send out! But I personally think it is because they are realy hard to get (faint) sometimes. But that is just my opinion.


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I haven't been in the battle-frontier much but in the battle-hall don't you get to choose your opponent type and thus can choose not to fight ghost or bug types?

Gosh, no offence, but I hate these types of posts. >_<

I was finished with my Ground streak, so I decided to pick a Ghost streak for fun. It happened to be a Shedinja, so I couldn't hit it, so I forfeited. I could've chose something else, but how was I supposed to know I would get a Shedinja...AGAIN?! If I knew, then I wouldn't be stupid enough to say "OK, I'll do it!" and I wouldn't have to start this **** thread. And yes, I could choose not to challenge it, it was a harder type, so that's best to do at the beginning. Had I known it was a Shedinja, you wouldn't be hearing from me.


I think it's completely fair. It's kind annoying, though, but you can just prepare accordingly. I had trained two pokemon that I thought were fool-proof for the Battle Hall, but then I faced Shedinja and found that I had to forfeit....So yeah, just send your pokemon in with one of the moves being super effective on Shedinja. There are variety of moves so whatever pokemon you're using should be able to use at least one....


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Yes it's fair. The point is that your pokemon have to be prepared for anything.


The Legend Of Dawn
No it's not.I accidentally voted Yes.


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No you didn't. No's percantage went down, and yes's percentage and number went up.


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I use any Pokemon who can use a combination of Ghost+Fighting attacks. They hit Shedinja for super-effective damage(ghost), and nothing (NOTHING) resists the combination.


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You mean Gengar? He can use Focus Blast AND Shadow Ball. And he's less annoying.


That Photography Guy

Also Lucario. He's more reliable so I can use Close Combat, Aura Sphere(for physical walls expecting a close combat), and Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw.

Only 2 types of moves but both of them hit all pokemon for neutral damage.

Emerald 2006

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So, I'm in the Battle Hall one night, my Shiny Gengar kicking you know what and takin' names,
and this guy with a Shedinja shows up.
(to be honest, I wasn't familiar with Wonder Guard @ the time.)
And I was amazed, this thing blocks one attack after another.
After what seemed a long time, My Gengar took it down with a Shadow Ball.
Whew, that was a tough battle, as I recall.
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Without using legendaries and only with only fully evolved ghost Pokemon, there are only 10 of them possible:


So of course the chances of a Shedinja popping up are 10%, so you shouldn't be complaining. You should have been ready for it, as there are only 10.


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Yes, but they do put other pre-evolved Pokemon in the Battle Hall too...that gives it a better chance. Oh yea, and just so you know, they only put up Shedinja if you don't have attacks that can hit it. I think that proves that it is indeed unfair. >_>


Show Me Ya Noobs
The vast amount of things that counter Shedinja are justifyable reasons to prove it is completely fair. Especially since Shedinja isn't the strongest pokemon in any sense.
If Game Freak actually cared if it was fair or not, they would ban Garchomp, Double Team/Minimize, BrightPowder, Scope Lens, etc.
I lost a win streak of 42 purely due two 2 misses from BrightPowder Gardevoir. Since I was using Marowak, any hit would have obliterated Gardevoir.

Also, I would like to know how people think you can win a Struggle war against Shedinja. Struggle is treated as a Normal physical attack with 50BP.


i said no because my empoleon had drill peck... but when i chose bug type i knew i'd run into him at some point... it depends but if that's the case the easiest way to counter it is just modify your moveset slightly before challenging the bug set. thats what i plan to do for the stupid electric types...

umm! i think maybe the way the struggle thing would work is that shedinja would run out of moves... instant death...