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Do you think Shedinjas are unfair in the Battle Hall?

  • Yes

    Votes: 240 34.8%
  • No

    Votes: 449 65.2%

  • Total voters


i didnt have a problem in the battle hall with shedinja i just confused it. it took care of itself out. i wish i recorded that one it was almost as fun as my wobbuffet's destiney bond.
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there t ez to kill.


I lost the game?!?!
Sheninja is also weak to ghost (I think...)

Well, I think we all learnt a lesson to prepare anyone who has a fire type attack...


I was at the Battle Hall not that long ago. I had an Electivire and finished a Ground streak. Then, I met a Shedinja. My Electivire didn't know any moves that are super effective against it, so I had to forfeit (it has the ability "Wonder Guard" so any non-super effective attack is useless). I could only think how hard it was to get that streak and that stupid Shedinja showed up. Do you think that's a little unfair?

Same thing happened to me TWICE.

I use Magmortar now.

Yes it seems a little unfair, but Pokemon itself is unfair.

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For you guys who dare go to the Hall, please be ready for the following types:

Normal: Ditto may appear, and it will copy you faster than a Xerox machine *LOL*...
Psychic: That big blob AKA Wobbuffet might pop out, remember it's Uber according to Smogon, but here it ain't Smogon.

And of course, Bug or Ghost: Shedinja, who else?


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It's perfectly fair. It's the trainer's responsibility to prepare for anything and Shedinja is one of those variables that could appear.

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Well, I never go to any battle without a fire-type move (yes I'm a Fire fanactic :p) so for me it's not a problem. I once killed it with Leech Seed too.

It's not unfair...it's bad, really bad, I know how it feels, but it's not unfair.

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While it is unfair that your streak ended due to that, you should be prepared for something like that. And isn't that the job of the Battle Hall? To throw its very best at you?


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should of made the nub use sandstorm.

no, but seriously, its fair.
thats how games should be played.
its menat to be a challenge.


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No, not really. The possible appearance of something "unfair" is what makes the Battle Frontier what it is:

Challenging, somewhat unpredictable and a place where strategy is (occasionally) needed.
I think it is fair. You just have to be prepared in case one shows up.


I really don't like Shedinja. He himself is just plain stupid. He's kind of like a fan-made pokemon, he's pretty creative, but just too cheap.


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I was thinking I'd get a lot of people to agree with me. Anyway, It'd be different if this happened:

Electivire used Cross Chop!
It missed!
Absol whipped up a whirwind!
Electivire used Cross Chop!
It missed!
Absol used Razor Wind!
Absol used Quick Attack!
Electivire fainted!

That's more fair because they threw out a Pokemon I can hit, and I tried but missed, because Cross Chop doesn't have full accuracy anyway, and a critical hit Razor Wind and a Quick Attack beat me. I'm sure next time I go to the Battle Hall, another Shedinja will appear, and if I bring out my Fire Punch Electivire, there won't be a Shedinja. It's to teach people a valuble lesson: be prepared for anything and everything.


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i completly think there unfair because the hall specificly states that any pokemon can be succesful in this place but if shedinja pops up you pretty much forfiet so yea it is un fair


That happened to me twice, I was so close to getting to argenta for a second time and I was really excited, I lost to her the first time and it was discouraging seeing as it took me a while to get that far.
I was using my Breloom, but after so many turns he fainted cause I couldn't get past that wonderguard D:
I certainly think it's not fair.


yes, i think its fair.
because if you wouldve had a fire move,
then that shedinja wouldve been screwed.